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If Jaal were an actual person and not a fictional character, “there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be bi” would be an incredibly problematic mindset.

But he’s not an actual person, he’s a fictional character created with intent and purpose to suit the narrative. Ask yourself what agenda is being served in asking for him to be bisexual versus insisting on keeping him straight. No harm is served to any real person in asking that a fictional character be made available to everyone who plays the game. Learn from your own words.

How to Use Setting Powder

One of the most common mistakes people make when it comes to setting their face  is quickly dusting powder over their skin and calling it a day, whilst this is quick and easy it really isn’t the most effective way to use a setting powder and set your makeup in place. Not only can it disturb the foundation underneath, but it can also give you an uneven, dry and cakey finish to your makeup.

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“Let me tell you one thing about these people you don’t what to be associated with, Isak. About the people who have put on tights and mascara and gone out to fight for the right to be themselves. These are people who have, throughout the years, chosen to withstand harassment and experienced hatred. Who have been assaulted and killed. And that is not because they are keen on being different, but because they would rather die than be someone they are not. That, Isak, takes courage on such a completely different level than what most people are able to understand. And I think that until you have fought those battles yourself, until you have had the guts to stand up for who you are, you should be really fucking careful about putting yourself above Gay Pride.” 

- Eskild Tryggvason, Skam.