no no nancy

Karen Wheeler notices the biggest change in her children over the breakfast table. She notices how they sit slightly closer together, their bodies turned ever so slightly in towards one another, rather than away in annoyance. She notices how Nancy passes Mike the syrup for his eggs and doesn’t make a snide remark or a disgusted face. She notices how Mike carefully refills Nancy’s glass with orange juice before refilling his own. And she notices, most of all, how they always linger at the table long after she’s cleared their dishes away, quiet and sombre, as if the day ahead will prove more difficult than the last. And Karen—as she watches her children get up from the table, Nancy offering Mike a ride to school and Mike refusing because he’s meeting Lucas in ten minutes—wonders what brought them so close together and worries that she’ll never fully understand their pain. 

Jughead Jones Imagine

‘Okay ‘Nancy Drew’’

Jughead x Nancy Drew Imagine

Request: So I know that these characters have never gone together but imagine a fic where Nancy Drew comes to Riverdale and her and jughead start investigating Jason’s death together

Summary: Detective Nancy Drew shows up in Riverdale and meets Jughead who is ready and willing to help investigating the Jason Blossom case

Word Count: 797

a/n: I had some trouble thinking of how to incorporate Nancy Drew so I did my best. I hope you don’t absolutely hate it! Don’t forget to send in your requests you guys!


The strangely dual-purposed pep rally/Jason Blossom memorial was just starting. The cheerleaders cheered monotonously off on the field and people in the bleachers were covered in blue and yellow from head to toe. The boys wore symbolic eye-black and any school shirt they could find, the girls painted their boyfriend’s jersey number on their cheeks and drowned themselves in overly large sweaters. Nancy Drew sat at the top of the bleachers by herself. There were a few solitary people around her but for the most part she could keep to herself.

She was fine with being by herself, it was a part of being a detective. Sometimes she would work on cases with other people but for the most part she handled things by herself.

Just then, the cheerleaders stopped cheering and somebody tapped on the microphone as if checking to see if it was on. It gave back a screeching feedback and the audience covered their ears and made humdrum complaints to each other. She looked up and a saw a petite cheerleader with bright orangey hair falling in soft waves. She recognized her from the background research that she’d done on the Riverdale case; She was the boy’s sister, Sherry? Sharon? She couldn’t remember.

The girl talked as if she was accepting an award at a beauty pageant, not as if she was talking about her dead twin brother. It was a little strange. She pulled out her notebook and scribbles some notes. ‘Jason’ this, ‘Jason’ that.

“You’re taking notes?” A male voice from behind her questioned. Nancy looked up and turned in her seat to find the source of the voice; It was a tall boy with dark hair and a grey beanie.

“Yeah. It’s kind of my thing.” She stuck her hand out and he took it, shaking it firmly. “Nancy.”

“Jughead Jones”.

“Jughead?” She cocked her head, “That’s different.”

“Yeah, I didn’t pick it. It’s a long story, you don’t want to know,” he laughed. “I don’t recognized you, are you new?”

She shook her head, “No, I don’t actually here. I’m just visiting, checking this out.”

“Oh I see,” he sat leaned back on his bench, “You’re a crime-chaser, a journalist.”

She gave the so-so gesture with her hand and squinted her eyes a little. “Kind of a crime-chaser I guess. But not a journalist.”

He nodded his head and looked absentmindedly back at the pep rally. “What are you then? I mean if you’re not a journalist.”

“I’m actually a detective. In my free time at least.” She explained

“A detective?” He scoffed. “Okay ‘Nancy Drew’,” he laughed sarcastically, clearly not realizing.

Suddenly he stopped laughing and whipped his head to her. It must have taken him a couple seconds. His eyes widened and she nodded her head.

“Oh my god, you are Nancy Drew! That’s you! Of course!” He nearly shot out of his chair, to which she just laughed in response. This kind of thing happened sometimes. “I’m sorry I normally don’t get excited like this. I’m serious, ask literally anyone. It’s just I think what you do is awesome.”

“Thank you! That’s so nice.”

“No like really. When the other kids would be watching ‘Jersey Shore’, I would be watching your cases on the news. And I’m going to stop now because I’m really just embarrassing myself.”

“You’re not embarrassing yourself, I promise.”

“It was nice of you to lie to me like that. Anyway, you’ve got to be here about the Jason Blossom thing, right? Who hired you? Was it the mayor? The Blossom’s?”

“I am here for the Jason Blossom case, but nobody hired me. I’m more of a pro bono kind of person, I just follow the crime. And sometimes the crime follows me. I actually hadn’t planned on staying here that long. I thought that the police would have it under control and I would just pass through, but these stories just aren’t adding up.”

“Do you have any suspects yet?”

“I mean so far I have some people I want to investigate, maybe question, but I don’t really know yet. Maybe it’s just because I don’t know the town, but –“

His head whipped toward her, “I know the town.”


“I know the town, I can help you. I’ve actually been putting together a novel about what happened to Jason. I could show it to you, that is if you want. I think it could be a big help.”

“Wow, yes,” She nodded furiously. “I definitely want. That would be awesome. I couldn’t ask you to do this though. I’d have to warn you, hanging out with me… it can get a little dangerous.”

“That’s a good thing dangerous is my middle name.”

“Jughead Dangerous, it’s got a ring to it.”

So... I think I have an Idea

I’ve been trying to think of a plot for @doctorroseprompts‘ “Valentine’s Day reunion fic” prompt, inspired by this lovely painting. And then I saw the prompt we reblogged yesterday, about sending cheesy Valentines across the Void…

And it all came together. I’ve been wanting to write a telepathic bonding fic where the bond doesn’t break at Doomsday, leaving the Doctor and Rose with a way to communicate. And since they can communicate, they can come up with a way, together, for Rose to get home.