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so here ya go this is what we’re doing now. I present to you a few of my personal favourites straight from my comp

there are these three

which are just some quality™ gifs of joey titled “is kaiba wet yet”

these two of kaiba laughing

which are part of the “kaiba go to therapy” series of my photos/gifs

and the gif of joey knocking on kaiba’s door in BC

which i’ve named “joey pounding kaiba”

and then an image of joey in DK 

appropriately titled “joey getting fucked” (because i swear to god tell me that’s not what it looks like go ahead i dare you)

thank you for coming with me on this journey

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you’re wrong

finnpoe fic recs

a short list of some my favourite recent reads. enjoy.

  • somebody to love by dreamfleet & mezmerize | In which Finn is Professionally Concerned about one of his students, Poe is trying to keep his life and his daughter together, and they both need somebody to love. | 101k
  • step out into the sun by plutos | The one where Finn gets a name, a jacket, a droid, and a marriage out of nowhere in only a few short weeks. | 71k
  • tell me about the big bang by thebrotherswinchester | There is a part of him that says: you are not human. | 37k
  • fyodor by frequently_humming | Anastasia!AU | 35k
  • autumn rhythms by ellievolia | A story about Poe Dameron; pilot, commander, friend, son, father. | 26k
  • if you were ever here at all by midnightsurge | Finn is a lost prince hunted down by the First Order for his abilities. Poe is sent by the Resistance to find him first. | 18k
  • maybe this time by pdameron | Poe allowed himself one brief moment to imagine himself with Finn, to imagine what could be. Then, he let that moment go. Bright, young, future-lawyers don’t deserve to be weighed down by broken ex-pilots turned bakers with issues a mile long. And that was all right. Because Poe wasn’t lonely. | 14k
  • close enough to touch by stitchy | Poe is trying to keep his distance from Finn for the sake of their friendship, but it’s pretty difficult when they’re sharing a bed every night. | 14k
  • (don’t) come back for me by midnightsurge | Finn escapes the First Order a second time, though his memories have been taken away from him. He finds himself amidst the Resistance once more, but there’s something no one’s telling him, and it has to do with Commander Poe Dameron. | 8k

out of all my D&D characters I have to say Carmen “Compass” Ross is one of my favourite ones concept wise. Everything about who she is seemed to just fall into place.

  • chaotic good, arcane trickster rogue with a sailor background
  • She’s a variant human so I was able to give her the “Keen Mind” feat from the start which allows her to know where north is at all times and memorize any maps she looks at. 
  • Her short sword is named “North”
  • Her two main dagger are named “East” and “West”
  • she carries a dagger in her boot at all time in case things go “South” 
  • High DEX and INT, low STR and WIS scores 
  • when ever I need to make a decision that I’m not too sure how to RP I roll a D20 to see how good or bad the decision she makes is
  • the D20 I roll for this I’ve nick named “Wheaton” because it’s infamous for rolling nat 1s

@cptnkentparson and @audiaphilios (who i can’t tag properly???) this is my Paradex headcanon.  its a lot longer than it needed to be now I think about it…..

·         Okay, so Dex never really came out to the team, it’s just no one asked, so he didn’t say.

·         And somehow he’s dating Kent Parson (idk how, let’s go with the wonderful lost book fic)

·         And he and Kent are messaging all the time

·         And Dex is always smiling at his phone and blushing

·         And yesterday he saw a white cat on campus and took 27 photos of it, and made the team vote on which one was best, and then he sent his favourite one to whoever he’s texting and smiled at the reply

·         And ended up sending all 26 of the photos to whoever he’s texting

·         And the team just presume it’s a girlfriend back home, they have no reason not to

·         So this is all good for a while – no one asks and Dex doesn’t say anything about who he’s texting all the time

·         Until one night on a roadie he’s texting and smiling and laughing

·         And it’s great he’s so happy.  Really. But the team needs some sleep

·         And he’s keeping them up

·         So someone says something to him about it

·         And he’s like “oh, sorry, I’ll tell him I have to go”

·         And suddenly he blushes SO RED

·         And he hopes no one caught that

·         But they did

·         But they don’t say anything about it much

·         Later Bitty lets him know that if he ever needs to talk, he can come to him

·         And basically everyone lets him know its chill

·         And Dex texts Kent that he came out to his team, and Kent is super supportive of him

·         (Yay good guy Kent)

·         And he asks Dex did he say who he was dating?

·         And Dex says no, he gets why it’s a secret, it’s okay, and he really has to go now, the guys need sleep

·         And Kent thanks him, and probably sends him a cute thank you gif, and says sorry he can’t say anything

·         But Dex lets him know its okay.

·         So now the team knows he has a boyfriend, they wanna meet him

·         And Dex can’t let that happen rn

·         So he says stuff like “oh, he’s busy, he plays hockey too, and he can’t get away”

·         And obviously the guys get that

·         So they say “Skype him while we’re there”

·         And Dex pretends his boyfriends laptop camera is broken, and Dex hasn’t had a chance to fix it, so they can’t Skype

·         And the team is like “okay he doesn’t want us talking to the guy yet, okay………”

·         But they are a little hurt

·         But months later (maybe even next year – making it Bitty’s final year now)

·         Kent wants to meet Dex’s friends

·         And Dex is so happy!!!

·         And he knows they met already, but not with Kent as his boyfriend, so it’s different

·         And there’s gonna be a party because Jack, Shitty, Lardo, Ransom and Holster are all gonna be around

·         So Dex invites Kent to that and Kent says “Hell yeah”

·         And 2 days before hand Dex suddenly goes “wait shit Jack”

·         Cos he knows all about Jack and Kent

·         So he calls Kent and they talk about it

·         And decide to conference call Jack on Skype (aside:  I don’t know if that’s even a thing, but let’s all pretend it is)

·         So Jack gets a call request from KennyP and WillJP and he thinks “that’s odd, do they even know each other?” and then he remembers Dex’s mysterious boyfriend who plays hockey and is going to be at the party, so he’s like “hmmmmmmmmmm ???”

·         So he answers them and they talk

·         And his suspicions are confirmed

·         Kent and Dex are dating

·         And he tells them it’s great, and he’s happy for them, and not to worry about him, he’s happy with someone, and its only as awkward as the three of them make it, and he doesn’t think it should be awkward at all

·         So it’s all good

·         Until the night of the party………..

·         Where most of the team is just really surprised Dex is dating The Kent Parson

·         And that Kent Parson is so bad at beer pong

·         And the party is going great

·         Until around midnight Dex realises he hasn’t seen Bitty all night

·         And he wants Bitty to know he’s dating Kent Parson, because Bitty has been such a great help to Dex

·         So Dex and Kent go to the kitchen to find Bitty

·         Baking???

·         Like 7 pies???

·         Which he does when he’s upset or stressed???

·         Why would he be upset or stressed?????????????

·         So they talk to him, and he just keeps giving Kent dirty looks

·         And Dex suddenly knows Bitty doesn’t like his boyfriend for some reason

·         And he doesn’t know what to do

·         How could Bitty hate Kent???

·         Kent is great!!!

·         Bitty is friends with Jack, Kent is friends with Jack, what’s the problem???

·         So later he asks Kent if he ever met Bitty before and Kent can’t remember for a while

·         And suddenly he goes “oh snap! Yeah wait, he hates me!  I forgot that sorry”

·         So now they have to worry about Eric “Bless His Heart” Bittle hating them

·         Which makes Dex sad by the way

·         And Kent has to go back to Vegas

·         And Dex is left with the awkwardness with Bitty

·         Because Bitty really hates Kent. (and won’t bake for Dex anymore)

·         And not even Jack can convince him that Kent is an okay guy

And yeah that’s all I got.  Basically, Bitty hating Paradex.  I should have just said that.  Oh well………


Final Fantasy IX Week (Day 3) → Favorite quote(s)

“Are you all cozy in your throne already!?”

This has always been my favourite quotation, and in italian I’ve gotta say it’s even better: “Sarà poi così comodo questo trono?” which means “Is your throne even that cozy?”. I’ve always loved it because in a certain way it states how much concerned Zidane is for Dagger, and at the same time he’s implicity saying “That’s not what you want. That’s not what you need. But I might be it.”

I’ve also chosen some parts from the beautiful speech Baku gives to Zidane, such as “There ain’t much treasure lyin’ around in this world, boy”… But you have found one, and you let her go. If the Tantalus first rule is “always get what you set your eyes on”, you failed the role.

I adore the relationship between the Tantalus members because what they have, all together, is a family, and they certainly don’t want to give up on Zidane, what they are saying instead is “Go and get her”.

i know there’s a background chatter piece in the institute that talks about gen one and two synths needing to conserve their power levels and not go flat while working which implies some kind of… battery? cyclic power source? power cable port in a suitably hilarious body part?

but i’ve also read a few stories that posit that nick has a digestive power source (ie eating available carby/sugary food and plant matter to create an exothermic and/or pressurised gas source to power an internal generator) and can i say that is hands down my all time favourite theory because it’s basically saying that nick valentine runs on fancy lads and farts.

RTXAU Story Time

One of my favourite moments of RTXAU was at the after party of the Lazer Team premiere. I spotted Adam Kovic and one of my friends was like “go up and say hello!” because I told her how much I love Funhaus. So I went up to him and another guy was chatting to him and was like “can I have a hug” and Adam Kovic being the angel he is was like “of course, dude!” so I thought okay I gotta get a hug, so I also asked and he was like “yes! I love hugs” which was lovely and then we started joking about how I would be the last hug of the night. Then someone else came up and got a hug from him as well and I joked around saying that I thought I was the last one of the night and he said “I know! I’m sorry, I’m a hug skank”. Then I got a couple of photos with him which I’ll treasure forever:

and after that I said “well, I’ll leave you to it, it was nice meeting you!” but before I could go he was like “wait wait!! One more hug!” and hugged me again. So the moral of this story is that Adam Kovic is an amazing human being who deserves all the happiness in the world

Wen Junhui is perfect. There’s no doubt about that at all. Now of course, I am biased here – he’s my ult after all – but nobody, nobody can say that this boy isn’t talented.

Look at this video of Junhui dancing predebut. This was around the time that he broke a bone but he still manages to dance so sharply and with passion. This video quite literally ruined me tbh, as well as this one (epilepsy tw). And in this video with Jisoo, Soonyoung and Seungcheol, he may not have many parts in the song as a whole, but damn he can sing. Do you remember that video of Soonyoung teaching him his lyrics? During predebut he was so fun and he was laughing constantly, this is one of my favourite predebut videos of Jun where he was not singing or dancing

He’s so smart and kind and funny and beautiful – I hold him high on a pedestal which can be so dangerous, I could become so deluded and oblivious to what he does wrong but I’m willing to risk it. To me, Jun is perfect and I do love him so much. I remember thinking Jeonghan was my ult for a period of time, but after stanning Jun I know that he is my ultimate bias. Literally no one could change that. To be honest, I’m not even sure why Junhui is my bias, I can’t remember what I loved so much that I got dragged in – all I know is that I love him wholly.

Tbh I could talk about how much I love Junhui, about how his eyes sparkle, about how sharp his jawline is, about his god damn nose (although I’m pretty sure this post has  it covered), and even about his hair. His talent is so amazing and even though he does not get much screen time, I know he’s working so hard for seventeen and the fans.

I’ve been watching the French dub of Steven Universe here. We Need To Talk aired yesterday (uncensored!) and it contains my favourite bit of localisation.

When Greg asks Rose “How’d you end up with Harpo, Groucho, and Chico?” here instead he asks about “Athos, Porthos, and Aramis”.

Now I really need Which Gem Is Which Musketeer discussions to go with the Which Gem Is Which Marx Brother ones (IIRC the most common take back during that Steven Bomb was that Garnet was Harpo, Pearl was Groucho, and Amethyst was Chico?).

Unrelated, an interesting thing about their dub of Rose’s Scabbard is that this is the first one I’ve seen where Pearl’s hologram of Rose is actually dubbed by Rose’s voice actress, instead of just Pearl saying her lines. So in this case it becomes clear that the final exchange is

Rose: My Pearl…
Pearl: You’re wonderful.

as opposed to Rose saying both, which is a thing I’ve been wondering about for quite some time.



I love you all and wanted to say a huge thank you for all your support you have given me and because Christmas is my favourite day of the year. 

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Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!
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Gwendolyn Winterburg.


Favourite album: Brand New Eyes (2009)

The only thing we really knew was that we wanted to do a better job than we did on “Riot!”, which is the same goal we’ve always had—to do better each time. I was really stressing about getting back into band mode and starting to rehearse and write. I realized how much I needed to say about my role in the band, about our roles in each other’s lives. It’s really a record about friendship and navigating life together and learning that you can’t all go about it the same way. “Ignorance" was one of the first songs we completed start to finish. We had been sitting around our rehearsal space for hours, and Josh was really frustrated because I wanted something energetic to get us motivated. He was like, “Listen guys, we’re never going to have another "Misery Business"—just get over it.” He turns around for a second, and he’s in his own little world, and he turns back and starts playing this riff. And I was like, “Well, what’s that? Because that’ll do just fine.”