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When would Todoroki find it comfortable to invite his S/o to his house to meet his family or invite his s/o to the hospital to meet his mum? And also when would Todoroki tell his s/o about his scar and family problems?

Aaaaa this request is so amazing since it’s something so personal and relevant for Todoroki’s character I just can’t. It hurts my soul. But like, in a good way XD thanks for requesting!

This reminds me SO much to the book I’m currently writing…sorry, I had to say it XD it talks a lot about scars and about discrimination and judging people so…yeah, the beginning could be totally a part of my book hahaha it just gave me lots of feels

It was hard for Shoto to ignore his scar. Seriously, almost imposible. And not only because it was hard not to run across any mirrors in his way, but also because it was hard to ignore people’s reactions. Sometimes, the reflection you get from your peer’s eyes can be so more clear than the one given by ordinary mirrors. Shoto knew it way too well. His scar was like the inevitable cover of his presentation card, the first thing to call anyone’s attention, and the first thing he was always questioned about. There was no escape, no escape from judging stares, and no escape from himself. However, he got used to it with time.

He got used to talking about it, damn, it was almost impossible not to do so, since so many people asked about what happened. And even though the phrase “my mom spilled boiling water on my face” made almost every asker want to take back their words, it was already too late. They had already said it, and Todoroki had already answered. It was inevitable to talk about his past when, in the present, it was still visibly drawn all over his face.

Whats he wasn’t so used to though, was to talk about his feelings.

Questions always came in the form of “what happened?” rather than “how do you feel about it?” so, to his relief, he never had to retell the darkest side of the story. Which was just how empty he felt.

When he met you, although it was obvious his scar had planted lots of inquires inside your head, you didn’t ask about it. You had heard so many rumors about abuse and violence behind his back you thought it was rude to make him talk about it just to confirm what you know it was probably true. Nevertheless, that didn’t help the fact you were worried about him. He sometimes looked so…lost, so distracted by his own thoughts, so locked up inside himself it made you uneasy.

When you became friends he began to slyly mention some of his experiences at home. Not as a tremendous secret confession about his private life, but rather as a detail he needed to mention to be able to talk about something else. It was natural, not forced. Like, for example, that time you asked him if he wanted to hang out at the mall, and he denied your offer since he had to visit his mother at the hospital. Or that time you had to do a project in pairs and he wouldn’t let you visit his house. When you asked about a reason, he said his relationship with his father just wasn’t the very best.

That way, from those tiny comments, you slowly managed to get the picture of what had happened in the past. And, by the time you two started dating, he had already asumed you knew all you needed to know. Every now and then conversations would end in that topic, and he didn’t seem to have a problem to talk about the events. Half because he was so used to, half because he trusted you about it. He was actually quite thankful you never directly questioned him.

That’s why he was so taken aback that evening, when you finally put the cards on the table.

He had just met your parents, you had invited him over for dinner to present him as your boyfriend to your family, and fortunately everything had turned out alright. He was a good guy after all, there was no way your parents wouldn’t like him. After dessert you decided to hang out at your room and it was right then, within the comfort of silence, that you dared to shoot him the question:

“Will you ever take me to meet your family?”

His face immediately snapped towards you, his face expressionless, yet you could perceive his discomfort in the atmosphere almost with the same clarity you could hear him gulp.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to upset you” You apologized “I just…”

“Don’t worry, it’s ok” he calmed you, then he gave a long breath and scratched the back of his neck nervously “It was just a bit sudden”

“I’m sorry”

“Don’t be” he took a seat on the bed, right next to you, and began gignerly fidgeting his fingers “I…I wouldn’t like you to meet my family" 

You got closer to him and took one of his hands between yours, caressing it tenderly, feeling sorry for making him uneasy.

“Would it be that terrible for me to visits your house?”

“Yes, well…no, but” his words kept tripping one over the other, product of his mixed up feelings and trembling lips, since he didn’t have a speech prepared to answer that “I don’t really know how to explain it…but my home isn’t a homey place”

“I can imagine”

“No, you can’t” you stared at him tremble, taken aback, not expecting such an abrupt answer “I don’t think you can imagine just how….damn maddening it is. How frustrating it is to avoid talking about your own mother at home as if it were some kind of taboo, how every conversation topic I can have with my siblings is discussing my father’s current mood to check if we are safe for the day, how every corner reminds me of something unpleasant…hell, I can only feel at home when I’m alone” He gave a long sigh, making a pause, taking the time to decipher his own thoughts and turn them into proper words “I have nothing against my siblings, my sis is amazing, but…they are all part of that…dark, ugly part of my life I want to cover up. And I especially want to cover it up from you.”

“From me?” you asked, squeezing his hand.

“Yes, you are one of the most beautiful things I have and I would never…” he grabbed his head, frustrated by his own lack of words “shit, I don’t know how to put it. Just imagine that you, my friends, UA…are all part of an…area inside of me, let’s say, that represents all the good I have. But then there’s this other horrible, shitty area, that’s basically my house, my father, my scar…"He swallowed heard and turned to look at you right in the eye, his expression as serious as ever” I would never, by any chance, let those two areas merge”

You look at him, speechless, surprised since you had never seen that expression in his eyes, and not knowing how to comfort him. So, instinctively, you let go of his hands to wrap your arms around him and bring him into a close, tight embrace you could feel he was really thankful for.

“Shoto, I love you and I love every part of you. Being it the good part…"you kissed the right side of his face ” or the bad one" then you kissed the left “and I want to be by your side even when you feel scared or depressed. I want to protect you, just as you protect me when I’m down. And I know it can be kind of…unsettling, to imagine me meeting your family. But just as you accepted your left side during that fight with Deku at the sports festival…I need to acknowledge it too, together with all the dark past it carries. I don’t just care about the good in you, I care about you as a whole. Get it?”

He nodded against your neck, and you could feel his trembling, tense arms around you beginning to relax slowly. Just like when you carry something really heavy for a long while and suddenly let it down, you had just lifted quite a huge, heavy fear from his shoulders. You loved him, no matter what. And you didn’t care about the long term effects of his tortuous past.

“I love you too” he whispered, taking a huge breath as you rested your back against the headboard to cuddle with him more comfortably.

“Don’t worry” you reassured him “if you don’t want me to meet your family it’s totally understandable. I just want to let you know you can trust me to talk about these things, and that I’ll always be here for you, no matter what happens, either at school, at home, or inside your wary little head”

He smiled, a sincere smile, and shifted his body so that you were face to face and your lips were close and approachable. He kissed you softly, tenderly, thanking you for everything, for making his life so much better. He caressed your back, stroking you from the base of your neck to the end of your spine, and he hummed happily against your mouth with the joy of your company. He was relaxed, content, safe within your arms. And he knew he would never have to worry about feeling empty again as long as you were there by his side.

“Shoto, we don’t have to do this now if you don’t feel ready for it” you said, for the fifth time already, since you could totally feel his hand sweating against yours as you walked down the street “I can wait for you all the time you need”

A week after he told you his feelings regards his life at home, he picked you up one day and told you he was taking you to meet his mother. When you asked why, totally shocked by the sudden proposition, he just told you he had been thinking a lot, and that he thought it was the best option. He realized that what you had told him that day was true, that he couldn’t keep locking his feelings up inside himself. The people he loved should accept each part of him. And that included you, and his mom.

“I want to” He said, squeezing your hand as you reached the hospital’s door “This is not only for you…but also for me. I need to do this”

You hugged him tightly, feeling so proud of him, and also undeniably anxious about the fact you were about to meet his mother.

“It will be fine, don’t worry” you said, grinning as you pulled apart “I’ll do my best for her to like me”

“She’ll obviously like you” he pecked your cheek “there’s no way she wouldn’t, since you make me so happy”

If you hadn’t been at a public place, you would have kissed him right away. Instead, you limited yourself to grab his hand again and tangle his fingers with yours, smiling fondly, and giving a deep breath to prepare yourself for what was next to come.

“Are you ready?” You asked, facing the door.

“Ready” He answered, clenching your hand with nervous strength, and finally stepping into the hospital.


HI! HI! I found your blog while exploring about 3 days ago and I have been reading the story times and I loved them, so I thought I should submit some of my own! I have had a lot of encounters with Asian guys but today I’ll share 2 today, They are tied to each other (THEY WILL BE LONG, sorry) 

about me: dark chocolate skin, 5'1, almond shaped eyes (people think i have some Asian in me but i’m 100% African…i think) , average body type (i’m not chubby or anything, nor am i skinny….so in the middle i guess) 

1) This is my Junior year in high school (a year ago) and my 3rd year of Japanese class. Each year we have an exchange with our Japanese sister school in Yokohama (they visit us in the spring, we visit them in the summer) and they stay for about a week. I have been hosting since my freshman year. I was planning to go to Japan that summer for the exchange program so i needed to host someone. So far i had hosted a girl and a boy my past years. So junior year i decided to host a boy.  I see this boy (i’m going to call him TAKEN) we were born the same year and we had some things in common like manga and anime. In his picture he was okay looking (kinda dull). So I’m not thinking romantically about TAKEN, unlike other girls that decided to host boys.

We talk over the winter break to get to know each other. He seems like a regular guy that likes anime, manga video games, but he’s an only child so he’s kind of a introvert. The day comes when the students arrive i’m all excited and ready to host. i gave him my room (it was the cleanest i had ever seen it). the first day he’s still shy and i’m an extrovert so i start dragging him out of his shell and he became more open with me. we found out we both liked this Japanese game show and since then he decided to show me his favorite anime (bokurano) and TAKEN forgot to tell me this show was slightly X-Rated. we watch it and it’s not until episode 5-6 (spoiler alert) one of the girls had a thing for her teacher so she goes to his apartment and it turns out they were bought to do the nasty and i’m watching like O-O and TAKEN on his phone not paying attention. When the girl started moaning i was dead (they didn’t show what actually happened, only sound). i busted out laughing and fell to the floor. I was like nooooo. TAKEN was like “fast forward!, fast forward!” we called it a night after that episode xD.

One morning TAKEN needed an adapter cause his was broken and i’m getting ready for school and i’m in my towel and with a t-shirt on… and he knocks on my door and TAKEN’s eyes all like o-o “…i need a adapter”. I’m looking for an adapter and TAKEN is just standing there looking at me look for the plug and i had to tell him i would bring it to him before he realized he should be getting ready for school too. He comes to class with me some days and so we’re walking to class and he’s behind me taking his time. we’re already late to class so no one’s in the halls. we’re walking and then i felt someone grab my butt. I TURNED AROUND mad as hell! looked straight into TAKEN’s eyes ready to start cursing him out. I realized TAKEN was about 4  feet away from my back and then i saw my best friend and it turned out she was the one that grabbed my butt. TAKEN was laughing. He knew the plan whole time. we had fun that week but soon TAKEN’s last day came and we’re talking and he’s packing to leave and he’s like i hope to see you again. I told him I would be going to his school his summer and TAKEN just lights up he’s like “seriously! that’s great, i’ll be waiting for you when you come to Japan.” He’s like hopefully i can host you when you come to Japan. It’s not allowed at that school, i think because they don’t want the guys trying anything on the girls. THE DAY TAKEN LEAVES my arm was hooked around his arm and we were couple walking the whole time before he left. everyone is looking at us like o-o…tf happened during your week. he grew on me and I had a mini crush on him. nothing serious. He’s not the crying kind of guy so when we he got on the bus he just waves and says bye and once he got back to Japan we were on line messaging each other every day. I didn’t think he was interested until i got to Japan.

2) My trip was coming up to go to Japan and i was unsure who was going to host me yet. i get a message from TAKEN all excited and he tells me he has good news. He tells me HE WOULD BE HOSTING ME. I’m excited and wondering how, he told me he asked his teacher and she said it was okay since we knew each other already. I go to Japan. Everyone is having panic attacks because being in Japan has been all of our dreams. We get to the school after a long bus ride. We had to go to this room and have the school staff introduce themselves. after all that my home skillet-biscuit (the first boy i hosted) pops up into the room and is like where is she! he saw me and we ran to each other. BIG  hugs and everything. we were about happy ass sh*t to see each other (i haven’t seen him in 2 years)! we’re talking and he’s teasing me about how my Japanese still sucks (he’s like an adorable older brother to me).

After a while he had to go back to class but his class was my host classroom so we were gonna chill later. I had to use the bathroom and TAKEN was still in class so there was no rush. i’m walking back to the meeting room and ran into some cute upper class men and they were smiling like hella hard and looking me up and down, i’m not the shy kind of girl so i’m like KONNICHIWA! and wave and these dudes were like woah! and said it back all excited. i get back to the class room the door is wide open and there’s like double the amount of people in there than there was originally. and i hear “where’s …?” and someone turns and is like oh there she is, she’s back from the bathroom. I thought i was in trouble. I heard a swoosh! and someone running at me yall! I turn and TAKEN is running at me (this is the first time seeing him with so much energy) he hugs me tightly and he’s like how was your trip! i’m so glad your here! There was a welcome assembly for my group so he had to go back to class. i see him in the hall way and he’s waving all excited like hey!! and i waved back (he was being extra cute that day)the ceremony was over, and i’m talking to all my friends from 2 years ago they all remembered me so we were just reminiscing. Our group had to leave, we said our goodbyes. and i’m last to leave. out of no where this one boy comes towards me. He had guts because the other boys would just stare. He comes to me, starts walking with me an introduces himself and i’m smiling because he was nervous and cute at the same time. he tells me he’s singing at the school festival and he would like me to come see him and i’m like i would love to. i get the info and he’s smiling but the whole time there were these annoying Japanese girls behind us and me teacher was rushing me. the girls were just laughing at us/him (looking at us) the whole time (i gave them my death glare cuz they had me fkd up, they stopped after i peeped them). Me and the boy go our separate ways but i didn’t get to see him sing because we had a set schedule to follow and it was disappointing because i wanted to see him perform, i feel like i let him down.

FAST FORWARD. Me and TAKEN finally start going to his house. he lives 2 hrs away from his school and i was like brrrrruuuuhhhhh!! We finally get to his house and i hear the pitter patter of someones small feet running towards the door. IT WAS HIS MOM! we were about the same height! she’s so happy and is like hello hello! welcome!! and i hugged her and she seems excited to have a daughter for the week! his dad didn’t arrive until later that night (his dad is ridiculously tall!  6’-6'2) and TAKEN looks EXACTLY LIKE HIS DAD! and if TAKEN gets that tall imma have to wear heels.

FAST FORWARD. I woke in the morning with a cold because i slept right next to the A/C in my room. TAKEN’s is laughing at me because he warned me but it was too hot outside for me to care. FAST FORWARD. One night i was in TAKEN’s room and we were chilling and playing shogi and talking, after i lost the game he told me there was a secret way to get from his room to my room. and i was like seriously (this boy is sneaky). there was like a balcony outside our rooms that attached and he helped me get out the window and we were walking through the path, the stars were out we stayed out there for a bit and it was perfect. One day TAKEN couldn’t go to school because he had a tournament.  So my host mom took me to school. we bonded and all. I came back and once the door closed i heard someone running. it was TAKEN. i walked up the stairs and i see him by my room waiting for me cheesing extra hard. i chuckled because all the noise he made just to try and act slick xD. I ask him how the tournament was he was like he lost but he didn’t care too much.

TAKEN was really nice and happy that whole week. he surprised me with a trip to a really big mall knowing l love to shop (we were there for hours, i think he regretted it after a while xD). When we were in one of the clothing shops (we were the only two in there) i found these shorts that i loved and I called TAKEN to come over and see them on me and he was like yassss they look good on you. so i had to buy them. The cashier asked if we were together romantically and TAKEN started blushing and turned his face away from me. me and the cashier lady is laughing because she’s sorry that she made him turn red….He’d always offer to hold my bags. We had mini dates though he didn’t say they were. we went into purikura (Japanese photo booth) together and took the cutest pictures. This boy was so comfortable in there, he put his hand around my hip and shoulder. we were really close to each other. when i showed his dad the pictures. his dad was smiling extra big! and looked at me and TAKEN like ohh! I SEE YOU SON! tbh we were acting like a couple that whole week. we didn’t drift too far from each other whenever we were with the other groups we were always next to each other. We had a end of festival party with his class and me and another girl that was getting hosted was there. we went to KBBQ and we had options where we pay one price and we get as much meat as we order! my cutey pie TAKEN was grilling the meat like a boss. He was only worried about me he cooked our meat and he was putting the food on my plate saying try this. how do you like it. i was geeking because he was a total sweet heart. He became so comfortable he would always take pictures with his arm around me (even with others around) our last night together we ate noodles together watching t.v. the day i had to leave i was taking pictures with the family. my host dad was trynna be cute and was like oh let’s get a picture with you and TAKEN (with a devious smile) . TAKEN was like “chiiiiilllllll!”  and i’m blushing extra hard. but his mom hit TAKEN’S dad on the arm and was like chill your making her uncomfortable. so we didn’t take the picture. we didn’t really need it we had purikura and cute selfies.

It was time for me to leave and get in the taxi and TAKEN is sad. i can tell. everyone is giving hugs and goodbyes. I hug him extra tight and he’s hugging me extra tight back. I told him to keep in contact. we get in the taxi and my seat is all the way in the back of the car. and so TAKEN is shaking hands saying bye.and than he gets to my hand and he doesn’t doesn’t let go. keep in mind i’m in between to 2 people sitting in front of me. we stare into each others eyes(we didn’t break eye contact once) and we both see each other’s sadness. he says goodbye (still holding my hand and looking in my eyes) we are looking into each others eyes and other people, Japanese and american, our teachers too! were looking at us like o-o……and than he finally let’s go and my hand dropped. taxi door closes and everyone in the car starts to cry so my sadness went from 70%-100% so fast and i start crying more than i usually do. like this dude just stole my soul and heart when he looked at me like that. I got back to the states and we message. it’s been a year since i’ve been in Japan. we still talk a lot. but it’s slowly fading because he is so far from me and he has college exams coming up soon.

Right now i have no romantic feelings towards him but I’ll catch y'all up if anything happens in time or some years when i go back to Japan.

Sorry my story was all over the place. I hope you like it. I have other stories i’ll submit (i’ll try to make them not so messy) <3

KPMBW: OMG you hit me hard in the feels! if this was made into a movie, I would watch it and yes! please keep us up to date, I hope you two can see each other again!!! <3