no no don't stop

I want to make love to your mind.
—  A sickeningly lovestruck INTP in love with another INTP.

I’ve gotten to that point when I can recognize seiyuus voices in different animes  and I do not know if this is good or bad

anonymous asked:

June wanders into the forrest and finds team prime and her son. Shes overjoyed to see her bby boy, but get worried when team prime tells her that there is no way out that they know of. So she and team prime put together team work to look after the kids and find a safe way out. But kobd see her and falls passionatly for this strange human. So they start to seduce her and genuinly want to keep her and her dear boy with them forever. So they always try to offer them both some fae like food.

Aaaaaaaannnnnnddd, I think I just found my new favorite faeformers au.  ~3^

cyan-sketches-things  asked:

Bby, what did they do to him?? Did they make the boi edgy??

Anonymous said: Spill the tea!! What happened in the trailer what arE THEY DOING TO AECH???

Anonymous said: please say this is not what they r doin to my aech,,, please n o

Anonymous said: Where is maybe possible Aech in the teaser?

UMMM SO APPARENTLY AECH IS THAT GIANT ORC DUDE?? Like there’s one frame where there’s a tag across his chest that reads “Aech” and I’m really upset if that’s his avatar because he’s supposed to be this tall Caucasian male with dark hair and dark eyes and broad shoulders and like?? Umm that’s not accurate at all

Like if it’s just a transformation sorta that’s fine. If it’s temporary…? But if the movie writers are like “Lol we’re gonna make Aech’s avatar a giant orc to be EDGY” I’m like UM NO. NO THANKS. ORCS ARE COOL BUT PLEASE DON’T

Normally I wouldn’t care but Aech is my favorite character and I really wanted to see his human avatar? Please? Don’t do this to me I–dammit

o shit waddup here comes that depression

From the author’s perspective, reading and doing nothing means that you either A) didn’t like it or B) didn’t care about it one way or the other. 

The only way we know that you like it is if you tell us.

This has been a public service announcement.