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Day Thirty

-I told a man to have a good day. He loudly told me in kind to have a great day. I do not get paid enough to handle this blatant one-upmanship. 

-A woman informed me that she would not be using her Target card, as she would rather pay. I want to know what she thought the Target card was that did not involve payment, but more importantly, why she would ever choose to pay when presented with an option not to.

-As I made eye contact with a woman who was talking to me, she opened her eyes. It turned out that she had black eye shadow on with a strip in the middle that had been worn off, making her eyelid look like an eye of its own, and making me think I was ringing up an ancient multi-eyed deity. 

-In response to the feedback I’ve gotten that not only kids would like stickers, I put a stack on my counter with a sign inviting all guests to take one. An unanticipated but not altogether surprising amount of people took up this offer, and guests from all age groups, teenagers to the elderly, left the store with a sticker in their pocket and a smile on their face.

-As a very mean-looking woman approached my lane, I began to have a nearly-debilitating sharp pain in the center of my forehead. I do not mean to imply that this woman is the Dark Lord Voldemort, but I am most certainly not saying that she is not.

-I was informed by a team member that if I were ever to post about her, I must refer to her as “The Crazy One.” I laughed at first, but I realized that she was serious about this. 

-In conversation with a guest, I mentioned that I was having a migraine. I experience severe migraines somewhat frequently, and I had been on the verge of asking to leave early due to it. After I finished her transaction, she returned to the sales floor, seemingly having forgotten something. She returned moments later with a box of Excedrin Migraine and a Gatorade, refusing to accept my protests as she purchased them for me. This is the kindest thing a stranger has ever done for me and I began feeling better almost instantly. In case she never returns to my lane, this is my thank you.

-A guest told me to have a good day just as I told them to have a good night. We looked at each other for a moment, panicked, then looked outside to see who was in the right. I am proud to say that, for once, it was me.

-A man with snow-white hair and a urine-yellow beard came through with a chewed up, unlit cigarette hanging loosely out of his mouth. I am sure this is a metaphor for something, but for what, I do not know.

-I noticed out of the corner of my eye that a guest’s newly-purchased mirror was about to fall off of the counter. I lunged for it, knocking over items and throwing out my back, catching it just before it fell and shattered everywhere. I then realized that it was not a mirror, but a wreath that was in no danger of any damage, and my entire reaction was unwarranted. 

-A woman in her forties was accompanied by a man in his sixties. She loudly exclaimed to me, “Tonight I’m with daddy!” With all of my heart, I hope that man was her father.

-As a three year old was preparing to purchase her toys with her own money from her own wallet, a woman offered her a sticker from the counter. Seeing this as a contest of who had more items of value, the child pulled out an enormous wad of cash, the likes of which I have rarely seen and never possessed, and held it out in front of the woman’s face. I think it is clear who has won this battle and my admiration.

Apparently Not | Hansol | Final

Genre: Fluff, Awkwardness, College au, Angst

Word Count: 5,798

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 Final

Summary: In a life full of responsibilities and stress, you liked things to be in order. Your one moment of solace was the quiet bus ride home, but a certain punk managed to screw that up.

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Life has its stressful moments that seem like it can swallow you and the rest of your world whole, but the moment you take a step back or reflect on the situation years later, those stressful moments seem so miniscule. That was the way it was supposed to work, right?

For you, you couldn’t be sure. You were only in college, so on a large scale you had not been alive very long. So far life in your eyes was just, stress, deadlines, payments, and more worries. Still, as you walked away from the hospital, you prayed that that moral would be true. You wanted to think back to the time your mother was in the hospital one day, and just smile because you hadn’t realized that life would be getting easier soon. God, you thought, I pray it gets easier soon.

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Hey everyone! I’m opening commissions again temporarily to be able to pay my bills this month. It’s your chance to get some custom work from me!

A shaded pencil drawing or an ink drawing are 30$, and a colored drawing with a simple bg is 60$. That’s for drawings of one character though, if you want more characters the price is doubled for each one. For some examples of commissioned works I’ve done, check this link!

Mail me at dorayaworks at gmail dot com, and make sure your mail titles says something like “commission”. I’m pretty much open for anything, so send a mail my way if you’re interested so we can talk more! I only accept payment through paypal.

Reblogs are super appreciated <3

I have 4 slots open! Will update the post as slots get filled.


Okay folks, I am closed for now! but I’ll probably open up as soon as this batch is done, so don’t fret! Thank you all so much for the signal boosts and shown interest, you’re lifesavers. ♥


If you are interested in buying something, you can contact me at Please include details of what you want, and if you want a specific style that I’ve drawn in the past, feel free to specify!

  • I take payment through PayPal.
  • I require full or half payment beforehand- as soon as you pay, I will begin your commission! If you choose to pay half, I will send a low res version of the drawing, and you will receive the high res file when you have completed the payment.
  • For more complicated requests, I will email you with stages of the commission to ensure it is to your standards. You can request that I do this with any order! Note that it will take longer, as I will be relying upon your approval before continuing.

No one should be shamed for falling behind on student loan payments

If you’ve ever missed a student loan payment, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 41% of student loan borrowers in the U.S. report they’ve fallen 90 days or more behind on payments, according to a study by personal finance research firm ValuePenguin. Non-white borrowers in the survey were even more likely. 

anonymous asked:

(Part 3) Making payments: do not pay the minimum payment, always pay more. Paying the min. payment will cause you to take pay 3x the original charge. If you need text books or to pay a bill with your credit card because you're currently waiting for the next pay check, make sure you pay the entire amount off with in 3 months before using your card again. Credit cards/loans are very easy to abuse. I urge everyone to be very careful with them to avoid huge amounts of debt- your friendly banker

Banker anon part 3


Hey guys!

I’ve been wanting to save money to go back to school in the fall semester but it’s been pretty hard with all my expenses so I decided to go back to commissions. 

This time I will only work on paintings and stylistic sketches. They help me improve and they’re more fun to make. I know they’re a little bit on the pricey side, but from previous experiences, I do believe they’re worth the money considering the time and effort spent on them…also results are pretty good, I think… I mean I’ve never had any complaints and I’ve seldom ever had to go back and alter a commissioned piece for a client.

I would really appreciate a reblog if possible. It will help me a lot. 

If you’re interested in commissioning me, just message me here or email me at I also enabled direct messaging for everyone so you can use that if it makes you more comfortable.

Payments will be done through my paypal so please consider any extra charges made for using the service.

Commissions are open!

- super detailed character is +15€

- extra character doubles the commission price - 10€

- I’ll draw simple backgrounds only! (gradients, simple shapes)

more examples can be found on my blog.

I will draw:

pretty much everything from your OC:s to fan art

I will not draw:

very explicit pornography/gore or extreme fetishes (I’ll draw smut in some extent you just have to ask)

How to contact:

Just drop me an email at: niimokki@gmail(dot)com and tell me what you want (more references the better!) Payment is via paypal. Payment is in euros.


Hey guys!! I’m opening commissions!!!

For a bust (shoulders up) sketch without color it’ll be $3, fully colored bust it’ll be $5, for a full body sketch without color it’ll be $10 and for a fully colored full body it’ll be $15. I won’t be adding extra charge for more than one person. Payment will be given upfront and through PayPal only.

I’m fine with drawing monsters, gore, object heads, pokémon, any fandom, D&D characters, OCs and most ships.

The only things I’ll say no to are nsfw things and pedophilia/any unhealthy ships.

If you’re interested please message me or send an ask off anon!! If you can’t afford it or anything, I’d really appreciate it if you spread the word and reblog!! Thank you!!!


what do u mean theres too much jojo


  • Extra characters are merely double the price.
  • [Full payment at the start -> Sketch]. Non refundable.
  • Prices vary depending on complexity of the character design - more detailed/difficult characters may mean more payment.
  • Please email


  • Full Illustration: Full painting w/ max 5 characters (huffhuff) and detailed background. Total cost is dependent on complexity and detail of both characters and scene.
  • Painty sketch things on your request: what is this I don’t even know?? it’s up for grabs if anyone is interested anyways. p much things under the doodle tag i guess

Form (to

  • Your name/username:
  • Paypal/email:
  • Type/style:
  • Reference:
  • Details/preferences (including expressions, posing, background, personality etc.):

Okay then can youj write a one shot which reader and rossi in their honeymoon and romantic and smut?? :D

Yes.  I.  Can.  I hope you enjoy your one-shot, because here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

As David wound up the mountain, you stirred in your seat as you slowly peeled your eyes open.

“Hello there, sleepy head,” David teased with a smirk on his face.

“Where are we?” you croaked as you sat upright in your car seat.

“We’re here,” David says lowly as you watch him slowly pull through the gate of the complex.

You had talked him into a low-key honeymoon.  The wedding was a dashing affair with fountains of chocolates and champagnes.  Your dress cost more than the down payment on your car, and the plates of food were enough to make anyone’s eyes pop out of their head.

So, you had made your now-husband a deal: if the wedding was extravagant, the honeymoon was toned down.

You had chosen a little condo on top of a snow-covered mountain, complete with a guest house that had an indoor heated pool, two wet saunas, and a hot tub.

And the best part?  It wasn’t a busy time of year, save for all of the rough snowstorms.  David had taken three entire weeks off of work to be snowed in with you, and the piles of groceries in the back were proof.

“You grocery shopped without me?” you asked as he pulled the car into a snow-covered parking space.

“You were so tired.  You slept through the whole ordeal,” David smiled.

“You shouldn’t have done it on your own…” you murmured to yourself.

“Don’t worry,” David reassures you as he throws open his door to the cold, “you can repay me later.”

It took the both of you making five trips to the car to get everything.  David insisted on cooking every dinner for you while you two were up here, and you told him that you would do breakfast so that you two could have a hearty nap through dinner.  David had loaded down the car with everything: tons of movies, a DVD player in case the condo wasn’t outfitted with one, suitcases full of cozy clothes, and absolutely no paperwork in sight.

It was almost enough to bring you to tears.

Once the two of you got unpacked, put the groceries away, and settled into the warmth of the condo, David pulled you into him and pressed a warm, comforting kiss to the side of your head.

“What would you like to do first, la mia sposa?” David murmured in your ear.

And you knew exactly what you wanted to do first.

Pretty soon, the two of you were dashing through the pounding of the snow to the guest house, clad in light clothes and carrying freezing cold towels as the two of you slid into the heated area and shut the door quickly behind you.

“I call the hot tub!” you squeal as you wriggle out of your clothes.  But David didn’t care.  He was too busy watching you jump and dart, trying desperately to get out of your snow-soaked clothing so that you could take a dip in the hot tub.

And he so desperately wanted to join you.

The snow was picking up outside, and the roads leading up the mountain were officially closed off.  Those that wanted back up would have to get a hotel at the base, and those that were up here were stuck.

And god, did David love being stuck with you.

As the two of you settled into the hot tub, a content smile rolled lazily over your cheeks as the bubbles kicked in and made you giggle.

“I love hot tubs,” you sigh as you sit back.

“And I love you in hot tubs,” David quipped as you shot him a playful glance.

“You just like me half-naked in a bathing suit,” you lull.

“Doesn’t worsen matters, no,” David chuckled as he swam over to you.

You cuddled into his body as he wrapped his strong arm around you, and you swore that between the rhythmic kisses he placed on your head and the warmth of the water, you could fall asleep right there, buried in the crook of his arm.

“Wanna try the sauna?” David murmured lowly.

Pretty soon, the two of you were basking in the wet heat of the sauna, and the cold wind outside was whistling against windows at the steam filled your nostrils.

“We have three weeks of this,” you sighed in content.

But this time, David didn’t respond.

“David?” you ask lightly as you lob your head over to look at him.

And he was staring at you with nothing but fire behind his eyes.

You watch as he slowly gets up from his seated position.  You watch at he walks over to the sauna door and toggle something.  The mist is thick, but you can hear a latch latching shut as he slowly turns back around to see you.

“You look incredible in that bathing suit,” David smirks.

“David Rossi…you cannot be serious,” you snicker as he slowly approaches you.

But you watched him sink to his knees as he slowly parted your legs.

“David.  Dave-…this isn’t funny,” you begin as he slowly lowers his lips to your thigh.

His teeth nipped at you through the steam and sweat, and soon your reservations were gone as you lobbed your head back and sighed to the rhythmic pumping of the steam within the room.

“Oh, god,” you breathed as he kissed and nipped his way up and down your legs.

You feel his dexterous fingers slowly loop within your bathing suit bottoms, and you instinctively lift your hips as your breathing turns into panting.

“David…david, what if someone-”

But his lips upon your center silenced you as you sucked in a long draw of steam as your hips instinctively began to roll into his tongue.  He flicked and he sucked.  He applied pressure and he hummed.  He made you buck and moan time and time again as his hands spread your thighs so that he could lap up every part of you.

You felt stars bursting inside of your body as you ground your hips into his face.

“David…oh…god, please…yes…oh, just…yes, yes, yes…”

Your voice caught in your throat as your legs trembled and convulsed.  Your body shook at the beckoning of his tongue, and you choked on David’s name as your orgasm wracked your body in the middle of the sauna.

You could feel your husband’s smile in between your legs.

But, just as fast as it had happened, David grabbed you around your waist and pulled you into his lap, your legs straddling his painfully erect length as his chest panted and his face glistened with you.

“Sei così bello,” he rumbled lowly as you nuzzled your nose lightly against his.

You reached slowly in between your trembling legs and freed him from the confines of his bathing suit.  He stood at attention as you slowly rolled your hips around in his lap, and no sooner had he groaned in satisfaction, he slipped easily inside of you with a pop as electricity flowed through both of your bodies.

And you couldn’t contain yourself.

Your hips rolled into his as you braced yourself on the wooden seating behind David’s head.  You placed sloppy kisses onto his lips that tasted of you as his hands sunk into your thighs.  He filled you in every way you enjoyed, and when he lifted his head and placed it near your ear, you knew you were about to be done for.

“You are so beautiful,” he murmurs as he begins to pant with each thrust, “and so smart,” he breathes, “…and so…so sexy…” he groans.

“Oh, David,” you breathed as you captured his lips in another long kiss.

The two of you stopped moving as he continued to throb inside of you, the two of you losing yourselves in each other as you flutter your eyes open and smile, breaking the kiss.  Your pelvis ached for your released, but your body longed to be connected with his.

Just a little while longer.

“I love you, David,” you say lightly.

“And I love you, Y/N,” he smiles back.

And the two of you made love in that little steam room of your honeymoon while the snowstorm raged just outside of the walls that protected you.


I’m opening up holiday/winter themed half-body commissions for a bit cheaper than my regular ones :D

Half-body coloured sketches:
$20 per character (max 3 characters)
Background and atmosphere:
+ $10

These do not have to be christmas themed if that’s not your thing! This applies to pretty much anything even remotely seasonal, knock yourself out! For more info (such as payment, wills and won’ts etc), read this. Check my art tag for more art. My regular commissions are also open.

I’ll be taking orders until jan. 8th!

1. taken
2. open
3. open

Thank you <3

Attention, sex workers who take online payments:

Today, I got an email from Delivery Code (who you probably know as the wishlist service that protects your address and lets you use third party sellers in the ways Amazon does not) saying that they were rolling out a new service that would allow you to cash vouchers out directly to your bank account. I haven’t yet used this service, so I’ll update this post if/when I do and let you know how it works.

They also, as you can see from the image above, are extremely unlikely to be making any proactive effort to close sex work related accounts (this strikes me as being particularly aimed at those of us doing more in person, criminalized work, as there are more online payment platforms that allow cyber work payments but exclude irl work payments). I know that for me, up until now, I’ve mostly used PayPal and Amazon and just crossed my fingers, because online payments are a pretty small percentage of my income.


Neheon’s Commissions!

Hello there! I’m Lycera/Seiwind/Neheon/Ter– okay that part doesn’t matter. The point is I’m doing commissions! Yay. Good? Good. Here are some examples and all of that of what I’m offering! 

Sketches: $7 -$11USD +$2 per additional character. Can be black or with color. (Portrait, Waist up, Knee up)

Inked pieces: $15 -$20 USD +$2 per additional character (Waist up and Knee up)

Colored piece with background : $30- $35 USD + $5 per additional character (Waist up and Knee up)

Payment info and everything else below the cut!

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