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you take a lover who looks at you like maybe you are magic.

Finally caught up on the rest of 4x15, and let me just say that even though I knew it was going to happen, I was still just as traumatised watching Jemma Simmons stab Leopold Fitz to death right after Robo!Fitz had the audacity to drop the “m”-word (I will never be over that) as I was when I watched the first half of this episode hiding in a busy McDonalds.

Also, I made a sound not unlike a pterodactyl screech when bloody Brett Dalton resurfaced again. Shoulda known we couldn’t go a full season without him making an appearance hahaha

  • Jemma: One of these days, we'll find something out in space that's magnificent, right? Not trying to infect us or kill us like Hive.
  • Fitz: What's Hive? Couldn't even get off a desert planet without us, so, we'll sort him out.
  • Jemma: *leaning her head on Fitz's shoulder* I just want to help our friends.
  • Fitz: I know.
  • Fitz: *breaking away from the kiss* Sorry. Uh, sorry. I know everything's well and starting over and I didn't mean to push too fast.
  • Jemma: *laughing* Too fast? Fitz, it's been 10 years. We can't waste any more time.
  • Fitz: Really? Cause I thought that-
  • Jemma: *interrupting him* Really! And since we're cursed, or whatever nonsense-
  • Fitz: Oh I said that one time!
  • *simultaneously*
  • Jemma: You and your fourth dimension idea that we can't change fate.
  • Fitz: And for the record actually, today is more evidence that the cosmos is against us.
  • Jemma: I'm tired of seeing our friends ripped apart from each other. That can't happen to us again, I won't let it.
  • Fitz: Then we won't let it. Who needs space? Cause I've got something magnificent right here.
  • Jemma: *world's cutest smile* *goes in for a kiss*
  • Fitz: *turning away* A picture. Of space.
  • Jemma: *world's cutest laugh*
  • Fitz: One of my prized possessions, that is. And I don't know why it makes a significance-
  • Jemma: Okay.
  • Fitz: *incoherent continued mumbling as Jemma jumps on top of him*

anonymous asked:

In the AOS fandom we don't say I love you, we say "I made you a prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella sandwich with just a hint of homemade pesto aïoli" and I think thats beautiful.

We also say: 

  • Be safe.
  • You’re the hero. 
  • You’re my best friend in the whole world. 
  • You’re more than that. 
  • Maybe there is. 
  • Me and you. Maybe we could eat somewhere else, you know. Somewhere nice.
  • Ohhhhhhh, Fitz.