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I love how Stiles just intently watches Lydia as she stares off into space. The little things like that mean as much to me as the big Stydia moments. It’s obvious that Dylan understands Stiles and what Stiles feels for Lydia so well because he knows when to add the smallest touches that have the biggest meaning. I absolutely love it.


in Helsinki, above, on Helsinki Pride Day, 27 June 2015.  Rainbows in Vienna, 10 June, below:

 (this is a long post ) Vancouver, 17 July:

Baltimore, 8 August:

Buffalo, 3 September:

(Liam sees Harry with the flag)

Montreal, 5 September:

Ottawa, 8 September:

Boston, 12 September:

London, 25 September:

London, 30 September:

Birmingham, 12 October:

Dublin, 16 October:

Dublin, 17 October:

Belfast, 22 October:

Sheffield, 30 October:

Belfast || Montreal  xx || Buffalo  xx || Vancouver  xx || Birmingham || London  xx  xx  xx xx || Ottawa || Boston  xx || Dublin xx || Vienna || Sheffield || Helsinki 

above in Helsinki, 27 June — Helsinki Pride Day. (Also on 27 June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage in all fifty states. “Today,” said Pres. Obama, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”) || #LoveWins

                dust in my lungs. sun on my skin. a walking tragedy. a shining light.

                                  rebooted  august 2016. penned by vivi.
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Y'know what I love about this? How Dean went to hold his hand and pull in and slap his back; like a normal bro hug, but he saw that Roman put his hand wider and realised he wanted a proper one..and he didn’t stop him; he let Roman hug him and not only that, HE pulled HIM into it! Cause tbh, I think he needed a hug like that too. Stuff like this melts my heart (Credit to ambreignstrain :-) )


“It’s wide open!” Ryan mocked. Another football came flying towards the target & like the last one, it was a miss. “Cmon Brandon! Didn’t your one day of football teach you anything?” He chuckled & a series of tiny children giggles followed.

Brandon rolled his eyes, knelt down to the little girl by his side & handed her the football. “You think you can dunk my buddy?” The little girl no older than 8 nodded. “Go for it sweetie..”

Ryan crossed his arms with a smirk. At first he was reluctant to spent his Friday evening working the college sponsored field day. But he needed the extra credit, so here he was, in a park surrounded by children & encouraging them to drop him in a tank of freezing water. Shyness overwhelmed the small girl & she handed the ball back to Brandon, Ryan merely chuckled.

“DOES ANYONE WANNA DUNK MY FRIEND?!” Brandon called out, “hey!” He called to a girl passing by, “you in the blue!” He tossed her the football, “wanna give it a go?”