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39th Anime Grand Prix Top 60
Voice Acting Division

1. Hiroshi Kamiya
2. Mamoru Miyano
3. Yoshimasa Hosoya
4. Yuuki Kaji
5. Junichi Suwabe
6. Tatsuhisa Suzuki
7. Nobunaga Shimazaki
8. Kengo Kawanishi
9. Mitsuki Saiga
10. Tomokazu Sugita
11. Yuuichirou Umehara
12. Tomoaki Maeno
13. Soma Saito
14. Yuichi Nakamura
15. Akira Ishida
16. Takahiro Sakurai
17. Taishi Murata
18. Kouki Uchiyama
19. Saori Hayami
20. Nobuhiko Okamoto
21. Daisuke Ono
22. Shouta Aoi
23. Ryouhei Kimura
24. Hiro Shimono
25. Inori Minase
26. Yui Horie
27. Minami Takayama
28. Reina Ueda
29. Jun Fukuyama
30. Toshiyuki Toyonaga
31. Rie Takahashi
32. Aoi Yuuki
33. Takehito Koyasu
34. Showtaro Morikubo
35. Nana Mizuki
36. Yuusuke Kobayashi
37. Kaito Ishikawa
37. Yuka Terasaki
39. Kana Hanazawa
40. Daisuke Hirakawa
41. Takuya Eguchi
41. Ryunosuke Kamiki
41. Kazuya Nakai
44. KENN
45. Kishou Taniyama
46. Miyu Irino
47. Non
47. M.A.O.
49. Kenichi Suzumura
50. Toshiki Masuda
51. Natsuki Hanae
52. Takuya Satou
53. Hiroki Yasumoto
54. Yuuki Ono
55. Yuu Kobayashi
56. Miyuki Sawashiro
56. Kenjiro Tsuda
58. Tsubasa Yonaga
59. Kappei Yamaguchi
60. Katsuyuki Konishi

This survey was made by Animage Magazine and has been published in their latest issue.

Latin time

Guys, since I have an idea in my mind, I’m searching for a certain picture (I’ll find it XD), and in the meanwhile, I found this page from ch. 73:

I have noticed only now that Sebastian is reading a Latin poem here. So, I curiously searched for it (also because I studied Latin at high school. Yes, in Italy we still study Latin XD). Well, this excerpt: “ Sunt aliquid Manes: letum non omnia finit, luridaque euictos effugit umbra rogos. Cynthia namque meo uisa est incumbere fulcro, murmur ad extremae nuper humata uiae” is the part that Sebastian read (sorry but I can’t help myself imagining Ono-san reading this XDD)… anyway, this is from Propertius’ “Elegiae”, a collections of love poems, mostly dedicated to Cynthia. This is the seventh elegia from the fourth book, in which the woman is dead, she appears in a dream and re-assures her beloved that their love is everlasting, even in the Underworld. Now, apart from the love side, the part that is interesting is the first one of the sentence: “Sunt aliquid Manes: letum non omnia finit, luridaque euictos effugit umbra rogos”. I don’t know how many of you know Latin, so I hope you would like to help me, but translation is like: “There is something in the spirits of dead people: not everything ends with death: a livid shadow won, escaped the fire”. Now, “rogos” is technically the pyre, and it can be intended like the ritual of burning the corpses, but considering that Yana-san always puts hints and foreshadowings in un, this sentence looked so interesting from the 2CT point of view. The first part seems a reference to the Bizarre Dolls (not everything ends with death), but the second part (a livid shadow won, escaped the fire)… well, what if this is a hint of real!Ciel’s fate? :3 @abybweisse, @midnight-in-town (sweetheart, do you want to know a thing? XD The first word I read was “Manes” and I thought of the mundus manes in Kushiel’s Scion XD) , @thedarkestcrow,  @akumadeenglish 
What do you think?

for your consideration

an alyanette high school musical au:

  • alya is gabriela (the new student)
  • chloe and adrien are sharpay and ryan (popular blonde brother-sister duo??)
  • lila is taylor (basically just bc she hates mari)
  • which brings me to, oh yes–
  • star player of the wildcats (whose colors are red and black btw)
  • gets caught up with alya in the crazy world that is the Theater ™
  • her best friend alix tries to get her to keep her head in the game
  • but she’s BREAKING FREE
  • alya still hasn’t found a place at the school so lila swoops in and recruits her for the Nerd Club, which she realizes she actually likes
  • but oh no
  • no, no no no non on ono nono
  • you are only allowed one (1) interest in high school
  • lila sits alya down and tries to explain to her the Way of Things
  • meanwhile, marinette keeps showing up late or outright missing practice to sing
  • the team puts their foot down and confronts mari in the group chat, where she admits that singing’s really only a hobby and she’s not that serious about it anyway
  • somehow screenshots are taken and leaked onto twitter 
  • alya is Heartbroken 
  • mari doesn’t have a twitter so she doesnt know what is happening
  • then alix tells her and she tries to break into alya’s house to apologize (marlena is… startled)
  • the composer/pianist (sabrina) finally stands up to chloe after years and helps them out
  • chloe and adrien cannot Bop to the Top because alya and marinette show up with their Killer Callback
  • also, nino is the cello guy (skater guy with hidden musical prowess???)

i blame the miracusquad and by blame i mean love

Są ludzie którzy maja predyspozycje do wjebania się i cokolwiek by nie robili i tak to się stanie. Już tak po prostu jest. Czy to będzie mefedron czy heroina, nie ważne - jeśli będziesz chciał non stop być w tym stanie to poplyniesz, a będziesz chciał, juz chcesz i to normalne. Jeśli nie masz radości z życia to już pewnie nie będziesz miał bo poznałeś “syntetyczne szczęście” i to ono stało się twoim wyznacznikiem. Czasem lepsze jest zaakceptowanie i życie z uzależnieniem niż powstrzymywanie się i mówienie sobie na siłę “ja tego nie potrzebuje”.
—  hyperreal

is anyone else with executive dysfunction protective of the chores they’ve been given?

Say for example someone told you to wash the dishes. due to executive dysfunction you don’t get it done immediately. Then someone (maybe the person who told you to wash the dishes in the first place) tries to do it so that it gets done and you’re like No NO NON ONO I was going to do that!!!!

This is me. a lot

I think it’s a defense mechanism against the idea that I’m lazy or that I’m not interested in doing chores, or that I don’t do enough to help.

like if I ACTUALLY didn’t want to do the dishes i’d just let somebody else do them. but i do want to do the dishes so i want to make sure the person who does them is me.

The most essential line of communication in the Beatles ran between Lennon and McCartney, and now that was interrupted, in both emotional and physical terms. McCartney felt judged, excluded, rejected. His partnership with Lennon was non-sexual, but it ran deeper than anything he had ever experienced with a woman. It underpinned his self-belief and his status in the world. Seeing Lennon focus on Ono rather than him was as devastating as it would have been for Cynthia Lennon to witness the couple making love.
—  Peter Doggett, “You Never Give Me Your Money”
  • yoko ono: survived world war II
  • yoko ono: started making feminist avant-garde in the 50s/60s
  • yoko ono: released feminist songs that are considered hymns of the movement
  • yoko ono: turned john lennon into a activist for women's rights and non-violence AND also inspired him for lots of his songs
  • yoko ono: had her daughter taken away from her and was strong as fuck to live with it
  • yoko ono: fights against fracking 'cause she worries about people's health
  • yoko ono: is frickin 80 years old and still perform and dance and write songs
  • yoko ono: supports gay marriage
  • media: remembers her as a "japanese bitch" who broke up that beatles band or whatever

zanarnaryon  asked:

Firebending, airbending, earthbending, waterbending or chi-blocking (the stuff Ty-Lee and the Equalists were doing to prevent bending)

you forgot non-benders, yo OnO disappointed in you

but in seriousness, apparently I’m an Airbender, only hitch in that is I love meat…hmm…

anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on yoko?

I think yoko is an awesome artist who rarely receives the credit she deserves. The yoko hate that cycles itself through the fandom is so offensive and one dimensional. Ive seen so many people bash yoko for such random things, ive even seen extremely racists posts about her, honestly people are so disgusting.

I feel like people never actually take the time to learn about yoko before criticizing her. Yoko was well established artist and musician before her partnership with john. She was a classically trained pianist and pioneer in conceptional art. Despite the backlash she received for her groundbreaking feminist work she continued to create new art and share her messages.

Ono’s fundamental contribution to the formation of Conceptual Art was involving the audience into the completion of the work. It is designed so that anyone can make it - a crucial dimension of its meaning.Ono was one of the strongest feminist voices to emerge from the art world in the 60s. Her Cut Piece (1964), a first for feminist art performance, invited audience members to take turns cutting off her clothes using a pair of scissors. It also brought the audience into close contact with the artist, which was a new concept and crossed traditional boundaries. (x)

While people will criticize her relationship with john, she was an incredible support source for him. She encouraged his individuality, and help him pursue his career as a solo artist. She introduced john to feminism and peace activism and helped inspired some of his greatest works such as imagine.

Yoko suffered from many tragedies in her life from having her daughter stolen her to witnessing her husbands assassination, and being a constant target for negative media. Despite all this she was always very charitable, and spoke on issues that are important to her.

As Lennon’s widow, Ono works to preserve his legacy. She funded Strawberry Fields in New York City, the Imagine Peace Tower in Iceland, and the John Lennon Museum in Saitama, Japan. She has made significant philanthropic contributions to the arts, peace, Philippine and Japan disaster relief, and other causes. In 2012 Yoko Ono received the Dr. Rainer Hildebrandt Human Rights Award endowed by Alexandra Hildebrandt. The award is given annually in recognition of extraordinary, non-violent commitment to human rights. Ono continues her social activism, inaugurating a biennial $50,000 LennonOno Grant for Peace in 2002 and co-founding the group Artists Against Fracking in 2012. (x)

To watch people throw around petty opinions about how she is such an awful person is extremely unfair. Honestly i feel like yoko hate stems from all the negative press published about her when the media wanted to blame her for the beatles’ break up. Im not saying yoko is perfect, im very aware of that and the problematic things she has done. Just like im aware of all the problematic things the beatles have done. So honestly it doesnt seem fair to attack her while acting like the beatles are innocent angels lmao.

Anyway i think yoko is pretty dope and i wish more people gave her the respect she deserves.

La película de Koe no Katachi será lanzada en Blu-ray y DVD el 17 de mayo del 2017.

La película se estrenó el 17 de septiembre en cines de Japón. 

Amazon Japan ha catalogado a la película de Anime adaptación del Manga Koe no Katachi (A Silent Voice) por Yoshitoki Ooima, para ponerse a la venta en disco Blu-ray y DVD el 17 de mayo del 2017 en Japón. La película se estrenó el 17 de septiembre del 2016 en cines de Japón.

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