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i don't know why, but i could never see ichiruki as a thing especially in the beginning where both ichigo and rukia berate each other constantly. also the fact when ichigo in the beginning is like "what the hell are you doing in my house?" and instead of either explaining shit to him or just simply leaving rukia goes and uses a kido spell on him. like that is rude as hell. if i saw that relationship as anything it was more of a mentor/student one after ichigo got his powers.

Well, you pretty much just told me why.And I’ll agree. I saw that initial mentor set up right away, but it was very short-lived. (Urahara took that position fast.)

See, Rukia struck me as the wise character when she was first introduced. And that was Kubo’s plan. She was a soul reaper trained to do the basic Soul Reaper things. Because at the end of it all, Rukia was just a normal Soul Reaper. And when it came down to it, she honestly only did know the basics of being a Soul Reaper.  Which is what Ichigo needed in the beginning. 

I’m not dissing Rukia. I love her. I love how far she has come, and how strong she has gotten. It’s damn inspirational.

But the initial interaction you’re talking about was more Rukia going “This kid can see  me” and “They didn’t train me for this

So, what do you do when a human boy sees you walk through his wall (which never happens again btw) and he starts loudly declaring your presence? 

You get him to shut up and listen.

As for how their relationship really is, I’d say she really is like an older sister to him.

me: I can’t remember this math stuff. too hard.

also me: *can remember all the names of my favorite characters from countless anime and their personalities and quotes they’ve said and their height and their favorite type of drink and*……


when your final arc is actually good

when they can’t give you a dad haircut cuz you’ve been a dad since episode 1

when you get a full anime adaptation to the last arc

when you trolled pretty much every tv show for 13 years but still got no copyright strike

when you’re the only shonen jump character who’s not a virgin since the start

when people think your show is all fun and trolling

Anime Characters with Tattoos

Aries : Revy

Taurus : Zero Kiryu

Gemini : Kamina

Cancer : Allen Walker

Leo : Uta

Virgo: Nami

Libra: Nana Osaki

Scorpio : Black Star

Sagittarius : Shura Kirigakure

Capricorn : Sebastian Michaelis

Aquarius : Jellal Fernandes

Pisces : Renji Abarai