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march 27th, 2017 —  sorry that i haven’t been posting as much on tumblr! but i assure u i will be posting a lot more in the next couple of weeks bc exams are finally over! s/o to my beautiful zebra mildliners that came in last week ✨

So for the next week or so, I will be posting @fiddleford-appreciation-month week 4 hugs and kisses for Fidds from all his family and friends cause he now has a nice big family!

Day 1: Stan/ord Pines
Day 2: Stan/ey Pines
Day 3: Dipper and Mabel

Hey, so if you’ve noticed how I pretty much have been dead on tumblr for a while….. I finally got around to refilling my queue!  I can look like a normal person again.

Also have thought a lot about how I used to write a lot of personal posts about my life and my work and all that before I moved and sometimes I consider doing that again but mostly I think I’ll continue to be silent on it all.  With personal matters, there’s a lot going on and public conversation is not something I want a part of it.  With work, I both love my job a great deal and most of my former posts were some version of complaints or venting frustration, which I don’t need to really do any more, and also given the amount of information I share and the much more unique nature of my work (particularly as compared to before), it would be very easy to identify where I work if I talked a bit too much about it, so I’ll refrain on that front too.  But here’s a general update:

As mentioned, I love my job.  I do a wild number of things.  I work weird hours.  I’ve learned so so much and I have no idea anymore what a career path looks like for me and that still scares me but hey, I love my job sooooo.

My doggo is amazing and the love of my life.  He’s made huge progress and the stress of being a single mother to a neurotic mess has considerably calmed.  We are both still mild neurotic messes but we’re doing quite well.  

Supergirl and I are still together and coping with living on opposite sides of the country, along with various other things, but we’re working on getting her to the Happy State where I live very soon.

I’ve been doing my photography again and have done several weddings in the past few months and have several more booked, plus am picking up a good number of senior portrait sessions, which I love.

For various reasons, I’ll probably be resuming therapy soon after a year and a half without, BUT honestly I’m in the best mental space I’ve been since probably like 2011 or so (when the weight of grad school began to drown me), so all is well and good.  (I will probably have an anxiety disorder the rest of my life, and depression will always be a companion lurking in the back of my brain, but the three of us have made arrangements which allow me to live my life quite to my satisfaction.)

Possible SPOILERS - Arrow 5x20 - Felicity “Rebirth” (?)

A few days ago @tdgal1 was searching for something on Reddit and gave me a shout out.

Sad to say I wasn’t of much help but I did dig up a Spoiler reddit comment on Felicity in 5x20:

The use of the word “Rebirth” nagged me a bit. I note that they were not discussing Olicity but Felicity Smoak.

In Cambridge Dicionary “Rebirth” means a new period of growth of something or an increase in popularity of something that was popular in the past.

And I was happy even if with the lack of more information I still couldn’t understand the phrasing clearly yet (still can’t).

Then last week @dmichellewrites posted this BTS she had spoted on an SA account

I posted by then (like many others including @tdgal1) that Felicity didn’t look well.

Isolating her image she really didn’t look well IMO (other people saw it diferently… at this point we are all equally right)

Over the weekend I started thinking about that Reddit coment and the BTS. 

Rebirth could also mean “be born again” figuratively speaking. 

There were theories about this BTS being the moment where Oliver reminisces on the time between S4 and S5… I won’t get into that discussion.

My line of thought was with Felicity. The guy from Reddit asks if she’s going to die… after the last Oliver/Adrian face off and how close Prometheus can get to Felicity (he got her glasses from the loft that’s pretty close - I’m assuming this is true) I think it’s highly probable he’s closer to Felicity than both Oliver and Felicity think.

Felicity being seriously hurt his not a new theory or speculation but it seems to fit the scenario. The BTS could fit into that theory.

If Felicity is seriously hurt, I think Oliver won’t stop funtioning and crumble, I think he Oliver will grasp for any help any knowledge any expertise he has to save her, if he could he would move Heavens and Earth to save her. And she will be back, a parallel to 

Originally posted by oliver-and-felicity

With an all so emotional situation where no barriers no past “rules” no present situation can contain the overwhelming feeling happiness for being together.

As I write this I think I’m probably wishing for to much. Probably nothing is going to happen like this…

Still the Anti-Olicity group keeps on pressing that 5x20 is like Hell on Earth to them in a way that makes me wonder if we won’t get them finaly back to being Olicity… even if they eventualy can’t be together in short term (I hope they can but… it’s 5x20 not 5x23).

@almondblossomme @tdgal1 @dmichellewrites @leonie1988 @oliverfel4 @bringbackianto 

Somehow of a serious post

Putting this under a read more as I’m gonna briefly discuss where did I went for the past two-or-something weeks and it’s gonna touch personal chords so if you want to read this it’s your own choice.

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 The ending kind of falls off I’m so so tired of looking at this. @klangst-week

Title: I’m just a notch in your bed post (but you’re just a line in a song)
Prompt: Mistake/Faith
Rating: T
Word Count: 825
Warnings: Pining Keith, unrequited love, mentions of sex
Summary: Keith has been many places in the world and he’s never belonged anywhere but beside Lance. Even when it hurts.

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I think one of the biggest fails this season has been the separation of Snow & David via sleeping curse and the continuous separation of Emma and Killian. These two couples are the lynchpins of the show and it really weakens the storytelling to split these couples rather than have them working together as a team.

@wingedlioness made a great post a few weeks ago about the lack of CS teamwork this season.

Perhaps the lack of Snowing & CS teamwork wouldn’t be so noticeable if there were other groupings that worked as well together, but except for a rare Captain Charming episode, it’s been nothing more than Snow coddling Regina or Emma trying to undo Regina’s mess caused by this ridiculous split queen arc. Regina isn’t written to be part of a team and constantly trying to make her one weakens the story.


Hey guys! I reached 2700 about two weeks ago and now I’m finally going to have a little celebration for helping me reach my goal!

This whole idea I took from Cam (@cupcakeblake) who is the absolute best <3

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Kendall instagram live stream

So a few minutes ago Kendall did a livestream on instagram and someone asked if they left aldc and why for the last competition this past weekend. She said that Abby came back from a 3 week break and basically told them she didn’t want to work with them anymore and her usual whining i guess. So they left and from now on they gonna use a different choreographer every week to learn more and gain real experience. Kendall and Kalani both stated that they aren’t mad about Brynn staying at ALDC. Which I think is weird because of Brynns kinda shady # on her “victory dinner” post🤔
Also they went for ice cream with Nia because apparently shes working on something interesting and I’m really curious about that😍
It was mentioned that Camryn and Chloe live kinda far away and they all just seemed so happy and goofy and relieved and they deserve it so much💪🏻 in your face Abby🙌🏼

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#keepherinthegame drabble - how old would you be if you couldn’t remember how old you are?

In honor of @pitchstreetteam‘s March #KeepHerIntheGame campaign and this post, here’s a little Pitch oneshot for the prompt Flashback.

There’re still five days to send in your baseballs! You can even send them straight to Fox from Amazon! For more details, check here!

Ginny’d always been grateful to have a December birthday. As a kid, it meant that Christmas was on its way along with winter break and no homework for two whole weeks. 

It also meant that she got a break from her training schedule. Much as she loved the game, even Ginny didn’t want to spend every waking hour thinking about it. Holidays and birthdays were some of the few breaks her pop allowed her from training. 

Which was why it felt so strange to be in the Petco Clubhouse, working up a sweat the day she turned 24.

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anonymous asked:

#84 & #85 💕

i posted 84 here love! 

“i’m not going to be sympathetic until you go see a doctor.”

“Aaron, I’m dying.”

Aaron rolled his eyes as he listened to his husband groan from his position on the living room floor, picking up the two cups of tea he’d made, padding back to the sofa. 

“I’m not going to be sympathetic until you go see a doctor, Robert.” Aaron rolled his eyes, putting Robert’s mug down on the edge of the coffee table. 

Robert had put his back out during the week, dragging scrap up at the yard, trying to cover for Adam while he was on paternity leave. It had all been going fine until Robert had lifted something the wrong way, and completely done his back in.

Robert gave him a hopeful look from his position on the hard wooden floor looking absolutely pitiful, his hair flat against his forehead, an expression close to a pout on his face. “You could give me a massage?”

“Or, you could go and see a doctor and stop annoyin’ me.” Aaron countered, turning up the sound on the telly. “I want to watch Top Gear, so shut up.”

If you have twitter, I am definitely more vocal and reachable there! I’m @ kohichapps  

But I’m going to give posting on both platforms a shot! Wish me luck! For those who have stuck around for my art, you have no idea how much it means to me so many of you haven’t given up! I love you guys and you all deserve so much more than life can offer but hey you know what– even if that’s the case, have fun! Do what makes you happy, do what fulfills you and I’m there in spirit to support as you have supported me! Be Positive & Productive!

In other news, I’m back!!!

Okay, so basically the last couple of things I’ve posted about Medic’s parents and background have been stuff pinging around in my head since I decided I wanted to draw him punching a Nazi. And since I can’t let anything like that exist in a story vacuum, I filled in the space around it. I’ll get to that actual drawing sometime this week and probably also post more headcanon stuff, since you guys have been enjoying it so much.

Also, that last post had some formatting issues around the embedded images in the mobile version of Tumblr, which I’ve fixed, in case anyone wanted to re-reblog it.

Mon-El Defense Squad Story

Feeling good today, Karamel Fam.

I regularly post in a couple of forums about superhero TV shows.

For weeks the first reviews to be written after an episode have included antis’ rants.

Afterwards, I have always written down arguments politely explaining facts and giving my opinions which are obviously pro Mon-El and pro Karamel and pro Kara’s happiness.

The main reason for me to do this is because I don’t want their discourse to be the only one out there.

Others have joined me supporting our boy and our ship and discussions are more balanced now.

One of the WestAllen posters who has never watched Supergirl but watched Duets has said that after reading my post she likes Mon-El now and wants to give Supergirl S2 a try.

It feels like a victory of reason and polite discussions over blind hatred.