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okok listen beauty guru!ryan and gamer!shane but ryans the actual sporty one

I’m imagining Ryan just fucking DESTROYING Shane in a game of basketball with his fake nails and all and it’s just so surprising to everyone cause he didn’t seem like he’d be good at sports. And Ryan’s like, “guys I played basketball all throughout high school.” And everyone is shook
Omfg, Thank you for blessing me with this wonderful, wonderful image
I am eternally grateful ;v;

Sly Cooper Character Nicknames According to Experience With My Friends, Family, and Others

Sly: Sly Fox

Murray: *In the most heroic voice possible* THE MURRAY

Bentley: That Poor Crippled Turtle

Carmelita: Carmello

Dimitri: Steve

The Guru: Stoner Koala


Sly: Wrought from a pun my dad made in the middle of my Sly 4 playthrough.

Murray: Cannon nickname, but still how he’s referred to by my mom. Important to note that she does, in fact, say it the same as Murray does.

Bentley: Derived from multiple occasions on which I yelled at my screen, at Bentley, for repeating instructions after I died or as I was doing something else during a job. Each time my mom would say “Don’t yell at that poor crippled turtle!”

Carmelita: My Spanish class couldn’t seem to remember my Spanish name, which, “coincidentally”, was Carmelita.

Dimitri: I was wearing a Dimitri shirt, and, as my friend saw the illustrious lizard, asked me if his name was Steve. “I’m gonna call him Steve,” he said as I responded with “No, his name is Dimitri.”

The Guru: Come on, this one’s obvious. (My mom took to calling him the Stoner Koala during my playthrough of Sly 3)

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Im bi and super indecisive. Is it because im bi or just like, ancillary to that?

There’s definitely a correlation between bisexuality and indecisiveness. My recommendation is that if you can’t pick a side, pick a sword. It won’t help with making decisions, but at least you’ll be intimidating and that’s a quality a prospective partner can admire.

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Ok but Gamer!Shane and Guru!Ryan playing Overwatch on Shanes channel and Ryan fucking destroys him and everyone is shook as hell and want more of him for PvP stuff in games

YEAH!! But the catch is that he wasn’t originally good, or well, he didn’t seem good, cause of his nails. Every time he played games his nails would make it real hard to use the controller, but then one day he plays without them and BAMB! Exactly what you said happens

youtuber jikook au

Jimin is one of the most popular beauty gurus on Youtube from LA. Jungkook is an up and coming youtuber who makes song and dance covers from Seoul — and has been pining for Jimin for years. Jimin comes to Seoul and their fates (somehow) intertwine.

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FFXIV Housing: Tiny white arrows begone!

Whilst making my house, there was always something that bugged me, even when I had an apartment. Those pesky white arrows over interactive objects! I did some digging and found out you can get rid of them.

Character Config > Display Name Settings > NPCs > Housing Furniture > Never