no more photoshop and after effects i cant take it

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tge animatic looks so good,,,,, i cant believe it its so amazing how long did it take you?? also what animation software do u use, i want to get into animation but i dont really know where to start ;;

Thank you!

That took a month to complete (the weekends, mornings, and evenings, that is). It’s the most polished animation I’ve done thus far—usually I go for a way rougher style to save me some effort, haha.

I use Photoshop CS6 for animation and After Effects for compositing. Check out this write-up for more info on my process from script to finish, or this timelapse of making a single shot. I hope that’s helpful—watching other people do their stuff originally helped me get started with animation.

But how to really get started? Just try to do it. Draw a pic. Draw it again slightly different. Ta-dah, you’ve got a two-frame animation. Put them together in Photoshop or Flash or whatever to play it. Hell, I’ve even seen people use Windows Media Player to compile their animation frames. There’s lots of books and resources that’ll help you get better at animation, but honestly, just messing about and experimenting is gonna teach you so much.

Many people swear by animation exercises—bouncing balls, figures lifting boxes, the lot. Sure, they’ll make you a better animator (better than me, certainly, since I never had the patience to do much of those… except for the bouncing ball, which ironically got used in the TAZ animation). But I personally think it’s more important to nurture a love for the craft by doing stuff you’re really, honestly excited about rather than standardised exercises. Why do you want to animate? Do you have a scene in your head that you crave to see for real? Make that happen. Plan it, sketch it out, and then just do everything you can to finish it. You’ll learn on the way.

Start simple and familiar. I found my groove by doing gif loops; something small and quick, basically painting with a moving part. That worked as a first step for me since it built upon what I already knew (i.e. backgrounds). What are your strenghts, currently? Do something related to those. Do things your own way. The whole reason I do lineless animation now is because I suck at clean lineart so I was like, screw that.

Good luck with your animating! Feel free to shoot me an ask if you get stuck, or need clarification/detail on something. I’d love to see what you end up making.