no no no candice

in my head the episode started like:

barry allen proposed to iris west, she said yes, but after being in the speedforce he realized that he just asked her to marry him to save her and broke the engagement; in the meantime on earth 38, queen rhea and king lar gand arrived to get their son back, mon-el, which makes him the prince of daxam, and he’s kara’s boyfriend, and she hates daxamites, she hates being lied to, so she broke up with him after he told her he loved her, but music meister arrived at the deo and whammied her and sent her to a weird alternative universe. and that’s what you missed on GLEE!


⚡️ WESTALLEN 3.17 ⚡️  

All I wanna do is come running home to you,  
Come running home to you
And all my life I promise to keep running home to you,
Keep running home, to you

Can’t say how the days will unfold,
Can’t change what the future will hold,
But I want you in it,
Every hour, every minute.

 Iris West…will you marry me? 😭

Can we make it canon that Kara will both be invited to & attend the WestAllen Wedding AS WELL AS Iris’ Bachelorette Party (Along with Caitlin, Jessie, & Felicity [[and Sara?]]) because Barry has no major concern for Iris’ well being if she’s with Kara [and the Squad]. Did we just figure out a motivation for the next big crossover? I. THINK. WE. DID. 

Also, can someone please write a fic for this because I’m too excited for the Universe to collide and make this happen.