no of course you dont


Some things are really hard to watch.

huhuhh this was originally for a request for jasper leading a battle and then it sorta just ended up being jailbreak-y lol


Okay but college AU where Louis and Liam are at a bar playing pool and Harry is just trying to relax and play darts with some friends. But how is he meant to focus when there’s a boy with the bluest eyes and the loudest laugh bending over a pool table just a few feet over?

Meanwhile Louis keeps missing his shots because there’s a boy over by the back wall with green, green eyes and nice arms, if his dart throwing skills are anything to go by. And if he loses twenty bucks at the end of the night to Liam in a game of pool, it’ll be worth it to have Harry’s number saved in his phone.

i was listening to this mika song and i got the urge to paint good ol’ suzie q!!

Drarry on their first date
  • Harry: So, um... Malfoy. Did you know that people have been playing Quidditch since the eleventh century?
  • Draco: Yes? Who doesn't know that? Why?
  • Harry: Oh. Well, it's just something I read in "Quidditch through the ages"...
  • Draco: *smirking* Why Potter, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you're trying to impress me.
  • Harry: *blushing* Well err... I...
  • Draco: I'm flattered.
  • Harry: You are?
  • Draco: Of course! You learned how to read. For me!
Ode to the Girls

Ode to the girls with moles on their arms,

Ode to the girls covered in scars.

Ode to the girls who have lazy eyes,

Ode to the girls that get red when they cry.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are deep,

Ode to the girls who snore when they sleep.

Ode to the girls that can’t find their words,

Ode to the girls who are never heard.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are loud,

Ode to the girls who make too much sound.

Ode to the girls who just can’t fit in,

Ode to the girls who aren’t exactly thin.

Ode to those who aren’t beautiful by default,

Ode to them when society says all is their fault.

You’re all beautiful, each and every one,

Ode to the girls who radiate the sun.


“[…] part of me missed touching her. I just missed touching her when I was kind and loving towards her. Like I wanted her to stop crying, and to calm her like she did in the true love scene” - The Stable Boy Audio Commentary


more p4 android/anti-shadow weapon fun

Hold it….. hoooooooold it…..

hi so haha what if hypothetically, i’ve never had sex before 

i also might be on the ace spectrum (to be determined)


i started this blog for my long distance ex and then i afterwards i liked being able to come up with posts? i’m a writer (a term used loosely since i rarely actually,, you know, write) also sex sounds pretty great so?