no more tumbling today :(

she already heard you two last night

stonus bory:

she just needs some luvin okay

anonymous asked:

This will prob be your most boring ask. I'm a newb and have googled it but I did not get the answer I was looking for, so it has led me to you the pro. When you want to post a gif set on Tumblr how do I put txt on top, in between, and at the bottom? Like telling the story through txt after each gif.. Sorry If that wasn't clear. If you have any other graph art wisdom you would like to enlighten me with please do. Thanks doll!

Hi anon!
I’m going to assume you’re Amish like me and the Tumbls technology is basically like looking at Sumerian cuneiform so I’m going to go into probably way more basic detail than you intended to ask for BUT I CARE ABOUT YOU OK I WANT TO SEE YOU SUCCEED. 


Time to make a new post girl! Get that confidence up, you got this!
Click the new post button to pass go:

For a gif-integrated text post we’re going to want to click the ‘Text’ post option:

doing so will bring you here… your blank canvas. Well Done. You’re ready:

type in those words boo, tell your story:

Now here’s where the fun starts. Press the return key…this bad boy:

or okay…i don’t want to be a technology racist…perhaps you have one of these:

and a row of icons politely inquiring if you’d like to add some other content will appear. For giffery purposes…click the GIF button:

search for what ever your heart desires and voila! 

write some more story gorl, keep that flow up and don’t forget to press ‘return’
to prompt your content options bar again. Do this as many times as you like:

And that’s really it! 
You’re now freed from that boring old post life!

I’m so proud. 

Request: Juice coming home totally drunk and trying to get your attention coz he missed you and needs your presence.

“Open up, babe!” With a demanding knock shouted Ortiz, immediately breaking into a smile as you showed up at a doorstep. “I’m home…”

You rolled up your eyes, smirking, “Yeah, I can see that.” Stepping to the side, you let him to come, or more like tumble in. There was a party today at the clubhouse, so you didn’t expect him to come home any sober, but you didn’t expect him to return so soon either. He was apperantly upset when you told him you were too damn tired to go anywhere, and by the sound of the slamming door it was clear that he’s about to drown his offense in alcohol. Obviously, he succeed - there was a lot of alcohol in his blood and no trace of resentment, at least as you could judge by his drunk smile addressed to you. “Jesus, how did you even get home?”

“Fil gave me a lift… I just missed you, babe,” He tried to make a step towards you, but reeled so you hurried to hold him. “You missed me?”

“Like crazy,” Helping him to get to the bedroom, you replied. It was the most rational thing, to lay him down, but Ortiz definitely wasn’t about to doze off in drunk dreams. “C'mon, honey, let’s take your shoes off,” You kneeled to unlace his boots when he sat up, looking at you.

“You know that there was a lot of crow-eaters, huh?” He cocked his head and squinted. You nodded with a chulk, knowing what he’s about to say. He never missed an opportunity to kinda show off with the fact that club’s little whores couldn’t seduce him. It was desperately sweet, but you knew that he is to attached to you anyway. But still, he continued, “They were nice, you know… And hot. Like, smoking hot.”

You finished with his shoes and lightly pushed him so he fell down on the bed again, “No doubts, Juicy.” Usually you played along in this little spectacle of loyalty, but today you weren’t lying when you said you were tired. You had a very long and pretty stressful day at work and you even took some papers from it at home, to finish dealing with it here. You were just in the middle of reading them when you heard Juice knocking, so now you got to your side of the bed and were about to continue. “Now rest,” You almost whispered to him, turning a bit to the light of the lamp on the bedside table. Letters were already swimming before your eyes, but you needed to deal with it before going to sleep. Unfortunately, someone above you decided that it’s not gonna happen. A couple of minutes everything was relatively quiet, but then you felt Juice’s fingers. He was counting down your vertebrae, one by one. This insidious bastard knew how it always turned you on and surprisingly he was able to use this knowledge even in such condition. You made a sound more like martyr’s moan, “Juice, I gotta finish with this stuff.” He just mumbled something in respond, something like ‘you said you missed me’. Trying to ignore it, you felt as it became harder and harder when he passed from your backbone to neck. You frowned, still making an attempts to read, but when he nuzzeled your neck, you postponed the papers.

“Notice me, Y/N,” You heard him uttered with difficulty, so you felt a prick of consciene. Turning around, you smiled a bit, or better to say grinned.

“Wanna my attention, Juicy?” Putting your hand over his shoulder, you smelled the strong scent of whiskey, but it didn’t bother you much.

“Can I get some?..” He asked, raising his eyebrows and hardly focusing on you.

You leaned a bit closer, so his breath burned your neck again, “You can try.”

“Unbelievable…” You just felt his attempts to get under your T-shirt, but in the next moment his weigh seemed to be doubled. Turning your head, you realized that he was doing nothing else, but… sleeping. Breathing deeply and calmly, still clutching the hem of your T-shirt. First you chuckled. Then it was more like a smirk until it grew into full quiet laugh. You carefully tried to put Juice in some position that would be comfortable for sleeping and then gave him a kiss on one of the tattoos on his head, then softly caressing it with your fingers. “Good night, lover hero,” You whispered, turning down the lights.