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some sweet love making between the missus and harry after a really fun day with the kids and everyone just loves each other so much

And the babies are all asleep for a big late afternoon nap after a trip to the zoo or aquarium or children’s museum, so they sneak away for a little ‘nap’ of their own. 

It would so sweet and silly. They’re having sex and they’re going to get each other off, but it’s not really focused on the fucking, you know? Just being with each other and making each other feel good (and not just in a sexual way). Nipping at Harry’s ears when she pulls his shirt over his head, Harry blowing raspberries on her neck. “Should I tell a joke?” Reveling in the way her belly jumps under him as she laughs.  

 The missus stopping to get something out of his teeth. “Ooh, baby, you got something in your teeth.” She prods her fingertips at his eyebrows, to the sparse hairs that grow in between. “Can I just get the little ones riiight here?” 

“Do I taste gross? Feel like I have garlic breath.” 

“No. I’m surviving,” she’d tease, nudging his cheek with her nose and giggling in the space between them when he feigns looking all offended. 

Harry pausing to admire the soft, tiny bush she’s growing out, nuzzling his nose into it, and telling her how cute and fluffy it is.  

Running his hands down her calves and deciding: “I needa paint your toes for you.” 

Her getting a little tingly rush of affection, and reaching for him, so he crawls back up from between her legs and she cradles his face in her hands to bring it close enough so she can kiss him. 

“Love you.” 

“I love you too.” Little butterfly kisses to the tops of her cheeks, a tiny nose nuzzle. “Will you pluck this for me?” He prods at the mole on his chin, to the taunt, dark hair that sprouts free from the middle. 

She scrubs her fingers along the prickly stubble on his jaw. “Yeah, I’ll get it for you.” 

Harry fumbling with the stuck clasp of her bra, eyebrows furrowed, lip between his teeth and mumbling to himself about how you need a uni degree to take a bra off these days. 

“Please hold,” he jokes, practically chest to chest with her as he reaches around to try and get the hooks free. “This is so sexy, innit?” 

And the missus is giggling. “Got it? Need some help back there?” He finally pulls it free with a pleased cheer, tossing it to the floor. 

“Are you okay? Comfy?”

And she just nods, running her hands through his hair when he dips down to kiss and love on her soft tummy. Where all of their babies have grown. 

Teasing him about leaving his socks on when she notices he never pulled them off, and promising she thinks it’s cute. 

“M’feet get so cold anyway!”  Murmuring: “Feel good?” When he earns a whimpered moan with just his fingers stroking that prized little spot inside her, kissing her inner thigh as he works his fingers. “Gonna kiss ya  right here in a minute, promise.” 

Shifting around when he pushes forward from between her legs, after making her cum twice,  face puckering up. “Sorry, leg cramp.”

“Are you okay?” she worries, a little breathless. 

“Yeah. M’fine.” Though it comes out a little strained, and he kisses her bare shoulder. 

She kisses his full, lower lip as his mouth falls open with pleasure from the flicks of her thumb over the spot under the head that always makes him fall apart, loving how he squeezes his eyes shut and moans into her shoulder. 

“Good?” she whispers, to which she earns an: ‘Mm…uh huh.’ 

And then it’s slow and sleepy thrusts and tasting each other’s moans, warm skin mingling together, and making each other giggle in between. Her fingertips trailing down his bum, coaxing up a surprised little moan from tickling the sensitive skin, and him nuzzling her breasts with his cheek. 

“Feels so good, baby. You feel so good.”   

Clutching each other as their orgasms wash over them. Laying on each other, breathless and blissful, and completely sated, sponging small kisses to each other’s faces, tracing fingertips on skin, exchanging a smile when they push the hair out of each other’s faces. 


“Hi, you.”

Happy to be cuddled together a little while more, falling asleep wrapped up in each other, actually getting a tiny nap in before the kids start stirring.    


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This was still from the beginning of my career as a designer.. I didn’t have money and well, no models for me h A.  I had to model by myself…

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Happy Birthday Suho, I hope you enjoy your day very much ♥



‘I’m turning 50 this year, and I remember reading Twyla Tharp’s autobiography, Push Comes to Shove, and she was writing about when she turned 50, and she gets through that and says, “I actually feel like I’ve done my apprenticeship now. I’m actually just coming up to the starting line.” That’s how it feels a bit, really. I’ve just got that desire to make a lot of music.’

Stanfou Dads!AU Part Two

- They say it takes a village to raise a child and basically every one of their friends visits their first two weeks. Tom and Colette is pretty busy with Ameile, but the families decide to get out of the house on day 7 to have dinner together to try and keep each other sane. Stanley’s mom is also a big help, she makes them dinner pretty much the entire first two weeks.

- The Triplets come visit after Laurette’s had a few days to recover from the birth. She cries the first time she holds Emilien out of the hospital, overwhelmed that this tiny person came from her. She gives him a bottle because she visited during his normal lunchtime and he spits up all over her nice blouse. “Can’t believe a Bernard has no taste in fashion,” Stanley tries to ease her as he gets a rag to clean it up. Laurette laughs/cries at all of this.

- The first month is rough because Emilien is pretty fussy but around 5 weeks, with a regular sleeping schedule, he starts to mellow out a little bit. And at 6 weeks, he starts smiling and showing some personality other than screaming/sleeping blob. Both dads cry a little bit and do everything to make him smile 24/7 and it’s a little content between them

- They start nicknaming him literally right away. Lefou calls him Burrito because he likes being swaddled as tight as possible. Stanley called him Bean the entire time Laurette was pregnant and it doesn’t stop after he’s born.

- Lefou loves the stroller because of all the pockets and storage options and because it’s easy to take to the park or to the cafe.

- Stanley hates the stroller with a passion. One he visited a friend in the city with Emilien (a solo dad trip) and took the train to get to the friend’s apartment and it was damn impossible to get on and off the car. He prefers a baby wrap and his backpack as the diaper bag so he’s hands free to do things.

- He likes it when he’s alone with Emilien so he can have him close and still get stuff done. 

- Lefou has an addiction to really bad graphic onesies he finds online. Some of his favorites are “I Drink Til I Pass Out” and “I Still Live With My Parents” but the best one actually has a shirt for dad to wear. The dad shirt is “Ahh! I’ve Created A Monster” and the baby one is “Monster.” Stanley hates (actually secretly adores) them

- Gaston basically made himself the Cool Uncle ™ and one of his proudest achievements was getting a 4 month old baby to give him a fist bump.  

- He has been a decent babysitter when they’re in a pinch. But mostly, they relay on Stanley’s mother or one of the triplets for when they need to have some alone time. 

- As he gets older, Emilien’s hair really grows out and gets really curly, just like Lefou’s. He often wakes up with major bedhead and both dads love it. 

- He also really loves water. Bath time becomes his favorite time and he loves splashing and making a big mess out of the kitchen. Stanley loves the pool and can’t wait until Emilien is old enough for swimming lessons.

- Lefou (in my fanon at least) has mild dyslexia and worries that Emilien will have it, too (since it’s genetic). But he still wants Emilien to love stories, even if reading could be a struggle for him. So he and Stanley read a book to their son every night during his last meal before bed.

- Lefou provides the silly voices and songs in the stories. He likes the really over the top, rhyming books but Stanley’s favorites are gentle like “Good Night, Moon” and “The Whispering Rabbit”

- You can bet the first time they read “I Love You Forever”,  both saps cried. Emilien didn’t know what was happening.

- For Halloween, the little family does Star Wars costumes. both dads fight over who gets to be Darth Vader because they joked with Tom that Emilien and Amelie should go as Luke and Leia but then Stanley made the costumes and it was happening. Eventually, their solution was Stanley was going to be Darth Vader since he made the costumes and Lefou got to be Anakin Skywalker ( and he grumbled the entire time about the prequels the entire time they were dressed up).

- Lefou and Stanley agreed that they’d do Hannukah and Christmas (as in my modern AU fanon, Lefou is Jewish) 

- Tom agrees to dress as Santa for his kids during their holiday party and it doesn’t freak Emilien out (”Well, that’s unusal,” Dick says as Emilien sits unphased on Tom’s lap while Tom’s daughter screams - it’s a great photo) Lefou jokes that maybe the Holiday Armadillo would get a better reaction. 

- The kid is obsessed with the dreidel. He can’t play it yet but he loves watching it spin and giggles at it. They spin the dreidel until their wrists gets sore. But god does Lefou get emotional when he holds Emilien on his hip as he lights the menorah in their window, remembering the holiday wit his family many years ago. 

- Christmas comes and Emilien is obsessed with bows. “We could have saved a ton of money,” Lefou laments as Emilien sits supported by his boppy in a pile of wrapping paper five (5) bows on himself, playing with the sticky side of another. 

- A few days before New Years Eve, Emilien learns to say “Da”. Waterworks. (Although they still bicker about who he was saying it to)

- Was not as bad as 2 days before Lefou’s birthday (February 23rd) when he crawled. Lefou said he didn’t need anything else. 

- Emilien loves making the LOUDEST screeching sounds as he crawls, proud of himself. He gets the new nickname “Velociraptor”

- Stanley’s favorite thing is when Emilien gets up, but neither dad is read to face the day on Saturday, so they put him in the center of the bed and snuggle, trying to get a few more minutes of sleep.

- When he’s ready for solid-ish food, they start going to the farmer’s market and make the majority of the baby food. Lefou’s a decent cook and so he tries to make something good for their son (curious Stanley sneaks a taste and admits it’s not bad)

- As the weather warms, they go outside whenever they can on walks. A lot of the time they get ice-cream at a little place near their house. Emilien is spoiled by his first taste of chocolate ice-cream there (a lick off of Lefou’s cone)

- For his 1st birthday, they plan a combined affair with Tom’s family at the beach and it’s really simple and cute. Lefou made the cake and they had a nice little picnic. 

- While Tom took a snooze in the afternoon sun, Stanley convinced the kids to bury his legs. Tom woke up a “pretty mermaid”. Stanley pleaded innocent, that he and Emilien were just building a sandcastle together (it was a really just a blob with a stick in it.)

- As they sat on their towels and watched the sun set over the ocean, their son sitting between them, Lefou told Stanley that he was so glad that they decided to start a family. Stanley smiled softly and thought about how much happiness the year had brought him, knowing that this was definitely the best thing he had ever done. 

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PS this is the best liquid lipstick ever by Kat Von D and it’s legit lasted all day it’s magic.

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For the alphabet thing! A (allergies) Y (yellow) U (unkempt)

“Kyo? Honey? Snff.” Tohru scrunches her itchy nose, tries to will away an oncoming sneeze. “C-cad you…cad you hold the ba…the baby, I…hhh…!” 

Kyo swoops in and grabs snatches the baby out of his wife’s arms. “Got him! Are you okay?” He stares at her, eyebrows raised. 

“Y-yeah, I’b fide, I’b just goid to–ahhh…CHIEW! Hek-KIEW! Ah-SHIEW!” Sniffling furiously, she clamps her hands over her nose to contain the mucus streaming from it. Kyo tries to work out the gymnastics required to get her a tissue while the baby is trying to pull remove Kyo’s lips from his face. 

Tohru sneezes four more times, her hands firmly curved around her nose. Her hair comes loose from her braids with the force of them. Finally, Kyo manages to situate the baby such that he can use one of his hands, and he hands Tohru a handful of tissues. 

“Th-thadk you–hek-KIEW!” She blows her nose–it sounds like running water. 

“What the hell is making you sneeze so much?” asks Kyo, gently removing the baby’s hand from his mouth. “Are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, I’b fide. Snff. It’s just um…you kdow those flowers Ayabe brought over earlier–I’b…hh…hhhEHH…ehCHIEW! ah-CHIEW! Allergic. Snff.” 

Kyo glances at the bouquet of yellow daffodils that Ayame had dramatically presented Tohru with earlier. “Why didn’t you say so?” he asks. “They’ve been in the house all day! Has this been happening all day?!”

“Ndo…well, a little, but I took sobe medicide. I thi…I thidk it wore offhhAHHCHIEW!” Tohru snaps forward so far with that sneeze that it looks like she’s bowing. “I’b okay,” she insists, despite the fact that her eyes are dripping with allergic tears, and her voice is so horrendously  congested that Kyo can barely understand her. 

He strides over to the flowers, takes them out of the vase, and walks toward the door. “I’m throwing these out,” he says. “You go wash your face and take a nap or something. I’ll watch the baby.” 

“No, K-kyo-kun, Ayabe gave be those! I cad’t throw theb out, he’ll be upset if he fides out–hhek-SHIEW!” By this point, Tohru’s pink nose is running so profusely that the one tissue Kyo gave her can’t keep up.

“If Ayame is actually such an asshole that he’d want you sneezing yourself into a coma just so he could gloat about having spent 1500 yen on you, I will personally beat him to a pulp!” 

Kyo realizes that he’s yelling, softens his voice for the sake of both his baby and his wife. “It’s okay for you to take care of yourself, Tohru. Please let me throw the flowers out. Ayame won’t mind, I promise.” 

After blowing her nose into the second tissue that Kyo hands her, Tohru agrees.

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yasss me and my friend also guessing who will Mamo do voice. We guess it is either Daishou (my friend chose it) or Atsumu (i insist). Because Mamo's tone and Atsumu is alike. I am happy knowing someone else agree with it too

I mean, Mamo is so versatile he could voice literally any character, but he does show his best colors with characters that are overly dramatic, strong, intense and a bit snarky. Look at Dazai, Rin, Light, Reiji, or Prince Diamond…they are all different characters but with all those features in common. 

I think Atsumu would be the perfect pick for him to make his debut on Haikyuu, there’s no other character that would fit the aesthetic so perfectly. I mean, there is one that would be THE TRUE PERFECT MATCH, even better than Atsumu…but, for better of for worse, Oikawa already has a voice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

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hello! i'm curious about how you started shipping iwadai because they are really sweet and pure when you draw them but they barely (or almost never) interact with each other in the manga/anime :O please continue blessing us with your warm iwadais, thank you!!!

aahhh i’ll try to keep this as short as possible without rambling too much about my love for iwadai ヘ(= ̄∇ ̄)ノ

So it all started when I read a fic, I don’t remember which, but it was a college au and had platonic iwadai. Their friendship was such a pleasant surprise I was like holy shit??? they’d be such good friends if they talked with each other in canon??? They have similar personalities; both have a quick temper, both the reliable type, both competitive dorks. They both just give a very calming and chill aura ya’know?? Anyways, after reading that fic I craved for more of their friendship, but there wasn’t much out there I could find ;m; so i just ended up lowkey liking iwadai.

Fast forward to me chatting with Jess. I don’t remember how we started talking about iwadai but after exchanging thoughts about how good they were together, it sparked my fiery love for iwadai. I cried when I went to the tumblr iwadai tag because there was very few artwork (quality stuff tho that got me craving more). I also cried when I went to ao3 to only find a couple pages of fics of them (fyi iwadai still has less than 100 fics OTL). I came late to the party (as always) so there wasn’t much new fanworks of them. All I had at the time was talking headcanons and ideas for fics/art with Jess (bless her for keeping me company). Eventually I got so thirsty that I was like FINE I’LL CREATE ALL THE CONTENT MYSELF AND DRAG OTHER PEOPLE WITH ME INTO THIS LONELY RAREPAIR CIRCLE.

My first art of them is my tumblr bg and as you can see, I’ve longed since thought of them as domestic and cuddly ;;v;; I see them as the definition of friends to lovers and domesticity. The Good Shit i’m weak in the knees for so ya I fell hard for these two. I was also falling really hard for Daichi at the time, and I found that Iwaizumi would be such a good thing for Daichi. The thought that they would have a trusting relationship and be each other’s rock got my heart aching with dokisdoks.

TRUE they’ve never interacted but the lack of canon interactions between characters has never stopped me from shipping characters (cough sou//mako cough). I find rarepairs extremely fun to ship!! I love imagining characters in different situations and wondering how they’ll react with characters they wouldn’t usually. It allows me look beyond what’s already given to us and explore their personalities more you know??? It’s also much easier for me to come up with ideas for them. There’s nothing wrong with popular ships obviously, but I always feel like there’s enough content and that everything’s been done?? so I don’t usually get invested in them as much as rarepairs.

I always say the same thing whenever someone asks me why I ship a rarepair: its all about the Potential. And iwadai has so much of it.