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oh my god that new video, ok listen i was always skeptical of whether that photo was dan or not (the showing earring face to side one) like it looks like him but idk i was still unsure but today it was confirmed its him and dan even said that was actually after his purple fringe faded and turned blonde iM SCREAMING YOU DONT UNDERSTAND JAHDKSJHFJSDHFKH

What??? Of course its him hahaha why would u even doubt it? hE always took such twink emo pics jfc


Some things are really hard to watch.


“[…] part of me missed touching her. I just missed touching her when I was kind and loving towards her. Like I wanted her to stop crying, and to calm her like she did in the true love scene” - The Stable Boy Audio Commentary

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to that other anon. speaking from a media producing point of view, if they were going to make shiro/keith a thing, they wouldnt have given them a brotherly relationship. with same sex couples especially. showrunners are v cautious and make it at least somewhat clear that theyre going to end up together. dropping hints that they have some kind of romantic connection etc. they wouldnt encourage the anti-gay remarks made about gay people being perverts, by making a brotherly relationship romantic.

Hi anon! Personally, I have to say I disagree.

All of Team Voltron has been referred to as family. Fake Shiro outright says Keith views them all as family with his “We’re all a family” line, Hunk refers to all the paladins as “brothers” and Allura also refers to the paladins as her “new family.” By eliminating any ships related to found family, you eliminate all the ships between the paladins (and Allura).

I also do think there are lots of hints that their relationship is more so romantic, as I’ve gone over in lots of my meta before. In fact, out of every ship, I’d argue that sheith has the most basis in canon (at least, that’s how I see it). Things like “your friend desperately wants to see you,” sappily repeating each other’s lines upon reuniting, their intro, Keith’s insistence that Shiro really changed his life, Keith’s insecurities about losing Shiro and this notion that he would be all alone without him–these things strike me as distinctly romantic. I have two brothers, but nothing about Shiro and Keith’s relationship really feels brotherly to me.

And I think the fact that Keith and Shiro’s past is purposely hidden is very strange. It’s entirely possible that the way they met and their time together prekerberos will give people an entirely different impression about their dynamic. I also think it’s possible that Keith’s views of Shiro prekerberos–as well as his reaction to Shiro’s disappearance–may very well change a lot of people’s views on the nature of their relationship, which is why I think it was something that’s been obscured by the writers.

Had their relationship really been brotherly, I see no reason why they wouldn’t show Keith and Pidge bonding over losing a brother at Kerberos, and paralleling their story arc. The fact that the writers didn’t do that tells me Shiro and Keith’s dynamic was distinctly different–which is also why I think the staff supports sheith so much, because you can view their dynamic in more ways than just a brotherly context.

And I really do try to consider how people will react to representation, which is why I would want it to be sheith–I’ve talked a lot about how making Shiro lgbt would be groundbreaking in how it tackles stereotypes. But also, sheith is all about mutual love, understanding, implicit trust–they care for each other so much, ground one another, are always willing to throw away everything for each other. The fact that they’re willing to support each other no matter what really gets me; I think their relationship would be the most healthy.

And I mean, I’m bi. I could definitely relate to Keith seeing someone he used to think of as a close friend as something more–and being scared to outright admit that. For me, someone falling for a friend they’ve had a while doesn’t sound wrong at all, and seems more like a natural progression of character development. I would certainly like to see Keith and Shiro with someone we already know cares about them. 

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Ode to the Girls

Ode to the girls with moles on their arms,

Ode to the girls covered in scars.

Ode to the girls who have lazy eyes,

Ode to the girls that get red when they cry.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are deep,

Ode to the girls who snore when they sleep.

Ode to the girls that can’t find their words,

Ode to the girls who are never heard.

Ode to the girls who’s voices are loud,

Ode to the girls who make too much sound.

Ode to the girls who just can’t fit in,

Ode to the girls who aren’t exactly thin.

Ode to those who aren’t beautiful by default,

Ode to them when society says all is their fault.

You’re all beautiful, each and every one,

Ode to the girls who radiate the sun.

Drarry on their first date
  • Harry: So, um... Malfoy. Did you know that people have been playing Quidditch since the eleventh century?
  • Draco: Yes? Who doesn't know that? Why?
  • Harry: Oh. Well, it's just something I read in "Quidditch through the ages"...
  • Draco: *smirking* Why Potter, if I didn't know any better, I'd think you're trying to impress me.
  • Harry: *blushing* Well err... I...
  • Draco: I'm flattered.
  • Harry: You are?
  • Draco: Of course! You learned how to read. For me!
are you capable of giving advices? or are you looking for someone who could give you an advice?

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as much as i appreciate that most of you would come to me to seek for advice, it gets a little overwhelming sometimes!! i love giving my thoughts on several matters and helping you out, however, the problem is: i receive way too many asks recently! this is the reason why some questions are overlooked, buried and/or lost forever. and honestly, i never wanted that to happen / dont want that to happen ever again!

so like, if you’re a beautiful soul/human being and you are very much willing to listen/give your thoughts regarding the dilemmas some people are facing, kindly like this post! or you could reply with the stuff that you’re willing to take in!

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thank you so much for your kind understanding and i really hope this works out!!

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hi so haha what if hypothetically, i’ve never had sex before 

i also might be on the ace spectrum (to be determined)


i started this blog for my long distance ex and then i afterwards i liked being able to come up with posts? i’m a writer (a term used loosely since i rarely actually,, you know, write) also sex sounds pretty great so?

Dear Incoming Newbies w/no Japanese Skills...

You are just as welcome as the people who spent years studying the language. You are just as apt to make this a good experience as someone who got to study abroad in university. You were hired onto the JET program for a reason, which is just as valid as someone who feels they’re going to adjust more easily because of their skillsets in the language.

Will things be tougher in some cases? Yes. Very much so.

Will things be more beautiful in some cases?  Yes. Very much so.

Will you have a harder time adjusting? Maybe, maybe not.

Will your experience be any less than someone who studies 10 hours a week to improve their language skills? It depends on you not comparing yourself to that person, or any other person for that matter.

To the newbies who DO have Japanese skills… I know it can be tough. You see someone struggling through and think, “If you just~” or “when I had to do this~” or “why don’t you~”

Stop. I know that you worked hard. Languages take dedication, and I know you got to where you are with a motivation that I admire and that I and many others do not have! But still… you gotta stop, y’all.

You don’t know what mitigating factors there were in this person’s life. You don’t know what they’re trying to do now. You don’t know anything except your own motivations and skillsets. Focusing on those is good! Comparing yourself to someone without them is not.

Just… wanted to make sure you guys come here and know what’s what. Every single year, I see a lot of people posting about “learn the language before you come” and “how frustrating that you can’t do this simple thing” and “why even come to Japan if you don’t wanna speak Japanese”….

That’s just shitty vibes, friends. And to be honest, this post should just be titled “comparisons are the devil” and just have a large bold NO SHITTY VIBES beneath it. Maybe I’ll do that next year. But for now, just have this as a reminder that you’re all coming out to a new country to experience it as you are going to, and trying to manage other peoples’ enjoyment/motivations while doing so just ain’t sustainable.


sunday looks ☀️

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Am I the only one here that thinks SM has a hand in leaking NCT’s teasers early? I mean they do this kind of stuff all the time for EXO’s comeback so I wouldn’t be surprised. One thing SM is good at is hiding stuff they don’t want people to see so the fact it’s been easy for people to get these spoilers is suspicious. This a hype strategy and to be quite honest it’s a compliment towards NCT since SM doesn’t always do this for every comeback and/or group.