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okay y’all have seen me gripe about this a lot but i still just wanna bring this back up again bc this always bugged me.

i know i said earlier that i didnt mind the gems not having more alien-like features but…

seeing the scrapped designs make me wish we had something more interesting. like you know those character concepts for disney films where the character looks really dynamic and interesting but then its scrapped to make an incredibly boring and cookie-cutter design? thats how it feels for SU.

before y’all say anything, im not calling the finished designs bad. they’re perfectly passable (and i adore bismuth’s design). i do have some issues with lapis since she’s a terraformer but she’s small and skinny (i’ve already explained that in depth in an earlier post).

i wish su would push their designs further and made more risks bc im getting a little bored of only getting to see cool designs in fusions (which have become a rarity now). like the only non-fusion character with an unnatural attribute is sapphire with having only one eye. I know jasper’s old concept design looks a little silly but i love the odd geometric shapes to her. it has a bit of personality to it and pushes the “big strong brute” attribute harder than her design thats just a buff lady with orange skin. or bismuth’s odd robotic body like her wrists, eyes and waist. Or lapis where her features aren’t alien-like but she has crazier hair and a more interesting facial design with 0 eyebrows and groved in eyeballs (with these weird black lines surrounding it i love it).

i dont know why the character designers  don’t want to be more creative with their approaches. are they afraid they’re gonna get hate for it? i mean people weren’t crazy about YD’s design when she was introduced, but everyone got over it and the designers brushed it off.

 and before y’all say “oh but it’ll be harder on the animators because there’s more detail” i want to remind you they’ve been managing fine animating characters like sugilite who has a more cluttered design

and sardonyx who frequently uses hand gestures despite having 4 arms

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hey so i know you do head canons and i was wondering if you'd write an andreil one about them adopting a kid thanks

i have this issue where i start headcanons and they end up being fics so enjoy

  • Okay so Neil and Andrew are on the same professional Exy team
  • They live in like the small urban part of Missouri or something, and they have a lot of free time because it’s the off season
  • So Andrew goes to the library every afternoon like clockwork
    • He’s studying up on law and entertaining the idea of going to law school after they retire 
    • Neil tags along sometimes and loves browsing the crime/mystery section
  • The library workers recognize them as the famous exy-playing assholes, but they’re all older women who have nothing better to do than gossip behind the desk
  • Mary, the senior librarian, runs the children’s programs during the summer and makes sure to invite all the kids from the nearby elementary school
  • It’s raining pretty hard outside when Neil and Andrew stumble in one afternoon during Mary’s dramatic reading of The Fox and the Hound
  • Andrew saunters off upstairs while Neil heads to the bathroom so he can wring out their wet raincoats 
    • (Nicky got them matching raincoats for Christmas that year, insisting that he needed to “keep up the theme”)
    • (Andrew refuses to wear the matching red rain boots)
  • Neil hears muffled crying from one of the stalls, interrupted every now and then by a small hiccup
  • He knocks hesitantly on the stall door
  • “I’m in here!” the kid shouts
  • “Everything okay?”
  • “Uh.. yeah,” he sniffles, “I think”

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For @yoichooseno, who wanted dad Jason. Sorry this took so long (and is so short)! I had a bit of trouble with details so it’s purposefully ambiguous about a lot of things.

What the hell am I doing?

He used to think that a lot in the early days. Still does, sometimes. When there’s nobody else around except this tiny child who trusts him so much. And he wonders.

What did I do to deserve this?

He told Stephanie first. Certain members of the family - he doesn’t want to point fingers but, what starts with D, ends in k and rhymes with stick (in the mud)? - never quite forgive him for that. But, in Jason’s defence, he had no fucking idea what to do and according to rumours (aka Oracle) Stephanie is good with kids.

She also happens to be half-way through his window when he realises just how out of his depth he is. Like free-swimming to the Mariana Trench kind of out of his depth.

“Thank god,” Jason breathes when the blonde Bat tumbles off his kitchen bench to land in a crouch on the floor. In the living room, the screaming child throws a book at the TV. Jason winces. “I need your help.”

Stephanie straightens slowly. “If it involves holding a kid for ransom, I’m not interested.”

“I didn’t kidnap him,” Jason snaps. “He’s mine.”

Stephanie blinks, tips her head to the side so she can glance past Jason into the living room. Whatever she sees must satisfy her because after a few seconds she nods her head and peels off her mask. “How can I help?”

Between the two of them, they get the boy calmed down. Then Jason sends Stephanie on a grocery run for child-appropriate food and toys while he child-proofs the apartment. And figures out how to explain the new living arrangement to a distraugt, confused and frustrated toddler.

“Hey sweetie, what’s your name?”


“And how old are you?”

“Three and two quarters!”

“You have to tell B.”

It’s been four weeks and a handful of days since Stephanie rolled through his window, and so far she’s kept her promise not to Bruce or Alfred or his brothers in exchange for letting Cass in on the secret. His sister is currently sitting on the floor with Noah, playing some kind of clapping game that has both their faces taut with concentration.

“I don’t have'ta do anything,” Jason snaps, turning away from the scene on the floor to glare at Stephanie.

“He’s noticed you haven’t been patrolling,” the blonde counters. “And he knows you haven’t left town. So how long d'you think it’ll be before he drops by to check on you?” She nods toward Noah, now showing Cass how to stack wooden blocks to build a bridge. “You really want him to find out you’re affiliated with the Big Bad Bat?”

Jason sighs, runs a hand through his hair. “Not today.” Stephanie opens her mouth to argue and he hurriedly adds, “Soon, okay? Just not now. Let me have today.”

Noah clings tightly to Jason’s hand, both of them staring up at the Manor. One with awe and anticipation. The other with trepidation.

Tim answers the door when Jason finally works up the courage to ring the doorbell, an apple in one hand, his ever-present tablet in the other. He treats Jason to a wary look, eyes widening when they drift down to his small companion. Then he takes a step back. “Um. Come in.”

Noah tugs on Jason’s sleeve so he lifts the kid to sit on his hip as they follow Tim through the Manor to the kitchen. “B here?” he asks.

“He’s in the- uh, he’s downstairs.”

They end up in the kitchen, Jason pausing in the doorway as Alfred turns toward them from the stove and freezes. “Master Jason,” he says, delight overshadowed by surprise. “We weren’t expecting you.”

“Yeah. I…” Jason adjusts his hold on Noah so he can put the kid down on his feet, a reassuring hand on his shoulder when he presses back against Jason’s legs. “Just thought I’d stop by. Wanted you to meet someone.”

Alfred wipes his hands on his apron and comes over to smile down at the child. “And who might this someone be?”

“I’m Noah,” the kid pipes up.

“Hello, Noah,” Alfred says. “I’m Alfred.” He looks up at Jason, question in his eyes, and Jason can only nod. Not like he can deny it; the kid looks enough like him for the relationship to be obvious. “It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Jason just hopes the next meeting goes half as well.


“Well, Bruce, when a man and a woman-”

“Jason. Do you know who his mother is?”

“What makes you think I’d tell you if I did?”



“How’d he come to you?”

“She died. Child Services called, said I’m the only one she listed as family. No idea how they even got my number, but I wasn’t gonna say no. He’s just a kid.”

Having the rest of the family know about Noah certainly makes Jason’s life easier, if only because it gives him an army of babysitters to choose from whenever the need arises. He’d been unsure about leaving Noah with them at first since the kid had seemed reluctant to form attachments to anyone. But he’d adjusted to having a slew of new aunts and uncles a lot better than he’d adjusted to living with a father he’d never met before.

The first time Jason left him with Alfred, he’d come back to find him colouring with Damian, both of them sitting on floor in the den with Finding Nemo playing in the background and Dick snoring quietly on the couch behind them.

“Uncle Dami’s fun,” Noah had confided to him in the car on the way home. “He showed me how to draw horses.”

The scribble of orange crayon that, if you squinted, did indeed look like a horse, found its home on the fridge in Jason’s apartment. The first of many childish drawings to be collected there.

The first time Noah calls him Daddy, they’re both so shocked they just stare at each other across the table for several long seconds. Then Noah huffs and holds out his hand, demanding more emphatically, “Salt, daddy. Please.”

Jason obligingly sprinkles salt on his pasta.

And later that night, after Noah is safely tucked into bed, he calls Alfred and freaks out because holy shit I’m a father what am I doing?! Alfred just chuckles and says, “Something right, it would seem.”

They settle into a kind of routine. Jason cuts his nighttime activities to almost none, only going out when it’s absolutely necessary and there’s someone free to take care Noah for him. These days his nights are spent cooking and eating dinner with Noah then watching a movie or reading before the child’s bedtime.

“What did I do to deserve you?” Jason’s whispers to the child cradled in his arms, nuzzling baby-soft blond hair that tickles his nose.

Noah turns away from Snow White’s singing to look up at him with serious green eyes and says, “Mama said you made her safe and that made her so happy she had me to always remember.”

Jason chuckles at the innocent explanation, bumping their noses together. “I love you, kiddo.”

“I love you too, daddy.”

I just fell in an arbys cause of slippery floors but i managed to grab the railing so i didnt completely fall and i kept a hold of my drink without spilling it
On top of that the way i bumped the rail with my nose very narrowly missed hitting at an angle that would have broken it

And somehow, miraculously, not a single person saw this

Noah Glitter Headcanons
  • Monmouth craft sessions. Gansey gets way too into it, and is possessive of all the blue colouring pens. Ronan draws something crude and makes it into a card for Gansey. He also draws something serious for Adam, who pins it on his wall later. Noah just throws glitter at everyone/everything until it sticks. 
  • Noah adds tiny glitter bunting to the houses of tiny Henrietta at Christmas. Sometimes Gansey lets him add glitter snow too, just because. 
  • Noah starts pranking the guys with glitter. He puts it in Ronan’s shoes, Gansey’s journal, Adam’s pocket. He throws it at the guys when they enter a room. One time he put it in the water tank and Ronan nearly kicked him out. 
  • Noah doesn’t glitter prank Blue 
  • He makes her a bracelet made of glitter beads that she wears always. 
  • Noah makes cards for them all and fills them with different coloured glitter on their birthdays. Gansey gets gold, Ronan gets pink, Adam gets silver, and Blue gets blue. 
  • Noah looses his shit in Lush when he finds out some of the bath bombs have glitter in them.
  • He makes Gansey buy twelve of them.
  • Adam likes the ones that smell of Oranges. Gansey’s just happy they all smell nice for a change
  • When Noah discovers edible glitter he bakes fifteen batches of cupcakes and covers them all with so much glitter they grow like three inches.
  • Adam accidentally breathes in the glitter when he’s eating them and has a coughing fit. 
  • Ronan doesn’t mention the glitter frosting on the end of his nose.  
A Very Merry Holiday Light Show

“Ima, Ima, look!” Noah’s excited words filled the back seat of McGee’s mid-size sedan, and filtered up to the front, meeting Ziva’s ears. Brown eyes met smaller emerald green ones as they danced at the sight outside the window. Ziva’s attention followed that of her son’s, and her jaw dropped and then tightened at sight of the shenanigans occurring on the roof of her home.

“Ima, did Santa come early this year?” Noah’s innocent assumption made McGee chuckle and his mother sigh.

Ziva shook her head, as the McGee brought the car to a slow stop in the DiNozzo driveway. Unbuckling her seat belt, she opened her door and climbed out and reached for son’s. After undoing the carseat, she gathered the small boy in her arms, settling him on her hip. In four years, he had gotten so big, but she selfishly couldn’t bring herself to give up the small moments like this one. Give him a couple more years, and he’d be refusing to be held at all.

She offered up a laugh, nuzzling his cheek with her nose. “Noah, you know better. Santa does not come until Christmas Eve. No early visits for good little boys, unless maybe he’s delivering your coal.”

An sharp little intake of breath is paired with a squeal, Noah shaking his head furiously into his mother’s neck. “No coal, Momma. I’ve been an extra good boy.”

Ziva smiled warmly and tightened her hug, “Well you may have been a good boy all year, but in this moment, your father is not.”


The shouting accusation caught Tony off guard, causing him to momentarily lose his balance and slip and slide on the shingles. Reaching out, he grabbed the edge of the brick chimney to steady himself, but not before he got himself tangled in the array of multicolored lights.

“Last I checked, Tony, it was fifty degrees and hadn’t snowed. I’d think you’d have a little more grace than this,” McGee mocked just loud enough for his partner to hear, unloading the bags from the trunk and carrying them up the front steps.

Green eyes sent daggers in McGee’s direction, as Tony turned his attention to his sure to be livid wife. “Zee-vah,” he drawled out in good humour. “How was the shopping trip? Get me anything good?”

“I don’t believe you deserve anything,” Ziva hissed setting Noah on his feet by her side. “I thought I had made it clear before we left that you –”

The front door swung open and a burst of energy, all long lanky legs and long unruly dark hair, ran out towards Ziva, interrupting her lecture. “Mom, I told him not to. I tried to tell him that you’d be mad. And he tried to swear me to secrecy,” she confessed, whispering the last part with her head down.

Tony shook his head, from his seat on the roof, muttering under his breath at being sold out by his only daughter. “So much for being daddy’s little girl.”

Ziva hugged Lena, and smiled warmly at her, “Don’t worry, my love, I believe you. Why don’t you take your brother inside and continue to work on your lists for Santa?” Lena nodded, grabbing Noah’s small hand in hers and led him up the front steps.

Turning her attention back to the task at hand, Ziva looked up at her husband, who had gone back to his task of untangling the long string of lights he had been previously attempting to line the house with. “Tony, I thought we had an agreement. You were supposed to wait until McGee got back to help you. I don’t want a repeat of last year. Especially after the fiasco that happened last weekend with the Christmas tree lights.”

“I just wanted to surprise you and Noah,” Tony sighed, his head bent in regret before slowly lifting to face her with a full-on DiNozzo smile, plastered across his face. “But I didn’t do it alone; well, at least not exactly.”

Ziva looked around in question, “What do you mean? The only ones here are you and I, the children, and McGee.”

“Hit the lights, Boss.” Tony ordered nonchalantly, appearing to speak to no-one in particular, but as soon as the words left his mouth, the house became a well-designed spectacle.

Various colors danced like Noah’s eyes along the combination of brick and cement that encapsulated the structure of their home. The strings of icicle lights lined the roof evenly without one single bulb out of place. Candy canes and snow men lined the walk, in reds and whites. Snowflakes hung in each window, causing a glow to light up each room.

“Tony….,” Ziva breathed, taken back at the sophistication and coordination that was bestowed in front of her, such a drastic change from the haphazard light show of the year before.

Smiling as bright as their children on Christmas morning, Tony only winked.

Ziva shook her head in wonder, “Who?”

A deep, gruff chuckle came the fence, separating the driveway from the small backyard. Appearing in his jeans, USMC sweatshirt, and an uncharacteristic Santa hat, Gibbs took a swig of his beer and sent a pointed smile at Ziva.

“Merry Christmas, DiNozzo.”

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would you mind elaborating about matthew and noah,?? it's just that i love them like,, a lot and jdvnjlf you know how we feel about your headcanons dear god

I wouldn’t mind one bit! This is a little bit long… I’m not even a little bit sorry

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Joshifer Family? Anything you want! You're the queen of Joshifer babies so anything you write will he good!

*** que-sera-sera88 this will also fit the one you sent me awhile ago for Noah getting another sister.***

Lucky Penny

Josh smiled as his mom walked in with his little herd, “Hey boogers!”

Olivia stomped her feet in excitement and wriggled her way out of Michelle’s arms, “Daddy!” she squealed happily, running over to his arms and jumping up and down until he leaned down to scoop her up.

“I do all the work and still I am chopped liver,” Jen mumbled from the bed.

Josh chuckled, “Give mama some love honeybee,” he whispered to Olivia.

“Bzzzz,” she buzzed giggling leaning over to nuzzle her nose against Jennifer’s nose.

Noah stood in middle of the room and assessed everything as he typically did in his quiet nature. 

“C’mon over buddy, we want you to meet the newest edition to the family.”

Noah quietly walked over and hugged Josh’s leg and leaned his head against his hip, “Is mommy okay?”

Josh looked over at Jen and he could already see her eyes welling up with tears, her pregnancy with Olivia had been difficult, and they were both surprised that Noah had internalized that feeling.  Josh squatted down and scooped his son in his other arm, supporting both the three and six year old, “Hey big guy, your mom is doing great, see?”  He said positioning the blonde little boy in his arms.

“Hey honey, I’m fine!  And we want you to meet your new little sister!”

Noah’s mood lightened seeing his mother’s happy face and then he sighed, “Another one?” He asked seeming exasperated.

Josh and Jen both broke out in laughter at his candidness.

“Can’t you go make me a little brother mommy?” Noah asked leaning over in Josh’s arms to get a better look at the baby. 

“Well buddy, we just got done with this one, so not at the moment.”

“We’re outnumbered now Daddy,” he said solemnly curling against his shoulder.

“It’ll be okay buddy,” Josh chuckled.

“I LIKE GIRLS,” Olivia shouted.

“Look Josh, your dream is coming true, it’s your daughter and not your son but…,” Jennifer snickered.

Noah ignored his parents and looked over at the baby again, “She’s okay I guess, can we get a puppy?”

“No, Noah, maybe in a year or two.”

“That’s like forever for me, Mommy.”

Josh and Jennifer shared a look of amusement and then Jennifer spoke up again, hoping to make up for the loss of the puppy, “Do you want to hold your sister?”

Noah slid down from Josh’s arm and stood by Jen’s hospital bed looking at the baby curiously, “I should I’m her big brother.  Someone’s gonna have’ta take care of her.”

Josh got Noah situated in the hospital bed next to Jennifer and took the tiny pink baby from Jennifer’s arms and carefully placed the pink bundle in Noah’s arms, leaving Jennifer to supervise.

“Actually guys Mommy and I need your help,” Josh announced.  Both of the mini Hutch’s faces gave him their attention, “We wanted help from both of you to name her.”

“BIG BIRD!”  Olivia shouted excitedly.

Josh snorted loudly looking at Jennifer, “Shhh Booger, we need to be quiet because your sister is sleeping.”

“Big bird,” she whispered loudly.

“Big bird Hutcherson?” He teased.

“Yes,” she replied matter-of-factly, “She’s kind of boring, Daddy,” Olivia said.

Josh tickled his three year old throwing her over his shoulder, “You were the same way Livy.”

“I’m the life of the party,” she said parroting something she’d undoubtedly heard on TV or elsewhere.

Jen choked on the diet coke she was drinking.

“What do you think, Peanut?” Josh asked walking over to stand by the head of the bed to look at the other three members of his little family.

Noah bit his lip, a trait he had inherited from Jennifer, “I like Penny.  She has a cool dog on Inspector Gadget.”

“Really on the dog train,” Jennifer mumbled to Josh.

They both looked down at the tiny sleeping baby, “Penny.”

“How about, Penelope?” Jennifer said, “Penny for short.”

“Our lucky Penny,” Josh smiled.

Toddler Series: Tour Series #02 Missing Daddy

Toddler Series can be found here.

A/N: Second part of the Tour Series; the toddler misses him. If you have any ideas, things you would like to see in this ‘mini tour series’, please let us know. Warning: contains sad and upset toddlers.


Amelia frowned as she looked around the master bedroom. “Daddy?” she whispered sadly, knowing he wasn’t there. The little girl looked over her shoulder to make sure you weren’t there, before cautiously stepping in. Her little brown eyes filled with tears; she missed her daddy and no matter you did to make her happy, only her father would be able to. She brushed hair away from her face and walked into the big walk in wardrobe. She spotted a pile of Liam’s clothes that he forgot to put away from he left and without another thought, she quickly ran into it. She sat down and played with the buttons on a plaid shirt, before laying down. She gripped a handful of the shirt in her little hands as she curled up. Not having her pacifier, she sucked her thumb and it wasn’t long before she was asleep. Soon later, you wondered why the house was quiet; no little giggles or talking. You walked around the house looking for Amelia; in her room, the playroom and even your bedroom, but she was no where in sight. You took a breath, trying not to panic about your little daughter. Just then you heard a little whimper, making you rush into the wardrobe. You froze, getting teary. You knelt down and carefully picked her up; cuddling her close. She woke up and saw you; her lips tremble and a few tears fall. “It’s ok Emmy. I know you miss daddy,” you said, kissing her head, “how about a Emmy-Mummy nap?” She snuggled into you, falling back to sleep.


You slowly woke up and rolled over, frowning as the bed was empty beside you. With Louis away, the bed was cold and big without him. You heard little footsteps and smiled as the door opened. “Mummy?” Noah asked, stepping towards the bed. “Morning baby boy,” you said, patting the blanket, “it’s still early Noah, come on.” He nodded and gently climbed up. He laid down and couldn’t make eye contact with you. Something was bothering the little boy; he was usually talkative and giggly, but this morning he was quiet and shy. He played with a loose thread on the blanket, his eyes filled with sadness and becoming glossy. The more he thought about his daddy, the more he missed him; playing soccer outside or being cheeky without you knowing. “What’s wrong Noah?” you asked, getting worried. He shook his head and curled up in a little ball. He closed his eyes tightly, hoping when he opened them, Louis would be home. You sighed and ran your fingers through his brown hair, making him quickly look up at you. “Is it about daddy?” you whispered, rubbing his back softly, “you know mummy misses him too. It’s hard but we can’t be sad or upset; we have each other, don’t we?” You tapped his button nose and he smiled. “Noah and mummy?” he said, wiggling closer to you. “Love mummy,” he whispered, kissing your cheek and snuggling into you. “Love you too Noah,” you smiled.


“Mine,” Cora whined, “no Decc.” She stormed her foot, frowning at her twin brother. Declan froze and dropped the toy out of his little hand, taking a step back from her. She huffed and picked it up, before sitting on the floor playing with it. Declan’s lip trembled and tried to a be a big boy, but he was tired, cranky and missing his daddy, just like his sister. He walked to the kitchen and stood in the doorway, staring at you. You didn’t know he was there until you heard little sobs, making you quickly look down. Quickly dropping the cup into the sink, you knelt in front of your little boy and placed your hands on his arms, rubbing softly. “Dec, baby. What’s wrong darling?” you asked, wiping his cubby cheeks. He sniffed and shook his head. “Miss daddy. Cora nicer when daddy home,” he whispered shyly. You gasped and wrapped your arms around him, standing up with him on your hip. “Cora doesn’t mean it. She misses daddy too,” you explained and kissed his forehead. You knew it was hard on them; being little and their father not being home; they didn’t understand. “Mummy has an idea,” you bounced your him on your hip, “ice-cream and movie.” Declan nodded and sniffed away his tears. You walked into the living room and put him on the couch. “Cora, honey,” you stepped towards her, “did you take Dec’s toy?” She frowned and nodded, getting teary. “Daddy,” she whimpered, leaning against you. You picked her up and sat on the couch with Declan. He snuggled into you and looked at his sister. “Daddy misses you both lots and lots,” you hugged them tighter, “and we can visit him soon.”


Spencer sat on the bed as you got ready for lunch with Gemma and Anne. She played with her shoes, interested in how they tied up. She heard a noise coming from outside and quickly looked up, getting excited. “Where daddy? Home now?” she asked, looking at you. You picked up your jacket and sat on the bed. “Sweetheart, daddy is away for work, remember,” you explained, tucking a piece of brown hair behind her ear, “we can visit him soon, but until then, it’s just you and me.” She nodded and looked around the bedroom, tears filling her little green eyes. “But want daddy,” she whispered. You quickly scooped her up and sat her on your lap, holding her close. “I want daddy too Angel,” you kissed her head. She played with your necklace sadly. “What daddy doing?” she asked. You smiled and thought for a minute. “Daddy is singing on stage with your uncles. Maybe your favourite song or mummy’s favourite,” you stood up and she giggled, “Daddy is being silly and dancing.” As you walked out of the room, she whined and poked to your dressing table. “What Spence?” you asked, then smiled when you saw what she wanted. You stood her on the floor and picked up Harry’s beanie. She smiled as you knelt in front of her and slid it on her head. “Like daddy,” she giggled. You kissed her cheek and stood up. “That’s daddy’s favourite beanie, but it looks better on Spencer,” you said.


You pulled back the blankets on your and Zayn’s shared bed, before climbing in. As soon as you got comfortable, you heard little cries and sobs coming from down the corridor. You quickly jumped out of the bed and rushed towards Kaiden’s bedroom. You opened the door and gasped. Kaiden was curled up in a little ball, crying into his baby blanket. “Kade, hey hey little one,” you said, sitting on his little toddler bed, “shh, it’s ok. Whatever is wrong, mummy can fix it.” He shook his head and wiggled away from you. “No mummy, want daddy,” he whimpered, “daddy cuddles and stories.” You froze and bit your lip. You knew Kaiden would miss his father, but this was heartbreaking to see. He sniffed as his cries lower to whimpers; all he wanted was his daddy, but you couldn’t give it to him. “Mummy can read you a bedtime story,” you said, rubbing his back. Kaiden looked at you and sniffed, hugging his little blanket tighter. “My favourite one?” he whispered. You nodded and reached to the bookshelf, sliding out a book. You moved back and lent against the wall, as Kaiden sat up and wiggled onto your lap. You wiped his cheeks and kissed his head. “I know you want daddy, but mummy is here,” you whispered, looking at his sad hazel eyes. He poked the book cover, making you smile. As you wrapped your arm around him and started reading, he snuggled into you, feeling a little better.

- Holly

A/N: Would love to hear feedback on what you think. Or if you have any ideas for the series, let us know.

All writing/ideas is our original work. lipstickstaiin©

Special Delivery - Joshifer One Shot

Just a little one shot in response to a prompt I received:

And exists in the same ‘verse as Don’t Worry Baby

Special Delivery

“What…what are you doing to her?”  Josh asked cautiously staring down the nurse.

“It’s an epidural Mr. Hutcherson.”

“That thing is HUGE,” Josh exclaimed gaping at the large needle.  “It looks like it’s for a horse!”

Jennifer’s eyes narrowed at Josh in a heavy glare, “Thanks a lot Josh for putting that terrifying image in my head.”

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There it was again, that stupid thump nose. Just kill it Noah. No he couldn't, well not yet. He wanted to wait, for the other, Andy to get hurt and there he opportunity  to kill him. But the heart beat, was killing him. He sat up, seeing his lover laying beside him sleeping peacefully. "One bite wouldn't hurt." Noah said a playful smirk. His eyes turning  blood shot red from the sides of his eyes,well small veins formed underneath his eyes."This should hurt much." He thought to himself, leaning towards the other going to bite his neck. But that he sense the other was going to wake up, so he placed innocent kisses on the other chest his eyes back to normal. "What's wrong love another bad dream?"

Baby Series - First Christmas Part 6 - Christmas Day
Baby Series can be found here. This is the final part in First Christmas. You can find the other parts here: Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

We have based the babies ages off the Birthdays we gave them. So Liam’s daughter, Amelia is almost 4 weeks; Louis’ son, Noah is nearly 4 months; Niall’s twins, Cora and Declan are 8 and a half months; Harry’s daughter, Spencer is 5 months and Zayn’s son, Kaiden is 10 and a half months.


“Aren’t you a gorgeous girl. Come to grandma,” your mum held at her arms. Liam slowly handed over his little girl. Amelia whined as she was transferred to a new set of arms. “Shh darling, it’s ok,” your mum whispered and cradled her granddaughter close to her. She slowly walked around the living room and sat down on the couch, your dad followed and sat beside her. Your mum gently moved the little girl from her arms and laid her down the couch beside her. Amelia looked around the room, her big eyes landing on her grandma. “Oh look at those beautiful eyes. Just like your daddy,” she smiled. As she stroked Amelia’s hands, she grabbed into both your mum’s forefingers, making her smile happily. “Li, can you help me in the kitchen before your family gets here,” you whispered, taking his hand in yours. You pulled him into the kitchen and he sat on the stool at the counter, watching your parents with his daughter. “Li, Emmy is alright,” you giggled at his over protectiveness of his little girl, “it’s my mum. She raised me; she knows what’s she’s doing. Plus she loves her little granddaughter.” Liam smiled and finally looked away from Amelia to look at you. “I know. I just like being with her. I can’t help it,” he laughed lightly. You walked up to him and kissed his cheek. “Merry Christmas Li,” in the corner of your eye you saw your mum with your daughter, “our first Christmas as a family.” Liam wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to him, “and I couldn’t ask for anything better for Christmas.”


“Will you be ok with him for a moment while I go make us some tea?” you asked, feeling tried from the long Christmas Day with both yours and Louis’ families. Although Louis was fine with little boy, Noah was being fussy lately and becoming more clingy to you. “Of course boo,” he replied, looking at his son laying in front of him. As you walked towards the kitchen, Louis laid down at the rug in front of the fire, beside Noah. He rested his head on his hand, leaning up on his elbow. Noah smiled, looking up at his dad. “Hey little Tommo,” Louis kissed his forehead softly, “Merry Christmas.” Noah reached his short arms out above him, hoping to touch Louis. His cubby little baby hands touched Louis noise, making him squeal in delight. “That’s my nose Noah,” Louis smiled, “and this is Noah’s nose,” he said, tapping Noah’s button nose lightly. The four month old giggled and grabbed Louis nose again. Louis made a honking noise, making Noah smile widely. Louis picked up the little boy and laid Noah on his stomach on his own chest. “What’s going on in here boys?” You asked, carrying two mugs of tea. As you sat on the floor beside them, you couldn’t wipe the smile off your face. Louis looked up at you and smiled. “Can Mummy join your cuddle?” You asked moving closer to them. With Noah laying happily on his stomach, he opened his arm for you. You laid down with them and looked at your little boy. Louis kissed your forehead and whispered, “a wonderful end to Noah’s first Christmas.”


“Merry Christmas Mama,” a six year old Theo smiled at Denise before returning to his new toys. Denise smiled happily at her son. You looked down at Cora and Declan who were siting in the middle of the room playing with building blocks. “Ho ho,” you heard just outside the living room making all five of you look towards the doorway. Greg walked in dressed as Santa, making the three youngest Horan’s freeze. Cora’s mouth opened, taking in the man dressed in red with a big white beard. Declan, on the other hand was a little unsure. Theo smiled widely, knowing who is was. “Merry Christmas,” Greg continued, as Niall walked in behind him and sat on the arm on the chair beside you. “This one is for Theo,” Santa Greg said, handing a big wrapped present to his son. Theo excitedly took it, opening it within seconds. Denise shook her head at the boy, but knew he just like his dad and uncle. Santa Greg knelt down in front of the twins and held out two presents. “For a good little girl,” he gave Cora the present, “and a good little boy.” Cora squealed and opened it as fast as Theo. Declan keep his eyes on Santa. Theo came up to his younger cousin. “Want some help Dec?” He asked, making Declan look away from the man and smiled at Theo. Theo ripped the paper and showed Declan what was inside, making him happily open the rest. You looked at Niall and saw his big smile. “I was hoping you were going to be Santa,” you whispered. “I was going to, but Greg bet me to it,” he laughed.


“Look at you Spence, aren’t you a cutie,” Gemma smiled and knelt down beside the five month old. Spencer looked up and gave her a toothless grin. She quickly dropped her toys and held out her arms. “Em Em,” she whined to Gemma. “Oh sweetie,” she smiled, careful picking her niece up, “hey beautiful, is that better?” Spencer giggled and bounced on her hip. Spencer tried to wiggled closer to Gemma, but she couldn’t. Gemma looked down at the little girl and saw her frowning. “Why the pout Spence? Just like your daddy, yes you are,” she cooed, making Spencer giggle again. “Can Aunty Gem have a kiss?” She asked, sticking her lips out. Spencer smiled before crashing her little pink lips to Gemma’s red ones. “You love kisses don’t you,” she laughed. Spencer smacked her lips together making a kissing noise. Without thinking Gemma blew a raspberry back to her. Spencer stuck her little tongue out and blew a raspberry, making Gemma laugh. “Clever girl, should we show daddy?” Gemma asked, walking into the kitchen to where you, Harry and Anne were finishing off Christmas lunch. “What are you two up too?” Anne asked, looking at her daughters cheeky dimply smile. “Hey Spence, you ready,” Gemma whispered, walking towards Harry. Harry opened up his arms for his little girl but she shook her head. “Em Em,” she squealed, then blew a raspberry at him. Harry looked shocked, but smiled at his little daughter who was learning things everyday.


“Present time,” Doniya said happily. Zayn’s sisters and parents walked to the living room. You held Kaiden on your hip, smiling at how excited everyone was for your little boy’s first Christmas. “Did you buy enough for him Zayn,” Waliyha joked to her brother. “Half of them are from you and mum actually,” he teased back. As everyone gathered around the room, you sat Kaiden on the floor in front of the tree. You sat behind him with Zayn beside you. “Merry Christmas Kade,” Zayn said, sliding a present to the happy little boy. He looked at Zayn with wide eyes and a big smile. “Go on buddy, it’s for you,” he encouraged, ripping a little bit of the paper showing Kaiden what to do. He giggled and copied Zayn, ripping the paper. “Go Kade,” Safaa smiled, onto the floor closer to her nephew, “that’s it.” She clapped her hands praising him. Kaiden giggled and started clapping his little cubby hands together. The living room filled with laugher as the 10 month old clapped along with Safaa. You smiled and rested your head on Zayn’s shoulder. Kaiden had recently learnt to clap and loved doing it. Zayn wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling your closer to him. Safaa moved closer to Kaiden and helped him open the present. Kaiden’s face lit up as she pulled the hammer toy out of the box. She handed him the small hammer and he hit the buttons. He smiled at the noises and lights he made. “Thanks Safaa, now he will be playing with that all the time,” Zayn joked, smiling at his happy little boy.

A/N: This is the last one in our Baby’s First Christmas mini series. Hope you liked it. And hope you all had a wonderful holiday (sorry this is posted late)