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Regarding the situation that happened in a recent post of @gravityfying​. A lot of things were stirred up. Whether we copied @chibicmps​ idea on jannas whereabouts or not. To be honest no since we based our concept on the pines twins and rick and morty when we were making her design and bg story. Now we’re not ignoring the fact that it is similar but only to a certain degree (which was the dimensional jumping) but still different on their own.To put it simply our janna is an inter dimensional criminal that jumps from one dimension to another, steals and sells items she had collected from each dimension while @chibicmps​ Janna sometimes uses the dimensional scissors to jump from different places to explore and even goes on a date with Tom.

Now even though this was explained by @dasketcherz​.  Followers from both sides (ours and chibi) were still fighting with each other and it even came to the point of our followers sending chibi, hate messages. First of all we had no clue that such a thing had happened and we do not condone such actions. So on behalf of our followers we sincerely apologize for what they had done. 

Again pls do not send any hate messages towards @chibicmps​ or to any user in fact because it will only worsen the situation.

We would also like to address that @gravityfying​ along with @dasketcherz​ and @chibicmps​ already had a talk about the situation and both acknowledged that there were mistakes done in each side. We admit that we weren’t really open about each others feelings to which resulted into a petty drama. After the talk, both sides apologized and agreed to credit each other if there are borrowed concepts that will be used in the future. 

To make things short we already talked things out with each other and we’re all cool now. This will be the first and last time this will be address and further questions about it will not be answered since it has already been resolved. 

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Oh! Is it compliment Star time :3? I'm game. Ahem. Dear Star, thank you. Thank you for your amazing stories that have left me more inspired and motivated in the last months than I have been in my entire life. Thank you for being the reason I have all these wonderful friends to talk to and just hang with. Thank you for being so talented that the words that usually try to stick in my throat come out a little easier because I really want to leave you a worthwhile comments. Thank you Star, thank you


*whines into pillow, which is probably on fire from how hot my cheeks feel* thanks, friend, i’m so glad you enjoy my stories and that i’ve been able to have a positive influence on my life, and thank you for all your comments, really, because it means the world to me that there are people who always leave such wonderful comments on practically everything

now stop complimenting me, for goodness sake, i can’t handle it

  • Anders: (out of absolutely fucking nowhere) I can't imagine what Hawke sees in you
  • Fenris: Stop. It's over between us.
  • Anders: Oh good, I always thought he had some sense.
  • Fenris: Don't make light of it, leaving Hawke was one of the hardest things ive ever done
  • Hawke and Varric: (both AGGRESSIVELY loot hurlock corpses and pretend to be deaf) MAN THE DEEP ROADS SURE ARE SPOOKY AMIRITE