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*cough* The year you were born in was closer in date to the Kennedy assassination than the release of Gangnam style on youtube *cough*

And because of that, I’ve managed to experience more of life and become more secure in who I am as a person :P

hey @ the emmerdale/robron fandom !!!

you’re amazing!!!! every last one of you!!

i’ve never felt so welcomed in a fandom before, and it is so! good!

so to all of you who have liked my dumb art or read my dumb fics (i especially love you x10 if you write nice things in the tags of my art)
all of you who have tagged me in posts or sent me asks???
who have sent me messages (@ oni and mo you are both fantastic)
all of you who create art or write fics or make edits or made long posts about how much these boys love each ofher
or even if you’re just here to reblog and occasionally add your own opinions
i love you!!

honestly, i’ve never had a more positive experience on this website when it comes to fandoms
you’re all fantastic !!


meet the kings: drew doughty

“i have so much more to learn, and so much more to experience. i know i haven’t reached my potential. i don’t know if i can ever reach that potential but i know i do have a lot more in me and a lot more improving to do and i can become a lot better hockey player.“

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I love how Rip is looking at Sara in that gif set. I love that ship so much, but part of me think he could be a little jealous of how competent she is as a Captain. Not that he doesn't want her to have it, but the fact that she is so much more suited to the job than he ever was.

I don’t think she’s more competent as a captain of the Waverider, I think she’s more competent as a team leader and at getting people to work together. She’s far less of an introvert and has far more experience working on a team and with others. It’s a skillset Rip doesn’t have that much, and he doesn’t inspire people to follow him. I’d say Sara doesn’t inspire people either so much as she commands it and people fall in line. She has an authority he doesn’t, when it comes to people.

But Rip is an amazing time traveller, and was an amazing Time Master. He’s apparently sort of legendary or famous (infamous?) in his field, or so it’s implied throughout the seasons. He’s got all these extra commands and secret codes with Gideon and is the dude who tracked down, destroyed, and preserved/hid the friggen Spear of Destiny, and that’s just one of his many exploits?

So I don’t think he really begrudges Sara the fact that she excels at leading the team. I think he did very slightly, but saw how they worked together and realized… damn, okay. She gets it. In a way I didn’t. 

It’s still his ship, and he’s still got all these secret codes and a wealth of knowledge. He’s still got the expertise. But maybe he doesn’t have to make all the decisions, and maybe that’s a good thing.

Long May She Reign

Rating: ★★★★☆ (4/5)

Short Blurb: Freya has always been an outsider at court — too anxious to fit in, and more interested in doing experiments in her lab than making polite conversation. But when everyone ahead of her in line for the throne is poisoned, Freya must take the crown and figure out who the murderer is, before she is either killed or deposed by those her suspect her.

I went into this book with high hopes. After all, I read the author’s Feminist Fiction blog and nearly always agree with everything she has to say, so it seemed like her writing should be a perfect fit! Add in a starting idea that intrigued me from the first time I saw the blurb and a protagonist with an unusual interest for the genre (science! experiments! explosions!), and I expected a great story.

So at first I was a little disappointed. The writing wasn’t spectacular, so there wasn’t much to hold my interest until the plot picked up. But one thing that annoyed me more than that was Freya’s disdain for the girls at court who managed to fit in while she couldn’t. Here was an author who had written about how unnecessary girl hate is in books, doing it herself? But as the story progressed, I realized something: Rhiannon Thomas is really smart. Freya has to learn a lot, quickly, as she becomes queen, and one of the things she learns is not to judge other girls so harshly! It adds a relatable aspect to the book, as I think anyone who’s ever felt left out of the group can start to unnecessarily hate on other people just because they were better able to adapt than we were. This part of the book may have been absolute genius.

And that’s not the only part of Freya’s character development. I don’t want to spoil the journey of the book, but the further into the story the more I enjoyed seeing where Freya’s character went.

So now to cover the mystery premise of the book! I have to say, while there were a few suspects you could immediacy disregard, the answer truly wasn’t obvious. I didn’t figure it out until Freya did, so I think this part was very well done. All the clues were there, but hardly obvious.

One thing that was less well done, I would say, was the romance. I didn’t have any major problems with it, I guess. I liked that Fitzroy didn’t get to be asshole for longer than one or two scenes, because I am so over the rude, brooding love interest that the protagonist likes for no discernible reason. We got a real apology for his unnecessary rudeness, and real remorse. But he just wasn’t that interesting. There was more chemistry between Freya and her best friend Naomi (get it? chemistry? because she’s a scientist? i’m hilarious). If the author didn’t want to go with that, I would have preferred Fitzroy just being a good friend that she makes, rather than a romance that didn’t seem to have much behind it. Also, why “Fitzroy”? There was a part of the book where she asked if he wanted to be called by his first name, William, and I was like yes! please, please just call him William! But he was like “nah, totally just call me by the name that was made up to remind me that I’m a bastard my father only sometimes acknowledges”. Ok buddy. Your choice.

But let’s leave behind the mediocre and return to what went well. The way Freya saves the day! Major spoilers, so I won’t go into detail, but I loved it.

I think that’s all I have to say. Despite a shaky start and a forgettable romance, the science, mystery, and character development of the book made this a great read!

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Lilac - Would you want kids?

Jehan : …. I don’t really know, honestly…

Monty : …that…needs to be discussed. But honestly, can *anyone* imagine me with a child?

Jehan : you do great with Gavroche!

Monty : Gavroche has probably thicker skin than I do thanks to his shit upbringing…W’re talking about a tiny human who has to depend on us, … 

Jehan : …. maybe it’s not the best time just now.

Monty : maybe later? When we’ve got more experience with tiny humans…

Jehan : after all, we have all the time in the world

Monty : true “smile”

btw… I’d like to get better at photography so if you have a SL avi, I need to take some stuff for a portfolio and also just get more experience in general. let me know if you’d wanna model for me? (for free atm)

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Hello! I've been interested in keeping mantids for a few years now, and I think I'm just going to go ahead and take the plunge. I keep reptiles already, so I have experience with maintaining habitat humidity and temperatures, do you think it would be safe to go for a more mid level difficulty species, or should I still go with a beginner species since this will be my first arthropod? Thanks!

Hi there!

The great thing about mantises is that they are incredibly easy to keep–you just have to mist them, give them somewhere to molt from, and feed them, and you’re good to go. Just doing this is enough for the majority of mantis species, even the “mid level” difficulty ones.

I recommend that, as a beginner, you stay away from Orchids and Devil’s Flowers until you get more experience no matter what. But if you’ve had experience with humidity and temperature control (which I know is pretty critical to reptiles), I’d say you have a very nice advantage, and I think it opens you up to a lot of other species. It would totally be safe to go with a mid level difficulty one, just as long as you pay attention to their needs.

Just be sure to make a suitable enclosure (one with safe mesh, one not too big for nymphs, etc) and find which insects are suitable for your mantis in their instar (fruit flies wouldn’t be suitable for an adult, roaches wouldn’t be suitable for an L3, etc), and you’re good to go!

Best of luck, anon!

Oh joy, one video into MaGMML and I already get an anon accusing me of faking a blind run, saying I’m a “terrible actor,” the refreshing pauses are “due to recording in advance” whatever that means, and that my talking over it “makes it obvious.”  …….wut?

Always funny how it’s a single anon that makes the accusations when I do blind runs, and provides basically no evidence on their claims.  Like at best, they made one claim on the Rock Force Blind Run that was more just an experience thing on my end, saying I couldn’t have known to hold inward during a blind fall to get rewarded with items. 

Except the “series experience” thing comes into play there.  Especially in fortress stages, you generally don’t want to just fall straight down a blind fall.  More often than not, that leads to a spikey death.  So since the pit was on the far right of the screen, I held left as a precaution, and got rewarded for it.

This of course isn’t enough for them.  I point out knowledge and experience I have with the series in general, they claim it’s only because I’ve played the game before and am faking it.  I point out where I’ve died multiple times, they claim I fake the deaths to try to make it look more real.  Riiiiiiight.

With MaGMML so far, I…. fail to see what would give the impression that I’ve played it before?  I mean, Project : Vain Space, a) I admitted I’d played before to test the recording, and b) it’s a straight drop down, no action or anything.  Not exactly a hard stage.  With City War, after seeing that you can’t trust the land, I was basically encouraged to Rush Jet the entire stage.  Again, that doesn’t exactly make for a difficult stage, and it’s not like I did so unscathed, either.  Any jumps to items were basically because I thought that would be a safe place to stand, since it has an item sitting on it.

Basically, they can say what they want, I know what I am capable of, and what I am accomplishing, and that this is indeed a blind run project.  It all comes down to that phrase I’ve often quoted : For those who believe, no explanation is necessary.  For those who do not, none shall suffice.

Essentially, yay internet drama.  Just what I need in my life ;P

I’m surprised I’m not hearing more about night in the woods…I mean, we have characters with depression, bipolar, and dissociation, a gay couple and a pan main character, death and former abuse, and real, honest feelings. Not to mention, every character I met and interacted with was three-dimensional, relatable, and likable. The atmosphere is gorgeous and the style is unique. Most parts had me either laughing or crying, and it really was more of an experience than a game itself. 10/10, it made me want friends.

3 days and 2 nights have passed, and all I can say is that it has been an amazing experience thus far. I would like to thank @gwapingsofthegalaxy​ and @chieesecake​ for having made my stay an amazing one, although short lived, I cannot thank you guys enough for having shown me around. 

I hope that in the future I get to experience more of the city life (pray that I have the cash for it), and I hope that I get in to my internship. Although I am aware of the possibility that I may not get in, I know that I haven’t given up just yet in finding an internship here at the NCR. 

I have yet a whole world to explore, and as nervous as I am, I am more than excited to learn and experience of what’s to come ahead.

The evolution of your time-space-reality is nothing more than people having experience and coming to conclusions of desire that then Source Energy answers. And the evolution, actually the speed of it, has to do not so much with the desires that are being born, although they certainly are a significant part of it, but the speed is more about how quickly do people let go of the old thought and begin addressing the new thought, and it works for you and against you, depending upon what you are giving your attention to.
—  Abraham
Cincinnati, OH
September 24, 2003

I’m super lame but I’ll give you so much of my heart

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