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also i just realised my last ask probably seemed really pushy and like i was telling you to draw stuff and aaaa i didn't mean it like that ;--; you're art makes me so happy sorry if i seemed rude

oh ahah i just saw it, dont worry it didn’t sound rude at all!

 to answer your other ask, my friend introduced me to BTS since she talks about them a lot so i honestly don’t know them much except from what i’ve heard/seen, though i like V :0 i listen to their music occasionally but I’m not a biggg fan, i just know a lot of people who follow me wanted to see possible art of them so I’m thinking about making chibi stickers of BTS 

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If you're taking requests please just write something about all of us in the skype Groupchat getting drunk because lets be real that shit would be hilarious

Alright, so… this took longer than expected. But! It’s fine :p

Also can we just pretend this happens in a world where age doesn’t matter or somethin bc like… ye


“Guuuuys! somebodyyy message everyoneee” Laura spoke out in the call. Currently, only three people were in the call. A drunk Laura. A becoming drunk Robin. And a tipsy Jen.

“Who exactly?” Robin asked, taking a look at everyone in the group.

“Iiiif Liliiii aaand Maadds are ooon! Wee aall can plaay druunk Cards Agaainst Huumaniityy!” Laura was becoming a bit more inaudible.

“Lili would probably be down, but Maddie? Hmm… not sure.” Jen spoke up.

“What about Pyx, Blue, Four, Mars, and Spark? We can ask them. Possibly even Dragon Mom!” Robin exclaimed, wondering how things will go.

“And we all just get drunk on the call?” Jen asked.

“Isn’t thaat alreeeady what weee’re doiiing?”


“Annnywaaays, let’s contaaacctt theeeem!” Laura was becoming excited for the new plans they were making.

“Fine, fine, I’ll go contact Maddie, Four, Mars, and Lili. Jen, you go get Blue, Spark, Pyx, and Dragon?” Robin asked, already on his way to message each one of them privately.

“Yea, yea! No problem. You want me to get A.A. too?”

“That would be lovely!”

The two messaged everyone, making sure to check on Laura every now and then to make sure nothing had happened to her. They decided to talk a bit more before someone new had joined the call.

“Lili! Hey! How have you been?” Robin exclaimed, becoming happier by the second.

“Oh, the usual.” Lili grinned as she looked at her camera.

“So, internal suffering and sleep deprivation?” Jen added in.

“Spot on.”

“Waaait! Lili? Heeeey!” Laura laughed as she gave a half wave to Lili.

“She’s drunk, isn’t she.” Lili laughed, looking back over to her camera.

“Well, we were all planning on playing drunk Cards Against Humanity once everyone got on. Would you be fine with that?” Jen spoke up, knowing this speech would probably be repeated a few times.

“Drunk Cards Against Humanity hmm… Yea! I’m down.” Lili grinned at the camera.

“Great! All we need is for everyone els-” Robin was cut off by another person joining.

“Hey Four!” Lili chirped, seeing the icons change.

“Heeeeeeey!” Laura slured.

“Why is she drunk?” Was the first thing Four said, completely lost on the whole situation.

“Basically, we all wanted to get drunk and play Cards Against Humanity.” Robin replied.

“Fuck yea, I’m in. Who are we waiting on?”

“Uhh, Pyx, Mars, Blue, Maddie, A.A., Spark, and Mama Dragon.” Jen said, looking through the list of everyone she had written down.

“Oh, I can get Mars on, probably won’t drink though.” Four said, quickly pulling up her chat with the other to ask about joining the call.

“That’s fine, we don’t want to force anyone to do anything if they aren’t comfortable.” Robin stated, taking another shot if whatever he was drinking.

“Yeaaaa, nooot comfortableeee”

“Oh, uh, hey guys.” Pyx chimed in, having just joined.

“Pyx! Hey.” Four said with some enthusiasm.

“What are we all doing with the process of alcohol?” She asked, purposely lining the words in the way they were.

“Drunk Cards Against Humanity.” Lili said again.

Pyx nodded and looked at everyone in the call. “Who else were we inviting?”

“Blue, Maddie, A.A., Spark, and Dragon. I’m still contacting Mars, so.”

“Well, for Maddie, you just have to mention something bout’ The Derp Crew. Or just Chilled.” Pyx stated, laughing at the thought.

“Everyone just type something Derp Crew related in the chat.” Robin asked of the other five.

With Lili saying something about a great fanfic she read, Robin with an idea he had about them, Four saying how much she loves Smarty, Pyx with constant spamming of images, and Jen repeatedly stating she didn’t have anything to say, Maddie finally joined in the call; along with Blue who had been reading the chat silently.

“Maaaaadddeerss! Blueee!” Laura greeted them.

“Hey! Uh, Laura’s drunk, why?” Maddie asked, wondering what had happened before she joined the call.

“Yea, what did we miss?” Blue added.

“We were just talking about playing drunk Cards Against Humanity.” Jen answered.

“Ah, gotcha. Mind if I just stay sober? Parents of me don’t own anything.” Maddie asked, feeling slightly left out.

“No, no! It’s fine! Really.” Lili quickly replied. “We’re just doing this for fun, not forcing anyone to.”

“Oh yea, Mars said that she’ll be in the call, just not talking or getting drunk.” Four chimed, being invested with her chat with Mars to miss Maddie and Blue’s joining.

“So that leave, Dragon Mom, Spark, and A.A…. right?” Pyx asked.

“Yea, it does. Maybe one will join so-” Robin was yet again cut off by someone else joining.

“Spark! How ya’ doing?” Blue was the first to notice who had newly joined.

“Just writing gay stuff, the normal.” Everyone laughed at the small comment, knowing how true it was.

“Would you be down to take some time away from writing and joining us in drunken Cards Against humanity? Laura’s already out of it.” Lili spoke up, glancing to her webcam.

“Oh, uh, maybe a little bit.”

Everyone agreed and began to get a server running, waiting for Dragon’s and A.A.’s answers.

Everyone who had recently joined were getting up to find anything else they could to get drunk. Just for Cards Against Humanity.

Robin had already begun acting a bit different from the alcohol in his system.

“This iss going to beee fuuun!” Laura piped up after a few minutes of silence.

“Tootally!” Robin replied, words slightly slurred, but not as much as Laura’s.

“Oh by the way, while everyone was getting things prepared, A.A. joined, just chatting like Mars.” Maddie piped up.

“Oooooooh! Thaaaat’s greeeaat!” Laura began to look through the messages that had been gathering up.

“I thiiink, Dragon said shee would try and geet oon laaater.” Lili giggled, already becoming a bit tipsy.

Everyone was busy trying to get into the server, or trying to get everything still, that they didn’t notice when Dragon joined the call.

The first person to notice was Four, who was getting drunk by the minute. “Guys! Dragon Mom’s here.”

Everyone shared their ‘hello’s’ before Laura spoke up and explained what they were doing.

Currently, the only sober people on the call were Maddie, Mars, A.A, and Dragon. Blue, Spark, and Pyx were only slightly drunk, while everyone else was just out of it. This would make for a fun game.

I feel like I may get hate on for this oops

Also I feel like this needs a part two tbh :^

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how did you find your style? were you like 'I like this so this is what I'm gonna write about'? do you ever shift from it?

i just write about what interests me, that’s all, and some topics come up multiple times: mythology, gay, feminism, gay, fandom… gay

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hi! i just wanted to say i love all your halbarry and related art! your style is so cute!! and i can't wait to see your wip stuff! take as long as you need tho, and dont let people like that one anon make you feel pressured to finish. your stuff is always worth the wait!

hello! thank you soo much for loving my art! how nice of you to drop me this wonderful message! i feel extremely grateful when people appreciate seeing my stuff love ya! *touches your shoulder*

and yes, i’ll try my best to not pressure myself to finish stuff ;__; aww i just don’t know what to say about you guys -you’re all so sweet and patient how nice! have a morning halbarry doodle for being such a cutie ✨

Much love


Buncha random notes and doodles I’ve amassed over the past month or so about Tethered. 

What is Tethered? It’s a video game concept my brother came up with a hundred years ago that I randomly decided to play with. And, before you ask, I’m afraid I do NOT plan on making anything from this. I just was brainstorming. Sorry! 

The story is kind of long, so I’m putting it below a thing.

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y’all keep talking about assassinating trump but you dont understand…pence would be our president then and do you even understand how bad pence is? he wants gay conversion therapy. in indiana, where i live, he made it so that when you have an abortion or a fucking MISCARRIAGE you have to bury or cremate the fetal remains or you could be jailed? when i had my abortion, which was sad and upsetting enough, they literally asked me what i wanted to do with my baby…whether i wanted it cremated or fucking buried. like what a traumatic question, what a horrifying thing to think about. and my friend who had a miscarriage, which was so traumatic for her, could’ve been fucking in legal trouble for not burying or cremating the remains of her baby. so fuck mike pence. fuck everything he stands for. i want donald trump dead just as much as the next person, but y’all need to think about mike pence and really truly understand his politics 

what continues to amaze me about trump supporters is if you ask them to explain why they voted for trump they cant give an answer besides I hated Hillary more. 

And then they cant even explain why they hate Hillary. I asked a kid in my class today who voted for trump (a white middle class college boy) why he didn’t like Hillary and I told him to do it without saying the word email or the word women.

He couldn’t do it. He literally had no reason as to why he voted for Trump besides “he’ll be a better president” and “clinton is a liar”


Not a single trump supporter i’ve ever talked to can explain to me why they voted for trump. Not one. They talk themselves through circles because even they know they don’t have a reason. 

We judged a woman on the merits of her husband and held her to a higher standard then her opponent. The same opponent who trashed every known minority and whose approval rating still went up.Because of this a racist cheeto is now going to be our president. 

We must remain strong and we must remain together. We are alive and we will survive. Maybe it wont be as bad as we expect. We must have hope for a better future because without hope we will fall apart. 


  • [text]: did you enjoy the pics? ;)
  • [text]: send me pictures
  • [text]: where are you? why aren’t you back yet?
  • [text]: i dont know if this is what i want anymore
  • [wrong number text]: (muse name) has gone out for the night, i’m all alone ;)
  • [wrong number text]: i just don’t know if i love them anymore
  • [wrong number text]: can we forget about last night? don’t tell (muse name) please!
  • [wrong number text]: i fucked her/him aha ;-) told (muse name) it was just a drunk kiss tho
  • [text]: i love you so fucking much
  • [text]: i hate you
  • [drunk text]: UR SUCH A BITCH I H9 U 
  • [text]: i cannot stop thinking about you
  • [text]: i need you. now.
  • [text]: please respond. im so worried about you
  • [text]: last night was so GOOD
  • [text]: what are you wearing? ;)
  • [text]: is he bigger than me?
  • [text]: did you sleep with her ?!
  • [text]: you’re just a slut
  • [drunk text]: yOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL !!>!
  • [drunk text]: dont tell (muse name) but theY ARE so hot
  • [drunk text]: im iss youu
  • [text]: bed or floor? ;-)
  • [text]: not to be desperate or anything but im currently home alone and on the verge of jerking myself off to pictures of you. would be better if it was the real you though !
  • [text]: i want you naked.
  • [text]: are you going to the party on saturday?
  • [text]: i want to show you how much i love you
  • [text]: do you hate me?
  • [text]: i’m so sorry
  • [text]: WAS THAT A SEXT
  • [text]: family dinner tomorrow night, and i’m prolly gonna finger you under the table..
  • [text]: I just bought new underwear for the sole purpose of you taking it off
  • [text]: netflix and chill? 
  • [drunk text]: lveae me alone for 29 minutes !!! jeezss
  • [text]: damn you looked so good today. kinda wanted to bend you over that table you were leaning on lol 
  • [text]: where are you i have something you need to fix (its a boner)
  • [text]: wtf is the notebook even about?? “if you’re a bird then i’m a bird” ? they’re both humans
fun things about you and your friends all having disorders
  • your stim is making me also want to stim but i dont have anything how dare you
  • “how do you calm someone down from a panic attack” “dont you have panic attacks all the time” “yes shut up this about YOU and YOUR panic attack”
  • im bad at understanding what people mean and youre bad at understanding what people mean lets get together and have a lot of misunderstandings
  • you sound passive aggressive but i can tell you think you sound polite and nice bc i can relate
  • you spaced out while i was talking and i was about to tell you but then i spaced out
  • “im ready for death” “lmao same”
  • ive been procrastinating on this thing for three hours but youre suffering with me so its not as bad
  • “hey…. is it ok if we dont go out tonight i just. i just dont feel like i can. no spoons” “oh thank god”
  • lie down on me dont ask questions
  • “are you real” “i dont know actually”

how the signs feel about their stereotypes
  • aries: "wHAT?!?!?!?! I AM NOT ANGRY ALL THE TIME!!!1!!1! FIGHT ME!!!!!"
  • taurus: "omg i dont like food THAT m--wait a minute. yes i do."
  • gemini: "*reads horoscope* damn i really am a dick."
  • cancer: "okay yeah. I pretty much am a crying mess. sometimes. okay always."
  • leo: "*sobbing* i'm so upsetttt why does e v e r y post say i'm selfish and that i think i'm better than everyone when really i hate myself and think everyone is a beautiful flowerrr *sobs more*"
  • virgo: "This is extremely illogical."
  • libra: "lol"
  • sagittarius: "LMAO K"
  • capricorn: "According to recent studies and scientists, science suggests that..."
  • aquarius: "IM NOT AN ALIEN OK"
  • pisces: "*smirks evilly*"


He’s the only one that got an invitation like that >:}

Look @angel-with-a-pipette I finally did the thing we talked about forever ago. Hope I did it justice >.<

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Mysme react to MC being a youtuber and join MC for a video? Like a boyfriend tag video?

Some of the questions in the boyfriend tag, we all know the answer and some of them have a different answer (like the hair color)
To make things more interesting she’ll pick a paper with the question randomly
Thank you for your request!
I hope you like it!

Please feel free to send me a feedback, if this is NOT what you wanted, I’ll do it again in no time!
Any mistakes, report to me

My requests are still open! Please feel free to send your request( HERE it’s my do’s and dont’s)


  • What is a youtuber? You’ll have to explain to him.
  • He doesn’t think it’s a good idea such exposure
  • But when he sees you doing a video, he’s happy about it
  • You seem so happy, so energetic
  • It’s a good sight.
  • You asked him to appear in the “boyfriend tag”
  • He sees it as one opportunity to show everyone that you’re his
  • After some questions, you picked one and read out loud
  • “What is my best friend’s name?”
  • “Elizabeth the 3rd”
  • You laugh, it’s better to not say anything
  • Ok, another one
  • “Complete this sentence “My girlfriend is…”
  • "You’re my wife, not my girlfriend”
  • He’s no fun


  • He knows he has seen your face in some place!
  • He’s subscribed to your channel, he thinks you’re pretty funny!
  • He’ll secretly want to appear on your videos..But will not say anything
  • When you ask him to do a boyfriend tag
  • He’s so happy!t’s his dream!
  • After a lot of questions that Yoosung answered without hesitating 
  • “If i go away to some place, where would i go?”
  • “Mc…Are you leaving?”
  • Yeah, he’ll cry
  • He will take this questions too seriously


  • “This is like..Your fan club?" 
  • No, it’s my subscribers Jaehee
  • She doesn’t want to appear in a video, it’s too personal
  • She’ll know everything that you asked her, but she wasn’t comfortable knowing a lot of people are watching it
  • Please, respect her privacy
  • She can answer anything that you want
  • But the camera can’t be here


  • He’ll spread your videos like a virus
  • This work, your subscribers are only going up!
  • This is good!
  • When you asked him to appear in the boyfriend tag,  he’s not sure about it…People cannot see him like that
  • Then he put a bag on his face
  • Problem solved!
  • Hey, guys, this is my boyfriend bagged face
  • 10/10 
  • "Ok Seven..Next question.What is my eyes color?”
  • “Do you have eyes?”


  • Well …He doesn’t watch your videos, he can see a little, but this is not enough
  • He feels bad for it, it’s something that you love to make and he’s not even watching it
  • So when you asked him if he could be in the video
  • He agrees without thinking, he feels good about it
  • V is such a good person, he answered  everything correctly
  • “Do I often make you angry?”
  • “You never made me angry love..”
  • Is this possible?This guy is calmer as shit


  • Oh, you’re famous on the internet
  • An opportunity to appear on a video?This is good
  • He loves to make an appearance at everything
  • But he doesn’t know…Why is this all about you?
  • People want to know about him!
  • No Zen.
  • “Ok Zen..What eyes color did you wish I had?”
  • “I think i’m perfect like this”
  • “It’s about me..Not you”
  • “Next question.” He says,smiling to the camera
  • While you’re looking at his face, wanting to cut that damn rat tail off


  • NO
  • He isn’t going to be in this ridiculous thing
  • He doesn’t like those people that watch you..Those comments, compliments, he hates it
  • Yeah, he’s jealous
  • But you’re insisting and insisting
  • He says that he’ll do it, but only if the video was live
  • And then it was, you were picking some papers, he’s answered (But he doesn’t say how you two met, you must know why)
  • Then HE picks up one paper
  • “What is our favorite sex position..This is an easy one”
  • “Saeran, this is not on this pap—”
  • “I like when MC is bending over–”
  • You finish the video
  • “Never call me for this again. I warned you.”
questions to keep in mind to ask bangtan if anyone meets them tbh
  1. does jungkook still sleep with jin
  2. why do you hate being called oppa @ jungkook
  3. did namjoon ever get lost
  4. is jimin still forgetful
  5. whats your favourite ring
  6. hoseok tell me how you really feel right now dont be jhope be jung hoseok for a second
  7. who is the person you text when something bad happens or you feel upset
  8. jin whats ur fav thing to cook
  9. when is taehyung the happiest
  11. yoongi when is holly getting a mommy+ can i be her mommy 
  12. also have a long conversation about their dogs with all of them + tell jimin he can share my dog with me
  13. do you guys still have the snapbacks you got in american hustle life?

i hope you know that nick grimshaw was allowed to talk about harry’s solo album in the press and in his radio show just like ed sheeran was, and it happens NOW for reasons. according to all this, harry has been working on this album for quite a while and only in the past month an a half we are learning about it and it’s all done for a reason. so nick, ed, everyone who was asked / talked about it didn’t suddenly decide to say stuff about this album, but they were allowed and likely told to do so. 

I work at a supermarket and I was bagging this lady’s items when she started mumbling. Because she was looking at her phone I assumed it was about that.

Then she looks up and basically yells at me “I SAID I DONT NEED A BAG!” I just said “sorry I didn’t hear you” when she said “IVE SAID IT THREE TIMES ALREADY! WHAT, ARE YOU DEAF?” I looked her straight in the eye and said “I haven’t had a very good day today sorry, and I couldn’t hear you.” She then said “Well it couldn’t have been worse than mine! I had to deal with angry customers all day!”

She leaves after paying for her things, and I barely managed to hold back the tears until she left. I start serving the next customer while I’m crying because it’s a rush and they ask me what happened to me that day. I whispered “my grandfather died.” And they got a look of such pity and so did the other customers. My supervisors got some of the stock boys to go on registers and sent me out the back to calm down.

I basically forgot about this until a few days ago, when that same kind customer came in and looked so happy to see me. “You look so much happier than last time! I’m glad! I just wanted to give you this. I know it’s not much but the other customers in the line and I agreed you deserved something for dealing with a horrible person like that on a horrible day. Here. Please take it.”

He gave me a block of chocolate, and it honestly warmed me so much. I felt moved that a customer wanted to give it to me. They went and told my supervisor that they had bought it for me and that we were friends so it was okay. It was just such a kind thing for a customer to do months after I last saw them!


gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  

Its not like Mon El came to Earth, woke up and was like I am the Prince of Daxam. All Hail Me! Obey Me! Treat me like Royalty!
His first instinct was the go back home without hurting anyone. And then he was locked up at the DEO where Kara spewed hateful things about him (a lot of prejudice for a 11 year old), and didn’t pull the Prince card.

He lied because of the obvious prejudice that Kara HAD and STILL HAS, but also because he was ashamed for who he was and where he came from. 

There is a reason why he kept saying he was coward, and not a hero. Because he truly believed he didn’t deserve that mantle. And Kara was unfairly pushing him towards that role without truly asking what he wanted. And when he didn’t rise to occasion they were mad at him!? Alex was like, “I dont believe in you, my sister believes in you!” He didn’t ask to be hero, he didn’t want to be hero – he lost all his people, escaped in the most brutal circumstance, discovers he has these incredible powers, has survivors guilt, feels like a coward, has no home no job, has to adjust to a culture that is directly polar to his (and he is trying so hard to adjust!), and its been like a month? a month and a half? LIKE LET THE BOY FUCKING LIVE!

Clark had probably 20+ years to decided if he wanted to be hero. Kara had 10+ years and still chose NOT to be a hero. Clark believed Kara could be a hero, but never forced her and let her decide when the time was right for her to take the mantle. Kara believes in Mon, which is GREAT!, but Mon should be allowed to decide when he is ready, not by guilt tripping!!!

Like CHILL PEOPLE!, let him adjust to being on Earth before throwing a Cape on him! He has shed his Prince roots, but let him find himself on Earth, before making him a hero of Earth. 

nonbinary intersex people are valid and important too!!!

an incomplete list of dating red flags

*note* these are a list of my PERSONAL red flags, if they don’t apply to you cool, but I don’t need to hear about it mmkay? :D

  • rude to waitstaff, ushers, bartenders, etc./ “it’s their job, they get paid to…”
  • doesn’t tip/makes fun of you for trying to tip
  • calls all exes “crazy” or “bitches”
  • refers to women as “females”
  • only talks about self/no questions about you
  • “women never go for ‘nice guys,’ women only want jerks”
  • “i need a traditional woman/woman who will cook for me”
  • orders for you without asking what you want
  • comments negatively about your appetite (“are you sure you don’t want a salad?,” “wow, you sure eat a lot”)
  • says “blacks” instead of Black people
  • says “gays” instead of gay people
  • uses “gay” as an insult/replacement for “stupid” or “uncool”
  • describes EVERYONE in their stories by their race (regardless of context)
  • is non-Black and says N word
  • “ALL lives matter”
  • corrects you on everything, even when they don’t know what they’re talking about
  • turns everything into sexual innuendo
  • puts down other women, even to compliment you (“you aren’t like OTHER women,” etc.)
  • can’t take “no” for an answer (not limited to sex)
  • no (real, platonic) female friends/claims women & men can’t be friends
  • refers to any women as sluts
  • rape jokes
  • *preaches* about personal lifestyle (vegan, going green, working out, etc.)
  • negging
  • general statements about women - “i hate when women [blank],” “all women like [blank],” “all women are [blank]”
  • negative opinions on people with mental illness
  • mentions (brags) where they went to school more than once
  • casually uses slurs like tr*nny, d*ke, q*eer, f*g, g*psy, etc. (ridicules you if you try to tell them why using these slurs are wrong)
  • fave book is “Catcher in the Rye,” “Lolita,” or anything by Ayn Rand