no nitori x rin

I couldn't get this out of my head.

“Ugh. Of course the plastics are all in the same Gym class.”

“Who are the plastics?”

“They’re teen royalty. If Iwatori was JPNweekly, they would always be on the cover.”

“The blonde one, that’s Nagisa. He is one of the dumbest boys you will ever meet”

“He raced next to Nitori last semester.”

“he asked me how to spell ‘Breaststroke.’”

“The one with the big muscles, that’s Makoto.”

“He knows everyone’s business. He knows everything about everybody. That’s why his muscles are so big. They’re full of secrets!”


//scary music// “And evil takes a dolphin form in Nanase Haruka.”

“Now don’t be fooled. He may seem like you’re typical selfish backstabbing slut-faced merman.. but in reality he is so much more.”

“He’s the king.”

“Those others.. they’re just his little workers.”


So me and my friend were in a Skype chat and we had an idea. A parody of Free: Iwatobi Swim Club where all the ships are cannon.
Just imagine:

  • Nagisa trying to convince his boyfriend Rei to join swim club with him so they can spend time together. Rei eventually caving and joining because he loves Nagisa too much to say no any longer
  • Nagisa struggling to be supportive of Rei not being able to swim. Rei loving him anyway
  • Rei and Nagisa study dates
  • Makoto literally living with Haru
  • When Makoto pulls Haru out of the tub he kisses him
  • Makoto being concerned about Haru’s friendship with Rin/Haru’s depression and giving him emotional support and reassuring kisses
  • Rin and Nitori roommate cuddles
  • When Sousuke shows up Rin’s all torn between his adorable roommate and childhood friend. Nitori gets upset and distant but Rin’s oblivious to how Nitori feels. Then finally Nitori tells Rin that he thinks Rin’s gonna leave him for Sousuke and Rin’s all like: NO BBY I WOULD NEVER LEAVE YOU I PROMISE D:

You know what this glorious creation would be called?