no no nancy

July 4th, 1985 

It’s a day filled with Karen Wheeler’s famous lemonade, served ice cold to counter the sweltering heat. The smoky scent of barbecue lingers in the faint breeze that just barely moves the red, white, and blue balloons tied to the fence posts. 

It’s a day filled with carefree laughter, rapidly melting popsicles, and slightly drunken retellings of embarrassing stories. For Steve, it’s also a day filled with plenty of piggyback rides for an enthusiastic Holly and one just for El, grinning ear to ear. 

Late in the afternoon, just as the party winds down and the adults retreat inside to refresh their drinks, Steve grabs the hose and sneaks up behind Max. 

From her spot on the patio, El twists the hose so that its nozzle is facing Steve, entirely out of his control. The stream of cold water catches him in his face before he can react and a loud burst of raucous laughter fills his ears. 

“You never mess with a girl who has a superhero for a best friend,” Max says matter-of-factly as the kids—though, they’re not quite kids anymore—head inside for a game of Dungeons and Dragons that everyone knows Mike has been planning for weeks. 

Dripping wet, Steve follows them and sheepishly pops his head in through the back door, asking Karen for a towel. He dries his hair until it’s sticking up at odd angles and pulls off his sopping t-shirt, hanging it over a chair. Thankfully, his shorts were spared. 

Steve grabs a half-empty bottle of wine from the outside table and the box of sparklers from his backpack, propped up against the bricks of the house. In the orange glow of a slowly fading sun, Steve makes his way to the very edge of the lawn where Nancy and Jonathan are seated, legs sprawled across oversized blue blanket, their fingers intertwined. They glance up at him and Steve makes a quiet joke about their appreciation of his bare chest. 

Laughing, he sinks into his place on Jonathan’s other side and takes a quick swig of the wine before passing it on. He and Jonathan each make a witty comment when Nancy drinks as much as both of them combined.

“Fireworks?” Steve grins once the bottle is empty, waving the box of sparklers towards the other two. Jonathan pulls a lighter out of his pocket in response and in no time, a delicate crackling sound fills their ears, soft yellow embers dancing in front of their eyes. 

First, Steve writes Nancy’s name through the dusky air, then Jonathan’s. Then he looks over at them and sees Nancy drawing hearts and stars and Jonathan making mismatched patterns, golden trails cutting through the darkened sky. 

Steve looks at them, and for a moment he can almost see the rest of his life in the brightest colours imaginable. 


Both inspired by and dedicated to @ghost-grantaire - enjoy, Emma! 💗 

The sun was pleasantly hot against her back—it was a familiar sort of warmth that could only be associated with a summer morning; like an old friend, Nancy had embraced it wholly.

“Mikey, I want dandelions, too!”

Mike rolled his eyes at Nancy, who was perched a little to his right, legs stretched out over the Star Wars blanket they’d brought with them. The picnic had been Nancy’s idea—the braids, on the other hand, were Holly’s.

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that hack meister shirt is awful and it’s either about computer hacking, which is bullshit, nancy has never hacked a thing in her life she’s 80 years old and still calls her ipad and ipod BUT ALSO

that thing in the middle? it could be a fucking hacky sack

she could be a hacky sack meister

dear god


Here are my looks for part 9 of my RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 9 “Simalong” with the gorgeous Ms. Catherine Wheel.

In this week’s challenge, Catherine teamed up with Miss Ambrosia Delight (@javitrulovesims) to create “Bella and Nancy” - a show about Bella Goth and Nancy Langraab before they married their husbands. The idea for the show was all Ambrosia’s idea, and Catherine was more than happy to go along with it! Catherine is a Bella Goth impersonator in her act, so she suggested taking the Nancy role to show versatility.

On the runway, Catherine is serving formal club kid eleganza. She didn’t have much time to put this look together, but was happy with the result. She know she can do better though.

Rashad did not deserve to win last night! This show was about the best dancer and the best story and frankly we all know Normani had that. Let’s not pretend that the Harmonizers are small they are massive and come in clutch when it comes to online voting and there’s no way in hell David and Rashad votes are more then Normani. Look at every award show that has a fan vote and mostly 5H wins beating 1d fans and JB fans. Now everybody might think I’m salty but I have every right to be since she consistently improve and is the best and this whole season catered to male mediocrity. This should have been an all female finale but DWTS can’t afford to let that happened. First, they need David there because they what to pull in the MLB demographic as well as hopefully get another baseball player since he is the first. Second, Rashad is jobless (sorry not sorry) he was a apart of the NFL which they always have a player, they announce he was going on tour with them which is almost always the winner of the show before 3rd place was announce and Rashad is jobless while David retired with young kids and Normani is flourishing with a solid career so they were no way for them to do the tour so therefore Rashad being the only option hence the winner. DWTS has some real nerve to think that the people watching are stupid because they amount of support from all across the world from multiple celebrities who have push for #Valmani has been way more and at the highest degree then the boys. DWTS must hate female excellent because the females were best dancers and we would have probably seen more stories and actually been more entertained by this lackluster bootlegged male mediocrity finale!!!

Okay imagine this for a second ….. the gang @ Disney World and Bess and Joe wanting to ride EVERYTHING and Frank and Nancy being all OCD and planning everything down to the second and George running in one of the marathons they have and THEN at the end of the night after a long day they’re watching the fireworks and nancy just leans her head over on Frank’s shoulder IM OUT

First of all why does David and the show act like he’s an old senial man for sympathy votes and #relatability when he’s only FORTY?? Nancy Kerrigan danced circles around him and she’s FORTY SEVEN and gave birth to 3 children. David Trumped™ his way into the finale and he knows it too that’s why he was shocked Simone and Normani got eliminated before him.

I’m not mad at all about Rashad winning because the guy does deserve it, but Normani did NOT deserve 3rd place behind a white dude who is rhythmically inept. This show needs to fix the percentage of audience votes vs. judge’s votes to get the combined total score because the system is shit.