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here for all my baby aces.

here for all the ace teens being told they can’t be ace.

here for all the ace teens being told their sexuality is somehow putting others at risk (it’s not.)

here for all the teens who aren’t sure, but don’t really get all this sex stuff.

here for all the ace teens who got really worried after health class.

here for all the teens being told they’re just late bloomers.

here for all the teens who just are trying on different labels to figure out which one fits best.

here for all the teens who DO like the label ace, but are scared of all the discourse.

here for all the teens who don’t want a label, but just want to live their lives.

its okay. you’re okay. I love you. You have a right to try out whatever labels you want, or none at all. whatever you choose has no ill effect on other teens, and I will fight anyone who tells you differently. But most of all, know that you have time. If you want to identify as something now, and either keep it or change that later, great! You aren’t too young to try to understand yourself. If you just want to enjoy being a kid and not deal with sexuality right now, also great! You know what’s best for you. You have time.

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You amaze me. A kid called me out for reading fan fiction in class and I showed them ur work and now I have a new freind. 1, 3, 85, or 100 wolfstar for the Drabble challenge please?thank you for existing. Sincerely, me and the kid. (Ps. Our anatomy teacher kinda hates you for making us cry in class really sorry she just doesn't understand yet)

First of all, this is probably one of the best complements and asks I’ve ever gotten so thank you for this. I know it was a while ago but still, this means everything. Yay to new friends and fanfic :) <3 Thank you so much!

Remus has alternated between worrying in the common room, practically driving James mad with his pacing, and hovering in the doorway of the dormitory, from which Sirius had yet to emerge from all day. He hadn’t even touched the food plates Remus had brought up for him.

“Moony, c’mon, please.” James removed his glasses, rubbing at his homework-tired eyes, “Either talk to him or don’t but just stop with the fucking-“

“I know, I know.” Remus sighed, falling down onto the couch next to Lily who took his hand sympathetically.

“Has he, y’know, said anything?” Lily asked gently.

“No. Fuck, no, he hasn’t.” Remus ran a hand over his face, “Whatever was in that fucking letter though… God, he won’t even talk to me he’s just sitting on that window ledge fucking staring into space. God, I don’t know if someone died or-“

“I can’t think of someone in that house who could die and he’d react this way about- fuck, ow! Lils, what-“

Lily tossed her book back down, James rubbing his shoulder, “They’re still his family, James! Psycho or not…” She added quietly, quill starting to scratch at her essay again.

James shrugged helplessly at him, and Remus sighed for what felt like the thousandth time.

“I’m going to try again.”

He took the stairs two at a time, only to breathlessly halt in the doorway again. As suspected, Sirius had yet to move. His knees were brought to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around himself. The evening light haloed his profile as he stared out the window over looking the lake and mountains.

Remus bit his lip, finally stepping in and shutting the door softly behind him, never taking his eyes from Sirius. His steps were careful and slow as he approached him.

“Pads?” He cleared his throat, voice coming out too soft.

Sirius didn’t move, didn’t even look up. Remus’ throat tightened. He sighed and gave up on the ‘giving him space’ tactic completely, sitting down on the edge of the window seat, one hand coming up to rest over one of Sirius’ atop his knee. Still, he received no response.

Remus’ brows knit, “Love, please. Please look at me… I want- I need to help you. Merlin, I can’t fucking stand seeing just sitting there all day. I can’t stand seeing you like…” Remus shook his head, holding Sirius’ hand tighter, waiting.

Sirius let out a breath that puffed out his cheeks a bit, and tilted his head back to lean against the stone wall. His eyes moved slowly from the window to Remus’. They were red rimmed and puffy. Remus’ heart broke a little. He doesn’t remember ever seeing Sirius cry before, ever. Not even when he broke his arm in second year.


Sirius shook his head, silencing Remus immediately. He sat up, scooting forward a little and looking again to Remus. Remus tilted his his head, confused.

“Can we-“ Sirius cleared his throat, voice rough, “Can you… Y’know, like when you’re reading…”

And Remus understood immediately, heart practically melting at the soft request, and scrambled up, sliding easily behind Sirius and pulling his back against his chest, resting Sirius’ body easily between his legs. Remus felt Sirius’ body relax into him at the familiar position, and he wound his arms around his waist, pressing soft kisses to his temple when Sirius let his head drop back against his shoulder.

“Good?” Remus murmured, pushing Sirius’ hair gently off his forehead.

“Mm..” Sirius hummed softly, pressing into Remus’ lips. Remus looked at his closed eyes and turned down mouth and wanted to kiss every sign of worry away.

Sirius let out another breath, fiddling with Remus’ fingers resting atop his stomach, and finally the truth came out.

“They disowned me.”

Remus’ eyes widened at that, “They- what?”

Sirius pressed against Remus, trying to soak up all the comfort and courage he could, “I’m not a Black anymore. At least not to them. I-“ Sirius cursed, hating the way his throat was tightening up, “Fuck, I hate them. I hate them I don’t know why I’m so- I don’t know what’s wrong with me-“

Remus shushed Sirius softly, noting the tears in his voice, and pulled him closer, fitting his hands to his hips to guide Sirius into flipping over and straddling his waist instead, “Pads-“

“And don’t tell me it’s normal to feel this way because I know that, I just don’t want-“ He cursed as tears fell down his cheeks and pressed the heels of his palms to his eyes, “I don’t want to feel like this. Remus, I don’t want to care-“

“I know..” Remus guided Sirius’ hands away from his eyes, taking them both into his own for a moment, kissing the knuckles, before cupping Sirius’ cheeks, thumbs swiping the tears away, “I know you don’t. Merlin, Pads, I…”

Remus didn’t know what to say. ‘Sorry’ didn’t work, because he knew Sirius wouldn’t want to hear that. He had a family who wasn’t like him, whom he hated, but that didn’t make losing that family any easier…

“You have us.” Remus mouth said it before his brain could catch up.

“You have us.” He pushed a hand through Sirius’ hair, “You lost one family but- but one is right here waiting for you, okay? Alright? And we really, really love you. Prongs, Pete, Lils… me.” Remus’ cheeks warmed at the way Sirius was looking at him, “Fuck, Pads, I love you so much, okay? As in I don’t know what to do with this much… emotion half the time-“

Remus let out a relieved smile when Sirius snorted at that, wiping at his eyes with one hand and pressing the other to Remus’ neck, thumb brushing over his pulse point. Remus bit his lip, “But it’s true, really.”

Sirius nodded, pressing his face back into Remus’ neck, letting a few more tears escape but, this time, out of relief and out of love for this boy holding him so tightly.

“You’re everything, Re…” Sirius pressed his lips to Remus’ jaw, “You’re fucking everything.”

Remus just held him tighter, maybe blushing a little, and never wanting to go a whole day without hold Sirius like this again.


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500!!!!!!!!!! need I say more, honestly? I don’t even care that I just used a cheesy reaction gif because I love all of you guys so much. you truly do mean the world to me and it’s more than I ever imagined. I’m so thankful for the beautiful friends I’ve made and for the amazing people I’ve met.

to celebrate, I’m gonna shoutout my favorite blogs and favorite humans!! if you aren’t following these lovelies, what the fuck are you doing with your life???? ?????? to prove to you why you should follow all of my friends, I’m gonna tell you how much I love them and why (instead of lumping them all in a paragraph that nobody really looks through). pretty sure they all went for downgrades in befriending me so maybe giving them shoutouts is insignificant and y’all already know them but in the meantime they should know that I appreciate them all. so without further ado and in no particular order…

@penelope-garxia - I would say that we’re the same person, but Meg’s writing skills surpass anything I can imagine. I love this girl and absolutely everything she publishes.

@iridescentreid - it’s an honor to say that my blog is semi-matching with such a quality writer and quality human. if you don’t appreciate her content then fuck you (that’s a bit aggressive but like…. worth it)

@wheresthewater - honestly the most generous person I know. helpful, kind, funny. I could go on, but what else do you need?

@twelveyearoldchildprodigy - humanity does not deserve this kind of sweetness nor this level of writing. don’t mean to be cliche, but truly, Steph is too good for this world

@reidoneshots - why I’m shouting her out might confuse you because only a fool would follow me and not this masterpiece of a human. gr8 writing (seriously!!) and gr8 personality to boot, I would happily start a Rach fanclub

@wonderboygenius - honestly such a sweetheart who has such a way with words, not to mention being the one who introduced me to peanut butter blossoms, aka being an angel sent from heaven

@mentallydatingspencerreid - when you mix bi power, absolute kindness, and pure writing talent, this is what you get. and what you get is amazing

@ilikepipecleanerswitheyes if you like smiling or enjoying yourself in any way shape or form then should you follow this beautiful girl who not only shitposts the highest quality shit but also writes hella well.

there are so many quality blogs in this fandom I can’t even begin to name everyone, and I’m sorry if I missed you. and guys, this is just the people I’ve talked to so far!!!! this doesn’t even cover the beautiful people I have yet to meet. come talk to me!! my messages are always open, and so is my ask box!!! even if we never speak, I am so beyond grateful to have 500 of you in my life.  ♥

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Being Renesmee’s twin who can see the dead would include...

  • always talking to people around the house which would worry everyone at first
  • everyone slowly realizing that it’s part of your power and that you’re not just talking to yourself
  • getting more and more scared of your power as you grow up
  • going to your sister for comfort
  • spending the night in Renesmee’s room because you don’t want to be alone in the dark
  • other vampires taking an interest in you because of your powers
  • your family helping you dealing with everything
  • slowly becoming friends with some of the dead
  • most of them being really helpful once you get to know them
  • your new freinds helping you with school stuff and everything else you’re not good with
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About a week ago I was scammed out of Chrissy and her pic for Marshal and his pic. She picked Chrissy up with her picture and never gave Marshal and his pic in return. She did not reply to any of my messages and now has deleted her blog. She has done this before under different friend codes and usernames before, SO BEWARE!!!! I already suspect that she has started using a new Freind Code because her Mii shows she has not been active even though she had made posts and uploaded pictures of her town before she deleted her blog. This person has already been black-listed on ACNLTrades, but still, BE VERY CAUTIOUS. She has done this before and most likely will do this again. If anyone has any information about her and her new blog, please contact ACNLTrades!!! BE VERY SAFE WHILE TRADING!!!!

2016 was tuff 😰, challenqinq 🙇, i learned wut love 💏 iz, wut pain 😩🔫 iz, i made new freinds 👫👫 <3 i lost some old freinds 🙅🙅 </3 i learned who i am 👸 nd who i am not 😷. but no matter wut, i am who i am 😈. liv lyff w/ no reqretzz 👌. i am stronqer now 💪. cant wait 4 2017. new year, new me 💁💁 <3; xoxo 😉