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A thing I'm working on...

Vampire Billdip Au. (With evolved Vampires of course.) I don’t believe this has been done really, “evolved vampires”, so credit me if you use the idea, (unless I’m wrong, in which case apologies, more notes on what “evolved vampire” entails at the end) but not this story idea itself! This is something i have in the works and will publish on AO3 before the end of May.

Vamp Hunter Dip goes on a hunting spree to track down the vampire that stole his sister, he’s gone to 5 different territories before he enters Bill’s. He doesn’t care about what happens to himself, he only wants to find Mabel before time runs out. Because the other vampires were so easy to off, he thinks Bill will be the same, before even realizing who he’s up against.

A trap is set by Bill to lure the threat (Dipper) in, being the unofficial head of the vampires. He likes what he sees, and smells. Dipper is scented sweeter than anything and stronger than pine needles, his chocolate curls frame a strong jaw and hazel eyes. Bill definitely enjoys the view and decides to play along for awhile/ toying with him at first. “If you don’t have Mabel, then why are you wasting my time?” (Dipper)

“This is estate does isn’t mine it belongs to my brother, and I’m afraid you’ve intruded, therefore you are my business, so you might as well indulge me. I haven’t decided yet what to do with you.” Bill corners him, but Dipper pulls out a stake.

No, Bill’s not disappointed at all. However, he takes advantage of the other’s confidence to turn the tables and make it clear that Dipper won’t make it out without a few puncture wounds.

Dipper refuses, attempting to fight him off, “Don’t you dare you bastard! I have to find my sister, your bloodlust is going to have to be kept in check/ put on hold.”

Bill chuckles, “Like you would agree to a rain check-” he stops, eyes glinting in mischief and curiosity/ mirth. “Oh… Pine Tree~? No one ever wants to be bitten by a vampire… but all you can say for yourself/ plead for your case is your silly goose chase for this… sister of yours. What if I can help you/ offer my assistance?”

“What are you implying?”

Bill hums and cups Dippers cheek fondly, with an all (too) friendly/ toothy smile/ grin. “Nothing you should be averse to… It’s just that/ You see, I’m kind of a big deal to / as unofficial as my title may be, for all intents and purposes the majority of my kin answer to me. I could make the job of finding your sister a lot easier if I saw something worth my while in it.”

“And you already have an idea of what that is, don’t you?” Bill makes no move to agree nor deny the accusation, all the answer Dipper needs, but he wishes Bill would stop tracing his finger a long his jaw. Bill obviously wants him to keep asking questions, might as well play along while they’re at each other’s throats, so to speak. “What is it you want for helping me?” There are no words to express how much Dipper wanted to smack the smirk from his face.

“If you help me with the few rogues of my kind, you’ve had no qualms killing my friends, so do this and I’ll call us even and I won’t tear at your throat/ that pretty throat of yours now.”

Dipper licks his dry lips, “O-okay… i don’t see how that applies to-”

“I wasn’t finished, I will help you find her, but when we find her captor, I want you.”

“You want me to…. what?”

Bill rolls his eyes, impatiently, “My dear, doe eyed temptress… I don’t want you to do anything but comply when the time comes and I introduce you to vampire society. I think that’s fair, return one human to your homeland, and take another to replace it.”

“No! That’s ridiculous! Why would I-? You’d only find some way to trick me into agreeing to whatever you have in mind, no! I won’t!”

Bill growls and moves his face closer to Dipper’s despite the stake pointed at his chest beginning to poke at him. “Dipper Pines, I’m afraid you have no choice. Either we both die here and you never see your precious Mabel again, much less safe at home, or we both live to see another day and you can carry on your search with an ally before you have to say your farewells. Even if you were to somehow manage to kill me first/ without killing yourself, going from vampire to vampire on this blind little escapade of yours is suicide. You’ve offed no one but my lackeys and I’ve underestimated you, so the stalemate we’re in now? Once word gets out that I’m no more? The Vampire hunter will become the vampire hunted.”

Dipper knows he’s telling the truth, but he can’t… can’t listen to him. “You’re lying, I know… as soon as I remove this stake from your chest you’re going to make your move and kill me.”

Bill raised his eyebrow, “Kid… Kill you? Do give me some credit, if i truly wanted that fate for you, I would not have given you enough opportunity to get me in such a compromising position as to make a deal with you. No, I don’t want to kill you. I want to turn you, to claim you… so, is it a deal? I help you, you help me and then we both get what we want when your sister is found?”

Dipper bit his lip, what choice did he have anyway? This was the best he could ask for given their… situation, he shifted his feet a bit, making both of them tense, but neither made a move against the other. “So how do you usually commence/ consummate/ seal your deals? A handshake or…?”a

“a blood oath sounds nice, and I’ve always want to try one.”

“uhhaha no. Not a chance/ nice try. Not happening, nope.”

Bills pout doesn’t last long before a hopeful expression crosses his features as another idea comes to him, “How about a kiss?”

Dipper’s face is a blank slate/ smacks Bill “no.”

Bill rubs at his reddening cheek, “Well, not exactly what I had in mind…”

Bill shrugs and they shake hands, Bill kissing Dip’s before letting go, the brunette snatches his hand back and glares despite his reddening ears and face, further encouraging the vampire.

“Oh, and Dipper? I can still bite you, you know, and not turn you or kill you… so I’d watch your neck,” he says this with a hot breath by his ear, before pulling back with a wink and letting Dipper rest in his home before they head out. It’s almost dawn, and they both work at night, ironically enough, he might as well stay and rest up for the night. (Is it his own castle? If it is, he has his staff prepare a meal for Dipper and wine for himself, having a reputation as a wealthy aristocrat as well as head vamp. / it’s an abandoned one and he offers dip a ride, or Dipper just falls asleep either way, he ends up locked in the room he stays in because Bill doesn’t want him running away or snooping about or doing some other unreasonable/ irrational/ brash/ reckless thing that could get him hurt/ he could do to hurt himself. He is to be his intended after all. Can’t risk a hair on his pretty little head.

Dipper glares when he tells him as much, “Not yours (to claim), at least not yet, not until Mabel is found”

“of course not./ wouldn’t dream of it. I am, after all, a gentleman.”

“could have surprised me, Cipher.”

Bill reigns offense, “I am truly wounded by your lack of trust!”

((((Vamps are still warm blooded and alive, not undead, having evolved over time, some can even consume human foods, but it’s not the same, some only feed off of blood. Bill can live off of both, which helps him control his urges and keep his composure, despite being of an old, pure, proud and strong family line. He tends to use it to his full advantage and it unsettled some others. Bill likes the taste, the fear and the thrill of hunting, but… he can control himself, which is why he is often overlooked. (How does Dipper find him?) Vamps are still very sensitive to the sun, so Bill has a parasol, gloves and a hat at all times. Or he wears a veil during others. Bill is just weaker during the day and prone to serious heat exposure from just under an hour of being out on a sunny day. Any more and he could die of heat exposure. Bill doesn’t let on at first, but Dipper is an observant owl )))

[If u want updates on this story via Tumblr, msg me or comment “Pineapple” so I know you want to be bothered with a heads up. I also have the first chapter for the story, not the one shot and some additional info somewhere on my page… I’m too tired to add a link just yet.]

Seriously such an empowering documentary about natural building using cob/earthen as a medium! Building a home is something I never thought I could do myself until my recently. Ill just sum up some points if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing..

  • -Cob building is one of the most simple techniques of building (there’s a woman in this documentary who built her house all by herself in 4 months!, even kids can help build)
  • -100% sustainable, using earth and local materials
  • -very affordable, no mortgage, no debt, no worries
  • -one of the most beautiful forms of building in my opinion(you can sculpt into your house, how cool?!)
  • -and extremely durable (water proof, fire proof, earth quake resistant). 
  • -also has a lot of thermal mass, thus being ideal for passive heating/cooling (no more expensive AC/heating bills)

the oldest building in the U.S. (still standing) was made with this same technique! Empower yourself! You are capable of anything (and that goes for more than just building a home!!)

Your Cipher Twins AU is adorable and I love it so so much!

I’ve written a little thing for you and though it focuses on Bill and Dipper it’s supposed to be set in the AU. I only mentioned Mabel and Will like twice honestly, but I’m definitely going to write more and actually include them in it next time.

So yes, here you go!

Dipper sighed and hooked his pen into the binder of his notebook, stretching his arms over his head before reaching down to pick his water bottle up from its place next to him, taking a few quick gulps. The canopy above him may be providing shade and protection from the persistent glare of the sun, but it did nothing to combat the day’s heat. It was hotter than he’d ever remembered it being in Gravity Falls – that uncomfortable kind of hot that clings to you throughout the day and night, that you can’t fight against no matter how hard you try.

He screwed the lid of his bottle back on and looked up to glare straight back at the bright beams of light that weren’t being obscured by the trees, however when he lifted his head he was greeted by a single honey-coloured eye, inches from his own and full of glee.

Bill was hanging from a branch above Dipper, his legs bent at the knee so they hooked around it to keep himself from falling. The branch was about a meter above Dipper’s head from where he was sat at the base of the tree, but was just the right height for the pair’s eyes to be level.

Dipper jumped, startled by the blond’s sudden appearance, and pressed himself closer against the tree trunk in an attempt to put some distance between himself and the other, whose face was still in close proximity to Dipper’s own.

“Bill, oh my- what are you doing? How did you even-” his voice cracked and Bill’s grin, which had been present from the moment he startled Dipper, widened slightly, some of his teeth beginning to show. The action drew Dipper’s attention to his mouth for a second and he felt his cheeks begin to burn slightly, reminded of how close they were to each other.

Not that he’d forgotten.

He quickly flicked his gaze back to Bill’s eye, hoping the other somehow hadn’t noticed his glance at his lips, or the light shade of red his face was turning, despite his closeness and the fact that he hadn’t once taken his eyes off Dipper (which was only making the teen blush more). Not for the first time, the younger cursed his transparency when it came to crushes. Mabel had said that she knew before he himself even realised it, and it hadn’t taken Will long to put the pieces together either.

Therefore Dipper was almost certain that Bill was also aware of it. The four of them spent a lot of their time together, so if Mabel and Will knew then the possibility was highly likely.

The fact that the older teen hadn’t changed in his interactions with Dipper was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand it gave him hope that the attraction may be mutual. On the other hand it made situations like this - where all he could think about was how close Bill was, how easy it would be to run his hands through his hair and kiss him – absolute torture.

“Pine Tree.” Bill elongated each syllable and brought his hand down to flick the cap of Dipper’s hat, making it move down to cover his eyes.

He was about to reach up and adjust his hat’s position on his head when suddenly a pair of hands were cupping his cheeks. The burning began again, he could feel it just underneath the warmth of Bill’s palms. He didn’t move, the hand holding his water bottle relaxed and lost its grip. All he could focus on was the warmth; a heat so much more pleasant than that caused by the sun. Bill hummed thoughtfully above him.

“I like it when your face changes colour, Pine Tree…”

One of the hands moved, reached up and pulled Dipper’s hat off his head. It then found its place at the back of his head and fingers wove themselves into the brown curls there. The second hand found his shoulder and pulled him up.

Everything was warm when their lips brushed together. It was only for a few moments, the soft and sweet nature of it surprisingly unlike Bill. But at the same time it was so much like him. The couple of seconds were teasing, and when he pulled away it was with a mischievous and knowing look, though there was a hint of fondness in his eye.

Dipper leaned up and chased him, but the hand on his shoulder pushed him back to sit on the ground, the other letting go of the back of his head. Bill swung himself up to sit on the branch, looking over his shoulder and grinning once again. Dipper’s face was the deepest shade of red he’d ever seen it go.

“…but I love it when I’m the reason for it.”

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grunkle stan catching bill and dip all kissy kissy- his reaction is up to you

Dipper awkwardly rubbed his arm, looking over at the young boy sitting across from him on his bed. Bill was staring at him, his one good eye not once blinking. Both young boys were alone in the bedroom.

“So…you never kissed before? Like ever?” Dipper asked.

“No. Is it like, an attack? Can I kill people with it?” Bill asked.

Dipper chuckled, smiling a little. “No, dude. At least, I don’t think so.”

“Have you ever done it before?” Bill asked.

Dipper scratched his hair, blushing. “Sort of, but I don’t think reverse CPR counts.”

“Can we try?” Bill asked, scooting more closer to Dipper.

Dipper felt his face heat up more and swore he was sweating more than usual. Bill stared at Dipper, waiting for an answer. Dipper’s never seen the young boy look so serious before.

“Well, I mean. I guess. If you want to. Just, I don’t know too much about kissing or how it’s done properly, so-”

“How does it work?” Bill asked, cutting off Dipper.

“Um,” Dipper squawked nervously, “Our lips are suppose to touch. Mabel told me sometimes the tongues touch too, if you wanna make it more intense…”

“That sounds gross. Let’s do it.” Bill said, lightly bouncing on the bed excitedly.

Dipper gulped nervously and leaned in close to Bill. He was close to the dark-tanned boy, almost staring at his good eye. He shut his eyes tight and placed his lips on Bill’s.

He heard Bill make a small surprised noise. Dipper pulled back, blushing. He was shock to see Bill blushing. Bill never blushes. He gave Dipper one of his very-wide grins.

“Again, but I wanna try the tongue thing.” Bill demanded.

“Um, okay.” Dipper said shyly. “I think we need to open our mouths a bit to make that work, so…”

Dipper leaned in again, close to Bill’s face. Bill moved in fast and kissed Dipper. He slipped his tongue inside Dipper’s mouth and they both made a small noise.

“Dipper! I need you to take out the trash in the kitchen! It’s starting to stink up-WHOA.”

Dipper quickly pulled back, blushing red. Stan stared at the two young preteen boys, one who looked like he was gonna have a panic attack at any moment, and the other just smiling and waving at him.

“Hey there, Stan Pines! Pine Tree’s showing me the ways of kissing!”

Stan let out a loud groan, pushing his glasses up as he rubbed his eyes. “Go home, weirdo kid. I need to talk to my nephew for a moment.”

“But we’re not done yet.”


Bill hopped off the bed, annoyed. He looked over at Dipper and grinned. He placed one more kiss on Dipper’s lips and ran out of the room, laughing.

Stan heaved out a sigh. “Looks like I gotta get that book again…” He grumbled.

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Bill glanced over to Dipper, who looked like he was about to conk out any moment. He was dressed in pjs borrowed from Mabel because she recommended it. Apparently Dipper does not wash his clothes very often and she said he’ll thank her for this later. He didn’t think it mattered since he was sitting on Dipper’s bed with the smelly kid.

The twins invited Bill to sleepover, still believing he was some new child vacationing in Gravity Falls like they are. It was the perfect disguise and they still don’t suspect a thing. At least he hopes because Bill still has no idea how humans function at times.

“Okay Bill,” Mabel said, sitting from her bed, “Would you rather eat a live rat or watch a video of a fat guy belly-dancing?”

“Why not both?” Bill asked. He heard Dipper made a disgusted noise and he chuckled.

Bill froze when he felt Dipper resting his head on his shoulder. He looked over at Dipper, confused and a bit curious. Mabel cooed, squishing her cheeks together.

“That is so cute! Stay still, this is totally a scrapbook moment!” Mabel squealed, running out of the bedroom to get her camera.

Bill stared at Dipper, sleeping so peacefully on his shoulder. A part of him wanted to mess with his head, but another part just wanted to let the paranoid kid sleep. Bill lifted up his hand and carefully removed Dipper’s hat, placing it down. He gently ran his fingers in Dipper’s hair, seeing a bit of Dipper’s birthmark on his forehead. Dipper softly hummed in his sleep, leaning in more close to Bill.

Bill felt his face heating up and he stopped.

“Something’s wrong…” He darkly muttered to himself.

He was feeling something new, and he didn’t know if he liked it or not.

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(I hope this was a request…?))

(Dip’s about fourteenish in this)

Dipper gasped, then laughed manically under his breath. Bill raised a proverbial eyebrow, looking up at the kid. The show the two were currently watching apparently caught the kid’s full attention, but Bill didn’t see the point. A water fowl detective? Is this what the human youth watched to whittle away the few hours they had in their short, meaningless lives? He snickered at Dipper’s reaction and shifted into a more comfortable position in his lap.

“I bet it was the wife,” Bill chimed. Dipper hummed thoughtfully.

“Think so? What’s your reasoning?”

Bill tapped his fingers against the human’s leg, then held out his other hand toward the TV. “She’s fidgety when the fowl interviews her. Also, she filed immediately for the life insurance money after he died. Usually with humans who’re genuinely grieving for their loved ones, material possessions are the last thing on their minds, for a while at least. I would know.”

“Valid point,” Dipper agreed. A few minutes of quiet passed between them, but before long the human was lifting Bill up so he could twist himself around so his legs hung over the arm of the chair. He set the demon back down on his chest where he was close enough to his face so he could feel the slight heat that Bill gave off beat against his cheeks.

“More like, ‘Oh Bill you’re so right! It’s a wonder I don’t listen to you more often’!” Bill teased, pressing Dipper’s cheek to tilt his toward the TV and return his attention back to the show. “See, what’d I tell ya? The wife.”

Dipper buzzed his lips in annoyance. “Whatever, man. There’s still ten minutes left. Plenty of time to squeeze in a plot twist.” He poked Bill back with his finger. Bill scoffed.

“As if. The rest of the time will just be the cops tryin’ to build a solid case!”

“Bet it won’t!”

“Is that a challenge I smell?” Bill’s eye lit up, and he turned fully toward the teen. “Because you know I am so up to owning your tiny fleshbag ass!”

“Hmm,” Dipper tapped his fingers over his chin, then grinned. “Betcha a kiss that there’s gonna be a twist at the end.”

Bill hummed. “And if I win, I get your body for half an hour.”

“I like those odds,” Dipper held out his hand, and Bill didn’t hesitate to shake it. As soon as the deal was made both turned back to the show.

“FUCK THIS I HATE YOUR STUPID HUMAN ENTERTAINMENT SHOWS!” Bill groaned, floating up into the air, enraged. Dipper, meanwhile, was laughing hysterically to the point he rolled off the chair.

Tears were streaming down his face as he managed to gasp out, “I told you, man! Don’t mess with the master!”

“It wasn’t even realistic!” Bill protested, throwing his hands up. “I mean, the MAID?! How pretentious! Absolutely cliché!”

“Either way,” Dipper giggled, wiping away his tears, “A win’s a win. You owe me, mister, so get your proverbial butt over here.”

Bill didn’t move from his spot. He crossed his arms and pouted, looking at everything but Dipper. The human rolled his eyes, standing up and yanking Bill down to eye level. The aura that surrounded Bill immediately flared into a bright, humiliated pink as he was forced to make eye contact. “I hate you,” he muttered quietly. Dipper snickered.

“No you don’t, stupid.” Running his fingers over Bill’s dimpled surface, Dipper pressed his lips to the space just above his bowtie. Bill attempted to make a noise a of protest, but it died away into a purr as he wound his arms around Dipper’s neck. The brunette broke the kiss fairly quickly, his face as pink as Bill’s aura, with a nervous smile. “Because if you did, I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

“Then you’re unbelievably infuriating.”

“Love you, too, you psychopathic corn chip,” Dipper laughed, kissing him again.

Top 5 ships you’ll go down with no matter what

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Continuation of OTP talks I see :3 So these are mostly ships I have shipped a while now:

1. Spideypool (Marvel)

Originally posted by ryuhayabusa34

These two costumed vigilantes. Fans ship it, Marvel ships it, surely Deadpool ships it as well so it was easy for me to ship it as well. Now we only need Spidey shipping it as well.. come to dark side Spidey, we have chimichangas!

I think they are great ship cause they both have great sense of humor and love joking around, even if their morals do conflict a bit in terms of “unaliving” people- reason why Spidey isn’t that into DP, but DP has been bit of heroic streak lately so maybe Spiderman could give him chance at least (haven’t read their new series together yet though, Royal mail hurry up!).

2. Cullrian (Dragon Age)

Are you sassing me Commander?” Before DAI came out I thought Cullen and Dorian were characters that wouldn’t get along- but then Bioware released bit of gameplay to tease about the game and this scene of them playing chess and joking together played. Since then I struggled between deciding BROTP or OTP- finally deciding for OTP after giving in to the fanart. Though sadly many Cullrian artists whose work I loved seem to have stopped drawing them, where are all fanartists at?

3. Mitsunari & Ieyasu (Sengoku Basara)

There needs to be always that one angst-filled hate ship :D This one is bit hearthbreaking, especially on Mitsunari’s part. I started shipping these two after completing Mitsunari’s route in Sengoku Basara.. I think I actually cried during the final scene. It was as sad with Ieyasus route as well though, what a tragedy.

4. MakoHaru (Free!)

I really like best friends and lovers type of romance and MakoHaru is quite great example of that. Two people who have been together since childhood and understand what other thinks or feels from smallest gestures and expressions. It’s loving and warm ship, but I don’t actually think it being that sexual in nature.

5. Genosai (One Punch Man):

Originally posted by animebigworld

Toaster and Egg. Genosai has both “domestic” and “senpai (or sensei?) notice me!” kinda vibe. It’s both cute and heartwarming ship, also another ship I can’t think having that sexual nature- more like cuddly one. Gotta keep those heating bills low, right Saitama? It’s newest addition to shipping list like this one, but I think these two dorks are here to stay.

Honorable mentions: Cablepool (Marvel), Altmal (Assassin Creed), DoomReed (Marvel), ShuKira (Bleach), ZoTash (One Piece), LeonCount (Petshop of Horrors)… well I have many ships so..

I’ll tag @curiousartemis , @harunaattori & @cerulione can’t wait to hear about your ships. And well I tag @everyone who wants to do this (not only blog everyone although there seems to be one called that as well.., you can do it too though :F).

Merry Christmas, Pine Tree

Ugh, i haven’t written anything in forever and i did this at around four in the morning. It’s cheesy and just fluff and human!Bill.

Dipper walked outside into the cold winter air. The snow fell lightly on his red scarf and tan jacket. He could hear the cheers from inside the Mystery Shack as Grunkle Stan, Mabel, Wendy, and Soos opened up present after present. Even Waddles had a stocking full of snacks and toys.

The boy sighed as he watched his extended family so happy. As cheesy as he knew it sounded, he wished that his family would go back to what Christmas really was—like Charlie-Brown-Christmas-special-type real Christmas. Jesus’s-birthday real Christmas. The Pines family used to celebrate, but now it was pretty much only about the gifts.

Dipper turned away from the window with a sigh and went to walk through the woods to clear his mind. The crisp air felt good in his lungs. It felt nice to clear his lungs of the feel of the woodstove Stan used to heat the Shack in winter to save money. He found a tree with some of the wider base exposed, not covered by snow. He sat down on it and drifted off in a daydream.

He thought of everything that had happened the past summer. Almost losing the Shack several times, almost losing everything several times, his sister’s obsession with guys, the dream demon Bill Cipher…

“You called?”

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