no no nancy

Nancy teaches Eleven how to braid and she braids the boys hair all the time. Like the boys will be playing DnD and she’ll sit behind Mike and braids his hair while they play. By the end both Will and Mike have slightly messy french braids and Dustin has mini braids with the tiny elastic bands all through his hair. Lucas’ hair is too short and Eleven feels bad that he doesn’t get any so the next time the boys come to play DnD she makes Lucas a daisy crown so he wont feel left out.

modern au

Steve: hey siri, how to adopt your girlfriends brother and his friends?

Nancy: what

Steve: what

Siri: *on full blast* looking for “how to do you adopt your girlfriend’s brother and his friends”



Steve: i can explain 


Steve:  *sprints in opposite direction*


ok, so there is the obvious “Nancy cut her hair” and everything, that’s very apparent. But… is it just me or did Jonathan update his wardrobe? Like he looks halfway stylish in the trailers. I love how he’s wearing his hair too…. THE BABIES ARE GROWING UP. 

I KNOW!!! they’re growing up and Jonathan is looking all cute and stuff… looking fresh in his new duds… they’re always the least cliche 80′s out of all the teens… Jonathan and Nancy in S2 could be in the 90′s, 00′s… now… (but they still fit into the 80′s perfectly.)

so gorgeous.

If the Nancy drew series was an anime I feel like Ned would wear classic schoolboy uniforms
Frank would have glasses and be “the hot nerd”
Joe is just… always shirtless… ?
Bess is the cutest w/blush all the time
George would be rocking a pixie cut
Deirdre always with that anime™ cleavage
Nancy doesn’t realize how many people are in love with her