no more stale chips

croutons are like tiny rewards for eating salad. its like that one study method where you lay down jelly beans on your textbook to encourage reading. anyway that is how low i think of salad,,,i like the stale bread chips more than the actual salad

i want to know when anyone has ever actually enjoyed these things. they seem to be in almost all store brand trail mixes and yet ive never seen anyone express anything but discontent for them. they’re like raisins, no one really likes them and they’ve never actually made anything they’re in more enjoyable, and yet they always seem to be there anyways. and further more, what even are they? they’re like little crisp stale bread chips but they’re way more bitter than any type of bread ive ever tasted. how has the company that makes them not gone bankrupt yet? surely no one would buy these if they were sold on their own, so the only thing i can imagine is they’ve made a profit for years now just by being the bits of store brand trail mix that people eat around. honestly, i don’t have the answers to any of these questions and i don’t think i ever will but that won’t stop my fascination with them