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There was someone in my inbox asking for soft ot3 to deal with the latest chapter and tbh I needed it too so why the heck not, more warm Bakugou for our souls

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How to Lose a Coach in 10 Days

(hey look, another one that got long, what a shocker)

canon divergence au where yurio never comes to hasetsu. 

victor still gives yuuri the eros program, but yuuri sees him practicing agape. 

“oh no, he still wants to compete! he’s got a program and everything!”

conveniently, there are still ten days left until victor would need to submit his paperwork. 

“I must convince him to go back to russia. even though it will break my heart.” Yuuri says

“you should stop talking to yourself dramatically in random corners first,” mari replies. 

yuuri decides that the CLEAREST MOST LOGICAL (and therefore not logical at all) course of action is to embarrass himself so much that victor sees yuuri isn’t worth his time and he goes back to russia while yuuri breaks his own heart in the process. 

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I’ve Got You

IT’S WHUMP WEEK! Hope you’re all as excited for this as I am. I’m going to try and throw some (k)lance whump at you every day!

Day One- Fever

Lance glared up at the ceiling with narrowed eyes, as if its very presence offended him. “Why do we even make plans?” he wondered aloud. “They always go south, anyways.”

Keith rolled his eyes. “If we just stormed into Galra bases with no idea what we were doing, then we’d be caught pretty easily.”

Lance eyed him, unimpressed. His skin looked unusually pale in the dim, purple light. “Kinda like how we are now?”

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Some pics from the dating game i made for @lumieremorte ‘s birthday!!

Renpy is so easy to use i can’t believe there aren’t more favorite characters dating games wtf???? (i used the tutorials from this channel plus the one from renpy) 

Friendly reminder that Voltron: Legendary Defender is a family friendly show about 5 friends who get together to form a robot that saves the universe and everyone in Team Voltron loves and respects one another. 

Let’s please enjoy VLD for the amazing storyline, themes and characters it brings us, regardless of the ships we ship or don’t. 

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series warnings: mature themes, violence, blood and gore, murder, emotional manipulation, bullying, mental health deterioration, eventual smut and substance abuse. this chapter contains strong language, light smut, bullying and claustrophobic themes

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The Board…

hello!! my gf ( @evanhhansen ) and i made a murder mystery au including a clusterfuck of musicals to the point where even we are annoyed we let it get this far. the detectives are alana and jared whos parents are a detective duo. jared and alana grew up together exposed to the environment their parents have lived in. when they moved to a highschool that their parents will be investigating at, they decide to take some matters into their own hands and attempt to undercover find out who did it. they make friends along the way and learn more about the past of each peer better than any adult could get out of a teen. together, they are determined to discover who killed heather chandler!

we may write a fic about this if it gets any hype. we have already planned out who did it and all that jazz, but if nobody is hyped enough to read it, we wont go through with it. we just wanna see how this goes. :-O

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Hello Natalia! I love your Art so much! May I ask what do you think about Dragon Age 4 ( I know we have no informations, but maybe your wishes or something like that :) ) ? I hope we could save our beloved Dreadwolf ... Have a nice Day. :) ( and sry for my bad english ^^ )

Hello! thank you so much!! 😊 you will find no language judgement here, my english is far from good, ahhh me too!! there is a lot I would love to see in DA4 I saw a post about this going around and I think I agree with most people, I want to help/lead a slave rebellion in Tevinter as the Inquisitor with a magic prosthetic arm! but if I have to go bigger then really epic elvhen god boss battles, mind blowing revelations, plot twists! I would love to play half the game against Solas and half of it cooperating with him somehow, maybe through gritted teeth or maybe there is a bigger threat, maybe both! I want to go into the black city! see the Veil fall down and the Evanuris released! see everyone go full badass god mode magic everywhere dragons eveywhere!! I want the Inquisitor to become so much more!! and of course I want to save the man, as long as they give me one little grain of hope that he lives I can work with that!! as for more realistic expectations I would like a “wicked eyes and wicked heart” kind of quest set in Tevinter, to travel to other nations we haven’t visited yet, the chantry to fall, more about the Titans please i’m dying, more about the Avaar I really like them, honestly the Inquisition DLCs were so good I just hope they keep the pacing and theme, I enjoyed all of them so much. as for gameplay I couldn’t care less, anything will do I really need more Solas development I’m so starved 😫


Endless list of favorite anime endings { .01 -  ∞ }

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic Ending #2
With you / With Me - 9nine

A Burning Question

Pairing: Radmond

Word Count: ~2,500 ((God bless~;;;;;;))

Warnings: Not this time, suckas~!! >:3c Like the tiniest tinge of angst for like 2 seconds but it’s 99% fluff overall I s2g BE PROUD OF ME— x,3

A/N:  Finally finished the first part of the story based on that one dream I had~ Nothing too spectacular or fancy but I will love this alt!canonverse to my grave so it was really only a matter of time before I wrote this bc seeing that snippet on alternate-tv gave me Life lmfao~

Maybe this isn’t the best idea.

The thought crosses Raymond’s mind as he touches down on the balcony, finally slowing his pace for the first time since he’d left the Boxmore perimeter earlier tonight. It’s late—very late. He’d had to sneak out of the factory without letting anyone catch him—the last thing he needs is suspicion from his father or siblings—and he knows he shouldn’t be here for plenty more reasons than just breaking curfew. But he’s had a question burning white-hot in his chest for so long now that the heat of it straining in his core has actually started to give him malfunctions—and not the kind that can be fixed with a simple reboot. He needs an answer, and he can’t afford to wait any longer.

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A Love like Affogato

Affogato: A bittersweet dessert coffee that illustrates the sarcastic love of two people who may just be right for each other ♥♥

• this is how you met •

- ok so you’re in line to order your coffee and you’re contemplating between two options rai
- and the person behind you keeps entering your peripheral vision no matter how many times you try and turn away from them like bITCH TAKE A HINT
-so you’re next in line and the cashier is like “can i help you” and part of you is like “yeah remove this stranger from the establishment please” but the other part is setting off the sirens bc “I HAVENT PICKED WHAT I WANT YET !!!!”
- so you’re just there super flustered and panicked because you don’t know how to tell the cashier that you haven’t picked yet and that oh wow is there an earthquake why am I shaking
- all of a sudden you feel the stranger from earlier extend his arm around you to rest on the counter
- you tense up immediately wow is it raining or is this sweat
- this is basically your biggest fear when it comes to ordering coffee
- the stranger pipes up at this point like “she’ll have the java chip frappe and i’ll have an iced coffee with cream”
- you turn around like bitch how did you know what i want but also like jesus his voice was holy
- the bigger part of you was ready to death glare the stranger but like how do you death glare an angel who’s looking you square in the face
- “he’s hot as fuck” you think to yourself
- you see the gates of heaven open up as he smiles at you and that holy voice comes out to greet you once again “im woojin”
-his hand is still resting on the counter behind you
- you dont really realize when but he pays for both of your drinks
- “we should probably move out of the way now”
-his hand lightly rests against the small of your back hnng
- the sirens go off in your head again but for a completely different reason ;^))
- when you ask how he knew what you wanted to drink he tells you that he actually saw you three weeks ago in this shop and that he’d been coming back as often as he could to try and see you again
- “you ordered that last time and you dont really seem like the type to change up your order”
- “you also had the shop website opened up on your phone and those two were the things you clicked”
- “so you were snooping?”
- “i– uhhh… *nods*”
- your drinks come out and you’re both a little upset because this is the part where you guys have to separate
- you turn to leave but woojin stops you “look, im not trying to wait another 3 weeks to see you. I’d ask for your number, but I think you aren’t the type to like giving it out either…”
- you’re about to tell him that you’d LOVE to give him your number but he grabs your cup first
- he walks behind the counter and grabs a marker
- “ WOOJIN GET OUT OF HERE YOU ARENT AN EMPLOYEE!!” the barista screams at him
- “here, ill give you my number and you can decide if you want to message me”
- you’re feeling a little adventurous so you decide to tease him a little
- “and what if i dont want to call you?”
- “i think you should”
- “and why is that?”
- “im cute, you’re cute… match made in heaven am i right?”
- “lord knows you were made in heaven”
- “you said that out loud”
- “HWAT?!”
- “you didn’t, he’s just an ass” the barista butts in
- woojin coughs “jerk”
- “anyways, you know what they say, always leave them wanting more. Once again, I’m woojin and I’d like the chance to woo you!”
- you laugh “you sound like an old politician”
- “the only position im running for is your boyfriend”
- “get out”
- woojin steals a kiss on your cheek before he books it out of the coffee shop “MAKE SURE YOU MESSAGE ME!”

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I need your expert opinion! What should we expect from that 2nd hug? I want details, lots of details because I'm not going to make it!

Aw thank you anon. This is the question I keep asking myself over and over again. :D

Let’s look at what we have heard about it so far:

It’s been described as “pretty sweet” and “particularly sweet and emotional” by TSDF. 

It’s been said that we will gif the shit out of it.

Rocket Dog described it as Daryl “hugging the shit out of Carol”. Then he made a joke about how “Daryl’s shit could probably drill through a damn tree at that point”.

And these people are non-shippers. It’s important to consider that. They don’t ship Caryl and normally because of that, they sometimes downplay moments (e.g The Same Boat hug) that we shippers will squeal over.

But no one is downplaying the second hug. From what they’re saying, it sounds epic. Which means it’s probably even more epic than what we are expecting. I think it will probably be different - more intimate - than any other hug they’ve shared. Because it takes a lot to get non-shippers to talk about it the way they are. 

I think that maybe Daryl will lift Carol up and hug her, like in No Sanctuary, but this time she’ll wrap her legs around his waist. Or something like that. I think that there will be lifting involved. 

Like this but sans the kissing and cowboy boots. :)

I couldn’t let the glasses go with just one picture, haha

I never quite liked drawing glasses, but I think Toshi with glasses might honestly change my opinion on that :D