no no no stahp

quinningatlife  asked:

Every champion knows mipha likes link and keeps hinting it to his oblivious ass but he doesn't fucking catch on and everyone is both amused and frustrated and the whole while mipha is like "guys please I'm gonna have a heart attack if y'all don't stahp"


-is part of the frustrated team


-like what a moron i cannot believe

-”Hey elf boy tell me when you finally get your head outta ass and see the real world”


-#team amused

-”you know little guy mipha really likes you” “of course we’re good friends” Laughs for 50 years (mipha just puts her face in her hands “why”)


-#team amused

-”for such a mighty warrior you are rather short sighted link”

-”Mipha perphaps you should not pursue such a dense voe” she says while link and mipha are both standing there (mipha mentally screeching in the background )


-#team frustrated

-is this idiot really the hero of courage?

-gives mipha looks of sympathy often

anonymous asked:

Okay, the English language needs to STAHP. I hate this garbage language and the stupid antiquated bullshit it still does.

Yeah honestly the more languages I study the more I’m like ‘dammit why does English have to be so irregular come on get your shit together’

  • paul: *insulting chimchar for being captured while injured*
  • ash&friends: STAHP PAUl UR BEING MEAN!!!!!!!!
  • cynthia: now now now what matters is that chimchar is safe :) glad youre okay chimchar ^_^
  • ash&friends: omg ur right....thats the important thing :')
  • cynthia: btw paul.
  • paul: *literally wishing he were anywhere else now*
  • cynthia: u should rest at the pokemon center tonight w/ ur pokemon :)
  • paul: *shook*
  • cynthia: you wanna get stronger, right? :3c
  • paul: ..............................fine

i literally cant believe they did this