no ofenses

mega post; bios & users

bios random (inglês)

i don’t care, i love it

sad teenagers with happy faces

kill em with kindness

queen don’t work babe

live my life



cute but pyscho

hi stalker

my body, my rules

I prefer pizza than people

i don’t fucking care

only for me, just for me

bad girls break hearts

no ofense but, ew

bios random (português)

veio dar uma stalkeada de leve não é?

santa eu não so,,,falo mesmo

minha educação depende da sua

pra que juízo se eu já perdi o meu

quero novos horizontes


o amor sempre lembrará

sem ofensa mas, ew

o que (seu ídolo) deve estar fazendo neste exato momento?

vim pra esse planeta para sofrer

o mundo é dos gays

nós somos sobreviventes

somos imortais

tudo sem sentido

pela graça mediante a fé

users justin bieber:


users selena gomez:


users zayn malik:



☹☺☻☃☠ ⚠⚡✆♿ ✈☎☏☂☔✉☄☽☾☕✇❤ ☯✝✞✟☨☦☭☮☪☫☬☩✠☧✡ ♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓ ♀♂☿♁⚢⚣⚤⚥⚦⚧⚨⚩ ❁❀✿✽✾❃⚘☘ ♚♔♛♕♜♖♝♗♞♘♟♙ ♥♡♠♤♦♢♣♧ ✩★☆✪✫✬✭✮✯✰☼☸☉❂ ♬♫♩ ♺♽♼♻♲♳♴♵♶♷♸♹ ✱✲✳✴✵✶✷✸✹✺✻✼❉❊❋ ❄❅❆ ☤⚕⚒⚓⚙⚜ ☢☣⚝⚛ ☐☑☒✓✔✕✖✗✘✚ ✌✍☟☝☜☚☞☛ ➘➙➚➝➜➟➡➢➤➩➿⟲⟳⟷⟵⟶⟿ ✂✄✏✎✐ ©®™ £$€ ¶§❝❞ ∞ø≠%…∫≈∴∝ µ∂ΩΦΨλϴω ¿ ℃℉ ⚑⚐ ❦☙♨☁⚖

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Jaemin Appreciation Post
  • i haven’t seen my baby in so long, i swear that i almost cried when i saw his pictures today
  • i’m just so soft for him??? he’s such a king
  • i really really hope he’s having an amazing day because he doesn’t deserve any less :’) <3
  • but anywas, let’s start talking about him and his perfection already
  • because, oH bOi i have things to say
  • okay so,, first of all,,, we need to talk about how deadly beautiful his smile is
  • full ofense but he has the most beautiful smile i have ever seen in my life
  • i love it so much when he’s all happy and smiley because that precious smile lights up his whole face in seconds
  • and it makes him look twice as ethereal and makes me twice as emo
  • also, this baby is the happy virus of the dreamies so every time i see him it’s death to me because of all his cuteness
  • talking about cuteness, i can’t be the only one who misses his cringy-worthy aegyo like crazy, right?
  • nEver let this video die
  • neither this one, even if it’s extremely awkward
  • he’s just too cute
  • i’m completely in love with his never-ending positivity, like that’s so crazy?? i’m so jealous ¿?
  • he has such a beautiful personality and i just can’t believe a human as perfect as him exists
  • we don’t deserve an angel like him
  • and can we talk about how talented my boy is for a sec
  • like, we didn’t get to appreaciate his voice too much but,,, he’s such a great dancer??? even while riding a hoverboard¿¿??
  • i seriously hate when he does that, it scares the shit out of me
  • also, he has such a beautiful relationship with all the rest of the members???
  • like, he created such a strong friendship w chenle and renjun in just a couple of months
  • and he’s even close with the rookies, whAt
  • how is this kid so social and how can i be like him
  • uGh i’m going to get sad after this bUT CAN WE TALK ABOUT JAMIN’S FRIENDSHIP WITH HANSOL???
  • he’s just so kind with everyone and treats everyone so nicely without expecting anything in response and, ugh
  • i seriously can’t explain how beautiful and pure his personality, this baby deserves the whole world
  • but anyways, i should end this up already, i’m getting emo and sleepy
  • basically, this baby has a heart made of gold and we don’t deserve someone as good as him
  • only jeno does ;)) wink wonk
  • na jaemin, i wish you nothing but pure happiness and success in your life baby because that’s what you deserve and more for being such an incredible person
  • happy birthday boo, i truly hope you had the best day ever today

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The real meaning of being a Hollander/Quackson!
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b><p></b> <b>What is the real meaning of being a Hollander or being a Quackson? This is it, in my opinion:</b> <p/><b></b> • It means to be there for Tom.<p/><b></b> • To make him happy.<p/><b></b> • To respect all of his decisions not matter what.<p/><b></b> • To respect his personal life and his privacy.<p/><b></b> • To respect his family and friends (and tessa).<p/><b></b> • To be there for his family and friends.<p/><b></b> • To not make any ofensive coment about him or anything relate to him.<p/><b></b> • To respect his work, and support him.<p/><b></b> • To not put hate, in the fandom and/or between anything else.<p/><b></b> • And of course to respect each other and the diferents opinions.<p/><b></b> • Anything else?<p/><b></b> *Sorry my english if there are any gramatical error*<p/></p><p/><b></b> *If you agree, reblog or like it! If you not, well 😂<p/></p>

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*barges in* what are the sincerely three boys' relationships with memes!! its apparently been decided by fandom that jared is the ultimate meme lord and i like to think he knows all of them, all the vines, all the reaction pics, hes always up to date with em, but??? is he an all memes are good memes type of guy?? is he a meme elitist shaming connor and evan for using outdated memes from two months ago????

and what about connor?? i like to imagine him as a surprisingly memeful guy with a folder of 1k+ pics dedicated to kermit the frog lmao would he be the type to send weird, out of context pics at four am when that insomnia™ hits, only for jared to immediatly respond with an even weirder pic and for evan to send him a confused wtf text when he wakes up???

and evan,, what about him???? i dont know, is he more of a cat videos kind of guy?? or just old video memes like nyan cat?? did he get shamed by his bfs for using a troll face???? or is he secretly the ultimate memelord??? or does he just know nothing at all???? sorry i got carried away lmao its 4am here and i suddently felt the urge to Know

ok there is a Lot to cover ksdjsudj but to keep it brief (and keep this post from aging too badly) ill just focus on each of th boys

ok so jared is a funny guy. he is always cracking jokes (to cover up insecurities and anxieties? we just Dont Know) (hint: he does) Anyways he’s always making light of something. and his favorite way to be a Funny Dude™ is sending stupid memes. he runs a decently-popular facebook meme page, but Gasp: it’s one dedicated to wholesome memes.

he unironically Loves those wholesome memes. like ya Ofensive™ ones get u attention but u know what makes u feel good?? posting 11 ‘i love my bf’ memes in a row

but he also is up to date on current memes. he sends them at ungodly hours (mostly to connor, who he knows is also up) and they have full god damn conversations with shitty memes. evan wakes up witht heir group chat blown the fuck up and is just like. why.

connor is a sap for these wholesome memes but also is like. super into depression memes (sidenote why is that i sentence i’ve ever had 2 write lmao). he cracks the hell up at like. fucking w/ the content awareness settings and memes where they make ppls eyes glow (what are they called theyre fuckinf funny) and ‘whomst’ memes. 

he also loves cryptid memes and will send them to jared at 3 am.straight up he has a groupchat w him and evan and jared where he goes outside, takes blurry ass pictures and captions them all “cryptid spotted”. 

evan ends up making mini memes between the three of them honestly. he’ll find a weird picture and send it to the gc and immediately connor and jared are like “CURSED IMAGE” and its spammed 20 times and its great. evan ends up being a collector of cursed images and it becomes a meme in and of itself.

he also likes and saves all of jareds wholesome “i love my bfs” memes and even attempts to make some. theyre sort of niche and maybe out of date but connor and jared Adore them ok

Realizez că nu am prieteni, bă. Cunosc doar persoane pe care le fut sau pe care le scot uneori din casă la cate-o băută. Nu știu, sunt unii de au găști de 10, 15 și o ard împreună, uniți. Sunt cool fiindcă sunt toți laolaltă. Eu aș vrea să am o gașcă la modul ăla, să stam toți într-un apartament de vreo șase camere, să ne futem fără jenă și să dăm party-uri. Să mergem în pula și pizda goală prin casă fără să auzim reacții căcăcioase de pipițe ofensate care-și acoperă ochii când îl văd p-ăla micu'. Să dormim toți, grămadă, fără grija banilor, efectiv cum erau evreii la Holocaust, unul peste altul. Să ne doară-n pulă dacă unul n-are șesar sau IPhone, să ne doară-n pulă de astea, să ne trezim total random și să mergem în Vamă sau în nu știu ce Hristos de loc cu cincizeci de lei puși chetă. Să trăim cu adevărat, să ne descurcăm. Avem deja douăzeci, bă... asta mă fute. Astea erau lucruri de făcut mai devreme, doar că suntem îngrădiți de prea multe chestii, de prea multe griji. De părinți de multe ori, de societate... Păi coaie, o viață avem, o 'fucking' viață... și parcă e mai bine, bă.. parcă e bine că avem doar una, altfel nu s-ar povesti în asemenea hal toate căcaturile pe care le facem. N-ar mai exista zâmbetul ăla pervers și idiot de pe fața bunicului tău atunci când îți zice că avea el un camarad, care o futea pe Maricica în cămin și cânta imnul Franței în același timp. Pentru povești de genul merită să cinstești pământu' cu vodkă și cerul cu o lacrimă, bă. O strângi în pumn și o arunci efectiv spre cer, așa tind să cred că apar stelele, sunt lacrimi în care ți-ai investit ființa. Noi, ăștia bulangii, ce gândim și simțim mult mai mult decât un specimen obișnuit, pătăm cerul cu emoții. Și știi care-i faza, 'bro'? Vrem să știm prea multe, asta ne fute pe noi. În loc să-i arunci un zâmbet, deloc gay, străinului care trece pe lângă tine și care ar putea lua gloanțe în locul tău, te gândești 'ce ar fi dacă...', și mă omoară, bă. Am impresia că doar noi vorbim despre chestii de genul, unde căcat sunt restul? Unde pula mea se ascund? Dacă-i găsești, vreau să mi-i arăți, să-mi bag pula. Vreau să mă prezinți super 'lame'. "Ăsta-i Valentin, un mort, un plebeu arogant." Așa as vrea, bă. Aș vrea să vad etajul așa în realitate, un loc vai pula lui, deloc pompos, deloc sofisticat, în care stai efectiv mărinărește picior peste picior pe o masă de aia care dă să cadă, cu câte o țigară în mână și cu berile pe podeaua ce e chiar mai jegoasă decât masa cu pricina. Să nu ne pese 'dracu' că ne-am prăfuit blugii. Să ne vină gagicile și să se-ncolăcească lângă noi, trăgând niște fumuri din țigările noastre. La o astfel de viață visez eu... și știu că o voi avea cândva, sunt convins de asta, chit că sunt judecat din prisma faptului că par aiurit și nepăsător cu privire la subiecte ce macina majoritatea oamenilor, mă cam doare fix în pulă, daca tot avem o singură viața, vreau să o trăiesc fiind considerat o legendă, un căcat arogant ce nu dă înapoi niciodată, indiferent de situație. #god

what they say: im fine

what they mean: why did they cut jives from the show? why did they find his character not worthy enough to be a part of the main cast? was the idea of having more than 5 children in town deemed too unrealistic? what were the standards? what does jive even mean? did jives transform into that stray cat that always gets stuck in trees? what happened to him? i want to know

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Why are the scones, mango, not your bitch etc etc etc jokes so bad like I kaugh at them like I understand the lightworm because is ofensive but... the others has done nothing wrong. Maybe I'm just stupid idk

it’s not that it’s offensive, the jokes are just getting like,, really old and the characters deserve more recognition than one line/action made by them or someone else, especially the lightwoods, because gabriel and gideon are really amazing characters with great arcs and all people remember about them is the scone thing and ‘lightworm’, like with alec in CoHF ‘i’m not your bitch’ so on and so forth

(i’ve also noticed that it’s almost strictly the lightwoods that get this treatment—other than the herondales and ducks, so it’s especially unfair on this family)

BTS REACTION: When you surprise them at home with a puppy

Rap Monster: 

As the fame of God Of Destruction chases him, RapMon would be very happy with the puppy, but extremely frightened to be able to hurt the sensitive and delicate creature. His fear would be even greater when you made him sit on the sofa and put the sleepy puppy in the lap of our leader, but in the course of the time he would get used with the little animal and would be a tremendous daddy owl! 


Seokjin would recognize the big step that you would be giving together, after all, that new puppy would be another link that would unite you two and he couldn’t be more happy with your relationship and with the first member of the family that you two would form.

(Imagine Jungkook as the puppy)

“It’s our first son, Jagi! I’m proud of us!”


Yoongi would be completely surprised with the big step that the puppy would mean, but first of all, he would be very happy and, of course, he wouldn’t lose the opportunity to be who he really is, the self-love in person, Min Suga!

“You made the perfect choice! I will be the best daddy in the world, don’t you think?!”


Hoseok would be the type of guy who automatically would fall in love for the puppy, but soon he would enter in an internal conflict because of his little and jealous dog. “I can’t betray Mikey, I can’t betray Mikey!”, he would think, however as soon as the female puppy let out an yawn and liked his hand, Hope would perceive that he couldn’t be able to run away from the lovely puppy, and until the end of that same week, the dog would have so many clothes and accessories as you. “Ohhh she is so cute!!!”

(Imagine V as the puppy)

But be careful so he doesn’t suffocate the puppy with all of his love and energy!


Jimin would look intently to the chubby puppy and, as well as Jin and Suga, he would see the new step of your relationship. He would play with the little animal, always smiling childishly and approaching of you for kiss your lips.


As the big animal lover who he is, Taehyung would be the one who would fill the puppy with tight hugs and kisses and would make the dog do strange faces almost like Elmyra, personage of “The Pinky and the Brain”. “AH NEW FRIEND FOR MY BABIES!”

While you would be laughing of the sweet and childish way of Taehyung.  


Although his big power of sensuality, Jungkook is still a child, a tall, ofensive and sexy child, but a child!

So, he would smile in that his childish way and doing caress on the dog’s fur. And after the first contact, shy and careful, the puppy would show that he is a little rowdy and in the following minutes, he would begin to run from one side to the other in the apartament with Jungkook playing with him!

Hey guys! What’s up?! ^^

~ADM Misso

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uhm no ofense but i go through your blog all the time and reblog all the cat pics to my main but reblog all the BEST cat pics to my sideblog so i can show them to my girlfriend without any unnecessary content in the way

why hurt my feelings