no more i love you

“Hey, I’m on my way to your room for a nap.”
“Ok. Wait. Keith, are you parading with your ace blanket—again?”
“…Maybe. I’m eating ice cream, too. Can’t share that, but the blanket I can.”

So our resident proud ace boy was born on Asexual Awareness Week! <3 
Just let him have his nap on his birthday. This is Part 2 of this. Redbubble

BREAKING NEWS: Big Bad Wolf Reveals Hidden Talent at Making Flower Crowns, Tune in Next Week for More About His Secret Soft Side

oh no you’re so damned wicked
you got me by the throat

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my heart goes bum bum bum by flatsound for the song/art challenge!

i can’t stand that you’re talking when you shouldn’t be living
i didn’t dodge all your bullets i just denied that they hit me

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Hi can you help me stan Nu'est? Please and thank you

let’s start with their profiles!


  • jr aka junior royal aka kim jonghyun
  • the cutest leader also known as the national leader 
  • the first ever male pledis trainee
  • a gemini born on 18.06.1995 
  • is clumsy and has a bublly persoanlity (watch this!)


  • the eldest in the group (with the softest heart)
  • cried like a baby when received first win with nuest
  • he can speak english (born and raised in LA)
  • got accepted to NYU but gave it up to be an idol
  • also a gemini born on 21.05.1993


  • pd101 fans called him ‘sexy bandit’… but he is also an adorable child
  • man full of talents… vocal king, writes lyrics, produces music
  • has like 115 tattoos (jk they are only 4 i think)
  • his punch can land you on the moon… im not joking
  • cancer born on 21.07.1995


  • got into top 11 in pd101 and is currently in wanna one (cried a lot in the final episode)
  • a visual!!!!!!!! the nation’s boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!
  • not to start drama but im sure he misses his members a lot :/
  • thinks only about cleaning…..whats wrong with him
  • a leo born on 09.08.1995 


  • the maknae and the mood maker
  • lady gaga’s biggest fan (one time cried while watching her performance)
  • king of looking good in long hairstyles and breaking gender roles
  • i guess this group is full of crybabies (he is one of them)
  • a scorpio born on 03.11.1995

music videos from debut to the last comeback

A Day With You (Poly!hamilsquad x Reader)

A/N: Hello Lovely Wonderfuls! Here is a fluffy fluff polyhamilsquad x reader for you! This was a joy to write so I hope you all like it as much as I do! @mettatonlover858 I really hope you like this! If you would like more or a rewrite, please let me know! As always I wish all of you the loveliest of days, and I’m sending lots of hugs to whoever is reading this! (By the way if you haven’t seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, you totally should and the songs in this story are really sweet in case you wanted to check them out, and the version of Sea of Love I mentioned is by Cat Power, just in case you wanted to know ;) )

Request: Can I just ask for a fluffy morning/day with the polyhamilsquad x reader? Just a bunch of cuddling and kissing and maybe a tickle fight just fluffy stuff whatever you can think of

You woke up lazily, late Saturday morning tangled up between John and Laf. You smiled with eyes still closed and nuzzled Lafs neck, while rubbing Johns leg with your own. Laf rubs your side lightly, kissing the top of your head.

“Mmm, good morning, mon ange.”

“Good morning it is,” John says from behind you.

He nuzzles the back of your neck, making you giggle, and places soft kisses on your shoulder. You turn to give him a proper kiss, which he takes gratefully, lightly caressing your chin and stealing one extra before pulling away.

“Me too, mon ange,” Laf pouts.

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Not to alarm you but whenever I tell someone they're going to meet taylor it happens. It will. ⭐️✨🌟💫

okay i wish i could hug you right now, natalliya, i love you so much!! i’ll be saving this for later as it’s truly so incredibly sweet and uplifting of you to say this!!! i’ll forever be so (!!) grateful to call you a friend, you’re such a wonderful light in all of our lives, and i hope you know just how loved and appreciated you are! *express posts ten million hugs down to melbourne* xx

i’m dying to give you
more than a couple of words;
i haven’t yet figured out
how to give you pieces
of my world.

i haven’t yet figured out
how to give you my soul
and make it your world. 

- i want to give you more than a thank you. teach me how to love you. 

Okay but as a non-native English speaker, I am constantly delighted by some of the older common folk names for flowers and plants in this language. They sound like something straight out of a fantasy novel or a fairytale, and I just love the ring they have - kinda cute, kinda mysterious, kinda ridiculous. I mean, just look at these:

arum (adder’s root, snakeshead, cuckoo-pint, wake robin, friar’s cowl)
barrenwort (bishop’s hat, fairy wings, horny goat weed)
bittersweet (bitter nightshade, felonwood, poisonberry, snakeberry)
chasteberry (monk’s pepper)
cowslip (key of heaven, fairy cups, petty mulleins, crewel, buckles, palsywort, plumrocks, tittypines)
dungwort (stinking hellebore, bear’s foot)
earth smoke
elecampane (horse-heal, alanroot, elfwort, elfdock)
feverfew (featherfew, bachelor’s buttons)
field bindweed (withy wind, creeping jenny, possession vine)
field horsetail
gold-dust (golden alyssum, golden-tuft madwort, rock madwort)
hawthorn (quickthorn, whitethorn, motherdie)
maidenhair fern
mouse-ear hawkweed
mugwort (common wormwood, felon herb, sailor’s tobacco, naughty man)
orpine (livelong, frog’s-stomach, harping Johnny, witch’s moneybags)
red valerian (kiss-me-quick, fox’s brush, devil’s beard)
scarlet pimpernel (poor man’s weather-glass, shepherd’s clock)
spiny restharrow
wild pansy (heart’s ease, tickle-my-fancy, come-and-cuddle-me)
yarrow (bloodwort, sneezeweed, soldier’s woundwort, allheal)

also, the sheer number of various names referring to naked people in one way or another is just glorious

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why of all the colors for your mc's name, why did you choose "green"? is that your fave color? symbolism behind it?

Cause I’m a basic bish although my favorite color is blue I like green and Lana Green sounded cute to me so I went with that I wish there was a symbolism behind it like when she was 18 she decided to change it not to be found cause she has faked her death and disappeared but nope that’s just me being uncreative 😂

I promise I’m not lame, at least not all the time hahaha I thought I need a last name for her and that’s what I went with 

Originally posted by josshoskie

Anyways lets talk about gender idenity then. Inbox me what you identify as and what you do to express yourself !

TODAY IS FIVE YEARS OF RED AKA FIVE YEARS OF MY FAVORITE SONG. i really wanted to put in words how important everything has changed, as well as the red album, is to me, and i thought there was no better day than today to do so. 

@taylorswift i want to preface this by saying that without you, i would have had none of the hope i needed, nor the joy i feel now. without you, i would have never met my best friends. i would never had this song that means so much to me. there are not words to thank you, because these things to me are absolutely everything.

i remember hearing everything has changed for the first time. i remember sitting on the floor in my living room. it immediately struck a chord within me. at the time, i was only eleven, but i continued to find myself coming back to that song. it was so happy, and so joyful. and it had my name in it!

when middle school rolled around, i had no friends. i was incessantly bullied and harassed by girls that were my ‘friends.’ my parents had always told me that their teenage years were the best of their lives, and it made me mad - i was suffering when everybody else was having fun. it wasn’t fair. why did i have to take the brunt of the name-calling and the laughing and the jokes?

it happened daily. some days, it was so bad my mom would come and pick me up from school, and i’d stay at home and cry. every morning, i’d wake up afraid. school was hell and hell was here on earth.

and every day, there was one thing that kept me going. there was one thing that said “you’re going to get through this.” and it was everything has changed. taylor and ed had been where i was then, they had been bullied. they had been laughed at and made fun of, but they came out on the other side. they made it through. i listened to this song, about everything changing, about being cared for and loved and being happy, and i promised myself that one day, i would feel like that. one day i would have a friend like taylor had in ed. that friend would stand up for me like ed did in interviews. that friend would want to spend time with me. they would never laugh at me, they would cherish me and have only good things to say of me. and until i found friends like that, my two friends were my mother, and that song.

and then, one day in april of 2014, by a sheer stroke of luck, i stumbled upon what i know today as my dearest friends. we met through our love of taylor swift. they listened to me. they asked me how i was. they cared for me and cherished me. when i had bad days, they would listen to me, and tell me that they were on my side. they were my safety and my home. where i belonged was wherever they were. even if they didn’t go to my school, even if they lived thousands of miles away, that was okay. i had friends now, and that was all that matter. 

luckily, a few months later, i was fortunate enough to go and visit two of these friends in florida during the week 1989 came out. it was without a doubt, the happiest week of my life. after being so consistently sad, to have a week of bliss was the greatest joy i’d ever experienced. 

one night, we were walking down a street as we went trick-or-treating. my shoe had come untied, and as one does, i bent down to tie it. and do you know what? she stopped for me. she waited for me. she didn’t yell at me to hurry up, she didn’t laugh at me, she didn’t leave me behind. it was such a small thing, and it meant so much. it was my own equivalent of “all i know is you held the door.” it nearly brought me to tears.

now, i lead a much different life. i no longer go to the school that caused me so much pain. i wake up every morning thinking about how glad i am to be as happy as i am now. i am a part of so many wonderful things. i have friends i love that love me in return. and whenever i hear that song now, it’s my anthem. it doesn’t have to give me hope anymore, because what i waited for has come true. i have friends who love me, who care for me, who stand up for me. my life did a complete 180º for the better.

everything has changed.