no offence to the author

no offence but when kirkspock authors write spock’s reaction to jim’s death, they always miss out nyota? what’s with that? nyota who openly teared up and had to hold her hand against her mouth when jim died? nyota who says: ‘go get him’ to spock with this calm vengeance, and you know she wants khan fucking dead. nyota who doesn’t have superhuman abilities, and only a phaser, confronts both the genetically enhanced superhuman + an emotionally unstable vulcan to preserve the only chance to save jim kirk. 

like honestly if you’re gonna ship aos kirk/spock but somehow platonic jim/nyota ain’t shit to you, where are your priorities

Danny Rolling was known as The Gainesville Ripper due to his violent murders. All his young female victims were mutilated in one way or another. One victim’s nipples had been sliced off and placed on her pillow. Another’s head had been cut off and placed on the shelf across the room along with her vases and flower pots.

Rolling was a known felon, mainly committing serious armed robberies and other such violent offences. When he was caught, he told authorities that he wanted to kill eight women for every year he had spent incarcerated. Luckily he didn’t get to fulfill this morbid aspiration, as he was caught in 1990. As he was sentenced to be executed via lethal injection, he began to sing in court. His bizarre performance can be viewed below.

About this SJM hate and why it needs to stop

People seem to get really, really irked by the fact that the ‘otps’ are constantly changing and being separated and that the main character keeps ‘shifting between loves’ in her works. 

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Oh hellllll no.

I respect that you don’t like DaveJade but you write a fanfic and tag it davejade on AO3 and you made them together just so you can make Dave cheat on Jade with Terezi  and then break them up

ouch man at least dont tag it davejade

dis hurt de shippe’ heart

(also why cant i put read mores in photo posts>:[ )