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I took your advice and I read the manga to make my point. It changed, I must say, but I will stay with the same opinion, they will never become something more. honestly, DekuxUraraka is the couple that will end up together. But I've to say that your determination to ship them is cool.

i’ve said this time and time again, and i’m sick of repeating myself, so let me say this one last time:

If they are friends, FANTASTIC.

If they work together as hero partners, FANTASTIC.

If they develop a romantic relationship, FANTASTIC.

As long as they are safe, healthy, and happy, I do not care whether or not tododeku becomes canon.

nonetheless, thank you for being nothing but polite^^

I know that most of the time I’m cracked and randomly go off for fun or to vent but this time it just makes me sad to know that 90% of the cast felt the need to invalidate someone’s escape from reality, someone’s heroes or just simply someone’s enjoyment, in such a mockery and blatant way… and for what? Jeremy knew very well what he was doing and Melissa called him brave for doing it… like how fucking ugly and ungrateful you have to be to take something like that from someone who supports you and the show you’re in? I can’t even stand looking at their ignorant faces and I truly hope the whole season gets cancelled before it even starts…

Playboy strikes again

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Summary: Reader has been Tony’s wife since the last five years but recently he started being a flirt again, in one nasty fight she asks for the divorce.

Another party again, this has become a recent thing since Tony and Steve fought about the Sokovia Accords. First, all the parties were an excuse for him to get drunk and forget about everything but then when Steve came back and everything was turning okay again he made a lot of parties with the excuse that he needed to celebrate that the team is back. But in reality the parties are not a problem for me, the real problem is the girls that surround Tony in every party. I know he wouldn’t cheat on me because all the things we have been through but… he was starting to get a playboy reputation because all of the models that flirt with him and claimed to have slept with him even if it was just a lie and I was the only woman that sleeps with him. 

My thoughts become interrupted by Steve taking my hand and giving it a little grip making my head turn around to see him.

“Are you okay (Y/N)?” I nod as I turn looking again at my husband who was teaching one model how to play pool like she needed help, he was behind surrounding her and my grip in my vase got stronger when she started grinding him and he laughs. I was about to run to confront him but the strong grip from the Captain stop me.

“Hey calm down (Y/N)… you know how he is, maybe he is just drunk” I look at him with tears building in my eyes and he embraces me in a hug, I put my arms around him feeling his strong biceps on my cheeks as he kisses my forehead trying to calm me down.

“Rogers! Paws off from my wife! Who do you think you are trying to fuck your best friend girl?” Clearly, he was already drunk. Steve’s arms leave my body to confront him but he took my hand moving me behind him preventing any damage for me.

“Calm down Tony. Let’s go talk to another place” Steve tried to reason with him considering that everyone was starting to gather around us.

“Why? You don’t want everyone to see how the greatest Captain America is a traitor to his best friend? First, you cover the death of my parents and now you want to take away my girl?” He screams at Steve throwing the glass he was holding against the floor making it break into little pieces. At the sound of this Natasha and Bruce run to us trying to stop something bigger happening so I decided to join in the conversation.

“Hey, Tony let’s take this talk to another part okay?” I tried to stop him from going far but the words that leave his mouth made my blood boil. 

“Shut up you hoe, you sure want to fuck Capsicle don’t you?!” At his words, I forgot everyone that was around us and I slap him so hard making his head turn. His hand instantly went to his cheek and his eyes instantly sobered up. “Baby I’m so sorry I did-” I turn around running to the elevator on the way to my floor to pack my bags and leave the tower. I didn’t want to sleep with him tonight, I was so tired of everything that I have put up with Tony.

My bag was almost ready, I packed the basics to stay one or two nights at one hotel while I figured what I wanted to do with Tony when the door opened up and he was on the frame looking at me.

“What are you doing?” He was playing with his hands, an old habit he showed when he was nervous.

“Clearly packing to go fuck Rogers in his apartment” My blood was still boiling. I couldn’t believe he had the nerve to accuse me of cheating when he was the one who has been acting like a playboy and I haven’t even mentioned something about it because I trust him.

“I had no right to tell you that (Y/N) is just that I don’t understand why he was doing that I became jealous you know how I am baby girl” I turn around facing him and punching his chest with my little fists making no harm to him.

“He was fucking consoling me you jerk! You were almost grinding that fucking model in front of me! And you have no right to be jealous when you have been drinking and flirting with every girl since the Accords fight! And you know what? I didn’t tell you anything because I knew that was your way to confront things and that you wouldn’t cheat on me but guess what! I’m fucking tired of being your wife and still being nothing to you Anthony” He gulped at the mention of his name and not the short cut because I only used it when I was really mad

“Are you… are you planning to leave me (Y/N)?” He asked with a voice full of fear and I can see in his eyes that a few tears were trying to not fall. As he makes the question I knew that the answer was no but I didn’t really know what to tell Tony because I don’t know what would happen if he keeps on going like that.

“I don’t know Tony if you don’t love me anymore and you want to become again the Playboy I will need a divorce” At the mention of the word divorce the tears spilled from his eyes and he run to me falling down to his knees.

“No (Y/N) please you can’t leave me please baby girl. I need you in my life, you are the love of my life I swear I will forget about this parties and everything but please don’t ever say that word again” I tilt down in order to be with him and I quickly embrace him in a big hug as he starts sobbing and kissing my neck and every part of my face that he was able to.

“Shhh.. Tony calm down or you will get a panic attack baby” I knew that Tony wasn’t alright and he needed to calm down or his breath will become bad. As we keep on hugging he started to calm down

“You are the only thing that I can’t live without, I swear everything will go back to normal.  Just you and me” I nod as I kiss his forehead

“You need help Tony, stop the parties, stop the flirting, what you need is professional help baby” He nods as he puts his head on my lap while I play with his hair “And also you need to apologize to Steve” He laughs as I move to kiss him.

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Can you tag your HQ trash? You may ship it but I don't. And also tag Lana. I'm not her biggest fan, thank you. You said you would have no problem tagging for your followers so please can you do this?

I have no problem tagging for my followers when the tag is relevant. Considering there is no actual Hooked Queen that I’ve reblogged today, no I won’t be adding that tag. Because that tag is for a relationship (which I view as an antagonistic one, maybe borderline friendship. Certainly not a romantic pairing for me) on the show. I don’t tag Jen and Colin content ‘Captain Swan’, I’m sure as hell not tagging pictures of Colin with Lana with HQ (also, just because you don’t like another ship doesn’t mean I’m okay with you insulting it in my inbox, whether I ship it or not).

You need to separate fiction from reality and realize that Colin is a friend of Lana’s and he’s out there today promoting the show they’ve both worked on together for years. Or, at the very least, realize it’s on my blog and accept that… or leave. 

My offer to add tags when needed has to have a relevant context… yours does not. 

(Admittedly, I accidentally missed a Lana tag while blogging from my phone while trying to do at least three other things. I’ve gone back and added it in because yes, that should’ve been there. Still, this tag policing nonsense has got to stop on my blog or I’m just gonna say fuck it and not offer to be courteous to those requesting tags in the future).

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So Caroline is going to be there to give Klaus a reality check when he needs it the most. Sounds like old times! Also i love how Joseph says 'it's the last season, it feels right' as though he thinks klaroline should be endgame.


Also he has said he thinks Klaroline should be endgame! I wanna say last year in like October? 

Listen, I know chances are slim that it will happen in reality, but I kinda need a fic of Emma scolding adult!Henry for getting his poor stepfather caught up in yet another curse. Like full on, “I did not bring him back from the dead and cross forty-five realms to save him so you could turn him into a amnesiac Oregonian. And I can’t be mad at him because you started this mess but I’ve been single parenting TWINS and SHERIFFING and trying to figure out how to SAVE YOUR DUMB ASS and do you know how EXHAUSTING that is?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then all you’ve got for me is HEY MOM?!!!”

Whiskey. Neat.

I neat need more Reyes Vidal in my life. The romance/interaction with him in Andromeda is so unsatisfying, therefore I need to run from the reality via Headcanons and smutty ficlets. 
Please reblog or like if you post Reyes-Content (from time to time or exclusively, I don’t care). I’ll check out your blog and most likely follow you :3 

*fangirling intensifies*

little things to appreciate࿐♡

-listening to old songs and being able to remember the lyrics

-late night heart-to-hearts

-smiles from a stranger

-embraces that last a little bit longer than usual

-when the sun filters through your windows on a nice day

-when the wind blows against your skin

-small gestures of kindness


-when the rain patters against your window

-the moment the rain stops and a rainbow appears

-receiving a hand written letter

-flowers you didnt expect

-the feeling of sand between your toes

-the way the ocean sounds

- when plans you were dreading get cancelled.

- looking through old journals from when you were young

-when your favorite song comes on

- that quick squeeze from the other person at the end of a hug.

-when you’ve finished a really good book and you just put it down on your lap and stare into space for a couple minutes because you need to collect yourself and return to reality.

-surprises. good surprises

-being awake when everyone else is asleep

-genuinely candid laughing photos

- comfortable silence

- those rare, perfectly timed naps that leave you feeling refreshed and not groggy

-waking up before your alarm goes off

-being in a great mood for no reason at all

-bubble baths

-being cuddled in bed when it’s raining outside

-when someone plays with your hair

-when your pet greets you when you come home

-being told you made someone’s day

-using brand new pens/supplies

-holding hands

-losing track of time because of how much fun you’re having

-overcoming a fear

-when someone tells you that you smell good

-when someone compliments your outfit

-when you laugh so hard you start crying and your stomach starts to hurt

-the feeling of genuine happiness

-when your hair looks good when you wake up

-watching dogs stick their heads out of car windows

-those “i love my life” moments

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Did you see Wonder Woman? The fighting that the Amazons did was extremely choreographic and really beautiful to watch for a plebeian like me, but did it seem grounded in reality?

There’s nothing about Wonder Woman that’s grounded in reality. This is an intentional design decision and, to be fair, the likes of Atomic Blonde and Haywire aren’t either. In Haywire’s case, it’s because what makes for a good MMA fight is about as far from SpecOps as you can get.

The combat seen in Wonder Woman is stylistically designed to be superhuman because Diana and the Amazons are superhuman. They’re immortal, godlike beings who live on a paradise island hidden from the rest of the world. Their combat style and choreography emphasizes that aspect of their characters. It’s part of the visual storytelling ongoing to show us who and what they are.

Wonder Woman is the sort of archetypal character meant to inspire, who we look up at in wonder, who inspires us to be better, and to believe in ourselves.

The combat isn’t grounding in reality and it doesn’t need to be. In reality, we can’t reflect bullets with gauntlets and walking across No Man’s Land with just a shield would just lead to Diana’s legs being shot out from under her by a gatling gun. Realism isn’t the point of the movie though. Besides that, Wonder Woman is no more realistic than Captain America fighting Nazis with a shield or Batman doing whatever Batman does in the Dark Knight. Or Athena kicking Ares keister in the Illiad.

Wonder Woman walking into the No Man’s Land is thematic not realistic, and that’s the same for the movie’s fight choreography. Hear it: Wonder Woman walks into No Man’s Land. You don’t even need the visual to feel a sense of awe. This woman walking where soldiers are scared to go.

This is archetypal, mythic storytelling with mythic heroes.

The problem is that “grounded in reality” has become the new version of “believable” or “suspension of disbelief” or “relateable” except with much more restrictive rules. Usually because this justification is really “I don’t like it, therefore”. Used more often to shut down conversation than start it, because “realism” sounds more legitimate than personal preference or inherent bias. If you’re ever in a discussion with someone and they can’t elaborate on why it isn’t “realistic” with a genre that was never about realism anyway, then you can usually say this is why.

Realism as an argument gets brought up a lot with superheroes, and the idea that anything in the superhero genre (and this includes superspies) is real is laughable. It’s called “superhero fiction” for a reason, and DC’s heroes from the Gold and Silver Age are all archetypal, mythic heroes who are better than humanity and through which we find the best of ourselves.

What’s real are the emotions and beliefs Wonder Woman inspires in you, the sense of awe, the wonder, and the hope. To hope for and fight for a better future than the one we see before us. To inspire our dreams so we find the courage to chase them. To look up at the stars instead of down at our feet. To believe we’ll find victory so long as we keep getting up again. To remind us we can change the world.

Sometimes, we just need freedom reality’s constraints to find the best in ourselves. Inspire us to see who we could be, beyond what we’ve previously believed to be possible.

You know how many glorious scientific inventions we have because of science fiction? Like hoverboards from Back to the Future. Or flip phones from Star Trek. They weren’t grounded in reality either when they were imagined. There was only the possibility they might, maybe exist… someday.

When discussing anything creative try and remember this: no is not a shut down nor does it remove the idea’s value. Rather, any explanation on the subject is meant to help us gain a better understanding of the subject. The more we know then the more choices become available, and we’re able to pick the one best for us. 

The choreographers, directors, and producers who put together the Amazon’s combat style are people who have a firm grasp of how combat is supposed to work both onscreen and off it. They chose this route because what we see on screen is representative of the themes they had in mind and the story they were trying to tell. It was intentional, not accidental. They knew what they wanted.

The point is don’t be discouraged from chasing after a feeling or a dream just because fiction is what inspired you. The difference between fantasy and reality is the will we have to take ourselves there.


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