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person of any age: *calls me sir*

me: must..not…let… the power…corrup-

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I read a spoiler about 6x11 that Emma, Regina, and Wish!Robin will be returning to Storybrooke together, through what else but a magic wardrobe rebuilt by August...Any thoughts about the symbolism there? My mind immediately went to "closeted gays" lol

Oh, you did not just ask that, Anon!? I don’t have time to write all these volumes! …but okay, if you insist. Don’t twist my arm. (Please, twist it! 😏 )

I have a few answers here. Let’s start with… 

The Queer

You know how Pilots subtly introduce the themes for an entire series? There were a million ways for them to show us Emma’s job as a bail bonds person. They chose to have her on a  fake date with a man. He thinks it’s the real thing. She has another agenda. Is Killian simply Ryan - the very, very extended version?

After that, we saw her come home, showing us once more that she was really only playing a part. She wasn’t comfortable in those shoes. I’m sure most women kick off their shoes and sigh in relief after… but you have to take into account that this is television. Everything you are shown is significant. They even zoom in specifically to draw attention to her body language. 

If it wasn’t supposed to be part of the introduction of their main original character, then it wouldn’t have been included. You can explain queer coding away easily, since it was developed to fly under the radar. It’s the sum total of all the different instances that makes it impossible to deny in the case of Emma Swan and Once Upon a Time.

A little after, Emma and Regina meet. Emma looks completely captivated at first. Her body language, her stance, the licking of the lips, the way she looks a little annoyed by the existence of Graham.

Just look at her look at her.

Here is the moment that changes everything. Emma meets Mary Margaret. She meets her fairy tale mother and only after that moment we see her being put in the wardrobe. It’s symbolic. Emma doesn’t want to lose her family, she doesn’t want to do anything that rocks the boat too much. So she hides who she really is.

So yes, I absolutely think this moment was linked to Emma being closeted and that an episode where Emma comes out of the closet… means something. In fact I think it means exactly what it should mean.

The evolution is not happening in a vacuum here. Last episode gave them so many romantic fairy tale scenes. Wishes. Princesses. Singing. Saving. They were getting ready to leave while holding hands. They even marked the two obstacles they have to face before they can be together by having both shoot arrows at them.

Isn’t it interesting that the first issue was Snow White? You know, the mother who made the decision to put Emma in the closet?

…and that the second issue was Robin Hood? The man Regina thinks she should be with? In both of these moments something good was about to happen. Regina almost had Emma convinced when the Charmings showed up and without Robin’s intervention, they would have had an easy time getting back.

Emma said she remembers who she is - and I think she meant the Emma we met in Season 1. Last season we had Ruby’s story and as I’ve mentioned, the wolf is Emma’s guide, so it should have been a precursor to what’s going to happen for Emma later on. I think we’re all ready for later on.

We also started the season with these little gems…

…and they heavily insinuated all of our characters had some Untold Stories - the premise of this season, remember?

So if their entire show was meant to show us how women are socialized - put into a closet of expectation - and told what they can and can’t do - except they used a 28-year-old orphan who hadn’t gone through the process before instead of with an infant - then it makes sense Emma couldn’t come out before we got close to the end of their story.

It does imply that once they come out of the closet in the next episode, it will have to become more and more obvious to everyone how they really feel about each other.

The Narnia

Then there is the extended symbolism, where Emma going through the wardrobe marked the moment when Emma went to her very own Narnia. It was when she became part of the fairy tale world. She went through and became a fairy tale character. It wasn’t when she broke the curse or when magic came to Storybrooke. Things got crazy the second she woke up in that jail cell after the car crash - because that normally doesn’t happen in our world - or it really, really shouldn’t. Hospital’s the way to go. So I think going through the wardrobe also marks the moment when she left our world… and if they’re going back to Storybrooke through the wardrobe, it may be them coming back from their Narnia and we’re on our way to split the two worlds again into our world and the Enchanted Forest.

I was also thinking about Wonderland and how… the wardrobe also had restrictions. It only had enough magic for two to cross to another realm, so if Emma, Regina and Robin go through it, that may be the reason there are negative consequences. If we were supposed to link it to the Wonderland rules, the same applies, because only Emma and Pinocchio went through.

The Hidden

I’ve written about it here, but in short… there lies another story hidden beneath the surface. Pinocchio is the symbol of lying and August W. Booth is a reference to the concept of the unreliable narrator. It would make sense that the biggest secrets of the story are hidden behind those two characters. In fact, it would almost be odd if they didn’t use them to mark some sort of lie or warped reality that wasn’t obvious at first.

I think it’s possible the 7-year-old boy who found Emma as a baby couldn’t be tracked down because the newspaper or the police changed the gender to protect the child’s identity. When we landed in Once Upon a Narnia, the stories of our world were warped and so Regina’s story - in this case - was hidden behind that of Pinocchio. 

I suspect Regina was the little girl who found baby Emma and saved her life. Emma was found outside of the woods of Storybrooke. Their ages match. Even if we leave this Narnia, it would be a beautiful modern fairy tale. Regina saves baby Emma, Emma saves Regina by giving her a son and in the end they end up saving themselves and each other when they meet again.

If this is really the case, then Pinocchio was always Regina. They were both the only ones who went into the wardrobe and now they will both come out together…

I have to thank the Lord my God for pushing me into uncomfortable situations
God wanted me to grow when I wanted to stand still
And here I am
Years later
A new woman
And I have to thank God for growth I wasn’t willing to insist upon for myself

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For Translation I guess? : My dad pointing to the female box while at the clinic cause I'm sick "See I Have to pick this one." Idk, I'm just upset he felt he had to point that out to me when he knows I'm a trans (nb) boy.

Straight Talk : Hey, hey, you know I looove misgendering you? I’m going to remind you I don’t see you for who you are, and insist again. It’s not like it would make you uncomfortable or anything after all!

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Hi! I just wanted to ask you, what is your opinion about the new episode? I really want to know what do you think about Starco and Jarco. Thanks in advance (:

I’m not exactly sure if i’m the right person to talk about this considering this episode doesn’t do a ton for me since neither of those ships are my favorites.

But if you insist i’ll just give some of my two cents on it.

I really wonder how long Star knew about Marco liking love sentence, because i know that it certainly wasn’t during “Red Belt”.

Also they called it their “thing”, which is hard for me to comment on because they’ve never enjoyed love sentence together before this episode. So i’m not really sure how big it is for them.

I still think it means more to tomco, whose entire relationship only hit off because of their love for the band. Well that, and we only found out Marco liked this band in that episode, along with Tom, it was a discovery and a gateway to their relationship.

(( Which of course bugs the heck out of me that Tom wasn’t in this ep, especially since Love Sentence is a band he made a dang shrine to.

they probably didn’t add him in because they didn’t want to break the tension going on but he still could’ve made a cameo in the background))

Oh well, moving on..

Star’s motives are weird, she clearly wants Marco to be happy with Jackie, and went through all that trouble to add her into their group. But she also doesn’t like seeing them extremely close together.

I mean it’s clear she’s bothered by it, but she also kinda doesn’t want to ruin it for her friend.

And it’s clear seeing Marco having a close relationship with someone else makes her upset.

She’s upset because Marco having a girlfriend means he’s going to be spending more time with someone else, and that she’s no longer going to be as close with him as she used to be.

She’s torn between Marco’s happiness, and her own.

She probably should’ve just told Marco the truth but i suppose she didn’t want to make everything weirder.

Like i said before, i don’t particularity care for Starco, so this episode doesn’t really hit me like everyone else because i kinda like them more as supportive friends. But if that’s your cup of tea it’ll work for you.

Jackie and Star interacting was really nice, they actually have a lot in common and really get along nicely.

Jarco is still pretty cute in my book, not my fav ship, but I think their interactions are sweet.

Songs were good as always.

Welp, for the people out there who was calling stuff like Friend-Enemies “QUEERBAITING”, there are literal gay and lesbian couples kissing in this episode.

so hate to burst your bubble, but looks like ships like Tomco have more of a chance of happening since the censors don’t care anymore.

Ending is a bit sad to look at because you know she’s dying inside, but her emotions are very unhealthy and she needs to resolve this.

Star reminds me ALOT of how Tom was before Marco talked him out of trying to win Star back.

Being angry and bitter all the time, spying on them, unable to do anything because they can’t control the situation.

and because Star is acting the same way Tom was, i still want her to learn the same lesson he did.

((I don’t care who it is, if it’s not ok for Tom, it’s not ok for Star))

I don’t personally think Starco will happen by the end of this season, just because it’s hard to imagine Marco just giving up on his crush he’s waited for years to be with for his friend who he doesn’t like in that way.

Besides the fact that it’s chicle, and this show tends to strive away from those for the most part,  it really doesn’t make alot of sense.

However, this crush biz only started THIS season so by the looks of it, it will be resolved one way or another by the end of this season.

Anyway, that’s my two cents on it.

It’s a good episode all in all.

I bought these $6 shoes 2 years ago. My husband and I meticulously prepared our house for a single baby, but for some reason decided to accept placement of two brothers, being moved from another foster home because of the 3 year olds behavior. We could either have them come in 2 hours later on that Friday, or wait the weekend and have them come Monday. I was so excited I insisted on them coming in 2 hours even though I was an hour away from my house at work. We had nothing for older children, not even a high chair for the 1 year old.

I made an emergency run and bought essentials, including car seats, kid food, and some clothes. I bought these shoes, which were much too big because I didn’t know the difference between toddler sizes and big kid sizes. I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

Those boys are now my sons and Prince finally fits into these shoes. Sometimes I can barely comprehend how blessed I am.

I joyously pointed to my little rose bush, eager for her to see the new buds forming.
She touched the fading unpollinated flowers, and said I should water it.
No, I insisted. That’s what they’re supposed to do. I showed her the crisp dark leaves, the heaviness of the pot, the moistness of the soil. I told her it’s a happy plant.
She shrugged.
But look at the buds! I told her.
She asked where they were.
I pointed them out, all four of them. One so ready to bloom it had yellow petals peeking out from behind its sepal.
She gave a forced smile, and sat down with her phone.
I looked again at my rose bush. Well, I thought to it, you can’t say I didn’t try.
—  J.H.

Arjun shook his head. <<She would have grown up eventually! It’s not like she was gonna be a crybaby forever>>, he pointed out.

His mother rolled her eyes, sighing. <<Yeah, and then you would have had to take it to school, and help with homework, and blah blah blah… Raising a child isn’t easy, Arjun. Trust your mother on this>>, she insisted.

But Arjun was adamant. <<I wanted to do those things. I wanted to be a cool dad>>, he moped.

Aarti took a deep breath, trying not to snap at him. <<Then be a cool dad>>, she said instead.

What do you say to a dying relative?

Tomorrow I’m going to see my grandfather, who has been fighting cancer for a few years now. It’s gotten to the point that treatment won’t work anymore so they’ve stopped it. It’s likely this is the last time I’ll see him, and I don’t know what to say. I’m not religious and we weren’t very close, but other than saying I love him, what is there to say?

Its scary to be confronted with death, and I’m aware that since I have his genes this is how I could go, too. My memories of him are all from my childhood, and besides a loan to buy my first motorcycle when I was a teenager he hasn’t factored into my life as an adult, we can’t reminisce. I can listen as he loves to give advice and insist I get a proper job (not having faith in my art, you see) so what do I say? There’s nothing I wish to ask him, we’ve lived in two different worlds.

We’ll sit and have a coffee, I guess, and I can say goodbye and that will be that.

First Sentence Writing Prompt

An anon asked me to do all the prompts on this list. So here we go! This is a quick lunch time fic :)

In case you missed some and want to read these, I will eventually add them to the prompts collection fic I have on ao3 so you can catch up on there :)

1. I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.

Title: Out of the Closet

“I know you’re afraid but we can’t hide in this closet forever.”

Serena rolls her at eyes at that. “I can bloody do as I like Ms Wolfe,” she said through gritted teeth. She held the gun to her chest and let out a deep breath.

“They’re going to find us in here eventually,” Bernie reloaded her gun and replaced her head gear.

“I think we should stay here a little longer,” Serena insisted.

“Come on soldier,” Bernie teased. “Head up, shoulders back, gun at eye level. I have your back, Fräulein.”

Serena glared at the blonde. “I’ve heard it hurts.”

“Getting shot hurts?” Bernie rolled her eyes. “Imagine that.”

“You owe me for this,” Serena reminded her.

“I promise to wash every speck of paint from your wonderful body,” she said with a husky voice.

Serena’s desire replaced the nerves in her stomach. “In that case, let’s get this show on the road Major Wolfe.”

“That’s more like it,” Bernie laughed as they both barged from the closet and ran into the open space, firing paint balls at Cam, Ellie, Jason and Charlotte.

Am I the only one who desperately wants to see Berena go paint balling? I think this would be an absolute blast! :)

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how did you meet your husband?

Oh hi Anon! I met Mr Blake on my v first day of law school (spoiler, I later dropped out) when I went in to work out at the health club the school had brokered some sort of arrangement with. They told me I needed a fitness assessment in order to work out there and I was like no, I’m extremely Busy and Important, I do not require any sort of assessment from you (spoiler, the assessment went something like “rate your fitness level from 1-10” “5?” “I’d err lower”) but they insisted. And then I realized the man assigned to me was deeply attractive and my heart promptly plummeted to the depths of my uterus and arose, shining, thrust to the far reaches of insanity as I threatened to kill him within the first five minutes of our meeting and then proceeded to v nearly die myself. 

He asked me out the next day because idk he has absolutely no concern for his safety I guess

We barely see each other and he has always excuses when I want us to talk on phone. I badly want to talk about us. To know our status, to ask about his life, to update. I want us to communicate so bad especially that we are both in the mood to decide what’s best for us. I want to talk about us. I badly want to know how’s everything for him, to say how much I miss him, to know if he needs any help so I can help him, and to just let him know I’m here for him but he is not letting me do all these things for him. We are falling apart, and I want to keep it alive. If I insist to get load, he will get mad. If I get load without telling him, he would have excuses so he could hung up. Hey, I have feelings too and it hurts especially when your voice is the only voice my ears, mind and heart want to hear. I care for you, don’t you care for me? I’m sorry if this has to be posted because I feel so sad right now. I wanted to make things up, to fix us, to fix everything but you won’t let me.

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Charlie and Dennis insisting "wow mac is SO in love with us he's obsessed" in Macs banging the waitress is funny but. now tht I think abt it, mac had no reason to insist he and the waitress be dressed as Charlie & Dennis. none of Charlie's neighbors would care that he was going into Charlie's apartment. either he did it to be dramatic and badass or... he's just really into Charlie & Dennis. also at the end they still think Macs in love with them... so they probably never stopped thinking it

charmacdennis is the most blessed and true sunny ship of them all

Mercy76 Week: Day 4 | Reunion

Fluffy fluff fluff.

Archive of Our Own:

“You legitimately thought people didn’t know?” I ask, pushing Jack back onto the exam tale. “Your voice, your mannerisms- it’s obvious. Even Fareeha saw through your disguise, and she was only a child when you ‘died.’“ As outdated as it is, I use air quotes around the final word. I don’t care, I’m furious.

Jack groans, massaging his forehead. His mask is off at m insistence. There are more scars than I remember, but he’s still as handsome as the day I- no, Angela. You’re mad at him, not falling head-over-heels again. “Oh God, Fareeha,” he says, lowering his head. “She’s gonna be pissed at Ana.”

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Mmmmm… I won’t delete, but the reason why I considered it and still do??
It’s not even just art, it’s because I met these toxic people who insist on treating me like crap right after I decide to do what’s best for me and block them. They upload my convos, photos of me and don’t respect me all together and when I confront them on how they’ve been acting, they turn it on me as if I’m the bad guy/I’m overreacting and don’t want to admit that they are in the wrong and it’s so evident. From this, I don’t want to make any more friends on here because if I protect myself and block them for constantly abusing me in more ways than one they want to act like little babies and half of them are 18+ who need to seriously grow a pair.
I’m not saying the friends I have currently are cruel or anything because trust and believe they all are fuckin AMAZING!
I’m just tired of past “friends” acting like 5 year olds when they don’t get their way or the response they wanted and try to get at me by not respecting me and my privacy.
The bad part is that Tumblr never does anything about it and block doesn’t help so.

The last of diplomacy:

“It is not an easy choice or one that I take lightly. However, if you all insist on killing one another, with or without my help, I must choose a side or watch the Commonwealth be torn apart between you.

As General of the Minutemen, my people and their safety comes first. Not only has the Institute spied on us- a minor offense in it of itself- but they manipulate, experiment on, and outright kill us every day. So, Father… Son… I cannot support such an organization as would knowingly and intentionally eradicate what is left of humanity.

The Railroad is of little concern, their lack of desire and capability to help anyone but synths will eventually be their undoing. When the synth oppressors are gone, in time so too will the synths vanish and with them any need or necessity for the Railroad. A single purpose can be a strong motivator and your quest is not unjustified. However, this is not a path I may enter into as I am the caretaker of many non-synth individuals. Desdemona, I wish you luck and hope you can save more lives before this is all over…

As far as The Brotherhood of Steel is concerned. I hesitate to endorse the organization purely due to the more radical side of your beliefs and petulant indignation, Maxson… In its most basic form the Brotherhood has the power and ability to do good and keep the people of the Commonwealth safe. However, there are those residing here who do not fit within the stringent-steel-guidelines of "acceptable” but are valued members of this society. Some of whom are even my own close personal friends. Could the Brotherhood respect our autonomy? Even that of ghouls, super mutants, and synths whom choose to live in peace with us?

A wiser Paladin than I once said, “The Brotherhood does not kill innocents. It doesn’t matter what kind of tech they’re sitting on. If they aren’t shooting at you, leave them alone.” It was my understanding that this same Paladin embodied the righteous soul of your organization. Or was he the one in a million who could have made me believe in the BOS’s mission, Arthur?…

That we would all go to war is not my desire but it is my decision to make as to where I stand. Just as you all must make your own.

The Minutemen, for now and so long as our autonomy and the lives of our citizens are respected, will stand with the Brotherhood of Steel.“

-Sole Survivor

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I'm still thinking about the gays in the svtfoe screenshots and I get this mental image of the censors erasing something and the crew drawing it back until the censors get completely tired and tell themselves to not insist anymore with censoring defcy

I’m not sure that’s how censorship works, but I don’t know enough about it to contest you.


made a korean-esperanto friend (who’s also learning japanese) on twitter & they insisted i get “telegram(o)” to join the esperanto group chat for those who’re learning japanese, and so i joined 2 days ago, and wow! it’s SO easy to make friends on this thing! the groups are really great! it’s for both the computer & smartphone

it’s just an updated IRC really (skype + chatboard), but most people’ve put flags in their usernames showing where they’re from/what languages they speak and then everyone’s helping each other, i joined groups for “swedish esperantists” “anime-loving esperantists” etc and in all the language-specific groups there’s also language learners so it feels more casual. anyway due to it i wrote more swedish than i’ve done in a long time, got a new resource to learn indonesian from & made a friend who also wants to learn greenlandic, among other things