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Donald Duck's Nephews' Names In Different Languages
  • English: Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • Dutch: Kwik, Kwek and Kwak
  • Italian: Qui, Quo and Qua
  • German: Tick, Trick and Track
  • French: Riri, Fifi and Loulou
  • Spanish (Spain): Juanito, Jorgito and Pedrito
  • Spanish (Latin America): Hugo, Paco and Luis
  • Finnish: Tupu, Hupu and Lupu
  • Israel: Huey, Dewey, Louie
  • Russian: Billie, Willie and Dillie
  • Norwegian: Ole, Dole and Doffen
  • Swedish: Knatte, Fnatte and Tjatte
  • Polish: Zyzio, Hyzio, Dyzio
  • Serbian: Vlaja, Raja and Graja
  • Portuguese: Huguinho, Zezinho and Luisinho
  • Korean: 휴이(Hui), 듀이(Dui) and 루이가(Luiga)
that’s the one - dad!tom

Summary: You and Tom publicly announce your pregnancy, with Harry’s help.

“Nooo, I don’t like that one either,” you whine.

“Why not?” Tom asks, looking over your shoulder at the camera held for your viewing by Harry. “You look adorable.”

“No, wait. Okay. Take one more,” you say, crossing your legs criss-cross applesauce-style on the bed and putting your hands on your baby bump.

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Things I find beautiful about people

•When they talk about something they’re passionate about.
•Sending you a song because it reminded them of you.
•Singing off key but not caring.
•Sending you funny selfies.
•Laughing at their own jokes.
•Making cheesy puns.
•The way their voice sounds in the morning.
•Getting excited when it rains.
•When they wear oversized sweaters because they’re warm and comfy.
•Tapping their feet while sitting at a desk.
•When they get excited over how beautiful the sunset is.

Feel free to add more❤

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omg i would *love* if you were to expand on school stuff for trans!peter like ,,, michelle being supportive ,, the whole "penis parker" thing ,,

-Peter came out pretty young but he was in middle school

-he didn’t want to go through the hassle of changing everything and making everyone adjust

-so he waited until high school to do all the legal name changing

-midtown isn’t actually his zoned school

-it’s specialized for science and technology so it takes applications and he got in

-meaning most people from his middle school aren’t actually going to high school with him

-making his transition a lot smoother

-the only people going to midtown with him was Ned and a few others

-one of them being Flash Thompson

-Peter was always really smart but his middle school didn’t have a decathlon or anything like that

-so he was never on flash’s radar except for in Robotics Club

-which wasn’t really competitive except for against other schools so flash never had a reason to bully him

-maybe a snide remark here or there about girls in STEM but nothing really personal

-then in 9th grade when Peter shows up to academic decathlon try outs his hair is a bit shorter but may and Ben haven’t put him in T yet because it’s expensive

-flash thinks he looks familiar but doesn’t realize until the teacher says “parker”

-and flash is like ??? Parker? Parker’s a girl

-so after practice flash goes up to Peter and he’s like “so parker thinks she’s a boy now? Is it because you know girls can’t do math and science?”

-“well, first of all, I am a dude. Second of all,
who here is the alternate?”

-Peter is super sassy because he had a good day and flash doesn’t scare him

-and flash is like really angry now Bc his ego is bruised

-and he’s like “well, KAREN, ” and spouts some random rich kid shit

-and peters actually hella hurt but he does home

-may comforts him but it’s hard

-she says they should be able to save up for t shots in 9-12 months

-so his mood is a lot better

-the next day flash corners him and uses his deadname again

-this time Ned is with him and loudly calls him Eugene before he can even finish saying it

-Ned straight up yells it the third time flash tries

-Peter gets really overwhelmed so he’s glad Ned’s there with him

-because flash could easily pin peter in like 10 seconds

-the next day flash shouts across the cafeteria “hey penis parker!” And other offensive things related to him being trans

-Peter actually almost calls May to let him come home early

-he’s humiliated because all of flash’s little friends laughed and made it a big deal

-so not only do flash and his friends know but now so does roughly ¼ of the student body and more
because word will get around

-Ned comforts him through a panic attack

-nobody except flash and his friends give him shit for it though

-most people just call him Parker anyway and none of his teachers fuck up

-ned tells him to report flash but Peter knows that’ll just cause problems

-Flash harasses Peter at decathlon meetings but it’s usually before or after

-mostly because his team mates will usually defend him

-thankfully he doesn’t really have any classes or interactions with flash all of 9th grade other than lunch but flash makes use of his time

-the last few months of 9th grade Peter starts taking T

-then he gets bit by the spider which amplifies effects of T and gives him crazy muscles

-then the whole tony stark thing at the beginning of 10th grade

-tony started paying for Peter’s testosterone (creating a new kind to work with his DNA), binders, and eventually surgery if he ever wants it

-that whole year flash calls him “penis parker” and he has gym with Peter now

-meaning Peter uses the locker room with him

-or well he used to

-now he just changes in the bathroom because one time his clothes straight up got stolen and he doesn’t need that now

-Although it’s ok because MJ refuses to call flash anything but “Eugene” and “Asshat”

-And Ned is lowkey ready to roast flash anytime anywhere

-his status as “alternate” is really helpful

-he has two awesome friends though and tony once made an appearance picking Peter up from school so nobody gives him shit about the internship anymore so all in all he’s having a pretty good time compared to 9th grade

Things I wish I had realised sooner

1. Health is truly wealth.
You shouldn’t wait until you’re older. You need to take care of yourself. Now.
Mental health is important but do not leave out physical health. Please. Both are connected. One affects the other. You need to be healthy all over.

2. Friends won’t help you when you need help the most. It doesn’t matter if they are your ‘best friend forever’ or your ‘person’. It doesn’t matter if you have known them for 10 years or all your life. The promises, the tears, the secrets. None of it matters. Nothing binds them to you. They can leave. And they will leave when things get bad.

3. Learn to rely on yourself. You can only do this if you learn to invest in yourself. You need to be strong to help yourself. And you need to help yourself in order to be strong.

4. If you are really honest with yourself about what you want, it becomes easier to breathe. It may not make it easier to get what you want, but it definitely makes it easier to be happy.

5. Love is overrated. Love is messed up. Love is overused. The word. The emotion is as pure as ever. But don’t mistaken what’s not love to be love. Be patient. There’s no need to hurry. It is not a condition to be happy or live a better life.

6. Everyone has problems. Some have problems you can’t even imagine. When they share those, it’s easy to realize you are better off. Don’t rub that in their face. But there’s no need to try to show them you have a hard life too. Or to portray things in a manner worse than they actually are. You can console people without leading a life as hard or sad as theirs. And you don’t have to feel guilty.

7. Learn to apologise. You may be a nice person but you make mistakes too.

8. Quotes lie.
It gets better. You know it does. The pain, the missing, the tears. What seems unbearable becomes bearable in due time. It keeps diminishing. I don’t know if it ever fully disappears. But it stops hurting so bad. It becomes insignificant. All in good time.

9. It is your life. Not your parents or your friends or your partner should make you do things that make you unhappy. Sometimes all you have to do is speak up. Let them know what you truly want and how you feel. You will be surprised to know most times it works. And for when it doesn’t, you need to have the courage to do everything you can to live the life you want. It’s hard but it’s better than a life of regret and resentment.

10. Sharing is great. Sharing food makes it better. But sometimes having an entire meal all by yourself is so much better. You don’t always have to share. Sometimes you can be enjoy all by yourself.

11. Unhappy people are everywhere. You don’t have to become a host for their unhappiness. You aren’t a landfill where they can dump their sorrows. I’m not asking you to be bad friend or a mean stranger. Help those who you can help. But not at the cost of your own well being.

Weekly Reading List 35

Weekly Recommendations get posted every Thursday. All stories are character x reader unless otherwise stated. Graphic by the awesome @wonders-of-the-enterprise .

Wonder Woman
Steve Trevor
Change is a Good Thing by @goingknowherewastaken

Game of Thrones
Robb Stark
Untitled by @letsasoiaftogether 
Tenderness by @swimmingbyrd
Falling for the Enemy by @imagininggameofthrones

Jon Snow
Day In by @certifiedskywalker

Steve Rogers
Captain’s Girl by @immostlyconfused NSFW
I Hate Pants, and I Want a Nap by @knittingknerdy
My Eyes Part 3/Part 4/Part 5 by @invisibleanonymousmonsters 
Hazy by @papermoon2719
Heaven by @kellieabro NSFW
Something to Someone by @imamotherfuckingstar-lord
Touch and Go/ Part 2 by @bovaria
Sledgehammer 2* 3 4* 5 6 7 by @tilltheendwilliwrite NSFW
I Want You by @super-shield
Mrs. Captain by @becaamm

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On the topic of pit bulls, how do you tell what's an APBT and what's a bully mix?

same way you would tell any purebred and mixes of that breed apart, they look different!

if you’re thinking “is MY dog a bully mix or an apbt?” i guarantee you its a mix. you have to go out of your way to find a real apbt, and cough up a lot of money for it cause they are not common whatsoever and mostly just exist within the apbt fancier circle, you dont really just happen to have one by chance. 

if you’re thinking just in general how to identify one versus the other, they look less alike then you’d think!

actual american pit bull terriers:

External image

firstly, they’re way smaller than you probably realize! these are not big dogs, and they are usually very naturally athletic and have lean musce. 

bully breed mixes (BBM):

tl;dr almost every “pit bull” youve seen is probably not a pit bull


slip away // a yumary playlist

01. i’m callin’ - tennis // 02. crave you - flight facilities ft. giselle // 03. talking in your sleep - the romantics // 04. fire meet gasoline - sia // 05. pretty thing - broods // 06. lost kitten - metric // 07. e.t. - katy perry // 08. fire - ingrid michaelson // 09. what your mother taught you - kingsfoil // 10. what’s it gonna be - shura // 11. sweater weather (cover) - postmodern jukebox // 12. shark in the water - vv brown

listen on: youtube, spotify

If I wrote the Arya threatening Sansa Scene
  • Arya: I wonder what it will be like to wear your face, and to wear your pretty dresses.
  • Sansa: Arya if you wanted to wear my dresses you could've just asked.
  • Arya: not remotely what I meant.
  • Sansa: But you'd look really pretty in one.
  • Arya: Dammit Sansa! You know I hate Dresses! I'm trying to threaten you!!!
  • Sansa: As am I
  • Arya : ....What?
  • Sansa: if you were to wear my face you would have to wear my dresses...Forever.
  • Arya: ...Okay clearly I didn't think this through.
  • Sansa: And that's why I'm in charge.
  • Arya : You're such a bitch.
  • Sansa: You threaten to wear my face and I'm the bitch?
Hermione beating Ron at Wizards Chess
  • Hermione: checkmate!
  • Ron: period !
  • Hermione: I thought your catchphrase was "bloody hell!"
  • Ron: same thing *shrugs*

《 antonyms 》

¤ to / from = până la / de la
¤ over / under = deasupra / dedesubt
¤ in front of / behind = în fața / în spatele
¤ near / far = aproape / departe
¤ here / there = aici / acolo
¤ before / after = înainte / după
¤ early / late = devreme / târziu
¤ always / never = mereu / niciodată
¤ often / rarely = adesea / rareori
¤ yesterday / tomorrow = ieri / mâine
¤ first / last = primul / ultimul
¤ a little / a lot = puțin / mult
¤ large / small = mare / mic
¤ wide / narrow = larg / îngust
¤ tall / short = înalt / scund
¤ high / low = ridicat / scăzut
¤ light / heavy = ușor / greu
¤ fast / slow = repede / încet
¤ good / bad = bun / rău
¤ wet / dry = umed / uscat
¤ hard / soft = tare / moale
¤ clean / dirty = curat / murdar
¤ beautiful / ugly = frumos / urât
¤ expensive / cheap = scump / ieftin
¤ quiet / noisy = liniște / gălăgie
¤ hot / cold = fierbinte / rece (warm = cald)
¤ open / closed = deschis / închis
¤ full / empty = plin / gol
¤ new / old = nou / vechi
¤ free / occupied = liber / ocupat
¤ light / dark = lumină/ întuneric
¤ easy / difficult = ușor / dificil
¤ strong / weak = puternic / slab
¤ fat / thin = gras / slab
¤ young / old = tânăr / bătrân
¤ black / white = negru / alb
¤ interesting / boring = interesant / plictisitor
¤ sick / well = bolnav / sănătos
¤ beginning / end = început / sfârșit
¤ heaven / hell = rai / iad
¤ alive / dead = viu / mort
¤ ally / enemy = aliat / inamic
¤ answer / question = răspuns / întrebare
¤ antonym / synonym = antonim / sinonim
¤ boy / girl = băiat / fată
¤ man / woman = bărbat / femeie
¤ common / rare = obișnuit / rar
¤ even / odd = par / impar
¤ to find / to lose = a găsi / a pierde
¤ to float / to sink = a pluti / a se scufunda
¤ to give / to receive = a da / a primi
¤ hero / coward = erou / laș
¤ inhale / exhale = a inhala / a expira
¤ intelligent / stupid = inteligent / prost
¤ known / unknown = cunoscut / necunoscut
¤ left / right = stânga / dreapta
¤ like / dislike = a place / a displace
¤ to melt / to freeze = a se topi / a îngheța
¤ day / night = zi / noapte
¤ polite / rude = politicos / nepoliticos
¤ rich / poor = bogat / sărac
¤ sober / drunk = treaz / beat
¤ to win / to lose = a câștiga / a pierde
¤ safe / unsafe = sigur / nesigur
¤ qualified / unqualified = calificat / necalificat
¤ hard-working / lazy = harnic / leneș
¤ true / false = adevărat / fals
¤ curly / straight = ondulat / drept
¤ to fail / to pass = a eșua / a promova
¤ absent / present = absent / prezent
¤ to argue / to agree = a se certa / a fi de acord
¤ to affirm / to deny = a afirma / a nega
¤ to allow / to forbid = a permite / a interzice
¤ to buy / to sell = a cumpăra / a vinde
¤ friend / enemy = prieten / dușman
¤ to destroy / to create = a distruge / a crea

Good luck! Mult succes!