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If you are bi and do not have a “same or similar” gender to be attracted to, you are still 100% bisexual and belong in the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you are bi and are not attracted to your “same or similar” gender you are still 100% bisexual and belong in the LGBTQIA+ community.

If you are attracted to multiple genders and want to identify as bisexual, then you are bisexual. And you will always be welcome in the LGBTQIA+ community.

A look at my CC making process

Sensible Me:  “Ok, gotta get through these million already existing WIPs.  No more new WIPs until I get a good chunk of these done.”

Creative Me: But what if you made *insert new WIP idea*

Sensible Me: Heffa don’t do it.

Creative Me: *opens S4S*

Sensible Me: HEFFA. DON’T. DO. IT.

Creative Me: *opens Blender*

Sensible Me:

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... SciFresh? maybe like Sci trying to explain some dorky science stuff and fresh is just not paying attention (and instead just ogling him pfpfpf)

The lab was brightly lit and extremely white. The walls were covered with shelves filled with scientific instruments and with scientific posters. The scientist who was speaking excitedly while measuring up differently coloured liquids was also wearing white, except for a pale blue sweater. Fresh truly stood out here, in his neon clothing. Like a rainbow on a grey sky.

“so there’s this particle pair,” Sci said, “two particles that fits together, and always have different spin.” Sci grinned as he spoke, throwing a quick glance at his company. Fresh, who was sitting behind a table, was leaning on his hands. “they’re smaller than atoms – subatomic particles, that’s called! when one of them change spin, the other one does the same. immediately. even if the particles are thousands of miles away from each other, they change spin exactly on the same time. exactly.” Fresh was staring at him, he knew it. Sci couldn’t see his eye sockets because of the glasses, but he could feel the other’s empty stare. “therefore, if we send one of them to mars, for example, we could communicate with someone on it without a moment of del…ay…” he trailed off.

“fresh, what are you doing?” he finally asked. It was getting almost uncomfortable, the feeling of those eyelights on him and the wide, weird grin at Fresh’s face. It was also making his soul flutter in a way he didn’t want to think about, thank you very much. “why are you staring like that?” Fresh almost twitched, shaking his head slightly.

“Didn’ notice I was doin’ it,” Fresh replied, sounding almost surprised at himself. “’Pologize if I was makin’ ya uncomfy, brah. That’s a totes unrad thing ta do. Seems like I got lost in mah own mind there. Ya were sayin’?”

Sci blinked, and shook his head. Alright then. He took up his monologue where he had left off, but instead of continuing his chemistry he kept a close eye socket on the other. After a while Fresh leaned against on the table again, and staring again. His glasses slipped down a bit, and beneath the flickering lights Sci noticed that the sockets were soft. What in the Underground? He was beginning to get concerned.

“are you okay?” he said in the end, and Fresh tilted his head before putting his glasses back in place. His grin widened.

“’Course I am, broseph,” Fresh sing-songed, leaning backwards. Yet there was something stiff in his posture, that wasn’t usually here. “’M always my groove-tastic self.”

“right…” Sci thought quickly, and nodded to himself as he came up with a solution. “mind if i do some small tests on you again?” They’d done that before, since Fresh was such a unique entity. Sci’s curious nature just couldn’t let such an opportunity slip, and Fresh had strangely but luckily enough not minded.

“Right up, my brah.”

Sci led them into another room, in which they had an operation table and multiple soul-reading devices and surgical instruments. Fresh sat on the table without hesitation, and gave Sci his host’s soul as soon as the other reached out his hand for it. Sci couldn’t help but smile at that. It was incredible how the other actually seemed to trust him, at least a bit. Especially since Fresh was ‘programmed’ for one thing, and one thing only: survival. It had gotten some unfortunate side effects on Sci, though. Still, he couldn’t for the world regret it. He took the soul, and connected the devices. Fresh hummed a tune as they waited for the result to show.

As they did, Sci gaped. That… couldn’t be right. He disconnected them and redid the process, only to get the same results. This required further investigation. He turned to Fresh, looking straight at him, only to see the levels rise on the screen. He left the room, and when he checked the levels through his phone they had lowered. He went back in, and they rose again.

“fresh,” he said, turning to the other. “your endorphin-readings are a bit weird.”

“Watcha talkin’ about, bro?” Fresh didn’t show any signs of understanding what he meant. Sci frowned, but couldn’t help the small, hopeful warmth in his chest. He tried to repress it, knowing it was impossible, but the readings said otherwise.

“they’re showing that you’re in love,” he stated plainly. Fresh’s grin fell. “presumably with me.”

There were a few moments of silence before Fresh began to laugh. Sci stared at him as he actually wiped away a couple tears from his face.

“Good one, Sci brah,” Fresh finally said. “Ya know I can’t, like, feel, right? Last time I all up ‘n’ checked, love was a feelin’.”

Sci felt his soul sink, but turned to check the screen again. Yup. It held all the physical tells of love, which shouldn’t be there if the parasite really didn’t feel at all. There was nothing wrong with the equipment, it was brand new.

“check for yourself, then,” he suggested with a shrug. “you know a lot of science, don’t you?”

“I sure do,” Fresh agreed, standing to look at the readings. “Science’s totes fresh.” He looked at he screen, and froze. Sci watched in confusion as Fresh kept staring at the screen for what felt like an eternity. Then he turned to stare at Sci instead. There was no sign of his usual grin.


Fresh sounded terrified.

Story of today; I talked to a friend of mine and I was going to show them a picture of something and scrolled through the photos on my phone to find it, I’m often very private when it comes to my phone but they leaned in and looked over my shoulder anyway and just poked on one of the pictures and then they go “is that your dad?”. Well, here’s the picture of my daddy apparently.

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Does prince Viktor have a pet dogfish named Makkachin? 😂❤️

Hahaha, I was actually discussing that with the roomie this weekend! I haven’t really decided how I want to handle Makkachin (and Vicchan! This is a “Vicchan is alive and well” AU, I’m gonna be cruel to Yuuri but not that cruel). Do I wanna be silly and have the be, like, dog mermaids??? Am I gonna keep them on land (oh right, they eventually do visit land in this AU too ; o), do I make them completely fish??? So many possibilities!

If anyone wants to just throw ideas or votes at me I am totally up for considering them, because goddamn am I stuck on how I want to handle them.

I legitimately don’t understand anon hate like you are literally just….giving them the last word? Like you’re setting up for them to have time to think of a great comeback and then post it publicly for everyone to see and laugh at your asinine comment. Not to mention that you’re limited to 500 characters while the other person can write eight paragraphs dragging your ass and all you can do is watch in horror or write yet another anonymous message which again gives them the last word. You’re literally setting yourself up for failure. What is the plan. I don’t understand.


                                                   LEARN YOUR HISTORY.

I wanted to create a short, simple guide to the history & origins of the pride flags and get people to learn more about the symbols of our community. I know this isn’t the complete list, but I wanted to start this off with these 7. Hopefully, in the future I will update and add some more. This has been a long research & creation process. I’m open to suggestions.

And please don’t leave hateful comments. 

  • jace: thank you for not asking me questions about clary
  • alec: sure
  • alec: thank you for not asking me questions about the love of my life leaving me due to this messy political situation we are in and how hard it probably was to call a council meeting knowing he would be there and moreover how difficult it was to watch him walk away with the seelie queen

“Go, be free, be free, be free!