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Andre Burakovsky - Safe Place

Anon: Can you write a fluffy Andre Burakovsky imagine? Thank you!

A/N: I had so many ideas for this imagine that I couldn’t think straight while I was writing it, so there will definitely be more fluffy Burky imagines in the future! 

Warning/s: Mentions of nightmares and Andre getting hurt in the nightmare

Word count: 852

Song: Kiss Me - Ed Sheeran (I cry okay)

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So let me tell y'all a thing. A very personal thing. About just how amazing and life saving medication can be.
This pink little pill is called Prazosin. And what does it do you ask? It makes it so I can sleep at peace. Since my mom died my already bad nightmares became a horror show. I was maybe sleeping 2 hours before I woke up only to fall back into nightmares again. Reliving the worst day of my life on repeat. Over and over. The most horrific graphic details. Even more vivid thanks to my muscle relaxer.
Now I take this fun little pill once a night. And I haven’t had a nightmare since. I get to dream about Jason Todd and fun stuff again. I actually get peace from the trauma for a few hours instead of spending all day and all night reliving it.
Medication can’t fix everything. But it made my life so much easier. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it

The Kids Are Alright: Part 1

October 13, 1979

Frank: This war… it’s never going to end.

James: Yes it will Frank. *quietly* Everything ends.

Frank: … Alice is due in July…

James: So is Lily…

Frank: What if this war still hasn’t ended? W-what if our kids are born into this nightmare?

James: I don’t want to hear shit like that from you. We’ve fought too hard.

James: We’re only going to be stationed here for a few more nights.

James: You’ll be back with Alice before you can blink.

Frank: I’m sorry… I guess I’m just…

James: *sighs* Don’t be sorry… we’re all going a little crazy.

*both quiet, alert*

*a large bird suddenly leaps off the branch outside the window*

James: *takes a deep breath* Jesus…

Frank: *shaking* What if that… Oh god James, I can’t do thi-

James: *quickly* Have you picked out names?

Frank: … W-what?

James: Names… Baby names.

Frank: … W-well… Alice is convinced it’s going to be a boy… so we thought maybe… R-Reginald?

James: *grimaces*

Frank: *cracks a smile*

Frank: … I like Neville.

James: *grins* You know what? I like Neville too… *claps hands together* Alright Frank, you can do this. Do it for Neville.

James: *shrugs* I’ve got a feeling. *winks* Little Elvendork Potter…

Frank: Oh no… Lily better have shot that one down.

James: Harry James Potter… has a nice ring to it too, I guess.

Frank: *laughs* Oh Merlin. Well, as long as he doesn’t turn out like you-

James: Hey now… I wasn’t THAT bad.

Frank: *raises an eyebrow*

James: *pauses*… You make a compelling argument.

Frank: *snorts*

James: *smiles and quiets*

Frank: … *softly* I’m glad there’s someone else here… wh-who understands…

Frank: I’m so glad you’re here.

Frank: *quietly to himself* Three more days…

James: Let’s just focus on tonight. *stares off into the darkness, hands trembling* We’re going to be okay… we’re going to make it.

To Be Continued


I found something that @sixpenceee would definitely appreciate. While vacationing in Ocean City this summer I found this extremely unsettling children’s book in a small gift shop/book store. It seems innocent at first inquiring where ghosts live and wanting to know where to find them. It soon starts to get darker as it describes every monster’s lair you need to pass in order to find the ghosts, accompanied by startling images that are sure to give your child nightmares for years. The creepiest part was the end, there was a blank page suggesting that the ghosts had all gone away, then a few more blank ones, then the last photo was the very last page in the book. You can see little images of ghosts following you through all the pages in the book suggesting that ghosts don’t live in one place but that they are everywhere and follow you. This is the creepiest book I’ve ever seen and I love it.

Toss and Turn

Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Words: 904 
Warnings: Kinda fluffy, kinda sad.
Gifs: Google.
A/N: Oh man, I just got really sad thinking about Bucky having nightmares for some reason. But yeah, not my best.

Your eyes fluttered open slowly when you heard a noise that sounded very far away. Still half asleep, it took a few seconds for you to realize what it was, but when you did, you knew exactly what was happening.

It was a mix of grunts and the plates on Bucky’s metal arm gripping the sheets while a faint “no, stop!” escaped from his lips. His face was covered in a thin layer of sweat and his eyes were tightly shut. Another nightmare.

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Misunderstandings Pt. 4

Genre: Angst (SFW for now)

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n: Sorry it’s late, writer’s block is a bitch. Hope you like it. It’s under the cut as usual. Here’s part 1, part 2part 3part 5, part 6

You would always love him

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          The Daedric Prince whose sphere is the realm of dreams and nightmares, and from whose realm issues forth evil omens. Some have also claimed her sphere ties somehow to torture. Vaermina is depicted as a grotesque old woman. Her plane of Oblivion is “Quagmire.” It is described as a nightmare realm, where every few minutes reality shifts and becomes ever more horrifying. At the same time, Daedra worshipers will often pray to her just before sleeping, likely in hopes of warding off any potential meetings during their rest.

                                            tes aesthetics | daedric princes

honestly the fact that jules and ophelia have known each other for like a few weeks tops and immediately treat each other with such care and concern like their level of emotional intimacy…… when will your faves ever
like in the record store when nate was there and jules was so visibly uncomfortable and ophelia like instantly forced them out
when ophelia knows jules isn’t okay just over the phone and asks if she’s been having nightmares again
and jules stopping everything to make sure ophelia is okay while the car is taking off and ophelia admitting to jules she was more shaken than she thought she was like they’re married


Summary: After a nightmare about your ex, you start to rethink what happened in your relationship and try to get some closure.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 2629

Warnings: Aganst, All flashbacks are in italic and there is some fuffly lost in there.

A/N: So this fic is extremely personal, I never wrote anything like this so I hope you enjoy.

I can not even thank you enough this time @drinkfantasy , you rock and I love you

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You wake up, sweat all over your body and with your heart pounding in your chest. For a few seconds your mind try to understand what just happened, than you know. You just had a nightmare, not just any nightmare but one with your ex-boyfriend.

Details of the nightmare are useless, the only thing that matters is that he was there in your mind… again. It was normal for you to have nightmares; you used to have them all the time when growing up, as an adult they were less frequent but more brutal and they are usually about Bucky.

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Strange Mysteries: The Flatwoods Monster

Friday, September 12th, 1952 - Flatwoods, West Virginia

It is 7:15pm on Friday, September 12th when two brothers, Edward and Fred May, and their friend Tommy Hyer see what appears to be a meteor streaking across the night sky. As they watch, the meteor comes to ground near the farm of local farmer G. Bailey Fisher. Excited at what they will find, they make the trek to Fisher’s farm along with Mrs May and a few other local boys: Neil Nunley (14), Ronnie Shaver (10), and Gene Lemon (17).

When they get there, they notice a strange mist that is described as giving off a “sickening, burnt, metallic odor”. They also notice two strange lights coming from what appears to be a nearby tree. Thinking them to be nothing more than the eyes of some nocturnal animal, Gene turns his flashlight in their direction. It is then that they see the creature that would forever haunt their nightmares: the Flatwoods Monster.

Scared out of their wits, they immediately run back to safety and into the annals of strange mysteries.

So what was the Flatwoods Monster? Unfortunately, we may never know.

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What kind of sleepers are the Paladins? (like light, heavy,etc..) hc's please!

It’s mod Enki! I’m finally back after dealing with a viral infection on top of a bacterial infection on top of another viral infection. The meds made me really sleepy so I couldn’t focus much on anything. :0 Any-who, I sort of answered this ask here in the clingy s/o ask so I’m just going to add a few more things in this one in top of the previous one. I hope that’s okay! o v o



  • He’s a light-ish sleeper due to his time in the Galra prisons. By light-ish I mean he wakes up at the slightest noise from outside his room when he’s sleeping normally. But when he’s having a nightmare he’s very hard to wake up and his s/o will have to be very careful when waking him up.
  • He tends to heat up fast so he might be prone to strip in his sleep or shove the blankets off of him. Honestly Shiro isn’t used to sleeping with a lot of covers so his s/o might get a little frustrated with him since he does throw covers off of him. They’ll probably have to snuggle a lot with him to keep warm tbh. 
  • If Shiro is feeling more affectionate he tends to almost end up smothering his s/o in their sleep or squishes them up against the wall. He’s also guilty of messing with his s/o by putting his cold metal arm under their shirt. Please fight this nerd.


  • Besides his dumb beauty routines he’s the worst person to sleep with. He ends up in the dumbest and weirdest positions sometimes. Definitely the person to fall asleep anywhere mostly due to being used to a huge family.  
  • He’s the heaviest sleeper honestly and impossible to wake up unless you go to the extremes like throwing water on him. Even then it’s a little debatable whether or not he wakes up.
  • He can be super affectionate when he and his s/o go to bed together but along the way as the night goes on he does revert back to his evil ways and will do just about anything to get out of the grip of his s/o. He also drools quite a bit and his s/o might wake up a little damp. 


  • 100% guilty of accidentally farting on his s/o in his sleep along with accidentally punching or kicking them. He’s not used to sleeping with others.
  • Can’t get settled down for the life of him. He HAS to move around every 10 minutes before he can properly decide on a position that is comfortable to sleep in. Obviously the lightest sleeper ever.
  • Also probably falls off the bed about 5 times a week if he’s lucky. He has a thing where he also HAS to have his feet sticking out from the covers or he’ll get too hot. 


  • The best sleeper. He’s very cuddly when he sleeps so even when he doesn’t have his s/o next to him he likes to cling to a pillow or something close to it.
  • He’s a medium sleeper so he’s not too hard to wake up. He can also fall asleep in any position so it’s not unusual that he just gets to his bed and flops onto it before passing out. 
  • He stays in a groggy stupor for the longest out of everyone so he needs a really good reason to get up or a big cup of coffee. To wake himself up he takes a cold shower sometimes if he can’t afford to waste too much time.


  • Very temperamental about the way she sleeps. Switches it up pretty much every night. Likes to keep her s/o on her toes.
  • She is just as restless as Lance and Keith so her s/o better watch out. She’s also guilty of hording pillows and there have been complaints from the others about shortages of pillows. 
  • Pidge would probably be a medium sleeper like Hunk but not as bad about waking up and getting started. Probably can function on about 2 hours of sleep a night if she’s feeling really motivated to work on her new gadgets and programs but will try not to work too long for her s/o.

The last guy I dated off tinder was really hot but he was a total douche bag. I matched him because he superliked me and I knew from his appearance the kinda guy he was so I thought I’d just mess around and talk to him. After like a few days of talking he was already trying to bang me (I’m a virgin). I was planning to just drop him but my friend said he was too hot to pass up. After a few more days of toying with him I finally agreed to a date. He picked me up and oh my god was he fine irl like my exact type. We got along so well and he took me to lunch, a movie, and ice cream…all his treat. And ofc I got some action ngl… Anyways We spent like the whole day together but we established that neither of us wanted to date and we can just be fuck buddies basically.

So fast forward a day or two later after him not texting me, he finally says “you wanna fuck?” And although I wanted to I knew I wasn’t ready so I turned him down. Then he just shoots me a quick “well I only want sex so bye” and I thought it would end at that.

The next day this dude texts me saying he wants to see me again and that I should…do some stuff with him. So at this point I just said fuck it and agreed if he took me out to coffee. He comes over an hour later and We started hanging out at my house and eventually made our way inside. I knew where this was heading…things got heated….I stayed a virgin tho.

Ok so this is where it turns…

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I decided to see how much I have bought from hot topic at 1 for no reason. 18 pop figures and 21(my sister stole a few) t shirts later in figured out that I need to stop buying everything.

PS. I have more jewelry and random shit from hot topic I’m just lazy

PPS. 4 of the shirts are panic at the Disco because I’m trash

Absolutely Nobody

Pairing: Bruce Wayne x Reader

Genre: Angst & Romance

Warnings: None

Summary: Nightmares with Bruce

You sat up in the bed you shared with your husband, woken up by the sounds of his groaning. Rubbing your eyes, you turned to see Bruce clutching one of his pillows, a bead of sweat running down his face. You watched him quietly for a few minutes. After ensuring that he wasn’t making any more noises, you exited your bed, careful so as not to disturb his slumber.

You made your way to the connecting bathroom, leaving the light off in case of the off chance that it woke Bruce up. You went about your business, getting ready to throw your hair up before hearing the soft mewl of your name coming from your bedroom.

You peaked out of the bathroom door to the bed, seeing that Bruce had not moved. However, you once again heard his name calling your name. You crept out to his side of the bed, kneeling to look at his face.

His forehead was scrunched and tears were coming out of his eyes as he called your name in his sleep. Immediately your hand went to his face to wipe the tears out off.

You had barely touched him before a larger hand caught yours and held it to his face. You smiled as Bruce breathed a sigh of relief and opened his eyes to face you.

“Bad dream?” You asked, using your other hands to smooth back his hair.

He sighed again before sitting up in the bed and pulling you towards him. His arms came around your waist to hold you securely in his lap. Bruce tucked his head in your shoulder as you ran your fingers through his hair.

Bruce usually did this when something was bothering him. For a man that could calculate his thoughts at the drop of a hat, he always had a hard time gathering them when it concerned own personal feelings. It was a few more minutes of silence before he finally spoke.

“Joker threatened to take everyone I love.” He whispered. He pulled his head up to look you in the eyes as he spoke his next food words.

“After what happened with Jason I can’t…” His breath hitched as a stray tear rolled down his face and down his bare chest. He took another breath.

“I can’t go through that again. I can’t watch anybody I love-”

Before he could finish you grabbed his face in your hands and silenced him with a kiss. He kissed you back fervently before you pulled away to look at him once more.

“There is nobody, and I mean absolutely nobody, that could take you away from me.” You stroked your hand down the side of his face.


Bruce nodded silently. You locked your hands around his neck and pulled him back down to the mattress. He kissed you once again before pulling the comforter back up the bed, your bodies intertwined for the rest of the night.

Talk Me To Sleep - Request

My everlasting struggle with the titles…

Requested by anon:  One were dean talks you to sleep knowing that’s the only way to get you to sleep after a rough hunt.

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 861

Warnings: Mentions of blood.(?

A/N: Last one for tonight.


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It had been a rough hunt with more victims than it should. (Y/N) was feeling guilty, she was supposed to take care of the kids and, because of a sly distractions, the kids didn’t make it. The boys didn’t blame her for it, though, they had also been lured by one of the monster’s distractions but then again, (Y/N) was far too good to forgive herself so easily.

She had tried to sleep on their way back to the bunker, but a few seconds into the darkness of her closed eyes and the nightmares attacked her. Pictures of the kids after the monster fed from them, their rests and the big puddle of flood at her feet… It was impossible to bear.

Dean noticed, of course, therefore when they arrived to the bunker he didn’t hesitate in dragging her to their room. “We need to sleep.” He said.

“I don’t want to.” (Y/N) confessed in a whisper. Dean breathed out heavily ¿, thinking his words carefully.

“It wasn’t your fault.” He said.

“That doesn’t bring them back.” (Y/N) snapped.

“Babe…” Dean begged. She shook her head but, five minutes after, she was in bed with Dean.

That man could get anything he wanted just by using his cheeky charm and snazzy pick-up lines, and not even (Y/N)’s self-loathing could stop him from convincing her to do things; in this case, try to sleep.

“I know how to get you to sleep.” He wiggled his eyebrows.

“How?” She inquired. Deep inside her she knew what, but the external pain was blocking her mind from any unconscious memory she had.

“I might need to read a dictionary…” Dean chanted, hinting her the response.

“You really think it will work?” She asked, lifting an eyebrow.

“It will, or else I will stop being Dean fucking Winchester.” (Y/N) giggled softly.

“All right, let’s see how powerful you are.” She dared, although she knew that his voice would help her get to sleep no matter what because it always did.

“So what should I say?” Dean started, “Maybe if I quote every Lynyrd Skynyrd song I know…”

“No!” She squealed playfully, “You did that already.”

“Oh, right!” He snapped his fingers, “What about every AC/DC song…”

“You also did that before, remember?” He nodded.

“Then I might as well list every single thing I love about you.” He offered softly, happy to see her blush instantly.

“Okay…” She muttered.

Dean caressed her cheek before shifting until they found a comfortable position. She was resting her head on his chest as his hands were wrapped around her waist. They legs tangled together.

“Where do I start?” He whispered, “I love your voice, it makes me feel more and more in love with you… And I love your mouth in general; your lips and your teeth… Even your funny looking tongue.” (Y/N) punched him playfully, causing him to giggle, “I like your smile because it brightens any room, and your eyes when you smile because they get all crinkly… I like your eyes in general actually, their colour is so…” He huffed, “I can’t even describe it.” 

He looked down at her; her eyes were closed but she was still awake. 

“I like your eyebrows and how they move when you talk, and your hair because it’s soft like a baby’s bum.” This time she pinched his ribs, “I… I like it when you blush and when you get all shy around me even though we’ve been dating for ages… I like the way you say my name, and I like the sound of your laughter. I love it when you sing with me in the car and when the wind waves your hair…” 

She nuzzled closer to him, signalling that she was about to fall asleep, “I like your hands because they’re soft and so delicate compared to mine… I like your skin because it’s flawless and it shivers wherever I touch it… I like how bad-ass you are and the fact that you can kick anyone’s ass without hesitation. I like that face you make when you’re about to shoot or stab a monster because you think you look tough but you actually look adorable… I love it when you’re recently woken up and you can barely open your eyes and your hair is a mess… And I adore your morning voice because it’s lower and raspy and so hot… I like your nose because you scrunch it every time I bop it… I like your jaw and your touch and your feet… Especially when they curl because of me… I like your smell, not the one you get by perfumes or showering with a fragrant soap, but the natural one your skin has no matter what. I love that you’re so smart, and funny and gentle… You’re too good for this world… And I love it when you sleep, because it’s like all the beautiful things about you gathered up at once… And you don’t even notice it.” 

He left a peck on her forehead, laying his head over the pillow by her side, “Good night, my love.” He said and fell asleep as well.

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I must bid a farewell a little earlier than normal. Hunting down a few nasty humans on the earth to teach them a lesson will take some time, and I have to set up the Persuasion Room just a tad to make it presentable when I bring them there.

The fight against anonymous hate is not over, and it will not be over until all of them are dealt with accordingly. Report. Block. Do not respond. Do not feed their fire. Let me know if anyone receives any more unneccesary evil.

I truly would care for each and every one of you if I could. Truly.

Sleep With Nightmares Of Me


When restaurants start cutting corners, things turn ugly in ways that are literally gut wrenching. If you’ve ever gotten queasy watching an episode of Kitchen Nightmares, you know where this is going.

“We needed to stretch out the length of some of the food,” says Tom, of his now-defunct Bennigan’s. “It could be a few weeks before more bread arrived, and for the last few days, we would serve bread with mold on it. I had no idea about it until someone complained.”

And if corporate didn’t care, why should the employees?

“You know, why vacuum thoroughly if it’s closed soon? Why should you wash more if you know you aren’t getting many more customers that night? Why throw out the bread when you don’t know when more will come in? We had bussers who didn’t bother to clear a table before a wipe down, and I’d seat a family at a table where it was all nice and clean until a few inches to the back of the booth – there’d be a line of crumbs and food from the previous guest showing exactly where he stopped because he didn’t feel like reaching in. No one cares, and when people complain, it doesn’t change the fact you could be out of a job soon.”

5 Apocalyptic Realities Working At A Dying Chain Restaurant