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This is for @wittyy-name and her (and @wolfpainters) fic SUADWM! <3

Alright my hand is hurting so jUsT tAkE IT! I’ve been working with Paint Tool Sai 2 on this one! (the struggle :’))
Happy Birthday Witty!! :D I hope I’m still kind of on time??

anonymous asked:

any hidgance headcanons? this ot3 is severely underrated and needs more love

-whenever pidge has a nightmare she asks hunk to sleep with her bc cuddles, lance joins in bc he wants to hold them both while they sleep
-lance likes doing hunk and pidge’s hair even though their both a short length but tHAT AINT STOPPIN HIM
-hunk usually makes coffee first before making breakfast, lance will likes hugging him from behind and pidge does the same with lance
-they watch horror movies and pidge is as solid as a rock during it bc her boyfriends are the ones screaming their heads off
-hunk carries his gf and bf on both his arms and walks around with them
-before missions, they sneak each other kisses–doesnt matter, either on the lips, cheek, or forehead
-karaoke nights are a fuckin riot with these three; total eclipse goes on and they start screaming the lyrics
-heck–how do i live starts playing and hunk and pidge are serenading lance (when i say serenade i mean scream)
-lance, hunk, and pidge are that couple that makes cute ukulele songs??? aaaaa
-whenever they feel down, they do Deep Talks–nobody hides their feelings they’re really open with each other
-you wanna know how pidge and lance kiss their bf hunk? lance puts pidge on his shoulders and they both kiss him its the cutest shit