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I noticed that there are a few blogs who will reblog my content but remove the credits I give to the original posters. This is just a note to everyone to say PLEASE not delete any credits I might give when reblogging the videos I post! All videos belong to their rightful owners and those owners should be credited for their work as often as possible!


BlazBlue + Tumblr text posts, part 14

back when I started this I briefly considered moving it to a separate blog but then I thought “haha there’s no way I could make enough of these to warrant that“

look at me now

I need your help!

Hello everyone! I hate to do this, but unfortunately I’m out of options. I was fired about 2 weeks ago and as a result I’m $350 short on rent. I have a new job, but of course I won’t get paid before the 1st. My Cash account is$beueu and my PayPal is Any donations and/or reblogs are much appreciated! Even a dollar would help. Thank you in advance!

A Master Post of Siani CPD Rambles

Just ‘cause it seemed easier than continuing to dig for them all. Tumblr blogs become a deep, dark pit after a while.

// Updated 03.28.16 //

Meta Sets

it’s a domestic life (linstead)

life can be hard (linstead)

walking a thin line (linstead)

surviving (jay with linstead/team)

scarring, marring (linstead)

linstead + the 300

erin + cpd 3x01 (linstead)

Prose Pieces

Meta Inspired, A Quiet Exhale (post 3x11, Linstead)

Meta Inspired, I’m Here (Linstead)

Conversing (Hank & Jay)

Falling to Pieces (Linstead)

Addendum to the Song (post 3x14, Linstead)

Cancelled Plans (Linstead, Valentine’s)

Hey, Babe (Linstead)

Linstead + Theoretical CPD 3x17

Unfinished Drabble (Linstead)

post CPD 3x13 (Linstead)

You Fight Your Demons (post 3x17, Linstead)

Washing Off the Blood (CPD 3x17, Linstead)

Moustead Blurb (ask inspired, pre CPD)

Future Moustead Blurb (ask inspired, within canon)

Alternate Universe

A Series of Linstead AU’s

Heading Back Home

Mechanic Erin, Veteran Jay (con’t. from here)

Bartender Erin, Backpacker Jay

Linstead + A Baby

Linstead + Getting a Puppy

Marine Jay, DEA Erin

Teachers AU

Teachers AU, deleted ending

Linstead + A Dog


Grocery Shopping (Linstead)

Late Night, Date Night (Linstead)

Hospital (Linstead)

Running Into the Team on Days Off (Linstead)

Army/PTSD (Linstead)

Closing a Case (Linstead)

Erin Sick, Jay Caretaking (Linstead)

OTH 8x11 Inspired (Linstead)

Getting Tased (Linstead)

Nightmares (Erin + Hank, background Linstead)

Car Crash (Erin + Hank, liberal side dose of Linstead)

Intimate Moments/Touches (Linstead)

Episode Thoughts, Recaps, Anaylizations

CPD 2x03 parallels

CPD 1x01 conversation analysis 

CPD 3x11 reaction

Lindsay & Severide vs. Halstead

CPD 2x10 reaction

CPD 3x03 conversation analysis

CPD 3x12 recap

CPD 3x01 analyzing Erin

CPD 3x13 recap

Wishful Thinking post CPD 3x14

CPD 3x14/3x15 recap

CPD 3x05 reaction

CPD 3x17 reaction

CPD 3x17/3x18 + Linstead thoughts

Halstead’s Army ranking

CPD 3x17 reaction pt. 2

CPD 3x17 reaction pt. 3

CPD 2x03 screencap recap

Fic Recommendations!

Lack of Posts but good reason

This week I have not had many posts as I am currently editing a video for Leaderboard going over the major changes Overwatch has gone through since it’s Alpha Footage. It’s a lot to cover but I’m really proud of how this is looking so far.

Just so y’all know the lack of posts is a good thing not another bit of bad news. I hope you all are well :)

Well, I did not take the job. Let’s just say you shouldn’t rush into things! As much as it would be nice to make some extra cash, my happiness and mental health is much more important. They wanted me to start tomorrow and work the maximum of 30 hours a week. I simply am not ready for that commitment. Maybe a little later down the road I will be ready.


Haechan roasting Taeil, Jaehyun, Yuta, barely Winwin.



NCT Life

NCT 1#

NCT 2#

NCT 3#

NCT 4#

NCT 5#

NCT 6#

NCT 8#  (NEW)

a kaylor imagine heading your way; just imagine karlie and taylor with their newborn baby:
- the expression on karlie and taylor’s face when their little one is brought to them in a red stocking; when taylor discovered their baby was a december baby just like her she was incredibly overjoyed
- taylor’s overwhelming feeling of love when she holds their little one for the first time; when she witnesses karlie holding their baby for the first time she couldn’t hold back her tears anymore
- karlie admiring how beautiful and little their baby is; when their little one wraps their little hand around her finger her heart bursts with an immense feeling of happiness
- taylor posting a photo of karlie holding their little one with the caption “the two brightest rays of sunshine in my life"
- taylor teaching their baby how to walk for the first time; with karlie recording every precious moment
- after a very long time of crying and bouncing, karlie passes out with the baby laying on her chest; her arms firmly wrapped around
- taylor takes the time to admire this adorable moment and smiles at how lucky she is; she knows karlie is going to be an amazing mom
- karlie and taylor’s discussion about who the baby looks like more
- on the baby’s first birthday karlie posts a photo of their giggly little one receiving kisses on both cheeks from both her and taylor; karlie’s caption being “my girls”
- when the baby is about past a year old she realizes that their little one looks like both her and taylor; taylor’s adorable blonde curls but her striking green eyes




NCT Life

NCT 1#

NCT 2#

NCT 3#

NCT 4#

NCT 5#

NCT 6#


So my life lately has been pretty shitty. I mean, I’ve been blessed with wonderful friends, a roof over my head, my beautiful mother who has finally found happiness, my noona who is always there for me, a job…but I have not been happy in a long time.
Honestly speaking, pretty much since I left he who shall not be named, nothing about my life has been as great. I lost my great job position, been working three jobs to sustain myself, never a break, stressed about making tips as a server, dealing with annoying and rude customers, using so much energy for school and daily life fuck ups, my most recent relationship failure, it’s just been suffocating me. And although I know others have it much more worse than me, finally, I can say, that things are brightening up and my hardships and my hard work are finally paying off!
These past two days, I got tickets to go to Seoul and to Denver!!! I’ll be going to Denver, CO, to see the Rocky Mountains!!!!! I originally wanted to go back in spring break with some friends from work and someone I was seeing at the time, then that trip got ruined because some backed out and my guy’s dad got diagnosed with final stage cancer and so he had to go back to his country. I wanted to ask him to be official during this trip. Now, I’ll enjoy it for myself, no one to depend on, what we will do, where we will go, will or will we not go, etc. It’s my trip, my plan and I will use it as a spiritual journey of self cleansing among nature and beautiful scenery. Best part, I got it for free using my miles earned with my credit card! And my hotel stay will also be free from my company. YAY !!
And SEOUL!!! I’ve been wanting to go back for, oh, so long. My great friend from college is getting married and her wedding is in Korea. It will be the first reunion of our college group overseas!! We are so excited! And I’ll get to see my dear old friends from when I lived there. I cannot express my happiness for knowing I’ll be going back even if it is for a brief 2.5 weeks.
Life seems to finally smile at me once again and I am happy ^^

hello hello! back at it again with more text posts! due to recent updates with tumblr i’m going to be on instagram now for a while! i’ll still have some art here sometimes but i’ll be more active there!
💜IG: peachydreamscape 💜

How to do a ”read more” on tumblr (version 2015/02/03)

Since tumblr has decided to update some stuff and confuse the hell out of some of us, I’ve decided to also make a new, updated “read more” tutorial.

1. Create a text post (you can even go into an already existing one and edit it)  by clicking on this 

And you get 

Now let’s get started!

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