no more gary

Nothing tortures my brain like wondering why gary johnson stuck his tongue out in that one interview like why did he do that? was he fucked up? did he lose a bet? did he get threatened? was a sniper watching him afar waiting to shoot him if he did not stick his tongue out? did his tongue get bit by an invisible bee and the only cure was to stick it out mid-interview? was there even a reason? this will always haunt me


“Were you already infected by this man?”

I’m dedicating this gif set to Tumblr’s Self-Proclaimed Queen of the Soo Hyuk Trashes @soo-hyuk-syndrome!!!


No Sanders wouldn’t have won.

He never would have won the election. Never in a thousand billion trillion years. Never.  Never. ZIP. How can I say this so confidently?   Because we – all of us – knew NOTHING about him.  You literally can’t compare HC, whom we knew everything about with Sanders, who knew even his tax returns would work against him. 14 years of tax returns.  And that’s not even stepping foot into the dank little world he lived in prior to running for office.  Where he collected unemployment until he was 30.  Where he wrote articles urging mothers to let their underage daughters have sex with older men.  Where he took a tax write-off by donating 2000 copies of his unsold book. Where his wife bankrupted a college.  And now we’re here.   More than Jill Stein. More than Gary Johnson, it’s Sanders von Dickweed who endlessly, needlessly, and vindictively poisoned the water for Hillary Clinton – the only viable candidate – to win. As long as Von Dickweed shows up pontificating about “if only it had been MEEEEEEE” and actually acts like his creepy ass had a shot while he destroyed the career of a woman who earned it, I’m going to repeat it. Never in a thousnd billion trillion years would he have won. Never. Zip.



Omg I found these babies while cleaning up files. After days of drawing Rune Factory, here’s some Harvest Moon fan art. I initially drew them as merch for last year’s con but only had the chance to sell the chibis as keychains since I got lazy with them and I kinda don’t know what to do with them :)))) I still can’t help but fan girl for Cliff asljkfhaslkjfh <3<3 and omg why do i sort of see Barrett in Cliff aaaah D: Barrett is Cliff reincarnated in rune factory in my own au hahahaha.

The latest DRAMA.  Our homeless resident Gary Ridgway (yes, Greasy Gary who sleeps by the trash cans) charmed his way into the trailer of resident Andrea Yates.  

Yates is a strange character that not many in the Trailer Park interact with.  She as a soft spot for Homeless men as she’s taken in Dennis Rader before, feeding him a BLT with a glass of lemonade before giving him a blumpkin.  Gary was relaxing all day in her trailer wearing her robe caressing her dogs.  When she went to the super market to get more Pizza Rolls, Gary snuck out of the trailer.

He snuck over to Dylann “Stormy” Roofs trailer hoping to get some tender boy booty.  Greasy Gary had heard all about what an amazing lay Stormy was when he wasn’t grumpy.  Gary wanted to grab a handful of Stormys bowlcut after making him sniff poppers and raw dogging him.  He’d been dreaming of this scenario for weeks.

Gary could not stop smiling.

He literally just couldn’t

Stop smiling.

Little did he know, small Stormy Roof was out behind the trailer and he was feeling VERY moody.  Very very moody.

The first thing Greasy Gary did was hit up Dylann’s underwear drawer.  All the underwear were far too clean and neatly folded.  Gary stole a pair for himself and then went into the laundry hamper, pulling out some old Hanes.  He sat there for a while inhaling them.  Gary was in heaven.  He was ready to pound that boy Stormy ass raw and the underwear were getting him worked up until…

He turned around and found Stormy standing there pointing a gun at him.  Stormy was NOT in the mood for poppers and Greasy Gary’s cock today.  Without saying a word, Stormy shot Gary in the leg.  He then took him by the scruff of his shirt and tossed him outside the trailer.

Greasy Gary was stunned and badly bleeding.  He couldn’t believe how shitty his day got.

Stormy couldn’t stop smiling.

He literally just couldn’t

Stop smiling.