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Imagine Dirk Gently being so excited about getting the agency up and running that he starts handing out invoices to practically everyone over the smallest things.

Imagine him sticking one to the Rowdy 3′s van (for services rendered, to whit, sixteen bloody years of feeding on my psychic energy, you assholes) before legging it up the nearest alley.

Hey I do commissions now! :)

single character/flat colors/waist 30usd

single character/flat colors/full body 35usd

2 characters/flat colors/40usd/every additional character +5usd

i especially love to draw oc’s, aliens, robots and cheesy/romantic things. i won’t do nsfw stuff. but you can always just shoot me an ask to see if i’d be up for something. 

you’ll have to provide me with visual references of your character/s. if your character is super detailed (as in alien/robot or armor) i might charge a bit more.

i accept payment via paypal.

you can send me a mail to if you’re interested in commissioning me or have any questions. ;)


hey guys, i am in dire need of funds as we barely have enough to feed ourselves right now. i plan on applying for disability asap, but until then we’re continually shit out of luck. i have one thing i need to finish in my current queue, so art should be produced in a timely manner. i’m asking $25 for simple busts, $50 for more detailed/lineness shading. payment can be done via paypal. tips are always appreciated!

i can draw pet portraits, characters, etc!

featuring the companion animals of @shotinthekidney, @deadstag, and @themotherfuckingclickerkid

Yeah, I’ll just….pay four bucks to watch Camp Camp.

Because there’s nowhere I can watch it for free.



Revamped Commission sheet

Short version:
I’ll be doing sketches, lined, and full color character portraits.

  • Sketch $15 for full, $8 for thigh up
  • Lines $30+ full, 15+ thigh up
  • Full color $50+ full, 30+ thigh up

Additionally I’m also opening up for avatar commissions.

  • $15 for a single avatar
  • $12.50 each for multiple avatars

If you have questions about commissions contact me either on my twitter, or email me at

Additional T.O.S. details under the cut.

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… [I]n some (perhaps many) cities, discriminatory property assessments left [African Americans] with less disposable income than whites with similar earnings. … An investigation of 1962 assessment practices in Boston, for example, found that assessed values in the African American community of Roxbury were 68 percent of market values, while assessed values in the nearby white middle-class community of West Roxbury were 41 percent of market values. The researchers could not find a nonracial explanation for the difference.

Seventeen years later, an analysis of Chicago assessments found the most underassessed neighborhood to be Bridgeport, the all-white home of Mayor Richard J. Daley, where resistance to African Americans was among the most violent in the nation. Bridgeport assessed values were about 50 percent lower than the legally prescribed ratio of assessed-to-market value; in the nearby African American North Lawndale neighborhood, they were about 200 percent higher than the legally prescribed ratio.

In a 1973 study of ten large U.S. cities, the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) found a systematic pattern of overassessment in low-income African American neighborhoods, with corresponding underassessment in white middle-class neighborhoods. The study revealed that in Baltimore, the property tax burden in the white middle-class community of Guilford, near Johns Hopkins University, was one-ninth that of African American East Baltimore. In Philadelphia the burden in white middle-class South Philadelphia was one-sixth that of African American Lower North Philadelphia. In Chicago the burden in white middle-class Norwood was one-half that of African American Woodlawn. The report provoked no action by the U.S. Department of Justice. Considering all these studies, the differences are too stark and consistent to make benign explanations likely.

The higher property taxes paid by African American owners—and through their landlords, by African American renters—contributed to the deterioration of their neighborhoods. After taxes, families had fewer funds left for maintenance, and some were forced to take in boarders or extended family members to pay their property taxes.

In Chicago, excessive taxation also led to loss of homes by African Americans because speculators were permitted to pay off delinquent tax liabilities and then seize the properties, evict the owners, and then resell the houses at enormous profit. Because African Americans’ property taxes were often higher relative to market value, black families were more likely to be delinquent in tax payments and more likely to be prey for speculators who could seize their houses after paying off the taxes due. There are no contemporary studies of assessed-to-market value ratios by community and by race, so we cannot say whether discriminatory tax assessments persist to the present time, and if so, in which communities. In cities like Baltimore and Cleveland, however, African Americans are still more likely than whites to lose homes through tax-lien repossessions.

Costs of segregation attributable to discriminatory assessment practices, suffered by an unknown number of African Americans, are not trivial. This was not simply a result of vague and ill-defined “structural racism” but a direct consequence of county assessors’ contempt for their Fourteenth Amendment responsibilities, another expression of de jure segregation.

Richard Rothstein’s The Color of Law is a pretty good book

🔮 Free Tarot Reads Open 🔮

I’ll be using the Deviant Moon Tarot (Borderless Edition), and they’ll be one card readings. If you’d like a larger/more in depth reading, payment will be required.

One card readings are free, but tips are definitely appreciated! I’m a part time minimum wage gay who just had to drop $400 on a desperately needed glasses prescription. My paypal is If you don’t want a reading but would like to throw some pocket change my way, I’d truly appreciate it.

If you’re interested in a free reading, please DM (not ask) me, @sherrybomb, asking for a general reading or with your question.

I do not accept yes/no, financial, legal, medical (this includes mental health), or third party readings.By choosing to get a reading, you agree I accept no responsibility and will not be held liable for your actions and reactions to your reading. Readings are for entertainment only and should not be used to make decisions in life events.

Please consider signal boosting if you enjoyed your reading, or you want to pass the fun to your followers!

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semester’s over, time to draw some ponies!! there are more slots than usual this time, now that I don’t have homework looming over me. :D

please note that the payment will initially show up in your Paypal history as ‘pending authorization’ – don’t worry, you’re not paying anything extra, and you don’t have to do anything about it! it just means I have to manually accept the payment, which I’ll be able to see when I log in.

thank you! ❤︎

status: CLOSED, thanks!

more info + payment: CLOSED


Hey everyone! So i’ve decided to change up my commissions and add a few more options, as well as some different prices to properly compensate my work. If you’re interested, you can either dm me on tumblr or shoot me an email at! I will be accepting all payments through the paypal invoice system, which I will usually send you after the initial sketch (unless of course youre asking for just a sketch). But payment will more or less be upfront. Be sure to provide me with some decent reference images, and i’ll be happy to accept your commission. If you have any questions, im more than willing to answer. Just shoot me a message!


  1. TAKEN
  2. OPEN
  3. OPEN
  4. OPEN
  5. OPEN

If you’d like more examples of my work, please visit my blog directory

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(Part 3) Making payments: do not pay the minimum payment, always pay more. Paying the min. payment will cause you to take pay 3x the original charge. If you need text books or to pay a bill with your credit card because you're currently waiting for the next pay check, make sure you pay the entire amount off with in 3 months before using your card again. Credit cards/loans are very easy to abuse. I urge everyone to be very careful with them to avoid huge amounts of debt- your friendly banker

Banker anon part 3


Ever wanted me to draw your Ryder, Shepard, Inquisitor or any other character? No? i’m offering anyway. 

If interested, contact me at

  • please include as much references as possible - hair, facial features, faceclaims, expression etc, the more the better
  • payment is in USD and only through PayPal (
  • i’ll send you an invoice after confirming the commission 
  • please include your tumblr username and commission type in your email
  • you can check my art tag and previous commissions tag to see more examples of my work

If you have any other questions, you can send me either an ask or an email. Reblogs are also appreciated!

COMMISSION: hello guys i am back in business!

I’m going to open with 3 slots first, check out this page for more info about pricing/payment/dos and donts.

Email me at with this format:

  • Title [Commission] - your tumblr handle or name
  • Type of commission + additional characters/ background details if any
  • Have a clear idea of what you want. Do send me as many references as possible (e.g. colour palatte, poses, concepts, scenarios, bio of your characters etc)
  • Deadlines, if any

redbubble here if you wanna check it out too!