no more summer vacation :(

This just makes me want more Teru and Reigen interactions than I already did.  Teru saw right through what Reigen was doing, but he realizes that these are people he can spend time with. ;-;  It does seem he has no friends at Black Vinegar Mid. 

Though this and the yakiniku omake would have to take place rather early on in the series if it’s summer vacation during it.  That just means more time for Teru to spend with these three though!  

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I saw your vent, and if those are lyrics to a song, what song is it? Im going through the exact same thing, and I know they're just words but I really, really hope you feel better soon.

I wish there was a song for what i wrote on there,,, i hope you’ll get better soon as well! i got over mine after lkke two months which took up more than half my summer vacation :(

Though!! The first page where it says “ look into your heart and you’ll find love ” is by Jason Mraz - I’m Yours

These were the following songs + what i suggest to listen while i drew those vents ;

Lighters - Bruno Mars
See you Again - Charlie Puth
Vanilla Twilight - Owl City
Dark Enough - Amanda Lopicco
When You’re Gone - Avril Lavigne
Love Like You - Rebecca Sugar
It’s Over, isn’t It? - Rebecca Sugar
LA Devotee - P!ATD
Alone Together - FOB
Miss Missing you - FOB
When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars

Delicious Greek Salad

Greek salad can be found in restaurants worldwide, but in our opinion it is best on a warm summer’s day while taking in the sights and sounds of Greece.

Lovingly made and beautifully shot by Buttery Planet - see their recipe below. 

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I am definitely not a langblr but I learned basic French and I am currently learning Korean starting with Hangul. There are a lot of things to be reminded whenever you are trying to learn a new language especially if you are new to the experience (like me lol).

1️⃣ It will take YEARS

Yes, believe me when I say that you will struggle. Those programs that claim that they will help you become fluent in a certain language in 3 months or less, they are probably over exaggerating. There is more in learning a language than just writing it and making sure you have proper spelling and it was translated correctly. You also need to understand it and be able to pronounce it properly with confidence. It’s just like learning your mother language, you were not able to be fluent in you mother language in just months or in just a year.

2️⃣ Starting with the characters is a must

If you are learning a language that requires you to use different characters, learn those characters first before the ‘translating game’. In learning Korean, you first need to learn Hangul, just like when you first learned English, you started with the Alphabet. After learning the characters, you can start forming words, and that is where the ‘translating game’ starts.

3️⃣ The struggle is real when learning the ‘accent’

This is the part where most struggle (including me lol). I struggled at pronouncing words in French mainly because I was not made to speak French (like how my the pitch of my voice gets higher whenever I speak English and drops down when I speak Filipino). It really does take time and many give up at this stage but since WE ARE STUDYBLRS, WE DON’T GIVE UP LIKE THAT.

4️⃣ The pressure is real when you try to use it IRL

I tried using French MANY times in real life when I have the opportunity to but then I just fail and make an embarrassment of myself and just go back to speaking Filipino or English and at the end, I will regret that I missed that opportunity. It will be hard to get yourself to confidently speak your new language especially if you don’t speak it enough (which is the reason for no. 3). But it is very important to have confidence in speaking it because if I hadn’t pushed myself to speak in front of many people in an unfamiliar language, then I wouldn’t be able to write and speak in English.

5️⃣ There will be times when you will lose motivation

For some people this is the first stage in giving up, but in terms of learning a language, this is completely normal. Yes you need to practice everyday in order to succeed but there will be days when you do not feel like it or it does not interest you anymore. Always remember to give yourself a rest because learning something out of your comfort zone can be tiring too. But there will also be days when you will wake up and feel motivated as if nothing can stand in your way and use that to your advantage and make up for lost time.

Idek if these actually help as I am not an expert and it no way can be labeled as a langblr or such but if it did, please like and reblog and follow my studygram (chrissiestudies) and tell me what other posts interest you because I am on summer vacation so I now have more time on Tumblr as opposed to before. 💕💕

-Kinetic Abilities Prompt List B Edition

Benzinakinesis - Control Gases

  • Literally, if you take one step closer I’m filling your side of the room with helium.
  • Sadly, your parents perished in a freak hot air balloon accident. I have no idea what happened.
  • Popping all those lightbulbs by expanding th egass in them looked pretty sweet but now there’s glass everywhere…

Bibliokinesis - Control Books

  • I don’t know how you somehow got into my mega-library, but you’re not getting any of these books back. They belong to me now.
  • You may have flight but I can sit on this Britannica and get where I’m going just fine.
  • There’s a reason why there’s a demand for movies to be made into books. You’re looking at them.

Biokinesis - Control Bodies

  • Nothing says professional cryptid like camouflage, mutations, and death on demand. 
  • It’s like playing an Operation game whenever I try to help somebody. There’s no buzzer though, just them screaming when I accidentally rip a tendon.
  • Sometimes, you just want to make your shitty neighbor into a rat. 

Bio-thermokinesis - Control Body temperature

  • I can’t exactly make a trip to Antarctica feel like summer vacation, but I can make it more tolerable. 
  • No thermal cameras can ever see me. But maybe I should knock out the regular cameras too…
  • Giving someone hyperthermia in a room of ice is torture enough. Have them drown themselves to quench their thirst? Dastardly.

Blennokinesis - Control Filth

  • Don’t think for one minute I wan’t bring back the black death. That’s how serious I’m being.
  • When I removed all the polution, I didn’t think people would be so eagar to make more.
  • This blu cheese is barely aged. Let me spread this mold a little more and it’ll be fit for the party.

Botanokinesis - Control plants

  • The grass are all individuals who get as much voice as trees do. I’m drowning in voices and opinions. I need to make them quiet. 
  • That’s it. I’m making it so any thrown away plant matter gets to people who need it. No more of this ‘not enough’ stuff.
  • My best friend might be a potted plant, but at least they aren’t judgemental like you are.

Brontekinesis - Control thunder

  • I’ll vibrate you so hard your organs burst and don’t even think for one second I’m bluffing.
  • No, I don’t have electricity powers. Isn’t the sound wave part cool enough for you? 
  • I made all my minions deaf before you even arrived. I wanted them to have the upper hand when I make you deaf too.

Commissions are open! I’m out for summer vacation, so I’ll have more than enough time to take on some commissions! If you’d like a slot, send me a message and I’ll save one for you! As per usual, I will send you little progress shots of the commission as I work through it, and there will be no additional charge for corrections that need to be made! 

I am offering short gif commissions as well!

Line art gif = 30 USD

Black and white gif = 45 USD

Flat color gif = 60 USD


My personal email and paypal email are different, so be sure to keep that in mind!  Thanks so much for the support!

I just made a thing-

So, quite literally I just created an Au for BMC that, knowing my creativity levels, probably already has been made, but I’m super happy of myself for thinking of this- Anywho, explanation, it’s mostly based around the Boyf Riends because I c a n ’ t — But the Squip squad at this point of the AU is in the summer break between Senior year and college, so dem adults- but kind of scattered across the country and they all kinda got to know each other over the internet and different kind of things over the years (Jeremy and Michael knowing each other the longest) The only people who live close by each other, like in the same city is Rich and Michael, there is a point to that- Over the years, it is quite obvious to EVERYONE that Michael and Jeremy are pining bois- They all meet up somewhere every so many years and every time they do, Michael and Jeremy are literally crying whilst hugging each other and Rich is just there like “Seriously?” – The Squip in this AU is like a troll of the internet I guess??? Or the virus that a troll put on the internet??? Not sure yet, but he just fucks up everyone’s day and the squad is like upset and all that jazz (Yeah, don’t have specifics yet—) Anyway, Michael and Jeremy get into this fight over a private chat or something like that, but it’s bad though and the squad is freaking out about it- Both Michael and Jeremy love each other so much, but both think the other doesn’t, so that just makes things worse- The Squad’s just like “Well, shit” at this point and over the power of private chat rooms and Skype calls, they devise a plan—- Michael is like a reallllyyyy good singer and just makes songs to what he’s feeling, so of course he makes one about Jeremy and of course Rich finds out about it—- So, he comes up with the plan to get Michael sing it and sneakily record it without him knowing- The two being close, Michael finally agrees to sing it to him, which he does, and Rich totally records it (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) And he totally sends it to Jeremy and Jeremy is just like “Holy shittt- I need to get my boy” and actually packs a bag with necessities and the yells to his dad “SO I’M A TOTAL DUMBASS AND I NEED TO GET TO MH BEST FRIEND- KINDA NEEDS ME-” It’s actually more of a note that his dad finds the next morning and is just like “… Fucking finally. He’s 18, he’ll be fine” and goes back to morning coffee, so now we come to the time of the AU where Jeremy is like, crossing the country to get to his Michael- I’m super proud of this idea and might make an ask blog about it??? I don’t know how to really run one and I’m not a good artist, so it all will be mostly written- Maybe - Butttttt, this entire idea and AU was inspired by @shima-draws and her amazing post of the song Michael makes for Jeremy in her 24 hour life ticket AU fan fiction, so yeaHhh- I’m so sorry how long this was ;-;

Talking With My Friend About Trump

My friend Tom phoned this morning:

“I can’t take any more Trump. It’s summer. I’m taking a vacation from him,” he said.

“I understand,” I said.

“I’ve been so stressed out since that moron was elected that sometimes I can’t sleep,” he said.

“Totally get it,” I said.

“I quit. If others want to carry on the fight for the next three months, be my guest.”

“You’ve earned a vacation.“

“You bet I have. Every time I see his stupid face my blood pressure goes into the stratosphere. I can’t take it any more,” Tom said.

“You don’t need to,” I said.

“That’s exactly my point. I don’t need this. He’s a selfish, greedy, narcissistic, fascistic, unhinged, bigot. And to think he’s running this great country makes me want to puke.”


“So … (long pause) “You think it’s okay if I take a vacation from him?”

“Of course, if that’s what you want to do.”

“It’s not as if I’ve had very much effect. I’ve been writing letters, calling my members of congress. I’ve demonstrated. Even gone to a few meetings.”

“Sounds like you’ve been doing a lot,” I said.

“So why the fu*k isn’t he impeached already?” Tom raised his voice.

“These things take time.”

“He’s taken bribes from foreign governments, obstructed justice, abused his power. And the as*hole does nothing but lie! Probably conspired with Putin to win the election! Doesn’t give a damn that Russia’s trying to kill our democracy!”

“I agree.”

“We can’t let this happen!” he almost shouted.

“No, we can’t.”

“We have to fight this tyrant!”

“Couldn’t agree more.”

“Legally, peacefully.”


“If the Dems take back the House next year, they could start the impeachment process. So we have to begin organizing soon, get ready,” Tom said.

“Absolutely,” I said.

“If Jon Osoff is elected in Georgia Tuesday, that could send a clear signal,” he said.


“I’m gonna phone bank all day tomorrow, calling voters in his district.”

“Good,” I said.

“The least I can do.”

“It will help.”

“Good to talk with you, Bob.”

“And to you, Tom. Be well.”