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I always find it kind of weird that matriarchal cultures in fiction are always “women fight and hunt, men stay home and care for the babies” because world-building-wise, it makes no sense

think about it. like, assuming that gender even works the same in this fantasy culture as it does in ours, with gender conflated with sex (because let’s be real, all of these stories assume that), men wouldn’t be the ones to make the babies, so why would they be the ones to care for the babies? why is fighting and hunting necessary for leadership?

writing a matriarchy this way is just lazy, because you’re just taking the patriarchy and just swapping the people in it, rather than actually swapping the culture. especially when there are so many other cool things you could explore. like, what if it’s not a swap of roles but of what society deems important?

maybe a matriarchy would have hunting and fighting be part of the man’s job, but undervalued. like taking the trash out or cleaning toilets: necessary, but gross, and not noble or interesting. maybe farming is now the most important thing, and is given a lot of spiritual and cultural weight.

how would law work? what crimes would exist, and what things would be considered too trivial to make illegal? who gets what property? why?

how would religion work? how would you mark time or the passage into adulthood? what would marriage look like? if bloodlines are through the mother, bastardy wouldn’t even be a concept - how does that work?

what qualities would be most important in a person? how would you define strength or leadership? what knowledge would be the most coveted and protected? what acts or roles are considered useless or degrading?

like, you can’t just take our current society and say you’re turning it on its head when you’re just regurgitating it wholesale. you have to really think about why things are the way they are and change that

⚡ How to Charge Objects ⚡

⚡  In witchcraft we talk about energy a lot, especially in the context of “charging” objects, or filling them with energy, whether personal or external, as the moving force behind magic and spells. 

⚡  Old energy becomes stagnant and bleh. Kinda like old food in the fridge. You gotta clean that out of it, so it doesn’t make the new good you put in “stink” too. So cleanse first before you charge!

⚡  Think of it like batteries! Things lose their charges, and then they kinda feel useless. So you gotta plug it back in to its metaphysical roots.

⚡  there are many ways to charge objects:  ⚡

  • moonlight
  • sea water
  • moon water
  • sunlight
  • fire
  • wind
  • soil
  • planetary influence
  • electricity
  • and many more! almost anything you can come up with

⚡  You can even charge one object with another, like charging a coffee cup with a crystal before breakfast. The magical energy stored in the crystal will transfer to the coffee, and then you have charmed and charged your drink!

⚡  When new energy is introduced to an object with correspondences, and it sits in there, it takes on those new properties of itself and

Regular water (no corres) + sunlight = sun water, water that has taken on the magical properties of the sun.

Amethyst (healing) + moonlight = boosts the existing healing properties of the amethyst, and has moons magical properties too

⚡  You can charge almost any object, with anything that has an energy.

☠️The Death of the Moon Signs☠️

Is the day that….

Aries Moon: You have to retain yourself and you’ve lost full reign over your life. Instead of being taken seriously, you’re ignored like a whining child. No one gives you the time of day, and no one can enjoy the spontaneous love your Aries Moon creates when you forge down these dangerous and exciting new paths.

Taurus Moon: Boundaries are pushed and suddenly you have to sacrifice something. Even your comfort foods can’t lift you’re moods because all this turbulence has you exhausted. Home is nowhere to be found, and without familiarity Taurus Moon is stumbling blindly in the dark.

Gemini Moon: You can’t get your point across and everyone you talk to is a brick wall. Nothing you say bounces back or even sticks, leading to a complete writers block on your feelings. Your wordsmith Gemini Moon is left at a loss for words, and all processing power is too fried to try to even think of feeling.

Cancer Moon: The tides around you have swelled to the bursting point, and no body is relenting. You’re sure you have enough on your plate already, but you’re still dragged in the middle. Now your Cancer Moon is compelled to shape entire oceans of the emotions around you, leaving you a little seasick of life.

Leo Moon: Everyone is whizzing by too quickly to notice the love around them, that burning passion you too can share. You’re screaming into an empty sky with howling winds that threaten your sacred flame. You no longer know yourself, and even that Leo Moon has forgotten its own light when it’s so cloudy out.

Virgo Moon: You can’t do anything right. You’ve never felt more clumsy, and that’s never made you feel more useless. You can’t keep up damage control for anything. Your Virgo Moon is playing that same old broken record, chanting that your feelings mean nothing if you can’t take care of them too.

Libra Moon: You are abandoned, all by your lonesome, in a cold, unfamiliar place. There’s no one to understand where you’re coming from and no way to get where you want to go. The mirror of your Libra Moon has cracked the contrast between you and others, fragmented your compassion into a kaleidoscope of isolation.

Scorpio Moon: You were right- someone wasn’t worthy of your heavy love and you have to uproot your entire being once again. You can feel your walls being reinforced after all that hard work to break them down. Your venom is purged on offenders, stripping them to the bone, and your Scorpio Moon has begun yet another one of its viciously consuming rebirths.

Sagittarius Moon: Complete stagnation has taken hold. Your passions are capped by the monotonous responsibilities of the “real” world. All you want to do is run away to the woods for some fresh air for a few days; your Sag Moon needs to get the hell out of here and see what the world has to offer them.

Capricorn Moon: Your goal is miles away and your muscles are starting to give out. The climb ahead is practically 90 degrees and you still can’t see the top. It could be inches taller, miles even. Regardless, all you know is that you have to surmount this. The pressure your Cap Moon exerts is most taxing on the you who owns it.

Aquarius Moon: Reality has eaten your eccentricity. Everything that was so luminous before have somehow dulled their glow and the suddenly the darkness of space is swallowing you whole. That Aqua Moon of yours has boxed up everyone and everything it knows and you’re lost in the labyrinth of the storage unit in your heart.

Pisces Moon: Your sorrows have never seem heavier and a single blow brings you crashing down. The oblong tower you had enshrined to your feelings became too weathered and can’t maintain. Now the blissful wave your Pisces Moon has been cruising on has come crashing to the shore.

symmetra is not useless u just gotta play her right 2017
  • your proton balls can go through reinhardt’s shield. a lot of times he and the teammates hes protecting are not expecting that. take advantage, especially when theyre all bunched up behind him
  • place your turrets in flank rooms that enemies like to sneak up in. well placed they can pick them off, and even if they get destroyed, it alerts you to someone trying to sneak up on your team
  • hide your Got Dang teleporter. its no use to anyone if the enemy either destroys it right away or is smart and waits to pick off your team with an ult the moment they come through
  • on defense maps, its almost always worth it to cover the enemy’s spawn point in turrets. yes theyll likely get destroyed fast but 1. you can pick off the few foolish ones who just charge out blindly 2. by the time they do get destroyed, youll have had time to step back and replace them in new positions appropriate for how far the enemy has advanced, and 3.

  • speaking of your ult, if youre on a defense map (aka your team has to walk a long way to get to the payload), you should do your best to stay alive until you can get your first teleporter down. this can give your team a huge advantage in keeping the enemy from advancing too far
  • alternatively, if your defense point is pressed up against your spawn point and your team is doing a decent job of keeping the enemy back (aka, you dont have an immediate need to all hurry in and teleport to the point), a shield generator can help give you an edge
  • you can charge your proton beam on mei’s ice walls and be fully charged and ready to Fuck Shit Up
  • pick off low health enemies first if attacking a group to get fully charged. fully charged proton beam can outpace even a healing roadhog and drop low health enemies in less than a second. enjoy your double and triple kills/potgs
  • genji will try to deflect your proton beam. he cant. kill him while he realizes his mistake
  • ive had good luck hiding my turrets behind the scenery on maps such as in plants and flowers
  • a well timed shield can nullify several enemy ults, like earthshatter and dva’s self destruct
  • speaking of dva, keep your nicely charged beam on after destroying her mech to also take down dva herself in about 0.02 seconds. its fun
  • remind ur team about your teleporter if you notice them running past it (ultimate status will tell them its online and how many charges remain). sometimes its placed in the spawn room such that its not immediately obvious after they respawn, and theyre wasting valuable time running all the way back to the point. 9/10 times they genuinely just forgot it was there. hell even IVE forgotten my own teleporter was there. usually after i remind them they start using it
  • dont build your teleporter if the enemy payload is right about to hit a checkpoint. its just gonna refund it and its basically a waste

thats all i can think of right now,,,anyway symmetra is fantastic and i love my main

Void-based Magic

If the void is the absence of energy, then someone who’s ability or personality is more aligned with void than any other element would be more like a energy vampire, or a psychic sponge, someone who can take energy from one thing, space, location, whatever, and absorb it. Void magic is usually used in conjunction with dark casting, either fueling a spell or being the main blade of a curse, draining life, happiness, or any other kind of energy from its source. Void work can also be used to siphon negativity, to purge oneself of useless or non-constructive thoughts and feelings.

Also, the idea that the void is empty of magic is incorrect.
The void is the source of all that we are, where all magic and the One Soul once lay together, feeding off each other.
Now that the One Soul has split into the collective conscious of Humanity, magic has spread itself to each and every one of us equally, with some showing more talent for utilization than others.

From the void, we have all that makes up the underbelly of human emotion, greed, hunger, anger, lust, all of it. What the seven deadly sins stood for, and where the seven heavenly virtues come from, it’s all the same thing: a summation of the void.


[Translation] Smartpass AU Story - Levi & Eren.

Chapter 1 - The Dungeon.

Special thanks to @trippyridehome​ for providing the original story, and to @undercover-witch​ for her help translating it.

The air in the cellar was stifling as humidity rose from the damp stone walls. The old castle’s dungeon has long been abandoned, its iron bars destroyed and rendered useless. However, there was someone of value there.

“……I’m underground even at a time like this.”

“Of course. Got any complaints?”

The reply came from an indisposed looking superior officer who hastily brushed up his wet bangs.

The Survey Corps were training outside when it started pouring so heavily that the thick fog even blurred out the color of their smoke grenades. The unit leader who was overseeing the march fired a star-shell stopping everyone. The orders were for each squad to go take shelter from the rain in the abandoned buildings nearby.

“None. I understand the ins and outs of how this works.”

“It wouldn’t be a big deal if it was just my squad, but the whole Survey Corps branch is out on this training march… Catch my drift?”

A young man by the name of Eren sat hugging his knees, looking downwards in the dimly lit dungeon which was once divided by iron bars.

“I shouldn’t cause unnecessary distress for the squads that distrust my ‘Titan power’…”

Exactly. Levi, the superior officer holding the light, turned towards him.

Eren was still in his rain gear. He looked like a puppy abandoned on the side of the road. Rain drops were dripping off him and his ever-present frown was even worse than usual.

For goodness’s sake… He looks like a damn beggar from the Underground City. He’s no longer who he used to be, he’s lost a lot and now he’s just dragging himself to wherever he’s told to go. Guess being called ‘humanity’s hope’ is taking a toll on him.”

After a deep, long sigh Levi gave a swift order.

“Take off that drenched raincoat and hand it over. I’ll set it to dry by the fire upstairs.”

“…Yes sir.”

He lethargically unclasped his rain gear and squeezed the excess water out of it before handing it over to Levi. Eren’s cold, trembling hand didn’t go unnoticed. Levi called out to his standby soldiers upstairs.

“…I can’t let him in the pits of despair like this.”

“Petra! Take Oluo and come keep an eye on Eren.”


Petra came down the stairs and saw Eren slouched, looking downhearted, while Levi obviously had no idea how to handle it. She made sense of the situation fairly quickly.

“Understood. Sir… Are we keeping him locked in the dungeon until the rain stops? That’s a bit…”

“It’s a temporary solution. Hange’s going to check whether the castle’s structure is sturdy enough to contain Eren’s Titan transformation… Once I get the confirmation, I will allow Eren to go out.”

“That’s great news. I hope you walk free soon. Your teammates are here as well. Would you like to see them?”

“They are? I want to, but I’m not sure how they feel…”

“They’d be delighted to see you! You’ve been training in different squads for a while now.”

Levi turned around to leave. After hearing Petra’s cheerful words of encouragement he was convinced once again that he did the right choice by picking her to be a soldier in his squad.

“Come on, quit moping around. The weather’s depressing enough.”


As he was climbing up the stairs Levi turned around and took in Eren’s slightly more relaxed expression.

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Today I wore my sloth or chocolate croissant shirt to school and when I got to history the girl I really like wanted to see it so she made her way across the room to open up my jacket and take a look. She said it was cute and I was like yeah its my fav. Next think I know she looks up and says," I guess you could say its memeingful to you," before winking and walking away. Now I'm sitting here 5 hours later and I'm still dying. Please help my smol gay heart.

what is it with wlw and being fucking useless around pretty girls?? someone save us

“But I wanna watch a nature documentary! They have one on praying mantis’ today! I bet you didn’t know that the praying mantis can turn its head 180 degrees.” You clicked your tongue, about to reach for the remote before Harry snatched it off the table. 

“We’re not watching a nature documentary and I wouldn’t care if a praying mantis could turn its head 360 bloody degrees! I’d like to watch Chopped, thank you very much.” Harry huffed, clicking the ‘on’ button before leaning back against the couch with a satisfied hum. Fighting over what you were going to watch was surprisingly an argument that happened pretty regularly. While you matched up with Harry perfectly in other departments, when it came to TV shows and movies, the two of you were polar opposites. If you wanted to watch SpongeBob, Harry wanted to watch the news. If you wanted to watch a horror movie, Harry wanted to watch a romantic comedy. 

“Oh no, you don’t.” You scoffed, marching over to the TV and switching it off. “We watched Chopped yesterday night when we were eating dinner, so it’s my turn to choose what we get to watch. And as a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure there’s no animal out there that can turn its head 360 degrees without breaking blood vessels and tearing their tendons, you silly.”

“Um, ever heard of an owl? Who’s the silly one now?” 

“Owls can only turn their head 270 degrees.” 

“…You watch too many nature documentaries, you need to take a break.”

“You’re only mad cos I know a bunch of cool animal facts and you don’t!” 

Useless animal facts.” 

“Harry, just give me the damn remote and we won’t have a problem!” You snapped, tackling your boyfriend as you tried to pry the remote out of his hands. Harry was on his back, letting out a laugh when your fingers began tickling at his sides. 

“Y/N, if you don’ get off of me, you’ll never get the remote back!” Reluctantly, you crawled off of your boyfriend, sitting cross-legged as Harry sat back up with a huff.  

“I’ll let you do that thing to me.” And then, there was silence. Harry immediately turned his head to face you, his eyes wide and his lips parting in shock. That thing? You would let him do that thing? He asked you about it once and you rejected him completely, brushing him off before going back to what you were doing in the first place. God, he’d been fantasizing about doing that thing to you. 

“You… You would?” Harry breathed out, feeling his heart begin to race when you edged closer, pressing a kiss to his cheek before leaving a trail of them down to his neck. “Like… Like, you would actually…?” 

“Mhm…” You hummed, nipping on his skin before letting out a small giggle. “Doesn’t that sound like fun? I’ve been thinking about it and I figure I’d give it a shot.” Harry shivered as he felt your hand slide underneath his shirt, his own hands finding their way to either side of your hips.  

“Fuck, c’mere-” Harry was about to pull you onto his lap before you were scrambling away quickly, holding the remote high in the air with a triumphant grin on your face. 

Sike!” You snorted, turning the TV on and switching the channel until your nature documentary appeared. There was no way in hell you were going to sit through another marathon of Chopped. Harry was beyond confused at this point. He was confused, turned on, and now he was a little mad at the fact that a) he wasn’t going to be able to watch Chopped, and b) you were definitely not going to let him do that thing he wanted. 

“Wha- You can’ jus’ do tha’ to a man!” Harry grumbled, his brows stitching together before he let out a huff. “You’re a terrible person.” 

“Am not!” You giggled lightly, sitting yourself down and setting the remote far, far away from Harry. “If you watch this entire documentary with me I’ll consider doing the thing for real.” 

“I’m not falling for that again.” 


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When will people finally understand that it's not about being "racist" against white people, but it's about using jimin for harmful posts like this. The topic is unimportant. It's the way people are promoting it. This is not a joke. Just because jimin is a popular singer that doesn't mean that he's your property to use however you want. But anyways, it's useless to argue with them bc they will still keep holding onto their own opinions. It just gives them the attention they so desperately want

Anonymous said:  Tbh the jimin hates white people joke is not alright. Because BTS has now been introduced to billboard there may be more people searching them up. If those people see that kind of joke they may take is seriously. You don’t want people hating Jimin for a joke his fans created. People will get the wrong idea about his personality. I want to tell ppl please stop it with these jokes. If you make just one joke doesn’t mean someone else made just one too. Everyone together makes it into a big deal.

Anonymous said: I think Jimin would be sad to hear that people, armys, joke about him hating whites. Jimin doesn’t seem like the type to hate anyone

Anonymous said: I’m not even white but the whole joke really pisses me off. It’s like “social media has built an idea around instead of leveling race issues and eradicating them, to instead turn the tables.” It’s still very hateful and there’s no need for it, there’s no evidence Jimin hates white people so shut the fuck up and let’s all try to be a more loving fandom for fucking once.

Anonymous said: the shittiest thing about this whole jimin hates white people thing is that people are actually believing in this crap and new fans will believe bts hate white people and it gives a bad rep for bts, most people whining about it aren’t whining cause they’re white they’re upset for the boys rep, but all the poc who think its a harmless joke think white people are offended cause its insulting to white people it’s borderline bullying tbh

westallen wedding headcanons just because

  • the wedding does not take place in the crossover episode :) iris deserves to be in 99% of the episode not these useless breads, its her special day :) :) :)
  • the legends team isn’t invited, they’re just too busy fucking over timelines/
  • iris breaking the news to linda and regretting it instantly

‘im marrying barry’

-god it was damn time, can’t believe i had to sit through your cringe fest with him five years ago god blesseth you guys- now iris west-allen let’s get this show on the road [takes out a big ass folder with west/allen wedding written in bigass letters]

  • now barry can’t see iris for the whole week of the wedding  courtesy of linda’s rules, so he tries to phase through her wall, little does he know linda is waiting on the other side with pepper spray
  • ‘ALLEN I SWEAR TO GOD- now she’ll be even more beautiful when you can open your eyes’
  • obviously linda is bridesmaidZILLA
  • cynthia is iris’s bridesmaid (iris thought it would be cute and foreshadowing seeing cisco and cynthia walk down the aisle together (via @candicespatton)
  • cisco and wally had numerous, oh my god you couldn’t even count, fight about who was gonna be barry’s best man

cisco putting in a compliment or two ‘barry you know you’re a great man, but i would be the greatest BEST man huh am i right?’

wally letting barry win a couple of races 

  • wally and cisco getting into a heated argument about barry’s best man

well im his best-friend!

technically no he’s marrying her :) nice try, flashes stick together :) :)



barry then just squeaking ‘yourebothmybestman’sidontknowicantchooseokaybye’

  • kara coming to cc with alex to visit and attend the wedding, being all fluffy with bartholomew’s nervous ass.
  • barry inviting james behind kara’s back

‘babe where’s mon-el i don’t see him on the list??’

-uh he’s somewhere in space i guess [coughs almost chokes]

  • joe seeing iris in her wedding dress and ‘i can’t believe my baby girl is getting married’ ‘you and barry deserve the world’
  • wally trying to steal pastries during the reception and linda constantly swatting his hand away
  • barry being nervous waiting at the alter all fidgety and oh my god and then time stops. he turns to find her walking arm in arm with joe, her smile lightning up the room, he can still see the memory her dress, her face so clearly. 
  • when she’s in front of him, he feels like that smol boy he was once the boy in love with iris but scared to admit, and just whispers shyly ‘hey’ and she looks up to him and just ‘hi’
  • exchanging vows, saying i do, the guests cheering, iris finally feels like everything is right in the universe, correction the multiverse.
  • linda catching iris’ bouquet, her blushing when she catches wally looking at her fondly 

barry seeing everything leans in to whisper ‘wonder when their wedding’s gonna be’

  • the cake, wow barry decides to be a jackass and put a smudge of cake on iris’s nose, and she rewards him with a kiss…..and a fistful of cake.
  • as cheesy as it is their first dance together is to ‘runnin’ home to you’ :)))))

bonus: bart coming just in time to see them say i do and whispering to wally ‘can’t believe i get to see this iconic moment’

Remember how I said I wrote an essay breaking down Tendou's character? Well here it is

So let’s talk about Tendou Satori. When he was first introduced, he was automatically deemed as a villain. Although, as the season commenced, bits and pieces of his back story were unveiled, revealing as to why he could be seen as malicious. Many people still portray him as such, although, he’s far from it. Tendou Satori is broken. He’s been hurt all his life up until high school. Tendou Satori is broken, but he’s brave, he’s shattered but he’s strong. Tendou Satori is arguably the most complex, enigmatic character in the whole show, and it’s about time someone cracked the enigma.

When Tendou Satori was in elementary school, presumably when he was nine or ten, he was bullied. Before the scene begins, you get a little visual of young Tendou. The audience can already infer what kind of child he was. Naturally, he’s awkward. He’s gangly, has wide eyes and a tired face, a bowl cut, and undeniably looks a little bit like a horror movie child, but you can’t help but love him, because any sensible person knows what this child is going through, if your first thoughts of him were negative. Riddle me this, how do you expect a nine year old child to react to someone more powerful than him referring to him as a monster? How do you expect a mere child to handle years of torment, years of being cast out of doing something he loves because of who he is? He breaks. This torment was the first shatter in Tendou’s heart, and by far, the largest fracture. Of course, it isn’t implied, not much is implied besides the fact that he is bullied, but we can infer that Tendou took this bullying rough. You can expect tears, and tantrums and trauma. To many, being cast out and bullied away from a sport or hobby would overall make said person hate said activity, but Tendou didn’t quite give up. It isn’t shown, but somehow, Tendou got his way into playing a match against his bullies and presumably, he won. Can you imagine Tendou Satori, the nine year old boy who has been bullied for so long, finally feeling a sliver of power? He knows the pain these people have put him through. The tears, the deprecation. The nine year old boy who was learning to hate himself far before he should ever start feeling any insecurity. To finally, finally see the slightest bit of pain in the tormentor’s eyes was enough to make up for all the pain that dwelled in his. He was happy, of course, who wouldn’t be? In that moment he knew what these kids would do, only because he’s done it so many times himself. They would go home, upset. They’d drop their bookbags by the door then storm to their bedroom and cry. They’d cry out the frustration, the embarrassment, the welled up hate. For Tendou, imagining other people finally experiencing relative torment was better than any apology. This is the first turning point in Tendou’s personality, that Guess Block of his. Tendou got a feeling of pride after this, and of course, naturally, he was going to hold onto the only thing that made him feel powerful. The Guess Block. The wonderful, magnificent move that would bring him to power. Right?

As Tendou moved onto middle school, it is evident that he has been accepted, but only in the slightest. During his last year, it shows that he has styled his hair differently. Automatically, its remorseful. His demons haven’t abandoned him, and to be accepted, Tendou tried to fix the only part of him that could be easily fixed, his hair. Although, fixing his hair doesn’t bring him to acceptance. He keeps the Guess Block close to him, after five years he still uses it as his crutch, and people don’t like it. A woman, presumably his coach, yells at him for it. Tendou tries to argue that it’s helping them score points, but she disagrees. This doesn’t get Tendou down, though. The Guess Block is the only thing he takes pride in, and like hell anyone is going to take that away from him. As his coach yells at him, he smiles. To him, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this block, and because of it, the coach gets frustrated, and ends practice early. The episode then cuts to a scene of Tendou walking up to a storage closet. Inside, there are two other boys, his teammates, talking behind his back. The first thing they say is a blatant attack at his looks and personality. In that moment, you can see Tendou’s mood just drop. Unlike the Guess Block, there’s absolutely nothing about his body or mind that he can take pride in. That deep crack in his heart from when he was a kid shatters just a bit more. Now it wasn’t just complete strangers, bullies who he was trying to fit in with. These were his teammates, people he was supposed to get along with, work with, play with. Now that his own teammates were calling him that same taunting name ‘Monster’, Tendou feels more betrayed than before. The teammates continue, saying things such as how he doesn’t cooperate, and how practice “always ends early when Tendou’s around.” This was a jab at his Guess Block. Although his views of it didn’t change, you can see that later on, he was starting to get a bit insecure over the thing he loves most.

When Tendou applies for the Shiratorizawa volleyball team, his nerves are evident. After the whole incident in middle school, he had began to grow a bit wary of the Guess Block, although he’s still very confident. If he wasn’t confident, he wouldn't’ have put a suit and tie on, marched down to Washijou’s office and requested to be put on the team, but he did. He did because he was confident. During the meeting with Washijou, Tendou looks sullen talking about his Guess Block. For a moment, he expects an immediate rejection, although, when he’s greeted with acceptance, he’s shocked. There was a look in his eyes that scared me. In that very moment, dressed in uncharacteristic clothes and sweaty palms, his nervous gut roiling and walls that felt like they were going to close in on him, he felt free. This has probably been the first time in Tendou’s life that he had been accepted by someone outside of his family. He was not only being accepted for his Guess Block, but him. He was being accepted for Tendou Satori, the nine year old boy who couldn’t play volleyball because he looked like a monster, the fourteen year old boy who was stabbed in the back by his own teammates. He was being accepted for him. Can you imagine the wave of happiness that rushed over him? He hadn’t quit, he never gave up on this sport. Tendou Satori loves volleyball, and now, after fifteen years of never playing it with pure happiness, he finally will. Acceptance into Shiratorizawa was a giant plaster over all the wounds in his heart.

You can presume that Tendou continues his next three years of high school with happiness, although it’s evident his scars have yet to heal. Tendou is a beautiful person, he really is, despite his pent up persona of being a sadist. He wants nothing more than the happiness of other people. You can see this when he butts into Shirabu and Goshiki’s argument. He knows Shirabu is a confident, he should be, so his time praising him is limited. Goshiki, however, is somebody Tendou can read. Tendou sees himself in him, and although it’s subliminal, it speaks a lot. Tendou is fast to compliment not only Goshiki’s game technique, but his hair. Now, Goshiki has the same haircut as Tendou when he was a child, so naturally, it would tie to some bad memories. I think Tendou never really wanted to style his hair differently. If it were up to him, he would’ve kept it the same, he would’ve kept everything the same, really, but he had to change. He forced himself to change because he wanted to force his way into being accepted. Tendou doesn’t want Goshiki to end up in the same pit as he did. Tendou is going to be there to be the acceptance that Tendou never received. Other people on the team gently tease Goshiki for being so enthusiastic, but never once does Tendou put him down. If you look into Goshiki’s character he shows very positive signs when he’s being complimented, once even going as far as stating that he loves to have a fuss being made over him. Tendou never had that, so can you imagine the happiness he must feel seeing Goshiki feel proud over words he says? On this team, Tendou does feel a lot of acceptance. Him and Ushijima are good friends, amazing friends, at that, and thst can imply that Ushijima was Tendou’s first real friend. Despite the positive atmosphere Tendou is in, there’s one thing that still spikes his insecurity, his nickname. Although “Guess Monster” may seem badass, it isn’t to him. It enraged his everytime he hears it, although it isn’t shown. Its taking his rock, the Guess Block, and pairing it up with the very demise of his existence. It’s bittersweet. He likes to be recognized for the move he’s spent years perfecting, but when it’s tied to the very bane of his existence, it automatically becomes a negative term. Something inside Tendou is still very attached to that malicious child nostalgia. He becomes kind of a perfectionist. Although his Guess Block is either 0% or 120%, he always wants it to be at 120%. He feels as if it isn’t always perfect, isn’t always scoring points, he’s useless, even if it is one point. He was accepted on this team to score points, and if he can’t do that, he might as well be the awkward, nine year old boy standing on the side of the court, holding back tears while being called a monster. There are scenes in which Tendou says things that are familiar to me. I’ve been in situations like this where I try to play off my mistakes as a joke so people can look beyond them. The whole cry of, “I screwed up!” and trying to change the topic away from the move he guessed wrong are things I’ve done to mask my failures. I could tell you exactly what he’s feeling, embarrassment. It’s a cold sweat over his skin, his stomach tightens up and he hopes nobody, especially not his coach was paying attention. He wants people to forget he’s flawed, forget he can do any wrong. This cold sweat will keep breaking out until he redeems himself, until he’s back up at 120% again, and all images of deprecation subside.

After the final match with Karasuno ends, Tendou is seemingly calm, but he’s not. Tendou is a tempest, and enigma, somebody who’s built up so many walls to shelter his real emotions. He doesn’t want to be seen as vulnerable as he was back then. But he knows damn well the moment he gets home, he’ll break down into pieces. When Tendou says ‘Goodbye my paradise” this refers to many things. Firstly, it refers to the sport of volleyball itself. While stretching with Ushijima, Tendou tells the latter that he won’t be continuing volleyball after high school, and is going to leave that to Ushijima. In all honesty, the comment seems light hearted. This could be seen from the perspective that Tendou just doesn’t want to continue, that he doesn’t think he’ll be good enough for college, but that’s not it. Tendou Satori loves volleyball more than Ushijima, more than Hinata, more than Oikawa or Kageyama or anybody. To Tendou, volleyball is his entire life. The reason why Tendou has decided to drop volleyball is because he doesn’t want to dwell in that deep dark pit again. Shiratorizawa was Tendou’s safe haven, and inarguably the best three years of his life. Tendou doesn’t want to go back to vying to play volleyball or trying to be accepted all over again. He knows he won’t be as lucky with other teams as he was with Shiratorizawa. Tendou knows the moment he tries to get on other team, they’ll cast him out. Of course, he might have a title, people would definitely take him in, seeing that he was from the infamous Shiratorizawa boys volleyball team, but acceptance necessarily doesn’t mean acceptance. It would be like middle school all over again. The arguments with the coach, the hate behind his back. Tendou wants to leave volleyball with the wonderful experience he’s had at Shiratorizawa, and not another team that despises his very being. He wants to love volleyball for what he had, not what he tried to have. Volleyball at Shiratorizawa was his paradise, it was the place where he had first made friends, where he first was praised, where he first was able to play however he wanted, be whoever he wanted. “Farewell, my paradise” just shatters my heart. He’ll be going back into the real world, where people don’t accept him like people did at his school. The vacation is over for him. He’s bracing himself for the usual torments, the comments, the hate. Tendou, more than anyone, more than his pissed off coach, and sobbing Goshiki, despises this loss. That drop of the ball on his side of the court was the soft meding plaster that covered his wounds being ripped off fast and hard without warning. It stung.

Tendou Satori is an incredible character. He’s broken, beaten, bruised inside out, but until the very end, Tendou powers through it. Tendou Satori loves volleyball. He loves it through his pain, he loves it through his betrayal and begins to love it even more as his glory days arrive. Tendou, despite his portrayal as a sadistic, cold blooded villain, is soft. He’s human, he has more scars than anyone, and tries to mend these scars all he can. He’s absolutely incredible. He has a sadder story than everyone, even Tsukishima, Yamaguchi and Kageyama. He’s more powerful than everyone, even Hinata, Oikawa and Ushijima. He’s kinder than everyone, even Sugawara, Asahi and Akaashi. Tendou Satori is dirt caked and broken, but with polish, he’s ethereal.


i made a thing yesterday in 3 hours while taking a break from studying, its just me and @useless-protag being goofs,  hope you enjoy!

Title: Love was made for Me and You(Reader x Bucky Barnes) 

Summary: The anti-Valentine’s Day reader decides to plan something special for their hopeless romantic of a boyfriend. 

Word Count: 1547

Warnings: It’s just really cute OKAY

A/N: My lil heart really can’t take a romantic Bucky but here it is anyway… I’m deceased. Here’s the song I was listening to, originally sang by Nat King Cole but I loove the Frank Sinatra version. I hope you enjoy!!

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These Hands- An Ivar Imagine

So @whenimaunicorn sent me the simple prompt of “Ivar catches you doing your favourite hobby, what happens?” and I turned out this way too long jumble of words haha. I got an idea and just kind of ran with it. It’s been a little bit since I wrote something so hopefully you enjoy!

TW: brief mentions of scars but nothing really


You sighed in delight as you entered the empty blacksmith’s shop. After a long day of wedding planning, it felt good get out of the Great Hall and to a place you feel happy in. You were grateful to Queen Aslaug that she was so invested in the wedding of her son, but one can only take so much. You felt ready to blow off some stress doing the thing you love most: crafting.

You knew it was an odd hobby for a princess to have. But ever since you were little, you were fascinated by the way a skilled smith could turn a hunk of metal into a sword or a knife or a piece of armour. In no time, you had convinced the town smith to teach you, and you’d been spending as much time in the forge ever since. Your father disapproved greatly, but eventually he gave up trying to stop you. “I only hope a prince will marry you, Y/N,” he had said while shaking his head. “No prince wants a princess with hands more calloused and burned than his.”

Of course, that naturally had made you very self conscious of them. You had taken to wearing soft fingerless leather gloves as often as you could, when you weren’t working.

But your father had gotten his wish. He had lucked out when he traveled to Kattegat to bargain with Queen Aslaug for a marriage with one of her sons. The Queen had been most agreeable, and a few months later you had found yourself traveling to Kattegat, betrothed to the man known as Ivar the Boneless.

You had been surprised at first your father had agreed, as you found it hard to see him excited about the prospect of you marrying a cripple. You knew you could care less about a pair of crippled legs, as long as you were comfortable and relatively happy, but you thought your father would care. Then you realized he was probably just happy someone wanted to marry you at all. Although, Ivar was not just “someone”. Since your arrival a month ago, you had yet to unravel the mystery that was your husband to be.

He was handsome, that was for sure. A gorgeous face, thick dark hair, smooth tanned skin. And strong, his upper body more than making up for his useless legs. But he was very distant, only speaking to you when nessecary and as little as possible. He always seemed grumpy and scowled a lot, and you hoped he wouldn’t be like that after you became his wife. It would be a tedious life if that was the case, and often when you saw his surly face you would feel a sense of impending dread. But sometimes you caught him looking at you with something….different in his sea blue eyes, and you couldn’t help but long to know what exactly it was.

Shaking your head, you sat behind the grindstone and pulled out your most recent project: a new hunting knife. It was time to forget your entrancing yet befuddling betrothed, and lose yourself in your work.

“That is a beautiful knife.”

You screeched and jumped, dropping the knife as you search in the dim torchlight for the intruding voice. To your surprise, your husband to be slithered out of the darkness.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, trying to calm your racing heart.

“I could ask you the same thing,” he said, pulling himself up to sit on the stool beside you. Your eyebrows shot up. He had never been this close to you. At least not willingly. You found his close proximity slightly overwhelming.

“But I already know the answer,” he continued on, ignoring the look of surprise on your face. “You are making a knife. I have watched you for the last week now.”

The last week. He has been here, unbeknownst to you, for the last week?

“You’ve been watching me?” You squeaked, feeling your cheeks turn a bright shade of red. “Why?”

He shrugged. “I was curious. When you arrived here, I thought you were just another spoiled, useless princess. Then I saw you come here one night. I was intrigued as to why a princess would visit a forge so late. So I followed you, and to my surprise you picked up a hammer and began to work. I decided to watch you, to see what you would produce. I am a crafter too, you know. I can spot good work when I see it.” He reached down to pick up your dropped knife and holds it out to you. “It seems you are not so useless, after all.”

You frowned. Was that a compliment? You weren’t sure. But it was interesting to know that you two actually had something in common. You reached out to take the knife, but instead of letting you have it, he took his other hand and trapped yours in its strong grip.

You tried to wriggle it out; all you could think of was all the ugly burns and callouses touching him, as you were not wearing your gloves. His skin was wonderfully warm. Your cheeks flushed even redder with embarrassment. As a fellow worker, you knew he would not be alarmed by the state of your hands. But you still felt self conscious as he held one.

“These are not useless hands,” he murmured, dragging his thumb over a particularly nasty burn. You felt a tingling shiver run through you at his gentle touch. “These hands bear marks of hard work and dedication. They are good hands, strong hands. They will be good for holding children, tending a hearth, or even…for love.”

You were mesmerized by his words, even though he seemed to be speaking more to himself than to you. His last sentence about love had your breath catching in your throat. You suddenly saw image in your mind of your marked hands roaming over his body, feeling strong muscles tense and ripple under your touch. You saw them stroking his hair, gripping his shoulders, cradling his face as lips and skin slide against each other. It made you ache in a way you had never experienced before. You ached to know what he felt like, what he tasted like. It hit you with the dizzying force of a fierce summer storm.

He looked up at you then, and you saw that unfamiliar “something” once again dancing in his eyes. He studied your face like he was seeing it for the first time. And maybe he truly was Maybe he had never really looked at you, never thought to see if you could be someone he could share his life with, and that it might be good. He looked almost like a hopeful child, like maybe something might finally go right for him. You realized, in that moment, that Ivar may not always who he presents himself to be. Under the grumpy, scowling exterior, there is a different man. And you found yourself wanting desperately to discover who that man was.

His lips parted slightly, the thumb on your hand stopping its rhythmic stroking as he began to slowly lean towards you. Your heart skipped a beat. Was he going to kiss you? You found you wanted him to.

You leaned forward as well, not missing the look of mixed surprise and delight that briefly flitted across his face. He set down your knife, and his now free hand reached up to grasp you neck firmly, anchoring you in place. You had never been touched so dominantly, and you found that his strong fingers digging into your flesh felt rather thrilling.

Your lips were almost touching, your breath mingled as you found your eyes sliding closed in anticipation. He gave a soft sigh, almost in contentment, and you readied yourself for the press of his mouth to yours.

Loud voices suddenly echoed from outside the forge, laughter spilling in through the wooden walls like water slipping over stones in a stream. Ivar’s hands left you immediately, his body rearing back from yours as if burned. You opened your eyes, disappointment rushing through you. Ivar’s face held a similar displeased expression, but he schooled it in to cool disinterest as the blacksmith as his wife entered the forge.

They greeted you both cordially, and if they were surprised to see you together there, they didn’t say anything. Ivar was quick to slide off the stool and bid them goodnight, not even sparing you a second glance as he crawled out of the shop.

You ignored the couple as they wished you a goodnight and went to the back of the forge to go to bed. You were too busy thinking of what had just happened. Ivar had been going to kiss you. He had held your hand in his and declared them strong, desirable even. He had shown a layer of himself, a glimpse of the man behind the mask.

You smiled to yourself as you picked up your knife and set to work. You had a feeling that after tonight, you would no longer see so many scowls, or feel that sense of dread you had been occasionally subject to.

And you definitely would no longer wear your gloves.


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Everything is grey
His hair, his smoke, his dreams

Author: amsimaria
Word count: 10K
Feature: Jimin x Reader (mentions of other Bts members)
Genre: Angst/slight Fluff (Rated M)
Warnings: Violence, Mentions of sexual acts, Punk Jimin, Depression, Swearing, Addiction, Soft drugs use, (Eventual smut, not in this part).

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okay so im sure I saw a post about mermaids having their own form of sign language bc sound doesn’t travel underwater, but what if they’ve just evolved without hearing at a certain point? in or out of the water, they have to sign to understand one another. (sorry 

and maybe a girl who’s deaf or hard of hearing is in a shipwreck, and while the others are shouting for help in a cold and soundless sea, the girl is frantically signing. she knows its useless, but her panic flies through her fingers as she falls deeper and deeper into the ocean. the mermaids watch, unmoved, as the rest of the sailors drown, but they recognize that her hands are making words, though they dont have the same language. 

when the girl wakes up, she finds herself on a tiny spit of land, waterlogged but alive, and surrounded by sharp-toothed fish people whose fins shimmer darkly beneath the surface. it takes a bit of doing, but once she realizes that they don’t want to eat her, the girl begins to learn their signs, and vice versa. they feed her and teach her to fish, and she teaches them jokes and sleight of hand.

what im saying is mermaids adopting a deaf or hoh girl as one of their own, and moving their colony closer to the surface in order to be near her and them being a weird fishy/human family and living in their own silent and lovely world

superspies-and-apple-pie  asked:

Hey Cap! If it's not too much to ask, could you write something about Alex or Kara getting migraines/massive sensory overload and Maggie helping them deal with it? I'm home from work today because of a horrible migraine and I feel achey and useless and bummed out. one of those ones where everything is just a shade too much and where you want to go curl into a huge pile of pillows and never leave.

She can’t fly – not like this – so for once, she actually does take the bus.

Turns out, the bus doesn’t help.

Because the bus itself is almost as loud as weaving through National City’s wind tunnels, and because on the bus, people touch you – even by accident – and people talk loudly and babies cry and the bus swerves and it squeaks when it makes a sudden stop and Rao, she should have just flown, because this migraine is starting to blur her vision but at least the overload from sound, from scent, from touch, from everything, might have been less in the air, alone, alone, alone…

Except she doesn’t want to be alone.

She wants to be with the only person who’s ever understood her overloads, her migraines, her panic attacks from too much, too much, too much.

So she nearly vomits with relief when the bus finally slams to a stop a block from her big sister’s apartment.

She doesn’t know how she makes it up the stairs and into Alex’s apartment, but she knows immediately – because the only heartbeat in the apartment isn’t Alex’s, is slightly higher than Alex’s – that Alex isn’t home.

“Hey, Little Danvers,” Maggie looks up from the couch, a newspaper lowered as she looks up at her, her legs bare until the very tops of her thighs where her boxers end.

Her sister’s girlfriend starts talking, but immediately stops with one look at Kara.

She nods and she tosses aside the paper and she stands.

“Come sit,” is all she says, her voice softer than her initial greeting, and Kara doesn’t ask how she knows, doesn’t ask if she’s mad at the intrusion, doesn’t ask anything at all.

Kara stumbles to the couch and sits, and before she can wish desperately that Maggie would turn off the jazz she has playing through the entire apartment, Maggie switches it off, in the same motion that she strides over to switch off all the lights.

She says nothing as she pads up the step into Alex’s bedroom and returns with the entire comforter – because she’s noticed how much Kara loves that thing – and manages to wrap Kara up without once touching her skin.

She says nothing as she slips into Alex’s bathroom, then into her kitchen, and returns to press a pill from a bottle labeled “Kara’s Aspirin” and a glass of water into Kara’s hands, gently, gently, gently.

Kara accepts them docilely, swallowing the pill, the water, in slow, shaky gulps.

“Can I snuggle on you?” she asks in a small voice after a few long, long moments of silence, of Maggie sitting on the opposite end of the couch, waiting patiently, waiting quietly.

“Come here, Kid Danvers,” Maggie whispers, and Kara all but topples over to Maggie in her massive buffer of Alex’s massive comforter.

Maggie would normally swipe her thumbs in circular patterns on Kara’s back, but today, she keeps her hands still. She would normally pepper her hair with random kisses, but today, she barely moves.

Because today, Kara needs the contact, but Rao, does she need the stillness just as badly.

And Maggie is happy to provide.

She lets her own head tilt back on the edge of the couch as Kara snuggles into her chest, and when she hears Kara’s breathing slow, when she feels Kara’s body lose its tension, she lets her own breathing slow, lets her own body relax.

She doesn’t realize she’s fallen asleep until the front door opens and a crack of light seeps into the apartment.

Maggie’s eyes open immediately, but she realizes who woke her before her body has the chance to tense up.

“I think she got overwhelmed and had a migraine,” Maggie whispers softly, so softly, before Alex has the chance to ask.

Alex slips off her boots and pads over to the other side of the couch quickly, kneeling in front of Kara and smoothing the hair gently out of her face, kissing her forehead and feeling it with the back of her hand like she’s checking for feverishness.

“You gave her aspirin?”

Maggie nods.

“And she drank water? And no music, and no lights, and no movement, and no talking?”

Maggie nods at each need, a soft smile on her face, loving Alex for the way she loves her sister, for how hard she loves her, for how fully she loves her.

Alex blinks, and Alex stares, and Maggie gets the distinct impression that Alex would throw herself at her and kiss her senseless if her little sister wasn’t out like a light in her lap.

“Thank you,” is all Alex says, but she injects it with all the love, all the passion, all the disbelieving gratitude, that she’s ever had.

“Anything for my Danvers girls. Anything at all.”

frisk’s personality and actions

(undertale spoilers)

if one believes that the player is the one who influences most of the decisions in undertale, it might leave one feeling that frisk has no agency or depth as a character. as it turns out, frisk does an awful lot of things that the player has absolutely no control over. these actions change depending on whether chara is in control or not, suggesting that the neutral/pacifist actions that the player cannot control are actually frisk’s.

here is a list of most of frisk’s own choices. italicised points are actions emulated by chara.

  • frisk attempts to think of something to say to toriel during the battle (as opposed to chara’s “not worth talking to”).
  • if toriel has been killed previously, frisk will look at her before the battle “like [they] have seen a ghost”.
  • if a route has been done or aborted after meeting sans previously, frisk will turn around to shake hands with sans before he tells them to turn around.

▶ frisk moves behind the conveniently-shaped lamp to hide from papyrus.

this action is significant because it’s the first major action that contrasts with chara. chara refuses to play along in the genocide route, but frisk is happy to go along with sans. after papyrus leaves, frisk steps out from the lamp on their own.

▶ frisk hears the snowman out and only takes one piece of it.

chara keeps taking pieces of the snowman until it’s just “a useless pile of snow”. in contrast, frisk lets the snowman finish its speech. if frisk agrees to take a piece, they only take one small piece that doesn’t disfigure the snowman when removed.

  • there is no option to call the monster whose picture is on the fishing line. frisks decides not to on their own.
  • doggo has no real reaction to frisk (he shivers in chara’s presence).
  • frisk does not interrupt papyrus as he explains puzzles.
  • before the date or hangout with papyrus, frisk follows him around snowdin before he enters his house.

▶ after checking the sink in papyrus’ house, revealing the annoying dog, frisk tries to catch him when papyrus asks them to.


although frisk fails to catch the dog, they put their best effort into trying to do so. the player cannot do anything here.

  • when climbing on monster kid, they put care into being gentle with them.
  • after surviving the fall and landing in the waterfall dumps, frisk stands up on their own.
  • in the pacifist route, where frisk’s name is learned, choosing to hit the training dummy (mad dummy) will result in frisk lightly tapping it. frisk will “feel bad”.

▶ it’s implied that frisk responds in some way to monster kid affirming that they are, in fact, human.

Yo… You’re human, right? Haha.
Man! I knew it!
…well, I know it now, I mean…

this is significant because, in the genocide route, chara makes a habit of not responding to anyone.

  • during the hangout with undyne, after frisk looks inside the bone drawer and sees the annoying dog, they’ll immediately turn around to face the screen.
  • frisk drinks undyne’s golden flower tea, but they’re hesitant to do so at first after being told it’s hot.
  • apparently, frisk drinks all the tea, prompting undyne to attempt to get them some more.
  • frisk turns to look at undyne when she leaps over to pick them up.
  • before battling RG01 and RG02, frisk plays along and follows them around.
  • when frisk is trapped in muffet’s web, the player can turn frisk in any direction until muffet appears, at which point frisk will turn to face her of their own accord.
  • after mettaton’s coloured tile puzzle, frisk turns towards him.
  • in the mtt resort room, frisk will be on their stomach under the covers.

▶ during the mtt hotel scene, when sans mentions that frisk hasn’t died a single time, frisk gives him some sort of “look”.

hey, what’s that look supposed to mean?
am i wrong…?

based on sans’ reaction, the “look” is probably one of irritation. perhaps frisk scoffs at this a little.

  • just as frisk is about to enter the long elevator that connects to new home, alphys asks frisk to stop. frisk stops and turns to face her.
  • after alphys’ speech, frisk automatically turns back towards the elevator.

▶ when frisk runs from monsters, they do it with a smile.

during sans’ pacifist judgment, he mentions that frisk smiles when they flee from monsters, something we couldn’t have known up to this point. it speaks volumes about frisk’s friendly disposition. 

▶ reloading the game to just before sans’ judgment will cause frisk to wear a certain “look” during his speech.

perhaps frisk looked bored.

▶ reloading before the judgment once again will cause frisk to do something in order to get sans’ attention.

frisk wants to tell sans the secret codeword. it makes sense that frisk has done something to make him realise they have something to say.

▶ immediately after, frisk mentions something about a codeword to sans.

they must say this out loud, prompting sans to ask frisk to “speak a little louder”.

▶ frisk, in canon, on their own, without any prompt from the player, says, “i’m a stupid doodoo butt”.

wow. i can’t believe you would say that.
not only is that completely infantile…
but it’s also my secret codeword.

frisk says the secret codeword out loud. sans seems to be enjoying his prank.

▶ with their own two lips, frisk says, in canon, on their own, with no prompt from the player, “i’m the legendary fartmaster”.

that’s… uh… really childish.

frisk continues playing along.

▶ frisk might mention this being a secret secret codeword on their own, which sans corrects.

whoever told you that is a dirty liar.
i don’t have a secret secret codeword.
i do have a secret secret triple-secret codeword.
which you just said.
so, i guess you’re qualified.

something prompted sans to mention a “secret secret codeword”, and it was probably frisk.

  • in the pacifist-neutral route, in the battle against asgore, the “talk” ACT will prompt frisk to beg asgore to stop fighting. if a monster has been killed before the asgore battle, the “talk” ACT will instead prompt a response of, “but there was nothing to say”.
  • if frisk has died to asgore in a pacifist-neutral route, the first “talk” ACT will be replaced with frisk telling asgore that he killed them before. 
  • in the neutral end, after flowey says he’ll tear frisk “to bloody pieces” and then pauses, frisk bravely steps forward.

▶ frisk walks extremely slowly to the bath monster in the true lab.

frisk can walk back out of the room at normal speed while the monster is still there, suggesting that frisk has some sort of fear of it and would rather not be in this room. 

  • after each of the vhs tapes, frisk turns around to face the screen.

▶ in the pacifist route, after flowey captures all of frisk’s friends in his vines, it is implied that frisk asks flowey why he’s doing this.

flowey interrupts his speech as if he’s been asked a question, and then repeats said assumed question.

▶ during the fight with asriel, frisk attempts to move and reach their save file on their own.

although it’s normally the player who has the option to save and load the game, if a save file is present in undertale, frisk will try to reach it themself.

these are all things that frisk does on their own without any prompt from the player whatsoever. unlike the impatient chara, frisk is polite and won’t move while others are speaking. all together, these actions paint a picture of a kind individual who cares about making others happy.

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