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[day 12 of exam smackdown] ft probability notes

finally started the last book of maths notes! here’s a page of probability basics i’ve scanned! today i did my chinese and maths practice exams at school and they were ok… at least they weren’t the real thing!!!
((only two more days before school starts up again!!))

supplies used:

- pilot g2 in 0.7 and 0.5 black

- frixion colors marker in an actually rly nice peachy colour but it turned out hot pink in the scan ahah oh well

Hey guys

So I kinda sorta wanna start a project where I have a journal and I write down what Bastille means to you guys or what you wanna tell/ask the boys. I’m hoping that if I ever see the boys and meet them (again) that I could give it to them. Just tell me your name and where you’re from and what your little note is. Thanks!
Homeless Trans Woman Needs Help

Please help out as much as you can, even if it’s just sharing and or asking others to share. I have less than 20 friends on Facebook, and only around 500 followers on here, most of whom aren’t in a position to help, so please please please share as much as you can. I also am not going to be able to get online as much anymore, not having a way to access the Internet reliably.

there are posts out there like “we need to try harder for monsta x” which is SO true

but i also wanna give a shoutout to those who are making a big amount of effort to support them. From those who are making detailed tutorials to those buying extra melon passes for those fans that can’t.

Pls know that every single one of us appreciate you and your efforts and it hasn’t gone unnoticed 💕

Los Angeles.

It seems I have a bunch of (seemingly real, non-bot) new followers. Hello there. If you’ve arrived from a mutual’s referral and you post interesting/tolerant/smart/cool/original content, I’ll figure that out soon enough. If you *only* post extra unsavory NSFW, positive affirmations, or To Do lists, be patient. It might take me awhile to see the real you amidst the cum shots, cresting whales, and dry cleaning receipts.

To all: please enjoy your stay and apologies in advance.

anonymous asked:

Sometimes, when the tank is a dick, I let them get down to 5% hp before quickly healing them ti full with one move to display my dominance. (I am in 2nd bg because the new best recently came out and getting the crafting recipes is next to impossible)

Sometimes that’s the only way to do it. Like, oh you’re having trouble being a decent human being? Dang, now I suddenly developed short term memory loss and forgot where my heal button is. Must be a bug going around…

– Mod Mhi


day off school today so im working on a screenplay!! feels so good to have an idea that i can work with. it’s a good sign when im so eager to create that i don’t even have time to redo last night’s ponytail.

currently watching ; mr robot (and its so damn good)

tagging some favs!! @studyrhapsody @studybuzz @studyign @astrostudy @gaystudies @bookmrk @usnafi @studysapphic @etudiance @hangulstudies @studypetals @studytext