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Kacchan, I’m here!

My first colored bnha fanart and it’s Bakudeku/Katsudeku! >3<

I haven’t done a colored piece recently but I do like the result. 

Hope to draw more soon, both FT (yes I haven’t forgot) and BNHA, hopefully more finished and colored pieces too >w<


Daishou scribbles cause he was there for, like, half a panel and I got excite

Planned obsoletence is one of the most obvious unnecessary evils of capitalism.

Can you imagine thinking, “Yeah, the way companies make products so they break easier to generate long-term sales is very efficient and innovative”.

Index Cards Rule

Has this ever happened to you:

“Okay, so it’s Bob’s turn. Oh, shit, wait, I forgot to roll saves for those orcs at the end of their turn. Oh and I forgot to apply the ongoing damage from the poison to them. So let me just take a step back. Huh, that one orc should be dead from the ongoing damage already… wait, let’s just rewind for a bit. Oh, and that one was stunned so it shouldn’t have been able to take any actions…”

Fret not! Because finally there’s a solution!

Hi, I’m that guy who runs the Fuck Yeah Dungeons and Dragons shopping network, and I’m here to tell you about how cool index cards are. Observe.

And ordinary pile of stupid boring index cards transform into the most powerful tracking tool in the hands of an expert GM.

Have your players roll Initiative or some bullshit like that and then roll Initiative for monsters. Write down their Initiatives and names on a card.

Then put them in a nice pile in Initiative order.

And you can use these to track all kinds of information and have it all at hand whenever you have to remember it.

Keep track of monster hit points and conditions.

Keep track of save ends conditions. In here I’ve written the condition at the top so I remember to apply its effect at the beginning of Steve’s turn and also at the bottom to remind me that Steve gets to save against it at the end of his turn.

But there’s more.

Like I wrote earlier, you can use this to keep track of important NPCs and factions. I even made a little countdown clock for their goal. When it’s full the zombie apocalypse happens. Every time the PCs fail to stop the cult’s evil plans or don’t do anything to stop them, the clock ticks forward.

And here’s the other side, for keeping track of important NPCs and other personas involved in the cult.

Like that’s just a few things you can do with index cards. They’re really cool.

You could theoretically use almost any kind of card for this but who wants to do that


So, she has a closet full of secrets FUCK THE FINGER IS STILL A FINGER. Uses wild magic and even creates her own spells in her shity notebook. She is unresponsible. Has no basic magic knowlege.

Epic Fail??

My reaction:

Come on….she is not evil, just incredible wild

But i don’t want to know what will happen if Moon gets to know that has been hanging out with monsters more that once. Even….

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This ain’t gonna end well….

The Evil Within 2 and WKM have some… similarities

Okay so I know that there’s no way in hell that Teamiplier could’ve planned this in any way, shape, or form, but STILL… let me count the ways.

1. Mark said the house is like “stepping into someone’s mind” in that what its occupants think is what becomes their reality… sounds an awful lot like the whole “STEM” deal, doesn’t it?

2. The fact that (broken?) mirrors work like doors in the game [the WKM part is speculation]

3. The evil photographer guy (I’m blanking, idk if we’ve learned his name yet) can “pop in and out of existence”

4. The fact that there’s a kind of inter-dimensional path between places in the real world (the Marrow taking Sebastian to City Hall, and the green warpy sequence taking us to another part of the WKM house that we could not previously reach)

5. The fact that throwing and breaking bottles is a method of distraction in the game


7. I know Mark totally said this on purpose BUT…

There are more if you look at the actual story of the game itself, but I won’t get into those details…

Again, I know that there’s absolutely no way that any of this was planned, but my overanalytical ass noticed and I just had to tell somebody… so yeah

I got tired of drawing OW characters so I took a break- 

it’s been two days and I already miss drawing them lmao