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Okay besides the fact that Determination needed to die to make the story make alot more sense and for it to continue, was there any other reason he lost to his sister? Did he not have much in his life to be TOO determined to protect ( like Frisk is with monsters ) or was it simply because his sister was so strong at that point that he literally would've had to kill her to win but he just couldn't bring himself to do that?

oh yes there is a reason… give it away right now would be spoilers.


Okay with our first look at Sebastian comes a lot of differing opinions. I’ve seen a lot of people saying that they are blocking anyone that stans Sebastian and honestly same but how are you defining stanning? Cause many of the people talking about Seb right now are far from stans they know how awful he was in the books but that’s what made him an interesting character. Now if we think about it the show will probably change his character quite a bit so can we all just calm down cause the show is not the books. People are excited because Sebastian is a very interesting and complex villain not because we stan him. People are interested to see how the show uses his character and how they change him like they have with all of the characters in the show. So can everyone just take a breather cause we got like 2 seconds of Sebastian and y’all are blocking anyone that mentions his name. We know Sebastian is a piece of shit but the show now has this complex and different villain to work with and that’s so exciting. 

And because I feel it needs to be said again: People are excited because Sebastian is a very interesting and complex villain not because we stan him.

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"Wanna go out sometime?" LadyNoir (preferably in the middle of a battle but its not necessary)

“That’s it, I am calling it,” Ladybug growled as she and her partner cowered behind the stone column as another volley of balls whipped towards them, “baseball is the stupidest sport in the history of the world!” 

“Oh come on now my Lady,” chat grinned, “no need to pitch a fit about it.” 

She glared at him. “Is this really the time chaton?” 

“Sure, we seem safe back here.” 

Ladybug rolled her eyes before darting out and diving behind the next pillar while her foe refilled his horrifying auto pitching machine. Chat managed to fling himself behind an adjacent column just as the next volley began launching out at them. 

“Come out and fight me!” the akuma bellowed. “Where is your sense of sportsmanship?” 

“No need to be in such a foul mood,” Chat called out, “but you can’t really blame us if we don’t find you all that striking.” 

Ladybug couldn’t help but smile as the akuma roared in annoyance, fixing his attention on Chat and allowing her to take another running dive towards the akuma. Her partner was laughing and smiling behind his own hiding place, occasionally popping out to wack some of the speeding balls back at the akuma with his baton which only further infuriated their foe. He really was a fantastic partner. 

“Come and face me you mangy cat,” he shrieked waving his bat above his head. 

Ladybug made another running pass, finally circling out of the range of his weapon and creeping up towards the akuma from behind and waiting for her moment to strike. Hopefully Chat could buy her just a little more time. 

“You’re way off base if you think I will fall for that sort of baiting.” Chat laughed. “Hey My Lady, as long as I’m thinking about it, want to go OUT sometime?” He called, causing the akuma to turn back towards where she had previously been hiding. 

Ladybug seized the opportunity, she summoned her lucky charm- a skateboard. She flung her yo-yo out, wrapping it around the enchanted bat and kicked the board forward so it went crashing into the akuma’s legs. He stumbled, losing his grip on the bat and allowing Ladybug to easily pull it from him, breaking the cursed item and purifying the akuma. 

“Good game kitty,” she smiled as he came over to exchange their obligatory fist bump, “although asking me out there might have been a stretch.” 

Chat eyes gleamed happily at her teasing. “But My Lady, after I so gallantly went to bat for you I would have thought you would love a nice walk.” 

She laughed tossing the skateboard into the air and watching the cloud of ladybugs soar off to repair the damage done to the city. 

“Sorry chaton, I’m more into fencers myself,” she said, flicking his bell playfully. 

Chat gave her a choked laugh his eye sparkling with mischief. “Touche My Lady, touche.” 

My Human!

This is a little something I wrote for the ever so amazing @theanimegirl786 I hope you like this!!!

Fandom: Diabolik Lover (Belonging to Rejet)
Characters: Ruki Mukami X Reader
Word count: 1333 (according to word counter) 
warning: Mention of bullying and slight violence 
Summary: Ruki found you being bullied and he struggled between the need to hurt those who touched what is his and the strange need to care for you. 

Every cells in his body were screaming at him to go back and end the lives of those pitiful, waste of space, beings that called themselves humans. His fingers twitched with the need to snap their necks or to drain them completely of their blood, letting it run free on the ground. Their disgusting smell still lingered on his senses and it only fueled his need to destroy them all.

The only reason he hadn’t went back and let his destructive nature out was the very reason he was furious at those bugs in the first place. The small bundle still shivering and silently crying in front of him, kept him sane enough to remain here and not go hunt them down. 

Ruki was not one to dive head first into a confrontation,no, he would much rather use his words to torment his victim first before moving on to physically torturing them. Those pathetic beings he found you with, however,  didn’t cause any feelings of needing to torture them, but they did cause him to immediately wish to make their existence disappear. 

The vampire had been looking all over for you, he knew that it wasn’t like you to be late especially when you knew that he was waiting for you and that the consequences of making him wait weren’t very pleasant. It only added to his annoyance remembering how weird you had been acting lately, almost like you were trying to distance yourself, but not physically. Ruki would never let a soul know, but the thought of you trying to separate yourself completely from your own emotions, caused worry to bloom and root itself deeply in his heart.

Finding you had been easy, but the reason as to why it was soo easy, filled the vampire with indescribable rage. Blood! There was bits of blood coming from scratches on your body and he could see some of your pretty skin already turning darker from bruising. Marks were covering your body, marks that weren’t done by his own hands, the thought alone set his mind aflame.

Your body was slopped onto the floor curled up against the wall, as if it could swallow you and take you away from the bullies in front of you. Said bullies had failed to notice the enraged vampire slowly creeping behind them, as they continued to send insults and threat, some moving to cause more physical harm to HIS HUMAN!

He grabbed the first person within reach and with a small tug on his part the body went flying to the opposite wall, falling limp to the ground. The rest of the tiny group barely had time to let a few gasps out before also being thrown like rag dolls across the room. Blood came out from some of them, but he could still hear their hearts beating and the smell that came from them turned his stomach. His hands itched and he was ready to go for the kill. “…san?”

Your voice sounded soo tiny, he has never heard it sound like this, and it cracked something inside of him. Every cells in his body wanted to rip apart those who dared to touch what is his, but the way your body was shaking and blood was still coming from the wounds, helped clear his mind.

Swiftly Ruki picked you up into his arms, letting your face rest against his neck and shoulder. The trip back home wasn’t long, but the constant shaking of your body and the small tears hitting the skin of his neck, really bothered Ruki. When you two arrive at the mansion, he made a dash for your room, dropping you onto the bed, and rushing to the medical kit, he remembered getting when you had first arrived here.

He returned to the room with the kit in hand, and immediately set to clean and wrap those wounds. Your shaking wouldn’t stop and he saw you flinch when his movements to make you sit up were a bit too harsh, but he couldn’t help it, he still felt the need to hunt. His eyes finally took notice the bit of blood on your lips, probably the product of you biting them too hard. Without much thought Ruki leaned in and licked the blood off your lips, the familiar taste on his tongue, helping to completely clear his mind and calm his nerves.

Pulling back the vampire was extremely pleased to see that the shaking at stopped and your tears were no longer falling, your cheeks took a small pink to them. Gently he nudged at you to hold your shirt up so he could see the damage that had been done to your stomach and back. The boy was glad to see the damage was mostly scratches and bruises nothing serious at all. Cleaning them as gently as he could and wrapping them in bandages, before moved on to the bruises coloring your flesh.

They were all over your body, on your arms and stomach as well as your back and legs. A lot of them looked rather old, letting Ruki know that this had been happening for a while now. His anger came back a bit but shifted towards you for not telling him about this. He used two fingers and pressed them hard against one of the fresh bruise. The sudden pressure caused a yelp from escaping your mouth followed by a small whimper. “Now livestock should I show you what happens when you keep things from me?”

The shudder that ran through your body pleased him but Ruki knew how to be patient and he knew that your body needed rest in order to fully feel whatever punishment he came up with in his mind. Instead of waiting for a reply to form in your mind, he got up and got you a change of clothes ordering you to change quickly. He certainly did not find it cute that he needed to pry your hand away from clutching onto him, and assured you that he would be back.

When he got back into the room simply to check on you and see if you needed anything, he was surprised to find that you had already fallen deeply in sleep, curled up on yourself above the blankets. Ruki couldn’t stop himself from thinking that you were both adorable and impossible. He worked fast lifting you up high enough to pull back the blanket and drape it over your body. Please with his work he straighten up and turned to leave, only to be stopped.

The vampire sigh, even in your sleep your hand was still clutching tightly onto his shirt. Even in your slumber you still found a way to prove yourself troublesome. Grey eyes soften and against all odds a small smile made its way to his lips. Gently he pried your hands from his shirt but kept in his own.

Still keeping your hand in his hand, he maneuvered his body around in order to climb in the bed beside you. His free arm instantly wrapped around your waist in order to bring you closer to him. He tucked your head under his chin and tangled your legs together, all while keeping your fingers laced together.

He took note that sleeping in his day clothing was not comfortable at all, but having your warmth all pressed up against his cold body, slightly made up for it. Still he took another mental note to add it to your list of punishment for later on.

He pressed his face closer to your hair, slowly breathing in your unique scent, something that he had come to love dearly, not that he was ever letting you know that. Falling asleep like this, his body all wrapped up around yours, was truly something he could get used to. Letting his eyes closed the last thought he had was how to punish you if you dared to wake up before him.


my dad had rages in which he would break shit and terrify us. after my parents got divorced i remember being in 4th grade and my sister would spiral into rages and kick doors and my mom would take off and i was left to deal. that was routine through middle and high school. i mean it’s no wonder i’m anxious and nervous and think everyone’s mad at me and i walk on eggshells and feel the need to appease. i mean it just makes sense. 

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Something you wouldn't wish to do? What do you mean by that?

“Eh…it’s hard to explain in detail. Let’s just say it’s like “shedding skin” if that makes sense. I just need to work myself up to do it. There’s a reason why I like to be big and knowing I might need to restart is…unnerving for me.”

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Oh this chapter- I loved it (and it was hot!) but poor Jack. He's such a quick learner but sometimes he learns the completely wrong lesson.... Pitch is a pretty good and attentive dom in scene and it seemed like he was going to do at least *some* aftercare this time but Jack just noped out too fast. Right now I'm not sure which of them would have a harder time with proper aftercare. Anton needs to knock some sense into both of them.

Jack’s bright, and his mind works quickly, but yeah, he often comes to the wrong conclusions or learns the wrong lesson, that combined with his habit of internalising things as being his fault (something absolutely encouraged by Lune in general) means he just makes these epic leaps to ‘this behaviour means X, and it means I have to respond like X.’

Pitch was definitely going to offer aftercare (at least more of it) this time. In fact, one of the reasons he didn’t touch Jack a great deal during the edging was because he knew he could make up for it afterwards. Instead, we get a Jack that’s hurriedly pulling away, a Pitch that’s wondering if that’s what Jack truly needs, doubting it, and also kind of doubting himself as a Dom? (Something he’s not used to doing like this). It’s a mess. Pitch has a lot to work on right now, especially as Jack’s reaction/s here are pretty much entirely down to how Pitch has treated him in the past. (Along with Jack’s reticence to ask for clarification).

Oh yeah, pretty sure Anton will be finding out in the very next chapter, tbh. His ears have been burning for a while now. :D

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RE Posey's acting skills: princeescalus repeatedly claimed that Posey did act good (and was praised by Hoechlin), but Jeff Davis the cut the scenes because he wanted a stoic hero without emotions, e.g. here: princeescaluswords(.)tumblr(.)com/post/159725652885/comparisons One one hand Jeff fucking things up is believable, on the other hand escalus never gave a citation when I asked him so ...

No receipts? No surprise there. 

Good scenes get cut all the time, for all different sorts of reasons. Actors know that. But yeah, it’s all speculation unless JD confirms it. Which even if it’s true he probably won’t, because that would be admitting to a mistake, and JD doesn’t do that. 

But actors working on the same show who praise one another? Jesus. That’s basic PR. It’s also basic common sense. You don’t slag off people you need to work with every day. Particularly not in a highly competitive industry where a “difficult to work with” reputation can mean the difference between booking your next gig or not. 

Hoechin’s been around long enough to know how to play the game. 

I mean, chances are Hoechlin was completely sincere. My point is it’s one thing to get praise from a colleague, and quite another to have it coming from outside the set. 

I’m not saying that TP is a bad actor. I’m not saying that he didn’t have great scenes that were cut. But in all likelihood everyone had great scenes that were cut. And in the end we can only judge their acting abilities by what makes it to the screen, not speculate about how their Golden Globe winning moment was left on the cutting room floor. And on the screen, in my opinion (and in the opinion of most industry professionals, given his career trajectory) DOB was the stronger actor in Teen Wolf. 

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Cell 8 is my favorite of the prisoners. Do you have head cannons on what kind of people they would fall for?

I like to think that a lot of the prisoners could fall for a wide range of people. Here are what my mind goes to first though.


My darling Ups… I mean Upa. First off, they need to be active. Not exactly in the sense of muscly mcmuscles. Just in the fact that they dont spend their entire day lounging around. Upa doesnt think much about relationships so they would need to make the first move. Having a calm personality is a plus. Like Hajime, Upa is surrounded by big personalities and he would like to be with someone who doesnt act silly all the time. Some silly he can put up with though. He hates recklessness and shallow people. Someone who has a sweet personality and a big heart could totally win him over. He has dealt with a lot of bs in the past, so he appreciates every nice act someone does for him (except Qi). He would do well with introverts the most.


He would need to be with someone he could trust. No pranksters, or cheaters. He would do well with someone who is empathetic. He has a lot of inner turmoil as well so a good listener could be helpful. This boy is also big on PDA. It means a lot to him. He needs to be treated with respect, he is not going to let anyone hurt him anymore. He needs someone kind who will take in interest in him. They would also need to get along with his friends since he is loyal. He needs a gentle, supportive soul.


He needs someone to protect him from all the meanies lol. Someone with a larger personality would balance his laid back one. Get him up and make him do the things he should be doing. They need to be kind though and have similar ideals. He likes PDA as well. He could not be with a drug user. Seeing someone use what could have been made into medicine as an artificial way to get high just pisses him off. He is very open about his feelings and would be able to handle a more emotional person better than the other two.

I’m currently awaiting a call from my neurosurgeon, which I should receive within the week. At my last appointment it turned out that my previous neurosurgeon did not forward the film and results of my last surgery so my new neurosurgeon could not give a conclusive direction to go. He did say that from the film he has seen (MRIs) that I look like I could be a good candidate for open brain surgery. This is the surgery I would prefer to have; the other option takes up to 4 years to fully eradicate the lesion and would require monthly, and then trimonthly MRIs. With open brain surgery, the expected recovery time is 5 days in the hospital and then 3-4 weeks off of work (I may have to take more time off because of how strenuous and physical my job is as an EMT). I’m lucky in the sense that I do not need to pay rent or appliance bills as I live with my parents. Before my diagnosis, however, I was trying to move out as my father has a long history of being abusive. He has been fairly calm since my diagnosis but I do not want to be left at my parents’ mercy any longer than I have to be. At this time I only have to pay for my car, my insurance, any personal items, and my cats. At this point the prognosis looks pretty positive- I have had no brain bleeds, and show no signs of aneurysms or weaknesses in the malformation. After I get the AVM I am predicted to have a nearly full recovery. Right now I am still setting up a Paypal and trying to figure out commission prices but I don’t want to do much of anything until I know for sure how much money I would need. I don’t want to get more than I need, and no more than what could support me during my recovery period. I am a very proud person and love being an EMT, and working in the medical field. I just never thought I’d be the patient. 

It’s so funny, because I can totally tell what happened with Thrawn.

Zahn, over time, with the developments behind the Yuzong Vong, took a character that was intended to be kind of a lawful evil Sherlock Holmes, and sort of retconned in a lawful good background for him. So then you go back and read TTT, and even though there are elements of that nobility in the character just because of the lawfulness, you get a character who is not actually consistent with other stories in Legends Lore because of the retcons.

So you have to stretch to make all of his motivations make sense and needed to give him something so desperate to fight that he’d throw literally all of his morals out of the Chimaera’s airlock. Like what’s big enough to make the noble, sometimes even very gentle, honorable, if stiff, man from Outbound Flight into “I’m okay with terrorizing the Noghri”.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, he was going to kill the Vagaari (all of them), but it’s a pretty big leap from “I’m going to kill a group of chaotic evil vagrants who enslave others and treat them with unprecedented cruelty and felt bad for the deaths of all these thousands of people that I basically accidentally caused” to “I’m okay with enslaving an entire races.” So you end up with this comically inconsistent character that can only be explained by this cosmically huge threat, a threat so big that Thrawn just tosses his morals away to kill it like “nope, bye!”

And I actually think that’s why this shift to canon and some of the new stuff surrounding Thrawn is a good thing. Because it makes canon Thrawn a very different animal from Legends Thrawn, in some ways. It also means his character is more consistent, because if you go back and watch Rebels after reading the novel, you can really see that he’s mostly the same guy from the book. In fact, he’s almost exactly the same.

Some of the changes to his background sort of necessitate that he won’t ever get to be the kind of bad he is in TTT, if only because he’s not been permanently driven away from his safehaven, and his loyalty isn’t actually to the Emperor, but still to the people who restrained him in Outbound Flight.

I just think it’s interesting how Canon sort of redeemed Thrawn’s character from legends, and I feel like, even if TTT still does somehow happen, Thrawn will be just different enough that some of his actions would have to look different, because they are things this Thrawn is not desperate enough to do … Especially since Zahn set up a situation that Legends Thrawn didn’t have the luxury of, a situation in which the fall of the Empire still benefits Thrawn’s people and he does not need to become a brutal warlord to save the Galaxy because he can still go home.

the people who say mercy takes no skill are honestly the dumbest fucking ppl and have probably never played mercy in their life

like skill to them is probably just having good aim or some shit but listen u cunt faced bitch

i will agree mercy is mechanically v easy but playing her well is a completely different thing bc u need good game sense. u need to know ur surroundings, ur environment- just like the rest of the team. but unlike ur teammates who are usually focused on the enemy u have to have awareness of both ur team and ur enemies or 9 times out of 10 ur prob gonna be dead

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Angel walked into the room, having heard Anti crying. He sighed and cracked his knuckles. "Okay, who do I need to knock some sense into?" Angel said.

“Someone stole the cake I baked. I would go and kill them but I don’t know where they are. I worked hard on that cake, god dammit.” Anti looked sad.