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My girlfriend just dumped me three days ago out of the blue. We were together for over a year and talked about spending our lives together. And ouf of nowhere she says she wants to date other people. Truly out of nowhere. Everything was fine the day before. I've been sobbing ever since. She was PERFECT for me. PERFECT. How do I cope? How do I possibly move on? How can I handle the thought of her being with someone else? It makes me sick. :/ I've never been through anything like this before.

I don’t know if there’s a concrete solution, or even a way to help ease the pain in any significant fashion. it’s incredibly important you let yourself feel each emotion and process them in the time that your mind and body need. things like this cannot be rushed–especially when it was a relationship so meaningful to you. 

what might help, even the smallest bit, is reframing the way in which you’re viewing break-up. her decision is NOT a reflection of you or your ability to be an incredible partner. it is a reflection of her lack of communication skills, her impulsivity, and a showing of immense disrespect for your own feelings. and who deserves to be treated like that?? you deserve a partner who is going to make sure you feel like royalty in each facet of your relationship. anyone can say that they want you in their life forever–but showing it, and feeling it wholly on your end, is another. and when you think about it, she couldn’t have truly showed you what love is supposed to be, because that type of treatment isn’t love. but someone is waiting for you, somewhere along the way of your journey, to change absolutely everything in the most amazing of ways. and they will mean the words they speak.

so be sure to give yourself time and space to work through each thought and emotion which comes up, but also begin to build a foundation of which you can fall back on within any moment of sadness–one which serves as a reminder of the love and beauty which you deserve. you will endure pain, but you will make it through this. better things are waiting. 


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Imagine Hannibal finding out you suffer from a meat allergy, so he goes out of his way to make you vegetarian dishes at meals because he’s fascinated by you.

——— Request for anon ———

If there was one thing you’d heard about eating at one of Dr. Lecter’s infamous dinner parties, it was that he included a heavy meat diet with nearly every dish. It was apparently elaborate and entertaining, but you had resigned yourself to declining his various invitations over the months you’d known him.

At least, until after another refusal of his invitation, he calmly joked, “I’m starting to think you don’t like me.”

“That’s not it!” you rush, quickly feeling the need to explain yourself, “I just have a meat allergy, is all. I wouldn’t want to cause any inconvenience to you because of it.”

“Nonsense,” Hannibal waves away the notion as he gives you a smile that calms your nerves of possibly offending him, “I can cook vegetarian dishes, as well as others.”

“In that case, I’d love to come.”

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hi im a transboy, do you have any advice to making the choice on whetever or not to take hormones easier? or at least like a smol tip or something? i mean im just 15 but i just need a bit advice, anyone?

Something I usually find useful is to make pros and cons lists. List what you want and don’t want, what you dream of and what you worry about.

Taking or not taking hormones is a big choice and it’s not something you need to rush. So take the time you need to figure out if that’s what you want.

[This page] has a lot of info about testosterone therapy, so that might be something you’d find helpful reading.

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hay queen do u have an eta for next chap (not tryna rush u, u been kickin ass) just need 2 no cuz im gonna shove it up my ass bc UGH

I jUST updated like 10 hoUrs AGO leave me ALONE
lmao but maybe tomorrow if I can be bothered writing tonight

I was okay and now I’m in pain again. I can’t take anything because it might react with the medicine I’m taking..I want to scream. I need Jacob to rush in like “I didn’t know which was your favourite so I just got them all” as he dumps a ton of chocolate on the table. A girl can dream right?

I’m gonna cry quietly now and try to sleep…


Sometimes it makes things hard, but Kuroo doesn’t really mind

Here is your proper guide to stretching earlobes

This is the ear stretching guide I wrote for the Ask A Professional Piercer group on Facebook.

Here is a little guide to help you along while stretching your piercings. The majority of these tips will especially help while stretching earlobes in particular, and the advice or time frames may be different for different piercings. This guide is in no way fact, only suggestions from reputable body piercers. Things may be different in your circumstance because everyone’s body is different!

First things first is jewelry quality. Stick with implant grade materials such as 316LVM ASTM F-138 steel or ASTM F-136 titanium, glass, and also certain stones have proven to be safe to stretch with. Avoid lower quality metals (especially ones sold in common mall chain stores), avoid stretching or even wearing acrylic jewelry, avoid stretching with organics such as woods, and avoid stretching with silicone! All jewelry for initial stretches should be single flared or no flared. DON’T STRETCH WITH DOUBLE FLARED JEWELRY!!

Second thing would be time frame in between stretches because so many people get this part wrong. We generally recommend waiting a minimum of 6-8 weeks in between each stretch although you might find yourself having to wait 3 months or longer. The big thing here is to listen to your body. If you’re noticing pain or any sort of bleeding, you’re stretching too quickly. If this happens, stop, downsize to your previous size and just wait longer.

You shouldn’t need tapers to stretch your earlobes so avoid stretching kits, chances are they’re coming with low quality jewelry anyway. And if you do decide to use a taper, keep in mind that tapers are not jewelry, they are not meant to be in the body any longer than it takes to push through the skin and followed behind with jewelry. Wearing a taper as a piece of jewelry will cause a lot of pressure on the back and bottom of your lobe and can cause it to thin out.

Another common method for stretching would be the “taping” method. In most cases, this can be completely unnecessary and avoidable. But if this is the method you choose, tapes without adhesives such as teflon, PTFE, or bondage tape can be used. This method involves wrapping a thin layer of tape around the jewelry every so often to help slowly increase the size of the jewelry and thus, your piercing.

Some tips along the way include frequent massaging. When your piercing has healed enough after your most recent stretch to the point where you can comfortably remove your jewelry for at least a few minutes at a time, it is greatly beneficial to gently massage the tissue. The most common oil recommended to massage with is jojoba oil. Massaging works so well because it helps increase blood flow to the area and helps promote new cell growth. Another great tip is to not be afraid to purposely downsize. Although you’re probably eager to get to your goal size, downsizing can be a great option to keep your lobes thick and healthy.

Overall, the best method for stretching we’ve found is time. The longer you wait in between stretches, the easier it should be and the healthier your piercings will be in the long run. Stretching should be a long and slow process. Enjoy the ride, no need to rush. Each size has its benefits and different types of jewelry selections. If you should have any questions regarding stretching your piercing, feel free to ask in this group or of course you could ask your local reputable body piercer.

I got a drink after all.

Yesterday I was at our ridiculously huge mall in Houston to pick up my contact prescription. This is not an easy place to run a quick errand. After finding the store and a quick detour to buy some shirts I realize I need to be heading out in order to beat rush hour traffic. I decide to treat myself to a pretzel but plan on just eating it in the car as I’m in a hurry to get out of dodge. I finally locate the correct parking garage and find my car, all the while thinking I probably should’ve grabbed a beverage to go with my pretzel, and some jerk off has parked his truck so incredibly poorly I can’t even fit in between our vehicles, much less open the driver side door. In a fit of rage at having to climb through my passenger side I approach his truck knowing I must do something to correct this injustice. The truck bed has a cooler inside and I flipped the lid off to reveal several ice cold beverages. I decided to help myself to a Coke. I left the lid off so that the ice will melt and the driver of the terribly parked truck will know his cooler has been compromised. Then I ate my long awaited pretzel and enjoyed a nice cold coke that tasted like sweet justice. Inconvenience me by making me crawl through my passenger side and it will cost you one pop.

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i have this headcanon that as soon as bucky got a smartphone he’d immediately use it to mess w sam all day. like he’d constantly send him memes, rick rolls, or like random stuff he found on the internet at 3am (it would literally always be in the middle of the night bc bucky is usually awake and restless bc of his thoughts/nightmares) and like if his phone broke or died, bucky would rush to steve like “sTEVE I NEED UR PHONE IT’S AN EMERGENCY’ then he’d proceed to send sam a ridiculous video about pigeons

and at first sam would be like “???? dude it’s 2am where did u even find the entire fucking bee movie script ur such a loser go to bED” but he’d never actually tell him to stop sending things bc he knows it’s just what bucky does when he can’t sleep (plus he secretly thinks the videos that bucky sends are funny)

it’d even become such a routine thing that sam would adjust his sleeping schedule so that he’d be awake to send bucky a text back. oR if bucky didn’t text him a joke at all that day, sam would take it as a sign that bucky had a really bad day and so he’d send bucky some ridiculously silly videos in an attempt to cheer him up

(to which sam would get a thank you text back from bucky, along w a joke or witty comment so that sam knows he’s ok)