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Lance feeling conflicted in season one

Keith feeling conflicted in season two

Lance not being accepted in season one

Keith not being accepted in season two

Keith worrying about Lance in season one

Lance worrying about Keith in season two

Lance getting hurt in season one

Keith getting hurt in season two



it’s been a while, but he’s back

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I’m in love with awesome idea of Coralina AU by @turquoisemagpie and @northeast-artist98 >u< So sorry for giving you any credits ;-; I didn’t know it was yours idea as well ;-; Thank you for correcting me!
And this is little doodle of Anti which has great character desing C:
Really guys, you must check it and her out! C: She has so many great arts and ideas like this >u<
Just wanna say that im so inspired by that AU and her and i can’t wait to see more of her masterpieces >u<
Hope she don’t kill me for this shittly version of her miracles ;-;

keith: shiro can we meet at the entrance?  I mean…you don’t have to come all the way to my classroom.
shiro: why?
keith: …… *face red with a frown, staring at him*
Shiro: I like picking you up from your class, though. C:
keith: *shakily sighs*

More Modern AU with Keith and Shiro!  Time set when Keith is attending college.  Rain or shine, Shiro always picks him up after his last class (whenever he’s home from deployment, of course) so they both can walk home together.  It happens so often, some of Keith’s classmates playfully tease him about it.  He partially addresses it to Shiro, but his boyfriend is too old school traditional (and Keith just can’t tell him no.)


Preview for my second piece for @terumobzine2017!! decided on an ink piece to contrast with the first piece which is a lot heavier on the color side. also partially because I just cant find a way to color it. it just looks freudianly complete

I hate freud

I’m a little late to the party, but I loved Mark’s Outlast 2 play-thru and no one requested anything so here you go. Hopefully I will be able to post more stuff more regularly now that school is done. I’ve got quite a few markiplier videos to go through too so there will be more like this soon. Im warning you though, I’m a little out of practice haha

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Sending u that trans Sport prompt for later

Prompt received and it is now later. Thank you~

(hope you had a good Paper Work Day dude ;]) 

Sportacus made his way back to the ship’s ladder as quickly as he could by the light of the streetlamps. It was awkward with his arms crossed tightly over his chest.

The kids had taken another stab at sleeping in a tent in the park, only for something to happen (again) and Sportacus had needed to wake up and help (again). He didn’t mind helping the kids. That wasn’t the problem. 

He had just grabbed the bottom rung of the ladder when an aggravated voice cut the night, “Sportaflop!”

Sportacus flinched and retracted his hand to cover his chest again. He turned and forced a smile onto his face, “Hello, Robbie!”

Robbie Rotten came stomping over. Sportacus cast a quick look over his shoulder to make sure the kids weren’t nearby.

“What is going on up here?! Why was everyone screaming? Why are you all being so loud this late?!”

“Sorry. The kids were camping again and I think they got carried away with the ghost stories. Or at least Trixie did.”

Robbie looked Sportacus up and down. Sportacus tensed.

“Are you cold or something?”

“Um, no.”

“Then why are your arms like that? Is there a stain on your shirt?”

“No. I- Well…” He checked behind him again. The lights were off in all the houses. No more tent, no children. No one to overhear.

Sportacus fixed his eyes on his boots, “I… don’t have my binder on,” he stated, trying to stay calm, “I don’t like being down here without it and there was no time to put it on because it’s more important to get to the trouble first so I wasn’t going to stop just to grab it but it’s weird not having it on in town and I don’t want the kids to see me like this and there’s no better way to hide myself so—”

He was fully aware that he was rambling. Sportacus could feel his embarrassment rising the longer he spoke. The alternative was to stop talking and give Robbie a chance to respond to what Sportacus was sure was a startling realization. He had been planning on having this talk with Robbie someday soon now that the two were friends, but not like this

“Okay, stop. Stop.”

Sportacus shut his mouth and looked up. Robbie had his hands up in a time-out gesture. Under normal circumstances, Sportacus would have been amused that he was using sports hand signals. Right now, Sportacus was trying very hard not to just turn and climb up his ladder as fast as he could.

Robbie crossed his own arms, “Ignoring the… new information for a second; if it makes you that uncomfortable, why don’t you just wear your binder to bed?”

That was honestly Robbie’s first question? Sportacus blinked, “Why don’t I— Because it’s unhealthy?” It was hard to keep the ‘I mean duh’ tone out of his voice, “I wear it all day, it’s not good to wear it 24/7. The body needs time to recover.”

Robbie rolled his eyes, “If I had known I was going to get a health lecture I wouldn’t have come up here.”

Sportacus laughed. This wasn’t how he imagined this conversation going but he would take it. Oh Gods he would take it.

“Th-that can’t be your only question,” Sportacus managed to say after a few moments, “You probably have a hundred other things to say.”

“Yes but as you ranted at me, you’re uncomfortable down here without your full uniform on,” Robbie straighten his vest absently, “We can talk tomorrow afternoon. If you want. I mean, you don’t have to. We don’t have to. It’s not like you have to explain yourself but if you wanted to come by for lunch then—”

Sportacus reached out and clapped a hand on Robbie’s shoulder, “Now you’re ranting.”

“I’m trying not to offend you.”

“You’re doing fine,” Sportacus smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow for lunch.”

“Bring your own fruit.”

“Of course.”

And, smiling awkwardly, Robbie turned and left. Sportacus watched him go before starting his climb up the ladder, emotionally spent and ready for bed. 

reaching the last minuet of the project!!!!

i have gotten so far on the project and im reaching the finish line, i have been able to start including OCs for a bit and wanted to inform  that i have used or will be using every reff that has been sent to me!

im really happy achieving such a mile stone and i think after so long waiting (and just a little it more to go, i wanted to inform you all!

List of those officially in the in the project:

@ask-binary2-7 @ask-brilliant-verve @ask-bryant-the-rpg-pony @ask-chain-rattle @ask-creative-callie @ask-keystar @asklittleember @ask-mystery-pony @ask-nora-the-alicorn @askponyaiko @ask-rainrunner @ask-soprano-and-the-misfits @askspigel @askspiritrootsandthetree @ask-suey-suicide-pony-blog @ask-the-hippocampa-merponies @ask-twizilla @assassinpony1234 @daddybron @deathgamemaster @emo-lover@ethereal-mist-arts @fimficveyron @hxrmn @ifadeu337 @k-o-d-e-x @lilyokami @loadingscreendxdirectorscut  @blackoasis @askteambrony-mod @Psychopaths-of-equus @ray10k @shut-up-and-take-my-likes @snowynyaz-reblogs @Spirit-spark @sugarbooty1 @tehepicdusk @thund3rda5h @undertheroses @vocalgamer360 

List of those soon to be included:

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i appreciate everyones patience this has certainly had quite a few delays but after last week i feel like im back on track and excited to finish this project!

hope everyone’s  week is fantastic

I don’t know if it’s been talked about yet, but here’s a little observation I made earlier when I rewatched the clip in peace, while actually paying attention to the lyrics. And while I think the lyrics were quite interesting in regards to Sana’s feelings and emotional state (I’m in pain, to be honest), I couldn’t help but notice this:

So, during the part where Isak and Even are walking towards the school, these are the lyrics:

Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal

gal gal gal ga- ga- ga- gal

Han bitchen er gal 

I know, they know that (guy)* bitch is crazy

crazy crazy crazy cra- cra- cra- crazy

That (guy)* bitch is crazy

*(Not quite sure how to translate this properly, but in Norwegian it says “han” before bitch, and han = he as far as I know)

And during the entire time the scene seems to be quite focused on Even:

So it starts out with the two of them, walking towards the school together as the lyrics go “Jeg vet, de vet han bitchen er gal”  (I know, they know that (guy) bitch is crazy):

Then, a quick close up on Even as we hear “gal” (crazy):

A second later we go back to the two of them, but we only get to see both Isak and Even for a quick moment in the beginning and at the end of the shot. During the time the shot goes into slow motion, Isak is hidden from our view and we can only see Even in focus while the lyrics continue with “gal gal ga-” (crazy crazy cra-):

The lyrics finish with “ga- ga- gal / Han bitchen er gal ” (cra- cra- crazy / That (guy) bitch is crazy), while the boy squad greet each other. And even here, it’s Even (and Magnus, although his face is turned away from us) who is in the center (kind of turning his face towards us, even), while Isak is standing behind him, positioned on the side of the shot:

(Cue Sana walking past to “Don’t talk to me, no. Think you know me, know me. No.” and me crying)

Now I’m no good when it comes to analyzing things, but could this be some sort of foreshadowing about Even having another episode? Or something else about his bipolar disorder that will be important? That is somehow relevant to Sana’s story? Anyone wanna speculate?

(also i apologize for the quality of the gifs i’m still learning ok, so fight me. or even better teach me.)

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More art of Fareeha plz she's ADORABLE! XD

Rocket Queen of my Heart

princess carry me into the sunset with your three pairs of arms

what am I doing [AO3]

“And that’s why I would like Shouji to hold my hand and lead me into the sunset,” Kaminari concluded.

He was sitting on the table in the common room next to Mina while the rest of their friends sat on the sofa opposite.

“Why the fuck did we have to sit through half an hour of crappy monologue about that? You’re so full of shit. Who the fuck wants to have someone’s sweaty hand touch them that badly, anyway.”

“Just ‘cause your hands are drenched in sweat doesn’t mean everyone else is a slimy, stinking goblin.”

“Alright, guys. That’s enough. Bakugou, we hold hands all the time. Let Kaminari dream,” said Kirishima disapprovingly.

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I read your post about sharing the 2.5D stage shows and other media. I can imagine it can be hard to be on both the Western and Japanese line with the fandoms, but thank you for all your hard work and dedication to doing what you do. It's a shame that Japan is one of the worst countries when it comes to exporting their media so by people like you who share the merch and experiences from he shows means a lot.

Mm, I would call it a very unfair assessment to say that Japan is one of the worst when it comes to exporting their ‘media.’  

As I said a few times, live theater is a niche market in any country.  Broadway shows don’t make DVDs to share and export their performances.  There is no way we’re getting a stage Hamilton DVD at any point in the near future; you simply have no choice but to go see it live.  And I can’t imagine that demand is all that high around the world to see an American musical focused on one of its founding fathers for them to bother with making it available worldwide.

Licensing and distribution laws are always going to be a barrier.  Cost of distribution is always going to be a barrier.  Language, cultural themes, DVD region-locking, advertising for it, etc… there’s a lot that goes into sharing anything you make, and there are a lot of barriers to try and overcome, and it’s not always going to be financially worth it in the end.  Japan in recent years has actually gotten quite good about exporting the media that’s going to SELL.  They’ve finally embraced international streaming, even figure companies like Good Smile Company have embraced shipping internationally, marketing overseas for their products, etc…  Several sites that sell merchandise ship overseas or provide an English version of their websites (amiami, Hobby Japan, Amazon Japan, CD Japan)… The DVDs may never be subtitled or not-region-locked, but they’re at least available somehow.  I can’t say that for Broadway or for every performance done at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre.  The only immediate example I can think of that comes close is Cirque du Soleil, since there are DVDs for some of those shows, but not all as some shows are meant to be permanent installations in Vegas or toured and then retired.

You’re also never going to do away with Japan’s fascination for limited edition goods or special event items.  And only the things that they KNOW are going to sell well are the things that they work hard to try and export.  The same is true of any country with its media.  It’s not like we have access to alllll the Chinese and Korean dramas, movies, and music.  Just the ones that they know will probably do well in overseas sales.  Not everything has the potential to be a global smash hit, not everything is supposed to be this huge industry.  Hollywood is the exception to the rule, not the standard.  There have been many Japanese musical artists who have done their best to try and cater their music to a Western audience in the hopes of having a more international career (Utada Hikaru, for one, a name in the music industry most people recognize), but just because you try and go for that international distribution doesn’t mean it pays off.  Utada’s English albums have never done well as not enough English-speaking listeners bother with it, and the drastic change in style alienates the Japanese fanbase on top of it.  

I would say Japan has come a long way and again I have to reiterate that live theater is ALWAYS going to be niche.  The medium demands a live audience with live performers.  There’s no way it’ll ever have the reach as any show or movie that can be streamed anywhere at any time without the need for the performers to always be present.

I understand that limited access can be frustrating, but please try and consider it from the industry’s perspective as well.