no no no no nopeeeee

half of me is like “ye i can make dis college sess wrk n like itll b cool n then i can jst get out bc like fck school” n the othr half is like “evry1 @ dis damn college is like way 2 str8 literally nothin good can happen”

11 pm
You think of him when you know you shouldn’t, this all consuming love that is only a fantasy, only a possibility or a dream or a hope.

12 am
You think of him when you lie awake, the music of crickets and wind outside your window, a song or a lyric or a memory.

1 am
You think of him when the rest of the town sleeps peacefully in their reality, no cars or voices or busy life.

You think of him when you tune out the world with your music, you want his lips or his hands or his love.

You think of him when he’s the only one you’d ever bother to think of, and pray he isn’t asleep or uninterested or unlovable.

You think of him when you pick up the phone and dial, hearing the line ring on the other end, will he answer or let it ring or-
‘Pick me up. Let’s drive somewhere.’

4:07 am
You think of him when he shows up in front of your house.
And you realize, that he thinks of you too.

—  “Drive me mad(ly in love).”
(m.b, a bluesey poem)
A-Z Tag

I was tagged by @thedancingsim @dazedpxls @sweetpeassims and @blushillusion

a / age: 17


c / current time: 4:28 PM

d / drink you had last: Baja Blast Freeze from Taco bell lol (drinking it right now)

e / everyday starts with: washing my face and brushing my teeth then laying in bed and scrolling through all my social media

f / favorite song: I have so many so I’m just gonna name my top 3 because I’m extra 1. Green Eyes by Wavves 2. Woo by Rihanna (it reminds me of summer and gives me a nostalgic feeling) 3. Wildewoman by Lucius

g / ghosts are real? Yes!!!! I have had so many crazy experiences

h / hometown: Gary, Indiana

i / in love with: my animals :)

j / jealous of people: People who have flawless complexions and also people who are really good at makeup like Daisy Marquez

k / killed someone: Noooo, I can’t even kill bugs without getting upset

l / last time you cried: I cried last Tuesday because I couldn’t figure out how to do an algebra problem

m / middle name: Carter

n / number of siblings: I have 3 sisters and 1 brother and a few step siblings I despise

o / one wish: to move away and travel

p / person you last called/texted: my mom :)

q / question you’re always asked: “are you high” my friend’s dad asks me this every time he sees me… I guess just I look high even though I’m not lol

r / reason to smile: Cute videos of animals

s / song you last sang: Jealous by Beyonce

t / time you woke up: 10 AM

u / underwear color: Black

v / vacation destination: I would really like to go to Venice, Italy or anywhere in Europe or somewhere tropical

w / worst habit: overreacting lol

x / xrays you have had: I don’t think I’ve had any unless x-rays on my teeth for braces count

y / your favorite food: anything from Chicago Diner tbh

z / zodiac sign: Libra

I tag @butterfly-tattoo @cherrysimblrlove and @lovedonteatmeplease :)

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Bobby: #i don’t like you #:))) #i’m okay #*jumps off a cliff* #wait what was this about the ugliest member?? #why tHE fucK u lyyYyyyYYYyiiiIIn

Jinhwan: #baby #i wanna hug him aw #okAY I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS # HOLY SH IT 

Junhoe: #u sassy lil shit #ok junhoe ok #no #nopeeeee #nOpPpEEe #hahahaaAHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAHAH no #hello yes 911 #…………………/dead

Yunhyeong: #lipbalm #yunbalm #he is such a bias list ruiner #)): #fml #husband material #i wanna have children with him #prince

Donghyuk: #awwww #he is such an angel??? #tbhhhhh #kill me pls

Chanwoo: #cutie #evil #lil shit #chanu pie #aw that was mean HAHAH he is still cute #he is so handsome??? #how??? #hOW / *kills a member* –> #he is so cuteeee