no motivation to do my hw


My first attempt at trying to draw an actual background/room/thing that has furniture inside.

psssst dirty laundry

I got the Fall semester results today!!!! I got an average of 14.1 out of 20, which is really good! 🏆 I am very happy, and I hope I’ll do as good for the Spring Semester

I will post the last two Spread Explanations next Monday and next Sunday, because I’m off for the week-end. 

Featured on the picture: some Us civilization HW I did yesterday. 

[101117 ; 3/100] i didnt get to post day 2 cuz i had a lot of things to work on yesterday -,- but here’s day 3 ! these are my math notes for today and i actually finished all my hw before 9 ! im happy !! but i still have a lot to do this week, and it’s only wednesday! i honestly cant wait for friday :3 i hope y'all are doing great and if you’re not, dont worry ! im here if u need someone to talk to ♡

(o hey i actually didnt forget about the watermark haha)

21 Little Ways to Motivate Yourself

I’ve been lacking a little in the motivation department with the end of the school year drawing closer, so I made a little list of ways to help you stay focused until the end! 

  1. Play your favorite song as you work through your PSET/essay/application/thing you don’t wanna do.
  2. Make yourself a hot cup of tea (or coffee!) in a fun mug. 
  3. Write your to-do list on a piece of pretty stationary with a pretty pen.
  4. Set a timer and race yourself to finish things faster.
  5. Use your imagination - your English paper doesn’t HAVE to be an English paper, it can be a Hogwart’s assignment. Sounds silly, but it works for me!
  6. Find a new place to study. Cute coffee shop? Balcony with a nice view? New section of the library? Heck, just doing your HW on the floor instead of your desk can be more engaging. 
  7. Dress up. You don’t even have to go anywhere, sometimes putting on proper clothing can switch your mindset. 
  8. Conversely, you can find your comfiest PJs and fluffy socks and wear those. 
  9. Put your hair up so it’s not in the way. When I’m focusing, my hair has to be in a ponytail so I’m not fiddling with it. 
  10. Get a snack, preferably something healthy(ish). Drink some H2O.
  11. Write motivational quotes on sticky notes and stick them around your study space. Or write them on your hand so you see it often. 
  12. At the very least, put your books where you can see them. Out of sight, out of mind! 
  13. Same goes for anything you need to get done (laundry, forms you’re supposed to fill out, anything goes!)
  14. Go for a walk around the block and spend some time in fresh air. Jog, if you’re feeling up for it. 
  15. Stretch out your muscles, roll out your shoulders, touch your toes. You’ll feel better if you’re not all tight and sore. 
  16. Put on some lipstick. For some reason, red lipstick always makes me feel like a boss (even if I’m chilling in a hoodie and sweatpants). 
  17. Write out the reasons you started in the first place. Put that list somewhere you can see it [see #12]. 
  18. Take a power nap. I just get a fluffy blanket and sleep right on my desk. 
  19. Talk to someone supportive. Parents? Best friend? Roommate? Your cat/dog/parakeet/goldfish? 
  20. Stand in front of the mirror and power pose. Yes, you’ll feel ridiculous. But it works. 
  21. Smile! 

4.3.17 // (16/100) carrel (n) - small individual study area in a library.

Studying in my local library for the first time! I love the mix of gorgeous victorian architecture with modern touches from when it was refurbished several years ago. 🏫

Also, I’m doing my grade 8 piano this term help me pls and I’m really nervous, but all I can do is keep practising. 😬

“Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.”
- Lady Bird Johnson

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Jinnie in a rilakkuma costume, please! And it’s okay to not feel like answering asks. It’s not you job c: (the anon that sent in the ask about Jin and how I feel proud of him, I can’t remember how I signed it off ;-;)

ah yeah thanks,, i just havent been really motivated to answer as many also you didnt really sign off as anything how about i call you proud anon? encourage anon? you can choose

Part 5 of the Heading to College Series! This part covers advice for actually starting college! Talks about getting into the college ~groove~ and just general advice!! Enjoy~

Getting Social

  • Join clubs and orgs and stuff. They have something for nearly everyone, if you’re interested! You can also start your own!
  • Greek life isn’t always necessary and can either be a great community or a time-sucker. They also cost $$$
  • Living on campus is muy expensive but do it if you can for your first year so you can meet more people and go to more events and such
  • Don’t give in to peer pressure there are so many other people on campus if people try to get you to party or something and you don’t wanna then just ditch them
  • Keep in the loop with school events and follow your your college on social media! Get to know about all those free concerts and lectures and all (or free pizza which is a priority right?!)


  • Don’t make important decisions based on friends or SOs. This applies mostly to choosing your college but also to other general life things! Take care of yourself first you are your own priority.
  • You will drift apart from a ton of your hs friends. But you’ll get a lot closer to the ones that matter.
  • Everyone coming into college is in the same boat as you; they’re also slightly nervous and worried about fitting in and making friends and doing well. Realizing this makes the transition far easier.
  • Again don’t act like someone you’re not to make friends (unless you’re into that? idk) there will be at least one other person like you! Your college will be full of others who share your interests; that’s why you got in there!
  • Find people who share the same college interests as you (clubs, orgs, major etc.) but also make sure you’re hanging out with people who are pursuing different paths. ~Diversifyyyy~


  • Most students do change their majors in college so don’t feel badly if you end up doing so! Just look at all the requirements you’ve done and the requirements you have to fulfill and talk to your counselor. Make a new plan! Just make sure you make decisions to better your future career overall, not just your college years. 
  • If you don’t like your major specific classes early on and prefer something else, then it might be a sign to change! If you realize the field you’re looking to go into isn’t a fit, then that’s a good sign too (I realized I didn’t like engineering so I switched to neuro!)
  • Pretty notes don’t work for everyone, but if the aesthetic motivates you and the extra time you put in making them helps you remember things better, then go for it! 
  • Don’t try to make lecture notes neat. Just take rough notes on the main points your prof is presenting; spend as much time as possible actively listening bc profs usually drop hints that would be useful on your exams! (“this is one of my fav examples” indicates possible test q. etc.)
  • If you’re assigned hw, do it! 1.) It helps your grade 2.) I guarantee the extra practice will help on your exams!
  • When you make your class schedule, try to make one that’s manageable for you and your lifestyle. So if you’re a night owl, don’t do 8 am’s unless you have to, you know?)
  • Also, 8 am’s in college are not the same as they were in hs you’ll be so much more tired and don’t even get me started on 7 am’s
  • Set a schedule for your days bc now you’ll be 100% in charge of your own time. Use that time between classes!
  • If you find that you really can’t stand a prof’s attitude or teaching style or exams or expectations, drop. The earlier you do this the better but really just make sure you’re in a class you can stand and in one that you def have the potential to do well in.
  • Same as above for TAs but you can probably just switch into another TAs section.
  • Profs and TAs are human and were once students, they have an idea of what you’re going through. Communicate with them!
  • Your TAs are most likely going to grade all your assignments and exams; talk to them about expectations. If you can’t get along with yours for whatever reason, look into switching to another TAs class.
  • You’re going to hear this a million times but go to office hourssss!! Get to know your prof/TA, get questions answered, and be in on any hints that may be dropped then ;) Some profs like to “reward” students that take the extra time to come to OH.
  • Take a look at your syllabus ahead of time. Maybe check this out!
  • Attendance typically won’t be a big deal but go to lecture anyways
  • Don’t cheat; talk to your prof instead and try to work out a solution to whatever problem you’re facing together
  • Check out your library! Pro tip: it’ll usually have the best wifi
  • Check out your tutoring center. If you need help, seek it out at the first sign of any trouble understanding
  • Try to keep up with material as it’s being taught
  • Your exams are going to come quicker than you’d expect

Health and Safety

  • Know where you can seek medical assistance on campus you never know when you or a friend may need it
  • Pepper spray
  • The freshman 15 is so totally real *insert eye roll* dining hall food is just not healthy BUT you can still eat healthy in college! Try to create a meal schedule every week to make sure you aren’t eating junk every day lol. 
  • Cafeteria menus are typically posted somewhere the week of. The main meals will change but there should be some “healthy” usuals like an oatmeal bar, salad bar, soup selection and sandwich station!
  • Dining hall food is either really good or really bad check the menu beforehand
  • Caffeine is a drug and can be abused don’t get disillusioned.
  • Sneak tupperware in if you can you are overpaying for the food so take advantage heh
  • If your tuition includes gym membership, use it! Oftentimes there are free yoga or spin or whatever classes offered too. Take care of your health.
  • Keep your campus security number saved in your contacts
  • See if there is some sort of on campus escort service to walk you after late classes
  • Yoga is truly amazing and sooooo beneficial for you I can’t even begin to explain how great it is for you in terms of stress control, weight management, and so much else! See if your gym offers classes or if there is a studio nearby. I’d recommend something guided to start off so you know you’re doing the poses right and not injuring yourself. You can also follow YouTube vids! (Yoga with Adriene is a great channel!)
  • Sleep
  • Buy a big 1.5-2 liter water bottle and keep it with you throughout your day.
  • Take break days and mental health days as needed
  • If you get sick, stay back and rest. Send a note to your profs.


  • Idk man like this is up to you but it’s no joke that freshmen overdress the most in college like just letting y’all know that you don’t have to do that just be comfy and cozy k?
  • Wear shoes you’re ok walking in all day
  • Plan trips to come home in advance
  • Budget yourself in terms of time and money. Both are limited commodities.
  • Call your family regularly, they’ll miss you

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[ 01. 29. 17 ]

Hey everyone! This weekend was pure bliss for me. Yesterday I went out to eat with my family since it was the Korean New Year (it was also the Chinese one as well!) Then we went to the movies and it was just wowowowow :) I haven’t had such a peaceful weekend in so long and I’m just very thankful yanno!?

Anyway! It’s Sunday, so I planned out the week and I did a simple pink scheme. Just to keep everything on this slow pace before my tournaments this weekend. (The one on the top right is from the week prior haha)

But I hope everyone sleeps well! Gets their hw done, and if not I hope you have a academic prep(free period)! Study hard even if you have to do it messy and stay hydrated :) Take care of your self and breath 🐲🍃

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INTP and INFP as best friends debating on a controversial topic?

Regardless of whether or not they are right(these are all general and based on experience),

INTP generally structures their arguments better

INTP is better at keeping their cool and not bringing opinions into it (wow, what a surprise)

INFP is more likely to stay with their original belief

INTP is more likely to want to argue, whereas INFP only continues arguing if it is important or helpful

INFP (usually/especially if they’re enneagram 9 or similar) is more uncomfortable with arguing if they can foresee it having an affect on their friendship

These are just in my experience, so feel free to add on or comment

- INFP Mod

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Trigger warning... So i need help or to just express myself to someone. So im in school and im doing rlly bad at it like 50s and 60s bad and i dony have any motivation to do my hw or anything and i ask my friends how they are able to do their hw and what their motivation is and they say that they want good jobs or dont wanna end up homeless or something and i dont want that either but it doesnt motivate me or anything

(part 2)and that i barely can keep putting on a good face cause i recently had a test that i studied rlly hard for but got a bad mark.i think the reason is because i dont believe that ill live up to that point like that ill kill myself but i also want to have good marksand im trying but i just cant do it and i have strict parents and still that doesnt help.

(part3) i only have little things keeping me going rn but i just dont know how to force my self to work cause ive tired so many things but none of them helped and im just so tired. And i just dont know what to do anymore

1. I feel personally attacked right now because of how fucking hard I relate to these asks. 

2. I’m really really really sorry you’re going through what you are. I know what it’s like to study really hard for a test and fail it. I also know what it’s like to have zero motivation to do school work- I’m with you there right now. 

3. If you need any help I’ve gotchu, I don’t know how but I’ll do my best to help. 

4. Please god do not kill yourself. And if you’re having suicidal thought please, please, please talk to someone. Even if it’s me. Triggering material or not I do not want you having thoughts and feeling things like that. Talk and discuss it, understand it, and fucking kick its’ goddamn ass.

5. Try your best in school and don’t fret your grades- they’re not everything. Neither is education. Little known secret, yes college degrees look awesome, but you can go out and get certified in different fields without going to college. Or if you’re creative you can have an etsy shop or sell shit on ebay. You could write a book. Work for a nonprofit organization. Volunteer at any of your local homeless shelters/pet shelters/food kitchens/any places that needs volunteers. Get certified and be a substitute teacher. Become a plumber. Be a Youtuber. A musician. Have a farm or even a garden and sell food at your local farmers market. You can do anything! You just need to find that one thing and you’ll be there. 

6. Don’t force yourself to try to like something. You’ll know it when you find it. You’ll know you like it. You’ll know you’ll want to do it for the rest of your life. And if you don’t then who gives a shit what other people think. Go out and live your life how you want to live it and be as happy as you possibly can!

Its 8:15, i have yet to finish working on my 5-6 minute speech outline for tomorrow [which I’m supposed to have memorized], and I have only turned in 1/9 assignments due tonight for English HW. I literally can not motivate myself to move. I want to fail. I have been trying to fucking do this work but I. Fucking. Can’t. Move.