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Elsanna week #3, curiosity

Sorry for the delay everyone, but I’ve been SO busy lately so I didn’t have much time to draw. This pic is for @fruipit and her amazing nøkk AU (wich I love WITH ALL MY HEART). You can find the last chap here. I read it three days ago (anD IT’S AMAZING), but I kept my mouth shut, I didn’t send Frui a message or anything because I wanted to make this pic as a surprise and a thankyou!

Also, I previously thought to draw a mermaid au for this prompt, BUT THIS IS MUCH BETTER!

I’ll soon draw a comic about my reaction to Frui’s post lol (I was SO HAPPY)

This is based on the nokken, nokk, or neck (they have a lot of names), water spirits in ancient scandinavian folklore. They usually take on the form of a long-haired young man, and that of a ‘brook horse’, an impressive white horse that lures unwitting victims on its back so it can leap into the water and drown them. Usually considered malevolent spirits, there are a few tales that depict them as playful and harmless; it’s also said that the nokk will teach you their secrets of music if you use the right method of supplication. 

lokispriestess  asked:

do you know of any sources for Tooth Fairy Loki? Because that is amazing and I want to know more, but googling isn't yielding anything useful.

My professor cited a Faroese tradition (in the post I made with the drawing I said Danish bc I was looking at the wrong page of notes: later corrected it, but for some reason the original post is the one that is going around again. Sorry!) but as it stands I don’t know which specific legend/poem/children’s rhyme/etc. he is referring to. 

However, in this paper on Loki in relation to the Vätte and the Ash-Lad, there is talk of a folk tradition in Telemark, Norway, of giving small offerings to the fire for “Loke”, and in “South-Eastern Sweden and Swedish-speaking areas East of the Baltic: milk teeth are thrown into the fire during the recitation of a rhyme that addresses Lokke~Luku~Luki~Nokk(e)…. ´Lokke, Lokke, give me a gold-tooth | Here you have a gold-tooth´” (Heide, 67). They later mention that in the areas closest to Finland milk teeth are offered to either Lokke, Nokk(e), or Tomten. 

The paper goes on to say that this fire-teeth-thing MUST mean that Loki lives under the fireplace, but there are so many other Nordic variants on Loki´s daily business out there (it’s raining while the sun’s out: Loke is beating his children; the sun is shining on wet ground: Loke is out in the fields today, etc.) not to mention the fact that the paper also explicitly cites other crazy ways of disposing of baby teeth, such as shoving them in walls (Iceland) or dropping them through cracks in the floor (Småland) for someone called ‘Mouse’. 

So: there is evidence of this tooth-giving phenom, but I would read this paper with care as I think the spider thread (pun) is weak, and the idea that creatures such as Vätte, Ash-lad, Tomte, ‘Mouse’, etc. are all the same type of being is not accurate: if you take the tail off of a Hulder, she does not a Nissen make, for example. Nonetheless it is exciting to see how much Loke/Lokke we can find in rhymes and folklore throughout the Nordics and Scandinavia, as Loki himself survives only in the myths of Iceland and the Faroes.

N  Ø  K  K  E  N  /  nokke  /  nixie 

In Norway the Nokke are said to abound in rivers, firths and lakes, and require an annual human sacrifice … If any one touches them he is in the Evil One’s power …

2 / 8 legendary creatures: myth meme

Cultivating A Core

Nokk could barley contain their excitement at the prospect of having Magick of their own. “Wait a week! But Scuds been on this planet less time then me! Why does she get to have Magick first!” The alien pouted, disregarding or forgetting what they has just been told about their differing biology making it take longer.

“Can I have my turn next?” Waltern piped up quietly from behind Nokk. He looked a lot less fearful now that he had seen completely fine after the scan. “I know I haven’t been here as long as everyone else and that my alien body probably means it will take longer to but I still wanna know how long I have to wait!” 

Meanwhile Elite stood still to the side, anxiety clawing at the inside of her mind, unable to move past the thought that whatever Magick she got would be dangerous to everyone around her.


For the anon would was surprised I cosplay Amora the Enchantress. 

These are from NYCC 2013 and WonderCon 2014. Enchantress was my first ever cosplay at NYCC 2012, but this version was revamped and the tiara and armor were made in 2013, so this is about 50% my first cosplay and 50% my second cosplay. Yes, my introduction to cosplay involved armor, 6″ heels, and a fully boned corset at the second largest con in the US. I hit the ground running and embraced suffering early on. 

I still adore it. I think the armor is still beautiful and I unironically love those green circle tights. They were hand painted while I wore them and took 8 hours to dry, so they involved me lying around the house, not moving, and watching 3 Wagner operas while they dried. 

Lady Loki is River Nokk Cosplay
Photo 1:
Photo 2: Ray Francise

Demon Days

Aching. Why was her head aching? She felt like she’d just been bowled into  by Nokk.  She forced her eyes to open, not seeing much beyond the tired blur. Shit something was really, really wrong. She shook her head trying to clear away some of the dizziness she felt, fuck this was bad. As she became more aware she realized she was bound, her body vertical and immobile. She could feel something cold and hard pressed again her back and as her eyes began to clear could see the molten greens and browns of forest trees.

Crap, where in the nine planets of the Tusct system was she? She tried struggling out of the bonds but when she looked up could see none, and felt no give. Instead she studied her surroundings, compiling a list in her head of any enemies they might have that may have managed to find them. There were a few but chances still felt slim that they had been followed to this place. There was a chance that she had possibly been kidnapped by those scientists Nokk and Elite tangled with when she first arrived, but this didn’t exactly feel like the kind of place that lot would hold people they kidnapped. Her freckles dimmed and flashed with worry as she came to the conclusion she was utterly stuck, without back up and she had zero clue who, why and where she’d been taken.

so I’m just sitting here, thinking about how people really love to rag on necromancers in dungeon parties and I remembered this one time where I ended up soloing Nokk (the boss with the singularities in SE) from 40% health cause he knocked everyone else into the lava.

Yes, pls remind me why necros are trash thanks.

“Not viable in PvE/dungeons” my ass…

I told Nokk to send me a Pokemon that comprised his characteristics and personality. I thought he’d send me a Hoothoot, you know.

The bastard sent me a Stunfisk.

The bastard has an amazing movepool, though. Just like Nokk.

I think Emma doesn’t like being around Stunfranz, because you never tell if he’s smiling or not