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When people mess with your ship

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First kid down nr1 is Bruce x Violet! Her name is Moonlit and aspire to be just like her dad one day just watermelon themed because gosh darn does she love her watermelons x) @batponybrucemane

Second kid down nr 2 is Pito x Violet! His name is Cody and is just straight out a tsundere gentle soul that loves reading books about plants and of course he loves his mothers to death a mommy boy (secretly cross dresses when the moms dont look) @askpito

Third kid down nr 3 is Fang x Violet! Her name is Loreen and works backstage at any huge rockconcert at night of course making sure all equiptment functions as it should, she is a tall punk @gamer-budders

Fourth kid down nr 4 Reginald x Violet! His name is Hrizzle and he may look a tiny bit sweet from distance but he is truly a rascal, trying to make any item flammable and is overly protective over his work truly a hot headed kid @askstevethepony

Side note for the owners of the original characters, if you wish to keep these oc’s go ahead and do so you can also change their design, name and gender but either way none of them will be related to Violet canonally.


I-see-this-at-netflix-all-the-time! Am I only one who think they will kiss and stuff??? Please tell me I’m not only one!

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A concept: Missy trying to intimidate Bill, and Bill whimpering in something that definitely isn't fear. It takes Missy about a minute to cotton on to the fact Bill isn't exactly frightened, even when she's pinned up against a wall. (Then when she starts flirting just because why not, that's what makes Bill run because damn it her little gay heart can only take so much). (Missy's a bit confused about humanity then. Used to be the other way around).

It would honestly take being literally pinned to a wall for Bill’s sense regarding Missy to disappear enough to let in the gay. Bill likely still is frightened, but it’s fear and arousal and then confusion about that. 

But yeah boy the moment Missy starts flirting Bill’s poor little gay heart gives out and she runs for it. Missy is slightly put out. 

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Leoji fluff, please? :)

  • guang hong gets really nervous when he’s traveling. leo knows, and will often shoot him a text right before he gets on a plane with just the dumbest joke he can possibly find. it’ll be something so lame that guang hong rolls his eyes and smiles through the whole flight whenever he thinks of it.
  • when the plane lands and he can text again, he always sends leo an equally dumb joke. he’s had the whole flight to think of a worse one, after all.
  • both of them are kind and curious people, and they love learning about the other’s language, culture, and holidays. most of their relationship is via the internet, but the times they can come together to celebrate are precious

“And Diego?” Cristina’s voice shook. “Why didn’t he ever tell me any of this?”
People do stupid things when they’re in love,” said Jaime, in the voice of someone who never had been. “And besides, I asked him not to.”

Also, with all of the garbage happening with Supercorp and Supergirl these past few days, I had almost forgotten how much I hate Overwatch fandom, mainly because I was reveling in how grateful I was to the VAs for being supportive of our wlw ships (including Anjali Bhimani who I thanked personally for her support of Symbra).

Overwatch fandom is a huge mess, but we’re fortunate enough to be blessed with good VAs who support same-gender ships and who care a lot about their LGBT fans, and who don’t belittle, mock or invalidate their fanbase.

I just want Kat and Adena to be happily ever after but like obviously that won’t happen cause it’s too early for that to be a thing and that stresses me out. I have already given my heart to this show so hopefully they don’t SMASH IT LIKE EVERY OTHER SHOW HAS

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Mary being the gossip queen she is tells Damien how Robert woke her up over this werewolf nonsense and Damien's thinks "this is it, the time has come" and he plays it off as best he can. But then he goes to Lucien because what else can he do?? His loner "cryptid hunter" neighbor is on to him? Lucien begrudgingly helps him out and enlists Ernest to start sabotaging all of Robert's attempts at "exposing" Damien by paying him off.

Anonymous asks: Robert tries getting Mary to help him and wants to get all the details he can about Damien from her but after the 2am almost break-in to talk about this she waves him and says to “just spend more time with Damien” to get details. Robert then starts messaging Damien the same way he does the dadsona (“hey, Damien, heeey”) and Damien is internally panicking but he has no excuse to not hang out with Robert that wouldn’t make him look more suspicious. Thus begins their “not-dates" 

All these are gonna be tagged as #werewolf au !!

ASHDJFKG thank you for these asks!! I love yall this au is GOOD

Oh my god Ernest and Lucien having to sabotage the “not-dates” ahsdjfkg. Robert tries to pull something behind Damien’s back and the kids shoot paintballs at him. Robert takes Damien to the movies to try and keep him out late, and ends up seeing Ernest and Lucien in the front row. When Damien goes to the bathroom Robert tries to interrogate them and Lucien plays it off that they’re on a date too and Ernest thinks “this is how i die”–Robert does the whole “oh yeah? you think i’m gonna believe that?” And Lucien is about three seconds away from kissing Ernest smack on the mouth when Ernest blurts out “I DIDNT EVEN KNOW YOU WERE HERE IM TRYING TO WATCH THE MOVIE OKAY I NEED TO SEE HOW JESSICA AND MARTIN MAKE UP AND IF HER SKEEVY EX COMES BACK INTO THE MIX” 

Robert and Lucien just kinda stare. 

Then Robert makes a snide comment abt how the movie sucks when he slinks back to his seat and Ernest yells at him for it.

Damien comes back and asks what he missed and Robert tells him his kid is on a date. Damien chokes on his drink. Then the two have the bright idea of embarrassing the fuck out of the kids and spend the rest of the movie doing so. Robert has more fun that night than he has in a while, so much so he doesn’t even notice that it’s a new moon that night and not a full one.

Afterwards Mary asks about the werewolf hunting business and Robert swears bc he forgot. 

“You what?”

“I forgot, okay?”

“You woke me up at 4am to go camp outside his house and you just FORGOT?”