no noooooooooooo


HAVE WE HAD THIS HERE YET? because i dont remember having seen this before

and look at that hand…why do i find it hot…

picture this: a spinoff of the americans called ‘the rezidentura’, which is basically just the office but at the russian embassy/base of spy operations in the 80s. 

Alright as the (self-proclaimed) Check Please Fandom Shakespeare Ho, I think it is my duty to discuss Nursey and Shakespeare.

(what no I am not using Nursey’s love of poetry as a convenient way for my theater major ass to talk about Shakespeare and other subjects of my field why would you think that noooooooooooo)

  • There are very few circumstances in which Derek Nurse is Obnoxiously American
  • In fact, it almost never happens
  • He’s not above releasing his inner pyro on the 4th, but other than that…
  •  If there’s one thing Nursey can’t stand, it’s a fucking Shakespeare Snob
  •  You know, those people who act like they’re fucking special because they read and understand it?
  •  Those people who like Shakespeare but also like that they like it?
  • (*side-eyes my fifteen-year-old self*)
  • Because let me tell you, anyone who acts like Shakespeare is for the Elites knows Fucking Nothing
  • *ahem* anyway

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