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Just a quick statement...

I noticed that there are a few blogs who will reblog my content but remove the credits I give to the original posters. This is just a note to everyone to say PLEASE not delete any credits I might give when reblogging the videos I post! All videos belong to their rightful owners and those owners should be credited for their work as often as possible!

Hello! I haven’t really been active here lately because of traveling and the tiredness that followed from that. I did about 40 hours of traveling to get from Finland to Canada and I’ll be hanging out here for a few months. All thanks to @newfiegranny who is amazing.

Nothing should really drastically change on my blog though because I do still have all the stuff to draw with. Just wanted to make a quick update. 

Thank you for 7k

I fell asleep this morning (it was 5am lol) and was still at 6.9k and woke up to have surpassed 7k after a few hours! Thank you so much for following this very disorganised blog, for keeping up to date with my writing and actually, for just reading my posts. 7k is more than I could have ever imagined and in the 5 (?) months I’ve been running this blog I never would have thought I’d reach such a number. 

You guys have no idea how much I love and appreciate the time you take to actually read, to like, to reblog, to comment and to send asks, all those things I honest to god couldn’t thank you guys enough for. I try to keep up with what’s in my inbox and try to get back to you all as soon as I can and I do read reblogs and comments, I see the tags and it makes me smile, it really does! 

7k may not be a lot to some people but it’s already more than what I thought I’d achieve, to me 50 or 100 hunny buns (I never really liked calling my readers, followers lol) is already a lot, just know I love you all for reading, for starting up conversations with me, and trusting me enough to ask for advice. All those things, I’m grateful for. 

Thank you again, I’ll try harder to post more and communicate with you guys! 

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5 thousand years later...

Icon commissions are open! They’ll probably say open for awhile, depending on how many I get

They’ll be $15 each, Paypal only! IM me on one of my blogs so we can discuss things like character, colors, etc. I’d like an upfront payment, thank you!

Proceeds will go towards my savings for college.

I will not draw anything nsfw, but since these are just head/shoulders, I’m willing to extend my range to include furries (uh no promises lmao I haven’t drawn animals in fifty years). Simple mechas (like tf2 bots) will cost an extra 2 dollars, and complicated mechas (like the transformer movies) will cost an extra 5 dollars.

Some examples below:

They’ll be on a black background like the last one unless you ask for a specific background color


BlazBlue + Tumblr text posts, part 14

back when I started this I briefly considered moving it to a separate blog but then I thought “haha there’s no way I could make enough of these to warrant that“

look at me now

A bit of info on the Au!

Hello! Im making this post bc I’ve gotten a few questions that don’t neceserally need the character’s to answer them + a bit more info about the AU!

In my last post i explained that there are different ways to get your powers! Some are born with it and some have, ‘help’ to get theirs. Everybody has the potential to have their powers but if they are not born with it they have to experience a life or death situation to ‘activate’ them, or they die if they aren’t strong enough to handle it. More info under the cut!

SQUIPs can ‘activate’ a persons power when they see that they either, need them, or simply to fulfilled their purpose (to make someone cool). They do their math and calculate the percentage of somebody surviving the ‘activation’ and take the risk if they need to, but if the persons too weak they don’t take the risk.
Their powers grow depending on how much they practice with them, it’s like a muscle they need to train it constantly or else it’ll just stay weak.
Now to go a bit in depth into two characters who have been the targets of all of the angst u guys have!

Michael (since he is the target of a lot of angsty questions,, i see u) : Michael, as most of ya’ll know can travel through electronics, electricity is coursing through a thing? Yup Michael can go through it! But if he were to say get trapped in one of those electronic devices he will slowly start to disintegrate since literally the only reason he’s inside of that is because of the electricity. The bigger the thing the easier it is for him to travel too since he doesn’t have to force himself so much to go through the device. Yes he has tried to go through SQUIPs since technically it’s a super computer and it has electricity i mean it’s shocked Jeremy with electricity! In short it didn’t go well, the SQUIP is extremely small and Michael had to endure a few minutes of being in it and it strained his body heavily plus the SQUIP went into a 'Self Defense Mode’ since there was an intruder. That’s all I’m going to disclose on Michael because i don’t want to ruin all surprises ;)

Jeremy (2nd target for all ya’ll angsty asks, why do u guys like hurting the boyf riends sm?): Jeremy can control electronics and the electricity in them, but he can not make electricity out of thin air he can only control previously existing electricity in a device. Jeremy is extremely careful when using his powers around Michael when he’s in devices and especially careful when he pranks Michael by turning off electronic devices around him (not the one he’s in of course), and anyways he can only hold it for maybe a minute or two before giving in because it eventually starts to drain him, but after an accident involving Michael he tries to limit when he does it so really it’s not something he does a lot anymore.

Like I’ve stated I don’t have a definitive story to this au, mostly tailored the questions i get so… YOU guys are the one growing this story, with a small push from me dropping hints if i have an idea and want it to go somewhere!
P.S I’m sorry if sometimes the answers don’t make sense or if they contradict each other. I’m just one mod and this is my first time seriously dealing with an ask blog! Don’t let the multiple art styles confuse you It’s simply just one 15 yr old who doesn’t have a definitive artstyle.

P.P.S i don’t know if this either helped answer a few questions, shed a bit more light on the au or inspired more questions! I just hope that this was helpful to a small degree,,, Please remember that this is actually just fantasy and a bit of sci-fi! Not everything’s gonna make sense, ya’ll just gotta roll with it (I won’t purposely start to make things confusing or not understandable now but there will probably be a few things that just cant be explained!)

Any questions that i see the could have been answered here won’t be answered by the characters! I try to upload a few answers a day and I don’t want to put time into an answer that’s been answered here sorry! Previously asked questions wont be affected tho, just new ones that come in after I’ve posted this but like a day or two later bc heck I don’t expect everybody to read this today.


Also small hint: read the tags that i put on the answers ;)  Some have bonus info

** As the au grows I might add more info here, don’t worry I’ll keep you guys updated if i do!


Haechan roasting Taeil, Jaehyun, Yuta, barely Winwin.



NCT Life

NCT 1#

NCT 2#

NCT 3#

NCT 4#

NCT 5#

NCT 6#

NCT 8#  (NEW)

a kaylor imagine heading your way; just imagine karlie and taylor with their newborn baby:
- the expression on karlie and taylor’s face when their little one is brought to them in a red stocking; when taylor discovered their baby was a december baby just like her she was incredibly overjoyed
- taylor’s overwhelming feeling of love when she holds their little one for the first time; when she witnesses karlie holding their baby for the first time she couldn’t hold back her tears anymore
- karlie admiring how beautiful and little their baby is; when their little one wraps their little hand around her finger her heart bursts with an immense feeling of happiness
- taylor posting a photo of karlie holding their little one with the caption “the two brightest rays of sunshine in my life"
- taylor teaching their baby how to walk for the first time; with karlie recording every precious moment
- after a very long time of crying and bouncing, karlie passes out with the baby laying on her chest; her arms firmly wrapped around
- taylor takes the time to admire this adorable moment and smiles at how lucky she is; she knows karlie is going to be an amazing mom
- karlie and taylor’s discussion about who the baby looks like more
- on the baby’s first birthday karlie posts a photo of their giggly little one receiving kisses on both cheeks from both her and taylor; karlie’s caption being “my girls”
- when the baby is about past a year old she realizes that their little one looks like both her and taylor; taylor’s adorable blonde curls but her striking green eyes

A Master Post of Siani CPD Rambles

Just ‘cause it seemed easier than continuing to dig for them all. Tumblr blogs become a deep, dark pit after a while.

// Updated 03.28.16 //

Meta Sets

it’s a domestic life (linstead)

life can be hard (linstead)

walking a thin line (linstead)

surviving (jay with linstead/team)

scarring, marring (linstead)

linstead + the 300

erin + cpd 3x01 (linstead)

Prose Pieces

Meta Inspired, A Quiet Exhale (post 3x11, Linstead)

Meta Inspired, I’m Here (Linstead)

Conversing (Hank & Jay)

Falling to Pieces (Linstead)

Addendum to the Song (post 3x14, Linstead)

Cancelled Plans (Linstead, Valentine’s)

Hey, Babe (Linstead)

Linstead + Theoretical CPD 3x17

Unfinished Drabble (Linstead)

post CPD 3x13 (Linstead)

You Fight Your Demons (post 3x17, Linstead)

Washing Off the Blood (CPD 3x17, Linstead)

Moustead Blurb (ask inspired, pre CPD)

Future Moustead Blurb (ask inspired, within canon)

Alternate Universe

A Series of Linstead AU’s

Heading Back Home

Mechanic Erin, Veteran Jay (con’t. from here)

Bartender Erin, Backpacker Jay

Linstead + A Baby

Linstead + Getting a Puppy

Marine Jay, DEA Erin

Teachers AU

Teachers AU, deleted ending

Linstead + A Dog


Grocery Shopping (Linstead)

Late Night, Date Night (Linstead)

Hospital (Linstead)

Running Into the Team on Days Off (Linstead)

Army/PTSD (Linstead)

Closing a Case (Linstead)

Erin Sick, Jay Caretaking (Linstead)

OTH 8x11 Inspired (Linstead)

Getting Tased (Linstead)

Nightmares (Erin + Hank, background Linstead)

Car Crash (Erin + Hank, liberal side dose of Linstead)

Intimate Moments/Touches (Linstead)

Episode Thoughts, Recaps, Anaylizations

CPD 2x03 parallels

CPD 1x01 conversation analysis 

CPD 3x11 reaction

Lindsay & Severide vs. Halstead

CPD 2x10 reaction

CPD 3x03 conversation analysis

CPD 3x12 recap

CPD 3x01 analyzing Erin

CPD 3x13 recap

Wishful Thinking post CPD 3x14

CPD 3x14/3x15 recap

CPD 3x05 reaction

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CPD 3x17/3x18 + Linstead thoughts

Halstead’s Army ranking

CPD 3x17 reaction pt. 2

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Fic Recommendations!

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend your favorite sand sibling fan fiction please?

Okay so I get fanfic rec requests all the time but to be completely honest……I don’t really read fanfiction. I used to when I was younger but in recent years I haven’t really had the time, and when I do it’s usually for fandoms unrelated to Naruto. The main sand sibs fanfic that comes to mind is one of the only ones I still remember enjoying and it’s Spectator by Firefly. 

Someone also asked me for shikatema fanfic recs awhile back so I’ll answer that the same way I answered this. The only one I can specifically remember enjoying is Ambassadors by SORD though I haven’t read it in a long time so hopefully it’s as funny as I remember it being. 

Yall need to give ME fanfic recs tbh. 

Beast Within Masterlist so far

Throwing this together really quick because I am finally working on a update. I’m really bad with updates, but apparently I like working with AUs.

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 

The last one I made a mistake with Kyo-ken’s armor, I’ll fix it maybe after I get this little pilot chapter finished sometime this century lol Sorry it’s not much! But I’m working on the sketches for pages nine and ten tonight! I’m feeling better about being on the computer again so who knows! Maybe later in the week I can add one or two more to the next installment~

It wasn’t originally in my plans, but it feels like this is turning into an iwaoi-centric AU. Not that..I’m complaining. But like, I’ve had particular scenes run in my head that hit me with feels and it was kind of unexpected lol So, I hope you’ll give these a look-see and maybe look forward to more? I want to try and at least do one complete AU and see it all the way through.