no more tacos

he stole my heart and all the valuables in that fucking train

Cultural Appropriation

How terrible would it be if we weren’t encouraged to share and adopt other cultural aspects into our everyday life?

Not Mexican? Well, no more tacos for you, amigo.

Not Japanese? No more sushi or anime.

Not white? No more English, or iPhones for you.

Not Korean? No more Samsung products.

Not black? No more peanut butter.

Absorbing different cultures is how a society grows. Want to see people who don’t allow their culture to evolve? Go have a peek at Isis, while I have tacos, sushi, and Jamaican food all in one day. Let me know which one sounds like a better life, with more respect for others.

Where the hell has Chris gone, you ask?

Well, you probably didn’t ask that, because the internet is fucking huge and if I suddenly stopped blogging no one would probably realize it.

But in the last 2 weeks I’ve ran a negative split 5k race, bowled a 177 at my final company outing with my former employer, and have been doing my best to plan my cross-country move to Texas…

Yup. Packing whatever fits into my car and making the 24 hour drive across the country to start somewhere new.

Because why the fuck not?

I’m not big into telling people things, a handful of my coworkers didn’t even know yesterday was my last day until yesterday, but this has been in the works for quite some time and I can’t fucking wait. 

Yee haw, bitches!

The signs as Tacos

Aries: Put together badly w/ stuff falling out

Taurus: A soft taco AKA the estranged cousin of the burrito


Cancer: A meat taco with a salad… PSYCH there is no salad just more meat

Leo: A taco with a dream

Virgo: Perfect taco with all the right toppings

Libra: A vegan taco… not bad but something is off about the taste

Scorpio: There is no taco just an empty plate with paper that only says “sorry”

Sagittarius: Smashed after responding yes to “do you want more tacos?”

Capricorn: A taco made completly out of gold

Aquarius: idk how but this taco somehow has anxiety

Pisces: A frozen taco being saved for late night munchies 

There is just no way to compare Frozen and Moana in my opinion.

They are two completely different stories, different times, different cultures, different women and different movies!

It’s like trying to compare whether or not I enjoy eating hamburgers or tacos more (like seriously I’m obsessed with both). I love them both and if we were picking a movie to watch, I’d probably make you watch both with me.