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Shelter - Clay Jensen imagine

Summary: Hello can you do a platonic clay x reader were you and clay are best friends and you’ve been comforting him because of the tapes. You’re being strong for clay but inside you’re depressed because you and Hannah were best friends. One day you break down and clay is the one who comforts you. Thanks love and sorry for the long request.

Y/F/N: your father’s name
Y/M/N: your mother’s name

Warnings: I’ve decided to change things a little bit. Y/N is the one who received the copies of the tapes (instead of Tony) because she’s not in them. She ran over to Hannah’s as soon as she realized what was happening, but it was too late. Mention of suicide. Probably swearing.


“She’s not okay, (Y/F/N)! She’s barely eating and lost, give or take, 40 pounds on the last four months! Her grades dropped on every class! Even her friends stopped coming by. They used to be here all the damn time!” you heard your mom screaming the second you opened the front door. She was arguing with your father and, clearly, forgot you were coming home early in that particular day.

“That Jensen kid is always here. She’s not alone. Give her a break, (Y/M/N). Her best friend killed herself and SHE is the one who found the bloody body in a tub” your dad sounded extremely impatient.

“Yeah, but it happened four months ago. She’s not getting any better. Are we gonna let our child depress herself, slash her OWN wrists and bleed to death?”

That was it. You cleared your throat so they would notice your presence. Your mother’s eyes widened up. Your dad ran his fingers through his hair, frustrated.

“Hi, sweetie… we didn’t see you there”

“Clearly” you clenched your jaw. “Well, if you ask me, which nobody does, I’m doing just fine”


“Mom! The weight thing? It’s a diet. I’m on a damn diet. The grades? I’m sorry, I’m a slow learner. And people stopped coming over because I lost interest on most of my old friends. Is that enough explanation? Can you please stop worrying about me killing myself? I promise you I won’t”


“Can you come over to my place after school?” Clay asked. Just one quick look at his face told you he was having one of his bad days. There were dark purple bags under his eyes, his face was pale and his hair looked like a bird nest.

“Of course, young man” you smiled at him.

“Do you want a ride?” he offered. His mom insisted on driving him everywhere since… well, since Hannah’s tapes.

“Nah, thanks. I’ll bike. I can use some exercise” you joked.

Clay didn’t even realized you were faking everything. You didn’t need any exercise. You just didn’t want his mom to see the bad shape you were in. If she saw the wreck you were and decided you were a bad influence on Clay, that would be it. Without him, you had no one.

You split up as soon as the bell rang, since he had Econ and you, Chemistry.

“See ya” he said.

“See ya” you repeated.

The classes went by and, honestly, you completely ignored every word your teachers said. You doodled and sketched some pretty gloomy and twisty stuff. You ripped off that page from your notebook and threw it away. The last thing you needed was some stupid student seeing that and spreading the word you were the next… what did your mom say? The next one to slash their own wrists and bleed to death?

When it was finally over, you threw your backpack on your shoulder and biked all the way to the Jensen’s. He was already there and, thank goodness, his mom was nowhere to be seen.

“How was your morning?” you asked.

“Bad” he admitted. “I had nightmares last night. Didn’t got any sleep, so I was extra tired this morning”

“Nightmares?” you frowned while he led you upstairs. “That specific kind?”

He knew what you meant. Nightmares about her. At the dance, at Jessica Davis’, at the tub… you shook those images away. He didn’t know that, but you had that kind of nightmares too. Every god damn night.

“Yeah” Clay nodded.

“You told me they went away with your medication” you put aside your own problems to try helping him.

You both got inside his room and shut the door.

“Normally they do” he explained “but not last night”

You sat down and let him tell you everything, the same as every time he had a nightmare, a vision or even a thought about your dead best friend. It torn you apart, it was like rubbing salt on your open wounds. Every mention of her, every flash of memory you had, it hurt you like hell.

But Clay needed that. Sharing everything with you was all that kept him sane. That’s why, day after day, you let him go on and on about her smile, her hair, her laugh, her sadness, her tapes, her death.


“(Y/N)? You’re late for school honey” your mom gently pressed your shoulders. “If you get up now, shower and get dressed really fast, you can still eat breakfast and get on time for the second period”

You didn’t even open your eyes. You didn’t care. You couldn’t care less about school, breakfast, dressing up, showering, living.

Not getting a response, your mom sighed and decided to let you sleep.

A few hours later, another voice woke you up.

“Hey, school dropout” Clay called. “It’s 5 o'clock. Aren’t you hungry or even tired of sleeping?”

“Not really” you mumbled.

“Okay… I’m gonna help you catch up” he started. “You don’t have to get up or move a muscle. I can bring you food and we can talk. Actually, I can do all the talking if it serves you better. All you’ll have to do is listen. Or not. I won’t know if you’re listening or sleeping since your face is sunk on a pillow”


“I know, I know, I’m doing that thing where I say too many words in not enough time and it gets confusing and I’m doing it right now again” he took a long breath.

“Clay” you tried again.

“I’ve stopped. I promise. Now, about that food. I can get you an orange juice-”


“Okay, lemon juice. Switzerland-ish lemonade” he mispronounced everything, which would be adorable if you weren’t on the middle of a break down.

“Clay, will you please stop talking?” you screamed. He got scared and his mouth hung open. You felt the tears starting to run down your cheeks. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scream… I just wanted you to listen”

“O-okay, I’m sorry, I’m listening now” he held your hand. “What’s the matter?”

You finally got up, just enough to sit down and level your eyes with his. You were only on your pajamas, which didn’t do a good job hiding how much weight you lost. Normally you’d wear large coats and sweaters, sweatpants and stuff like that. That was the first time in all those months Clay saw you with a simple shirt on.

Also, you’ve been wearing a lot of makeup. Covering up the dark circles around you eyes and some blush to give your pale and dead skin a healthy appearance. Not in that morning. Again, it was the first time since before Hannah’s death that Clay saw your real face, clean and makeup free.

“Oh my god (Y/N)” he whispered. “I don’t- I don’t even know what to say”

“I don’t think I can hear you talking about her anymore… I just… I’m not ready” you cried. He hugged you really tight. “I think I’m the one who needs some help”

“It’s okay. We can figure it out” he promised.

“I miss her, Clay. I miss her so fucking much. Sometimes I can’t even breath. Everything just seems so pointless since she left us”

“I miss her too. But we have to believe she’s on a better place now. It was her choice and, since we couldn’t stop it, we just have to live with it and respect her for holding on for as long as she could”

You nodded.

“I just don’t know how to keep living. I wish we could go back”

“One day after the other. When we’re going through hell, we just gotta keep going”

“How? You’re just telling me pretty words and metaphors, Clay, but you’re not helping me figure out what I’m really supposed to do” you sobbed.

“How would you have helped her, if you had known how sad and broken she really was?” he asked.

You backed away a few inches. That was so uncalled for. That line of thinking was painful. Still, you felt the need to answer and put yourself through that misery.

“I-I don’t know. I guess I would have helped her find out things that made her happy, people who made her glad to be alive” you took a break. Your heart was falling apart while you thought of all the things you could have done for her, but didn’t. “I’d help her change the scenario, get professional help, and find joy in the little things. I would tell her that life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”

You stopped talking, but Clay knew you weren’t done.

“What else?”

“She lost herself. If I had known that, I would have helped her find herself again” you rubbed your puffy eyes.

“That’s your answer. Right there” he said, simply.


“You asked me how to keep on living. That’s how. Help yourself the way you wanted to help her. She’s gone, but you’re not. You need to stay alive. And when I say alive, I don’t mean your body. It doesn’t matter if your heart’s still beating if you’ve lost yourself. You have to find you, the real you, in the middle of all that pain” Clay explained himself.

You nodded. Deep down, you knew Hannah would agree with him. She would hate seeing you like that, following her steps, and she would do anything to drag you out of that situation.

Ironically, neither of you could help the other. You were too oblivious to help her then, and she was too dead to help you now.

However, as Hannah’s best friend, you had to overcome your sadness and fight like she would have wanted you to. After all, you owed her that much.

“How did you get so wise?” you playfully pushed Clay, and let out a soft and short laugh.

“I lost myself too, and I’m currently finding me again too”

Binding an ex-friend to stop inflicting pain on you.

You’ll need:

A jar

Broken glass (be careful! this one is optional!)

Rusted nails





Cauldron or fireproof container to catch ashes

Black candle/wax

Thread in the ex-friend’s favorite colors/colors you associate with them

A storm/new moon

This one is fairly simple. Whisper your intent, or maybe even cry, as you put this spell together.

Add glass, for the initial pain this person caused you.

Next, add the rusted nails, for the lasting pain their betrayal will leave.

Next comes adding salt, both to signify the salt they rubbed in your wounds and to encourage your own healing.

Then, take the pencil and paper and write their name on it. Then, put the paper in your container and burn it. Add the ash to your jar to signify the bridge they burned.

Seal the jar with the black wax and wrap it in the thread to bind them to stay away from you and never hurt you again.

Next, bury it either under a new moon to signify a new beginning without them hurting, or before a storm to allow the rain to cleanse you of their negative impact.

Be happy and free of their negative influence. You’re wonderful and you don’t deserve the pain they’ve caused you.

Blessed be 💜✨🔮

Bear’s “Get Fuckin Rekt” Curse Jar
- 1 jar
- poppet made from red fabric
  = cotton ball, square of red fabric, red thread
- 2 red tipped straightpins
- pickle juice
- alcohol
- candle (preferably red but any color is fine)

** I know that’s kind of a lot and you don’t have to use it all. I made this jar with specific intentions for each “ingredient” but it’s the intention that matters **

Step 1: Light your candle. 
Step 2: Construct your poppet. I put half a cotton ball in for the head, and tied it off with the red thread to make a ghostie shape. Put the straightpins into the head to resemble eyes, personify your anger. 
Step 3: Pour in pickle juice to salt the wound (salt water works just fine if you don’t have pickle jars on hand. I do because I like to straight up eat pickle spears.)
Step 4: Pour in a splash of alcohol to make it burn. I used tequila, because that’s what we have the most of, but really any alcohol should be fine. Rubbing or drinking kind.
Step 5: Drip in whatever candle wax has melted and accumulated near the wick. If you feel the need to seal your jar, do it now. Otherwise, screw the lid on tight. 
Step 6: You can use your own words, I didn’t really go with anything solid, just a lot of “Fuck you fuck you fuck you I fuckin hate you you piece of shit stay the fuck away from me, shut your fucking mouth you absolute shitball, fuck you” while shaking the jar. 
Put a protective seal/sigil on the jar lid.

Check yourself

You can be unapologetically you
You don’t have to say sorry for your personality
You don’t have to pretend to be something you’re not
You don’t have to change to please others


When you’re the bully, the one making someone feel as though they need to apologize for their quirks that do not appeal to you-Check yourself.

When you’re deliberately picking out the ‘flaws’ that creates a person’s very being- Check yourself.

When you’re pouring salt on someone’s wounds to purposely hurt them-Check yourself.

When you’re denouncing someone because they’re not you-Check yourself.

When you’re bullying someone into silence-Check yourself.

When you’re putting out more negativity than positivity into this world-Check yourself.

Belonging (2PT #40)

Prompt: I wonder if you’ll ever understand how much of me belongs to you. 
Pairing: Dean x Reader

Drabble request by @deansgirlria. Enjoy :)

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Tear my heart open

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Plot: Y/N is forced to torture Dean under Alastair’s influence, will you follow through or will you refuse?

Pairing: Dean Winchester x reader 

Word count: 2771 

Warnings: blood, violence, use of weapons, swearing, torturing, abuse. Sorry if I missed anything! Also the gif and video used aren’t mine!

Authors note: based on the Supernatural episode ‘On the head of a pin’ where Dean tortures Alastair and also based on Scars by Papa roach. It is a pretty dark and sinister fic but I thought it was different so I hope you all enjoy it x 

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Romeo and Juliet kinda thing

Part 3

Imagine you’re Clay’s daughter, breaking up with Juice, who you were secretly dating and dating Marcus Alvarez’s son as favor for the club. 

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That night, and on your way back to the clubhouse, you saw Juice, carrying two large bags of trash directly to the trash cans outside the clubhouse. You were still wearing Jason’s sweatshirt, and you thought that maybe, he would be upset still. You took a deep breath and walked towards to him. 

“Juice…” He jumped, a hand taking out his gun and making you yell a little, covering your mouth with your hands. “Oh my god, chill it’s me.” The Puerto rican sighed and closed his eyes, swallowing and putting his gun back on his case. 

“What the fuck?” He said, calming down. Juice was a nervous guy. You ran your hands down your face. “What are you doing here?”

“Uhm. Saying goodbye to Jason…” Juice nodded, a sarcastic smile on his face as he looked away, hands on his hips, his jaw clenched now. 

“You don’t settle for cutting me open, you need to pour salt on the wound too, huh?” He started walking away. “Catch you later, Morrow.” You frowned, and bit your lip, annoyed and angry. You walked towards him and pulled you towards you, to a secret hide away that used to be your place, right next to TM. It was dark and everyone was still inside on the party, so you were covered in that aspect. You smacked your lips against Juice’s, teeth clacking against each other, drawing blood from biting his lip so hard. Juice moaned against your lips and practically ripped your Jason’s sweatshirt off your body.

“Take this fucking thing off…” He moaned and smashed you against the wall in front of him. You moaned in both pain and hurt and continue kissing him. He lifted your skirt up to your stomach and pushed your panties to a side, sticking two fingers all of the sudden, making you moan out loud due to the extreme pleasure you were feeling, and how much you’ve missed him. “Did he ever fucked you?” You groaned at his angry tone. “(Y/N)…” He said circling your clit with his thumb, making you almost purr. “Did he ever fucked you?” You shook your head no and groaned, holding on to his shoulders. “Good…” He said before unbuckling his belt and getting his cock out. You moaned as he teased your naked slit your panties already ripped hanging from your body. You grabbed his hips and pushed him inside of you, digging your nails on his ass cheeks and throwing your head back as the trusted into you, pushing your g spot every time he got in. 

He came inside of you whiting a few minutes, doing it rough and loud, dry, even. He never once spoke again after he asked you if you and Jason have had sex. You were fixing yourselves in an awkward silence, and when you went to pick up Jason’s sweatshirt, Juice stepped on it.

“Am i Latino enough for your liking now, Morrow?” He asked, spitting on the sweatshirt  and starting to walk away. Your heart broke. Juice still hated you. More than ever now. The angry fuck that just happened meant nothing for him. You threw a rock in his way, out of spite. 

“How do you fucking do it?” You yelled at him, making him turn around and stare at you. “How did you do it?” He blinked, still not clear to him what you were talking about, but alarmed as he saw you lift your hands and try to hide your tears. He took a step forward. “How did you managed to hate me that fast?” He looked at you, eyes as wide as plates and bit his lip, stepping closer and watching sob in your place, as he grabbed your waist and pulled you towards him in a long needed hug, as you sobbed into his kutte. 

“God…” He said. “I wish i could fucking hate you.” He said into your ear, tearing himself up a bit. “I love you…” He said, shaking. You cried harder into his kutte harder. 

“I’m sorry. This is all my fault, Juan.” You looked up at him and he stared back at you; his future in front of him and hugging his waist for dear life. Juice took a deep breath and looked into your eyes, hands on your cheeks.

“Marry me, (Y/N)”

EXO Reaction to you stabbing an intruder while they’re at dance practice

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Xiumin: Xiumin would get so crestfallen and emotional just because he wasn’t there to protect you from the intruder breaking into your home. This would really break his heart because what kind of a boyfriend is he if he can’t even stop your life from being threatened and in danger? The fact that you were forced to resort to stabbing someone violently (which is something he knows you wouldn’t just do) would break his heart, he knows that you will probably have bad dreams of stabbing people after this as well. The fact that you’re now scarred and whenever you see a knife you’ll remember this day will cause Xiumin to tear up, he would wish that he was the one to do the stabbing instead. The second he hears the news, Xiumin will be packing up his stuff and leaving. He knows that he needs to hold you and let you cry it out because right now, that’s the only thing he can do to help you.

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Luhan: Luhan would be a lot like Xiumin because he would get emotional over the fact that he was away when someone happened to break into your house. It would hit him that his career could be potentially affecting not only your relationship due to the time constraints, but it could also be affecting your safety. The fact he was rarely with you left you open to all sorts of dangers, like sasaeng fans, creepy men, and intruders. He would feel so guilty because he believes that he should protect you because  he’s your boyfriend. It would crush him to know that the only thing that you could turn to was a knife so that you could save yourself. When Luhan was able to find you at your parent’s house, he would just hold you close and sob his heart out because it would be then that he realized he could have lost you and he would have been working. He would definitely take a few months off from work after this.

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Kris: We all know that Kris honestly looks menacing because he’s huge and he has very sharp and stoic features, however all of that would just fade away as he learned about what happened to you. He would literally just drop everything and anything that he was doing in the dance studio to get to you as soon as possible. He would be tearing up on his way out of the building because he can only imagine the terrors that you witnessed alone. He knows that when you watch horror movies together, you sometimes need to turn away from the screen during the gore filled parts and instead hide your face in his chest. He remembers that you need to hug him tightly when something scary happens or a character is killed. The fact that you not only had to experience a real horror and be put in a situation where you had to stab someone honestly shatters his heart, and what added salt to the wound was that he wasn’t there to hold you. He wasn’t there to hide you from the blood and the revolting parts and hold you tightly to reassure you that everything would be okay. When he finally finds you, he wouldn’t let you go all night and he would be shaking as he refused to let you leave his sight.

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Suho: Suho is very emotional so he would just cry. He would be a mess as he left the room to go and return to where you are because he’s in shock. He’ll find that he simply can’t digest the information of you having to almost kill someone to save your own life, this would haunt him for the rest of his life. He would blame everything for what happened, he’ll blame his fame, his company for making him practice so late at night, the alarm system etc. He’ll try to find a way to rationally work it out in his brain what could have caused this, but the only thing that did cause it was the burglar itself. He would still be in tears when he entered the room you were in and he would just run up to you and hold you tightly. He would probably buy a hotel room until your house was finished getting fixed up again and he would refuse to go back to work. Suho would just want to lie in bed with you and make you feel much better, because right now you would be in a very low place. He would kiss you and hug you and make you feel like a princess for being his little warrior.

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Lay: Lay would be similar to Suho when it comes down to understanding and digesting what happened. He would be so shocked and confused and very unresponsive the entire time he left his company’s building and went to go and be with you. He wouldn’t cry yet but it would definitely be coming as he began to flip through the many pictures he has of you two together on his phone. Just seeing you so carefree and happy would get him choked up because the thought of you crying and stabbing someone would snap his heart in half. He wouldn’t know if he was dreaming or not because he would just feel so heavy and upset. He would wish that he could wake up any second, but reality would slowly be imprinting itself into his mind as the car ride continued to where you were. Once he reached your location, Lay would wander inside and finally break down when he saw you wrapped up in blankets and looking so pale. He would join you and cry and hug you so close to him, and you would end up crying as well.

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Baekhyun: Initially Baekhyun would just be surprised, but I think that he’d be able to snap out of it pretty quickly and learn to accept the unfortunate news. I don’t think he would cry just because he wants to be strong for your sake, so he would definitely be a very rational and comforting person in this situation. He would know not to freak out because that’s the last thing you need right now and he would be very gentle and caring with you. He would wait a while to crack jokes and make you laugh because he can tell that right now you don’t want to talk to anyone, you just want to be held and taken care of as you recover. After Baekhyun found you and was able to calm you down and it had been a few days since the incident, he would be so proud of you. He would tell you that you were so brave and amazing and that he found it so cool that you were able to fight for yourself. He would also begin to crack jokes about you being a superhero and asking you to protect him if a saseng ever tried to hurt him. You would probably feel better the quickest with Baekhyun because he responded very maturely and knew exactly what to do.

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Chen: Chen would be shocked, but like Baekhyun, he would be able to snap out of it pretty quickly just so that he could focus all of his attention on you. Chen would be really smart because he would know that out of everyone involved in the situation, you were the most harmed mentally and you just needed to be smothered with love and care. He wouldn’t want to focus on his own sorrows and fear, so he would honestly push them to the side so that he could just center all of his attention on you. Chen would be really supportive and generous, he would take days off from work and he would want to take you away on a special vacation. He would tell you to pick the location and while the two of you were away, Chen would get the house remodeled and repainted so that it’s still your loving home, but it’s different from before. When you walk into it, you won’t remember the scenes that happened and as you experience new wonders and cultures from the other side of the world, you would feel yourself growing stronger and getting rid of the tramua that used to haunt you.

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Chanyeol: Chanyeol would honestly just shut down when he heard the news. He wouldn’t touch or talk to any of the members as they tried to comfort him and hug him, he wouldn’t eat or drink anything. He would just want to go and see you. He would shed his title of Happy Virus for a few days as he felt his world crashing down around him. He honestly wouldn’t think things through as his manager drove him over to where you were and tried to make small talk. He wouldn’t want to listen to music or honestly do anything that he liked, he would just feel so empty and bland inside. When he finally found you, Chanyeol would just hold you on the couch and say nothing. You would snuggle in his embrace and just savor the fact that he was here with you. Tears would silently run down his cheeks as he breathed deeply and tightened his hold on you because he couldn’t imagine a world without you in his arms.

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Kyungsoo: Even though Xiumin would feel so incredibly guilty, I think that Kyungsoo would feel the most guilt out of all of the members. Kyungsoo is someone that really cares deeply for people that are close to him and he has such a big heart that normally isn’t shown. It takes someone who really loves him to be able to see that special side, and the fact that significant person almost died because he wasn’t there would literally break Kyungsoo. He would be so furious with himself because his career got in the way of your safety, and I think that the rational side of him would not show at all. It would take a long time for him to overcome this obstacle and learn that there were a lot of different factors that led up to this occurence. When he first gets to you though, Kyungsoo would be so supportive and helpful to you. He would hold you and kiss you softly and tell you that from now on, he will protect you. He would make you anything and go out and buy things for you to make you feel better, and after about a week of this treatment, you would be feeling normal again.

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Tao: Tao would be a little like Chanyeol on terms of his reaction in general, however he would deal with the news differently. He would honestly just have a meltdown in the middle of the practice room as someone delivered the news to him. He would just burst into sobs as he hiccuped your name over and over again and he would really have to rely on the other members for help. He’s so young that he wouldn’t know what to do and the overthinking would cause him to lose it, should he go see you? should he get you a therapist? was the house a mess? what was the intruder doing? was the intruder a sasaeng fan? Tao would be so completely overwhelmed that he would just cry and cry and Suho would have to hold him and rock him like a baby. When he finally got to see you, you would probably have to hold Tao and tell him that things would be okay because he would be so emotional over the fact that you could have died but I think once he got his grip back, he would focus more on comforting you.

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Kai: I think that you would land up in the hospital after the whole ordeal because the intruder may have fought back and gave you some minor injuries. It would be morning and you would have just finished breakfast and decided to watch EXO Showtime because you had some free time. You would still be weak and tired and slightly homesick, already getting tired of the mundane hospital walls and the fact there wasn’t anything to do. Kai would have visited you the night before and would have stayed with you, however you would still miss him. It would be then that the door would be pushed open and you would jump slightly at the commotion, but smile so brightly when you saw what was happening. Kai would be getting pulled along by two of his dogs, who were practically galloping towards you with their tongues hanging out and their tails wagging excitedly. He would finally let go of the leashes and they would leap up on the bed to smother you with licks and snuggles, which would effectively get you laughing and giggling. Kai would smile and hug you close once the dogs calmed down, and he would be so glad that he was able to make you happy once more. 

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Sehun: Sehun would honestly fall into a minor depression stage after this event. He’s still a kid and the fact that he almost lost his girlfriend because he works 24/7 and she had to stab someone to save her life would really upset him. He would feel as though his youth years were unfairly stolen by his company and now it was time for reality, where he barely got to see you and was constantly forced to fly to different countries and perform. He missed simply going on dates with you and hearing your laugh, the days where he didn’t have to worry about your safety and his health. He would have lost his zest for singing and dancing and he would only be focused on you because he wouldn’t be able to get over the fact you almost died and he wouldn’t have been there. He could have easily lost you that day, and where would he be? He would be trapped inside the walls of the SM building, practicing over and over again. I think the managers would pick up on this and send him on a hiatus because he would get to a very low point. I think that over this break, you and Sehun would be able to rekindle and become closer and stronger.

November horoscopes:
  • Aries: watch your mouth, you don't know who you could be letting down. Past friends will come this month and for love, god just, don't get caught up in it to much.
  • Taurus: this month will be stressful, so keep lightheaded and stand up tall some people will be in your life you did not expect at all.
  • Gemini: ahh Gemini. You remember that friend you left behind? You do? Well, let me tell you. They aren't happy, and neither are you.
  • Cancer: look up once an a while, don't be afraid of the rain. Sometimes it brings fortune, and you might just be lucky enough to grab the moonlight tonight.
  • Leo: did you get a new haircut? or changed up style? because wow it looks good. you are perfect, dont let anyone tell you otherwise leo.
  • Virgo: let go, don't chase someone you cannot have. I hope you aren't a homewrecker Virgo. Because this is not your time to show it.
  • Libra: you are in lust, and whether lust counts as love i do not know. but god, you, you have never felt this way and you need to do something about it.
  • Scorpio: bare yourself Scorpio, watch what you say and don't say too much. your love is high and your mind is low. dont let it control you.
  • Sagittarius: I hope you're okay. Yes really, i hope you are okay. This month is family orientated. so please just be with your family.
  • Capricorn: Everyone is leaving you? Well is it because you're leaving them? or are you just being to negative. LOOK UP. LOOK UP. LOOK UP. LOOK UP.
  • Aquarius: don't say whats on your mind. Actually don't speak at all. Someone is hurt and putting salt on anyone else's wounds aren't gonna help you or anyone else.
  • Pisces: I love you. Don't take it for granted. This month is going to be lustful just, don't throw yourself into the clouds without looking down.
About Bleach...

It’s okay to be upset about your ship not becoming canon. It’s okay to be mad and heartbroken that this thing you believed so wholeheartedly in did not happen. It’s okay to protest it, to disagree, to rant about character development, and to dislike certain characters.

It isn’t okay to shame and disrespect a wonderful and talented mangaka for his decisions in his own work just because you didn’t get what you wanted. It isn’t okay to insult him and his work that he has put 15 years of his life into just because you disagree with his decision.

Please, do not insult Kubo just because you don’t agree with the ending of Bleach. It’s one thing to be upset with it and disagree, but stop spreading hate about him and his work just because of a ship. It is totally understandable to be mad, but remember that Kubo didn’t want Bleach to focus on romance but rather the adventures and development of Ichigo and his friends. I loved Ichiruki and its development over the years just as much as I loved Ichihime, but I refuse to call Bleach a bad manga just because this ship isn’t canon. I refuse to stand by the hate that is being shot at Kubo.

Please, just try to be kind to each other and respect each other’s feelings about the way Bleach should have ended. Remember what Kubo’s intentions were with this beautiful manga, and don’t shame him for all of his hard work and dedication he has put into this. And don’t shame each other because of your biases in how you feel this manga should have ended.

This post is for both Ichihimes and Ichirukis. Everyone is being so hostile towards each other and Kubo over ships, when we should be celebrating Bleach and its amazing run of 15 years and wonderful storyline and thanking Kubo!

TL;DR: Ichihimes need to stop being assholes about their ship and rubbing salt in the wounds of Ichirukis; Ichirukis need to stop being assholes to Kubo about his decisions for Bleach’s ending (even though your pain/anger is very understandable and I am sorry.)

Spin the Bottle (Part 8)

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Hello Golly fans,

I know everyone is hurting right now in light of the Tassie interview.  I hope this… helps soothe the burn?  It may not.  But here’s some Golly fanfic anyhow.  As always, a big thank you to my beta athingor3


“Hey Holly-bear,” her father’s voice came through the phone.

“Hey, dad, how are you?” she asked, pleased to have him call.

“Oh, you know your old dad. Fit as a fiddle.”  Holly giggled like a little girl.  

“How’s mom?” she asked.

“She’s out gardening right now.  She says she’s going to have the nicest flowers beds on the street this year.” She could hear the pride in his voice. They really were in love and Holly always wished for that with her own wife someday.

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I love you. Not because your eyes are my favorite shade of brown or for the fact that your smile is capable of lighting up the gloomiest parts within me. I love you for your 3am confessions and for the way your voice sounds at 6am, I love you for the smile you put on my face when your name shows up on my phone the times I need it most, I love you because you are a poem with a beating heart and walking feet, I love you because art is consoled in every part you might possibly own, I love you because you’re the bandage to my wound when everyone else is being the salt, I love you because you trace my scars with your fingers like an art piece when everyone else looks at them as flaws. I love you for the person you are and for the person you will ever be.
—  R.K