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coffee (part two) - t.h.

part two of the series @tomsh0lland and I are working on!!

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a series au in which tom returns to his life as a university student after taking a year out to film spider-man.

When you get to the pub, Tom opens the door for you like the perfect gentlemen and bows as if you’re royalty when you step inside, which makes you giggle and blush. It’s a little crowded and you notice Tom’s eyes flash slightly with the amount of people in here, but the attention is nothing that he isn’t used to, so he points over to the corner.

“There’s a table free there, what d’ya want?”

He leans against the edge of the table as you slide into your seat.

“I’ll have a cider please,” you smile and he raises a questioning eyebrow with a smirk. Of all the drinks that he expected you to ask for, a cider was definitely not in the top five. 

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If Criminal Minds episodes were named after F.R.I.E.N.D.S episodes

So I woke up to see that @avveh has knocked Jimin out of second spot on her bias list while I slept so peacefully. That’s fine. That’s cool. But if you happen to see a lot of Jimin spam on your dashes today, I apologize. I have to fight for his spot against @btssmutgalore and @jeolla-jagi who are making her swerve for Taehyung and I intend to tag her in every Jimin post I come across while she sleeps.

okay people sit down and get comfy ‘cause we need to have a talk

Now as you all know, Tracer was confirmed just yesterday to be gay and the way they revealed this was by having her kiss her cute as a button girlfriend. It’s a day for celebration because not only was this what a lot of people wanted/have been saying since Day 1, but it also means that a multi-billionaire company with the hottest triple A game of the year not only recognizes the LGBT community and implements it in the lore of said game, but also that she is the very face of said game.

It’s huge. Big day for all the gays around.

Well, so it would seem.

Now unfortunately most of those who had previously shipped Tracer with someone else (and I’m specifically calling out the widowtracer shippers) are a bit disappointed. That’s fair. I was a little upset that Tracer has a girlfriend already, but I’ve known from the start of shipping widowtracer that there was only a 0.2% chance of it ever being canon. 

But it’s okay to be upset. It’s okay to want to ignore that part of canon and still focus on widowtracer. Multi-shipping isn’t for everyone. And that’s a-okay.

But then some people do things that’s not a-okay. Like asking artists to draw Widowmaker hurting Emily. Or writing about stuffing Emily dead in a fridge and leaving her for Tracer to find (it’s a legitimate fic but I won’t provide the link).

Like, what the actual fuck you guys? We can’t even have a nice thing for one day before you all decide to act like you don’t got any goddamn common sense about you.

Emily does not deserve to be treated this way. I don’t care if you don’t like her. I don’t care if she gets in the way of your other Tracer ships. Emily does not deserve to be treated this way. She makes Tracer happy. She’s done nothing wrong.

And moving past this point, to all who are making this automatically about shipping I have the feeling you don’t understand the magnitude of what has actually happened here. 

Tracer, the mascot of Overwatch, the very poster child herself that is on every box sold, is the icon of the game, is the most and easiest character to recognize from one of the most successful triple A games this year and is seen in every advertisement, has a statue of herself at the Blizzard office, and most definitely one of the most popular characters of the game is gay. The face of Overwatch is a sapphic woman… it’s honestly so mind-blowing and monumental that this has happened in such a positive light with such a world renown game, giving us the representation we’ve so badly wanted.

And you guys are….making this about shipping. So much to the point where you’re apparently so angry at Tracer’s canon gf that you want to prove a point by showing her hurt or dead because in your minds, Tracer only belongs with Widowmaker? Like, that’s honestly what it looks like and you guys need to C H I L L.

And I feel like I’m going to get the argument that “Oh but it would be in character for Widowmaker to hurt Emily”.

Yeah. If it were part of a mission and Talon told her to do it because of that age old trope where the hero’s weakest spot is the people they love. That would make total sense.

But because she’s jealous? Now you guys are being cruel. 

And yeah, I’d understand if you all did it or wrote it in a way where, yes, Widowmaker hurts Emily because of jealousy and portrayed it in a bad BAD way. If you made it clear that you do not condone Widowmaker’s actions and recognize them as cruel and evil.

But y’all don’t. You do it because you want Widowmaker to have some sort of control over Tracer’s relationships as a way of bringing Tracer closer to her and painting it in a positive light because “hey I ship widowtracer not tracer and that bitch”.

And that’s really, really not okay guys.

it’s a sad song / it’s a sad tale / it’s a tragedy / it’s a sad song…but we sing it anyway.

what is this i hear about some fan asking Emilie about Rumbelle being abusive? I’m sorry, can anti-fans get a hold of themselves, please? First that fan with Lana bout whether “Hook is good enough for Emma” (which resulted in them BOOING her)—and now some idiot going to Emilie about Rumbelle being abusive.

WTF is wrong with you all this year? Has fandom forgotten about tact?

This person could have asked their question in a BETTER way like:

-How would you have written their relationship differently?
-What advice would you give Belle with all Rumple has done?
-Do you believe Belle is too forgiving about the lying?

Apparently, like Lana, Emilie was FAR from amused. And quite honestly, knowing that a lot of people in the audience could be Rumbelle fans, it’s a bit inappropriate and outright shitty to ask that… 

And perhaps a better question for ADAM and EDDY instead of Emilie…

Get your shit together, fandom! The only thing this will earn you now at featured cons is screened questions..


AND THEN, I check my inbox, see this message from emily (yeah yo its emily the icon its her) and then i fucking look at the URL and its some die hard swiftie jedi shit  and im like???? (no its not fucking emily its an impostor) 

so…. so, i screenshot the shit out of it and im ready to send emily the stupid ask and we’ll talk about some tumblr following etiquette (i saved it on my computer as “CHOKING.PNG”) just so you’d know the deets

and then i got to my messages, ready to chat emily about this,…. and then… I SEE MYSELF FINDING OUT IT’S EMILY FOR GOODNESS SAKE I WAS SOOOO CONFUSED FOR FULL 5 MINUTES

So, i checked out the blog and now im reading the description right???? IM MIND BLOWN???? KINGDOMLIGHTSSHINE IS FUCKING DEAD????


more modern au shenanigans. Let’s presume that Emily talked Corvo into going on dates. Also this is completely tangential to the main plot of the au (it involves the mafia and a lot of daud and corvo yelling at each other) but I couldn’t get these stupid ideas out of my head SO here we are. what am I doing with my life.