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fake movie meme → Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Lashana Lynch as Ella
Octavia Spencer as Lady Eleanor
Nonso Anozie as Sir Peter
Jacob Collins-Levy as Prince Char
Emma Thompson as Mandy
Laverne Cox as Lucinda
Richa Chadda as Areida
Megan Follows as Dame Olga
Celina Sinden as Hattie
Jenessa Grant as Olive

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Hey friends! My name is Kelli, I recently joined the studyblr community as a way to keep myself motivated and organized. I am super excited to meet new people and get more creative through bullet journaling. Here are a few things about me:
• I’m 19 years old
• I live in the United States
• I love horses and literally every other animal
• I will be studying equine thermology in the near future in hopes of making that my career

Some studyblrs that inspire me are @jackistudies @universi-tea @emmastudies

@lou-does-things @meg-is-studying @studyskylar Thank you for reading, and I love making friends so feel free to message me!

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Hi... so I'm confused, my friend are arguing about if a character is pan or bi and I want to know, what are those? I've heard the terms but I don't understand them, my aunt says they're the samething but then again she says that they're also evil. I've been following you for a while and you've tossed the words around and I just need some clarification...

oh geez ok so… I might not be the best person to explain it but I can gaurantee you right off the bat, neither thing is inherently evil (and your aunt frightens me)

Bi(sexual/romantic) = attraction to TWO genders (most commonly people think of it as ‘girls and boys’ but it can be literally any two genders.

Pan(sexual/romantic) = attraction regardless of gender. Pan people have equal chance of being attracted to a person no matter what their gender is, but it does not mean that they are attracted to every single person.

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So how emotionally compromised are the mods right now?


Now that that’s over, I’ve been thinking about it since it happened… I’d say my biggest concern is about whether or not we get Vax back… I have a feeling he isn’t going to come back, even if everything goes right… and I’m honestly not ready for this… so right now I feel like I’m in a state of limbo, not knowing what is going to happen. Like I’m holding my breath, and I’ll finally be able to relax when he is back, if he doesn’t come back… I’ll probably start screaming internally again.


PS. The other mod isn’t caught up in the show but he does know what has happened. I’m not sure of his emotional state currently lol.