no named

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

All I want to get is a little bit closer
All I want to know is, can you come a little closer?

Temperance and Cora Forever, no heteronormative bullshit is getting between this love. 

Thank you @anafigreen for fulfilling my #1 fantasy, well… PG fantasy.

Maggie’s Aunt headcanons

  • she is Maggie’s dad’s sister
  • she’s only around 10-15 years older than Maggie
  • she was never outwardly homophobic but she had held the same beliefs as her family 
  • until she learned that her best friend at her new job was gay
  • and it threw her because he is not what gay men are “supposed” to be
  • he became more of brother to her than her blood one. he changed a lot for her
  • when Maggie was thrown out she instantly took her in but was terrified
  • and she never let Maggie know she was scared not for a second
  • she immediately went to her friend for advice and he told her the best she can do is be there and listen and make sure Maggie is heard and that’s what she does time and time again
  • and when Alex comes out to her all Maggie can think about is her Aunt and the day she held her hand across the table and nodded along when Maggie poured her heart out and how good and liberating it felt to finally be heard and how she wants that so much for Alex but without all the pain she had to go through beforehand
  • the only contact she has with her brother and his wife is a letter she sends them every year around christmas
  • the letter’s all about Maggie and how she is doing and what an incredible woman she is turning out to be
  • she doesn’t know if they even open it but she doesn’t care because it’s more for herself and Maggie than anything

panhasablog  asked:

OOH redefining the power of names as being one's true name gives me Ideas. What if somebody comes to the university who never quite felt welcome in the world, was never quite able to be fully themself, not until they come here. They find a group of friends to connect with, they really come into their own, they're themself for the first time ever, but that self is called by their university nickname. That name becomes their true name, bit by bit, and that doesn't hit them until it's too late.

Oh fuck oh no

(and here is the thing - even if you realize that it’s too close, too comfortable, even if you immediately and desperately try on something different, by then your friends and professors and classmates all know it already. your life is in hands that hold exactly as much as a sieve)

I have a theory

So people always make a big deal about how in The Lightning Thief, it’s all “names have power,” and then later, it’s “Hera this, Gaea that, Athena this, Zeus that.”

But you’ll notice if you read TLT that Annabeth and Grover both sometimes slip up and call things by their real names.

For example:

“The Fur … I mean, your math teacher. That’s right. She’s still out there. You just made her very, very mad.”

This is followed by:

Annabeth glanced nervously at the ground, as if she expected it to open up and swallow her. “You shouldn’t call them by name, even here. We call them the Kindly Ones, if we have to speak of them at all.”

But you can tell that Annabeth was about to say “Fury.” Annabeth is used to calling them by their names.

And this is a girl who’s been at camp since she was seven. It wasn’t just a mistake because she didn’t know.

My conclusion is that once the whole thing with Zeus and Poseidon happened, everyone’s cautiousness went up like 120%. However, the normal thing is to call the gods and creatures by their real names.